Best Snow Boots for Your Kids Reviews 2018


When it comes to kids, we see parents more possessive than ever before. Every parent wants to make sure that their kid is safe from all risks and is the best among the rest. With this being previously impossible to keep your kids warm with thick clothes and yet make them look trendy, nowadays a lot of new kids clothes and shoes are made to possess both comfort and fashion.

No parents would want their children to have runny noses and sore eyes. Cozy hats, fluffy uppers, snug pants, chunky mufflers, woolly gloves and warm boots are all the essential accessories that keep kids safe from the cold even in chilly weathers and snow days.

Of these essentials one, the most significant is the boots. When kids have to run around in the snow, parents should make sure they have the right pair of snow boots to cover their feet and keep them warm. Chilly feet can increase the risk of catching a cold. Therefore, choosing the right pair of snow boots is vital.

Following popular snow boots amongst customers have been discussed in detail to help you reach a wise decision in choosing the right pair of snow boots for your child.

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Best Kids Snow Boots Reviews

1. Northside Frosty Winter Snow Boots


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These cute little Northside Frosty Winter Snow Boots are for boy and girls both whether they are toddlers, little kids or big kids. They are insulated with waterproof top and have a hook and loop strap as well as bungee cord closure.

The dimensions of the boot include 1-inch heel, 7.5 inches shaft from the arch, 0.25 inches platform and a boot opening of 12.5 inches. The sole is synthetic.


  • Warm boots with 200 grams of Thinsulate insulation for extra coziness
  • The waterproof shell is durable and light in weight to protect tiny feet from cold
  • The cuff clinch is elastic for kids to easily pull on the boots and keep snow out of the boots
  • A reflective heel pull makes wearing boots easy and ensures the safety of feet with a strip on the back seam
  • Boots are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns that makes kids excited to wear them


  • Lacks good tread grooving and thus are not anti-slip boots for snow
  • Not too warm for spending long time periods in deep snow

Bottom Line:

The boots are suitable for kids to go out for the shorter time period in the mild snow. These are cheap snow boots for kids.

2.  Dream Pairs KSNOW Snow Boots

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The Dream Pair KSNOW Snow boots are suitable for both girls and boys. The material used in the making of the snow boots is man made with rubber embedded. The boots are appropriate for the extreme cold weather and are well insulated and waterproof.

The shell unit is waterproof. The insulation is Thermolite to keep feet warm in temperatures as low as -25 F. The height of the shaft is nine inches with heel inclusive. It has one-pull bungee lacing feature and the lining is faux fur.

The comfort comes with styles as they come in various colors to look good on kids.


  • Suitable for all weather types whether deep snow or rainy seasons
  • Tread grooving on outsoles give good anti-slip feature to the snow boots
  • Thermolite insulation gives extra warmth in up to -25 F temperatures
  • Side Zipper is added to easily wear and take off the boots for kids
  • Padded insole gives warmth and comfort and support to feet and ankle
  • Lots of colors and designs are available for attractive look of boots


  • Less room for inner layers like socks of thermals as laced boots make shoes too squeezed

Bottom Line:

The Dream Paris KSNOW Snow Boots are both functional and super cute for kids. They are good for temperatures as low as -25 F but do not offer enough room for inner extra layers you might want to make your kid wear over ankles or feet. These are stylish snow boots for kids to kick start winter fun.

3. Kamik Footwear Kids Snobuster1 Snow Boots

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Kamik has been popular for over a century for producing the finest footwear. They have been known to provide comfort and protection for extreme weathers. Their Snobuster1 Snow Boots are for toddlers, little kids, and big kids.

These are rubber slip on boots with a synthetic sole. The shaft of the boots is around 9 inches from the arch. The heel of the snow boots is 1 inch high. The 13 inches of boot opening is wide for easy wearing for kids. The snow boots rubber shell and insulation makes the boots suitable for temperatures as low as -25 F.

The snow collar is adjustable and offers easy to lock lace to tighten boots. The lining of the boots absorbs away the moisture to keep the feet dry. It also provides a removable thermal guard liner for more warmth.


  • Warm and waterproof with rubber shell for temperatures up to -25 F
  • Lightweight for kids to use them effortlessly
  • Lining is made to remove moisture and keep feet dry
  • Has a removable liner for thermal guard and extra warmth
  • Adjustable snow collar to fit with and without inner thermals


  • The shoes are too clunky for active big kids
  • The comfort level is restricted for smaller period of time and limited outdoor activities

Bottom Line:

Kamik Snobuster1 Snow Boots are enjoyable snow and rain boots to revivify rainy days for toddlers and little kids. This might not the best option for big kids with more energetic activities.

4. Arctiv8 Kid Nordic Knee High Snow Boots

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The Arctiv8 Kid Nordic Knee High Snow Boots are made up of manmade material with a rubber sole. These round toe boots are for toddlers and both little and big kids. It offers 200 grams Thermolite Insulation to keep feet warm in temperatures as low as -25 F.

The boots have zip closure for easy taking on and off and offer laces to tighten shoes as per use requirement. The shoes are resistant to water to keep the user feet dry.

The height of the shaft is 9 inches approximately. They are particularly designed as snow boots for kid girls.


