Best Kids Smart Watch for the New Year 2019


As little kids, we all got wristwatches that we loved. The reason the watches stood out for us was that we saw that adults wore them. So there had to be something special about them. What we did not know back then was that the adults had digital pieces but what we got was analog. However, we absolutely loved those watches because we felt grown up with them.

It can only be said that things keep getting better for the coming generations. It is so easy to acquire gadgets and other items for your kids these days than it was before. Walk into store and what used to be unattainable for kids have different types for them now. One of such gadgets is a smart watch.

There is so much a smart watch can do for kids nowadays. Without saying it, it should be known that it goes way beyond telling time digitally for them. Every child with a smart phone can sync it with the smart watch. That way, they do not always have to whip out their phones every time a call or text comes in.

In addition to these, they can also set alarms, make notes and even play games. In fact, there is a lot your kid can do with a smart watch, almost as much as with a phone. It is a whole different ball game these days than it used to be just 15 years ago.

When it comes to choosing the right smart watch for your kids, there are some really important details to remember. Since it is a body wear, you will not always be there to monitor their use of it. Therefore, you would have to make sure that your choice of a smart watch meets certain criteria.

But before we go into these details, let us look at our top picks and some of their specifications. These specifications would help you zero in on what makes a kid’s smart watch good and effective.

5 Best Kids Smart Watches Quick Comparison Table

  GPS Battery Waterproof Color Recommended Age
VTech DX2 Kidizoom Smartwatch Not specified Rechargeable Yes Royal Blue 4-9 Years
GreaSmart Kids Smart Watch Phone for Girls & Boys Yes Rechargeable No Blue Not specified
Smart Watch Kids GPS Tracker Best Phone Watch Yes Rechargeable No Yellow Not specified
3G WiFi Phone Call GPS Smart Watch Yes Rechargeable No Pink Not specified
Kids Educational Game Smart Watch Not specified Rechargeable No Orange 3-10 Years

Best Smart Watch for Kids Detailed Reviews

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1. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch, DX

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This smart watch for kids from VTech is in a world of its own. It comes with a suitable camera and video camera for your kids to have fun with. They can take selfies and make video which they can share with friends. The videos and photos will give you an idea of any place they have been to or where they are. That way, you know they are safe. Also, they can discover their creative sides by exploring the different frames, effects and filters.

With the calculator in the watch, your kid can learn how to do simple arithmetic in a fun way. It makes it simple and easy to learn so that they can get ahead of their school work. What’s more, they can play and sweat with it without fear of damaging it. It is splash-proof so a little water does it no harm.

Apart from these, the watch comes with a timer, calendar, stopwatch and alarm. Your kids begin to learn how to keep to time by using the alarm. Your kids can also sync to-do lists from their phones to the calendar so that they can also be up to date with every event. Sophistication and class come with this watch. And above all else, they begin to learn how to be responsible for themselves.


  • It is splash-proof.
  • Camera and video camera create fun.
  • Fosters creativity through the different filters, frames and effects.
  • Calculator helps them learn simple arithmetic.
  • Tools foster responsibility in your kids.
  • Comes with a motion sensor.


  • No GPS.
  • Battery life is a little weak.

2. GreaSmart Kids Smart Watch Phone for Girls & Boys

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Well, what is the point of spending money on a smart phone and a smart watch? This smart watch can work as more than a watch; it can work as a phone. It is compatible with a sim card so that calls can work both ways. Your kids can call you with this smart watch and you can call them, also. If there is any need for help from them in an emergency, the SOS button is available for them to notify you. It is a one-touch button that immediately reaches you. Save yourself some money by investing in this smart watch phone.

The GPS keeps you in the know of the whereabouts of your kids at all times. It gives you an accurate location of your kids if you have any doubt about where they are. As long as the watch is switched on, the GPS is active. The LBS works like magic by giving you the approximate location of your kids within the home. It is the perfect device for your child, especially the really young ones.

What makes this even better, if that is possible, is the remote monitoring capability. With the right app, you can remotely monitor your child’s activities through the camera and listen in on phone calls without their knowledge. You see, there is a reason why it is meant for kids. Their safety is paramount.


  • Works as both a watch and a phone.
  • SOS button alerts you immediately in any emergency.
  • GPS and LBS keep you in the know of your kids’ whereabouts.
  • Can remotely monitor your kids’ activities and calls.
  • Math game improves mathematical skills.


  • Not splash-proof.

3. Smart Watch Kids GPS Tracker Best Phone Watch

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Camera time, selfie time! Fun times await your kid with this smart watch. Teach them how to take pictures and selfies so that they can have the time of their life. This would help keep their brain active and improve their cognitive skills. Besides, the filters and photo effects will keep them occupied during their play time.

One of the most important features of a smart watch is its ability to make or receive calls. This has got both. With a steady 2G network connection, you can reach your child anywhere, anytime. Keep track of them by checking from time to time. And have them know that they can reach you if there is any need to. If you get this watch for your kid, there would be little need for a phone.

Activate the classroom time on the watch through the right app, to lock the watch. This can be done remotely, without the knowledge of your child. This would ensure that they are not playing with the watch or making and receiving calls in the classroom.

The GPS and LBS keep you privy to the movements of your child. You can rest assured that your child is where they should be at any particular time. All day, you can keep track of their movements where they go, even within the house. You do not have to call them to know; the GPS and LBS do that for you.


  • Steady 2G network with sim card.
  • Remote monitoring.
  • GPS and LBS to keep track of your child.
  • Classroom time can be activated.
  • Comes with up to 3 emergency numbers.
  • Has flashlight.


  • No protection against water or sweat.