  • Water-repelling fabric lining to keep feet dry and warm
  • Padded insulation around ankle and on inner sole for protection and warmth for around -25 F temperatures
  • Lace front and zip closure for better support
  • Stylish boots for girls with funky colors and fine detail decoration on the boots


  • The quality is not good to be durable and long-lasting if used by active kids
  • The colors and style are specific for girls only

Bottom Line:

The shoes are best for little girls who wear them for some time for fashion and warmth. The less active girls would find these suitable as they are less durable than other boots on the market.

5. Polar Products Kids Snow Rain Boots

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These Polar Products Kids Snow Rain Boots are unisex pull-on boots for both snow and rain. The nylon snow boots for kids having a rubber sole with treads offer great grip.  The shaft of the boots is 8 inches from the arch.

They have a drawstring closure to adjust boot top for various kids. The boots are constructed to be waterproof and warm for snow and rain.


  • Warm snow boots with e-lined interior and cross strap for support
  • Waterproof material for keeping feet dry
  • Drawstring makes the use more practical and functional for all kids
  • Calendared rubber soles offer better grip for anti-slip feature
  • A wide range of shades and patterns are available for kids fashion and style


  • The inner of the shoe is too wide for kids with narrow feet with a very narrow mid-calf part of the shoe for easily wearing them on

Bottom Line:

The stylish warm boots offer a whole palette of trendy colors and styles. They are good for mild snow areas for kids who are active and participate in winter activities outdoor.

Let us now look at some important aspects that have to be considered when buying snow boots for kids.

5 Key Tips to Choose the Best Snow Boots for Kids

Snow boots are not like simple winter boots. For kids, in particular, there are a number of reasons why parents should give priority to snow boots than simple winter footwears. Buying the best snow boots for kids takes some effort. We have simplified this task for you by this buying guide that helps you get the best pair for your children. Following key features must be looked for in the snow pair you are buying.

1. Warmth

Without any doubt, the most prior of all requirements of snow boots is that how warm they can keep the kids’ feet.  The warmth depends majorly on the material used in the making of the snow boots. The specifications often tell how much temperature the snow boots can bear before they start making your feet cold.

You must look for the thermal rating of snow boots you are buying in accordance with the place where your kids are going to use them. Nylon can do for mild snow areas but for deep snow walks leather or suede would do better. For extra warmth added seals of waterproof fabrics like sheepskin, foam or synthetic fleece.

2. Support

With a good grip on the outsoles, good support to ankles and feet is also necessary. For deep snow, the boots must have more height than the ones needed for mild snow areas.

There should be enough padding in the boot from toe to top of the boot snuggling the feet and ankles completely to give good support and prevent toppling due to lose shoes. It also prevents snow and cold reaching your feet.

3. Grip

Snow is slippery and dangerous especially for kids who tend to run around play and enjoy the snow without being able to manage their safety.  For this purpose, snow boots must have a good grip to prevent kids from falling and getting themselves hurt.

Firstly they must be waterproof, for example, they can be made of rubber, and secondly, the construction should be such to give a good grip to avoid slipping. The outsoles should have treads grooved in them for better grip.

4. Durability

It is always a bad idea to compromise on quality. This should be taken well into consideration especially when you are buying snow boots. The durability has to be high.

For your snow boots to last longer and give protection to your feet against numerous things including snow, twigs and rough surfaces, it is important that the sow boots are durable.

5. Style

With all the functionalities and practicalities, you should also look for catchy colors and attractively decorated boots for your kids to look funky and enjoy their boots as they wear them across snowy areas. A lot of companies are focusing on kids fashion these days.

Cuffs and closures often seen on boots serve not only for functionality but also add beauty to them. Kids will love wearing the boots if they offer an appealing look for them. Your kids may never want to wear them if they do not like the look because kids these days are more into fashion than we adults are.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What material of snow boots is best for extremely cold weathers?

The snow boots are meant to give you warmth as a prior most function. The boots made of leather or the ones made of suede are the best boots for extremely cold snow weathers. With inner fur and fleece lining and high-quality insulation keep kids warm.

2. Are slip-ons better than laced boots?

This depends on the usage need of your kid. If you are to use the boots for extreme weather and boots alone will not help and you need to make your kid wear inner thermals ankle warmers, slip-ons are better.

However, for areas where just the boots are enough and your kid is more active and energetic then laced boots with tight mid-calf grip is better.

3. Which snow boots are best as anti-slip?

It is mandatory for snow boots to be anti-slip. This is where they differ majorly from simple winter boots. The best anti-slip snow boots have treads grooving in the outsole for better grip and slip prevention in wet snow.

4. Do snow boots come with removable inners?

Well, sometimes they do and sometimes they do not. Some booths offer a removable inner liner for more insulation in extremely cold areas and then removing them when you wear them in less cold areas or mild weather conditions.

Not all boots offer this feature. You can look for the following product reviews to see which of them does.

5. Are all snow boots waterproof?

No, not all snow boots are waterproof. Some of them are water resistant but not completely waterproof. It depends on the material of the boots. Some boots even come with extra linings to keep water out for warmth and dryness.

However, some boots are only water resistant and can cause feet to be wet if used for long time periods in deep snow.

Wrapping up

Above all, these top picks are suitable for a wide range of kids. Whether you are looking for warmth and protection or fashion and waterproof designs, these snow boots are on this list of most popular footwears.

You can find practical and cute boots for kids and select your pair with your needs from the list given above. Let your kids enjoy the snow without having to worry about their health and safety with these best snow boots.


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