4. 3G WiFi Phone Call GPS Smart Watch

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Hardly any GPS smart watch has the capacity to function with a 3G network. But this does function thus. Not only does it keep you up to date about your kid’s whereabouts, it functions with a powerful 3G network. Make and receive calls from your child at any point without undue interruption. And while doing that, keep track of your child’s location by pinning it with the super effective GPS. This service is available for either Android operating system or iOS.

Apart from the above, you can remotely monitor every voice call your child makes through the app for the smart watch. And through its camera, you can remotely monitor the activities your child engages in, to be sure they are safe. Is this smart watch an undercover monitoring device, you may ask. No, it is not. But you can never do enough to keep your child safe, especially when they are very young. So if there is that extra you can do, why ever not? Know who they are talking to and where they are going as much as you can.

We like this watch because it is not just for fun, even though it makes everything look like fun. There are games that help keep your kid’s mind active and sharp. And the colors the watch comes in are just right for the recommended age. Little else pleases kids as color and games.


  • Supports 3G network.
  • GPS is active.
  • Remote monitoring is available.
  • Pre-installed tools keep your child alert and responsible.
  • Available in different colors.


  • It is somewhat expensive.

5. Kids Educational Game Smart Watch

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Give your child a chance to entertain themselves as well as develop their creative side with this watch. This watch comes with ten superb puzzles which keep your child engaged. Not only do they excite and entertain them, they also improve their ability to think independently. If this is all it does, it has done a lot.

This is not a device that you have to charge at the end of each day. When fully charged, the battery life could be as long as 7 days on standby. This means that when in use, the watch can last for as long as 2-3 days. So you can take your child on a family camping trip for the weekend and keep them occupied with the watch.

Also, there is the option of two dial modes. It is either you dial digitally or with the analog mode. And the watch is suitable for boys and girls of ages 3-10. What’s more, the vibrant color it comes in makes it difficult to miss. Even if it is mistakenly dropped anywhere, the bright orange of it stands it out clearly.


  • Puzzles keep your child engaged and thinking.
  • Strong battery life.
  • Comes in a vibrant color.
  • Built-in speakers.


  • No GPS.
  • Not splash-proof.

Kids Smart Watch: Tracker or Not?

In this day and age, parents tend to get helpless when it comes to keeping their children safe. Even though there are a lot of preventive measures that have been taught about this, wrong things still happen. It can be really stressful having to add your child’s safety to the list of things to worry about.

However, using a smart watch for kids is one of the best ways to know your child’s whereabouts almost all the time. Most, if not all, of them function like smart phones, with little exceptions. And the GPS that is almost always in them adds to the ways you can keep track.

We do not like the word ‘tracker’ for this device; it sounds too technical. We prefer to say that it keeps your child safe in a fun way. But a smart watch would not be complete if it does not have GPS/LBS. The best kids’ smart GPS watch would give you the exact location of your child at any given time. It would not have to be guesswork for you. At least, you can rest easy by monitoring them.

Another component that would make for an excellent smart watch for kids is a SIM card. You may ask if it is possible for a smart watch to work without a sim card. Yes, it is. Not all smart watches have the ability to connect in a cellular fashion. With these, Bluetooth is used to download all the necessary information from the owner’s phone. This means that the proximity of the watch to the phone is important.

But this also means that calls cannot be made from the watch on its own because it is not standalone. If you get a smart watch like this for your child, they may not be able to reach you and vice versa without a phone. But a SIM card can make the watch a standalone. You and your child can reach each other without you having to buy a smartphone for them. The watch would be enough.

Factors to Look Out for When Buying a Kid’s Smart Watch

Knowing your child’s need for a smart watch is only part of the journey. You have to know what makes for a best kids’ smart watch. There are so many types of smart watch for kids that you can buy; the options are so much. But not every type is your child’s type.

In this kids’ smart watch review, let us take a look at some of the important factors to consider. Nobody knows your child better than you. Therefore, it is important to keep your child’s personality in mind while choosing one.

1. Age

Your child’s age is one of the important factors to consider when buying a smart watch. Buying an adult smart watch for a 5-year-old child would be a waste of money. Every kid’s smart watch has an appropriate age range for it. It would always be indicated on the box. For a child as young as 3 years, there is a smart watch for them. The features would determine who it goes to.

Be sure to stick to what will work best for the age of your child. When it is age-appropriate, your child would enjoy it the best. do not get carried away by the array of beautiful and colorful watches. Stay with what will give you your money’s worth.

2. User-friendliness

Buying a user-friendly smart watch for your child is important. This is especially true if you have a pre-pubescent or adolescent on your hands. Given, kids are tech-savvy these days. However, it is still necessary to keep your purchase within reason. A kid’s smart watch that your child cannot navigate expertly is useless to them.

If you must buy such a smart watch, then you would have to teach your child how to use it well. You would be able to do this by studying the manual for yourself. You could also study it with your child so that thye learn as you read. It is true that some kids fare better than other when it comes to such devices. Still, this factor is important to consider while making your purchase.

3. Making and Receiving Calls

This is important when it comes with buying a smart watch for your kid. You see, if you cannot reach your child or have them reach you, what is the point? This is especially true when your child does not have a smartphone.

In a situation where calls cannot be made with a phone, this feature would come in handy. Emergency calls are good but they are not everything. A smart watch with a two-way communication feature is always better than that without it.

This feature makes it possible for you to remotely listen in on the conversations your child could be having. If, for some reason, they take too long to answer your call, you can find out the reason. It could help curb their interactions with strangers.

4. Battery Life

A smart watch for kids that has a short battery life span is practically useless. Do you know why? Kids hardly rest. And this would be enhanced when they have something that fascinates them. They will keep pressing, playing and fiddling with it till it dies.

Therefore, if the kid’s smart watch of your choice has a short battery life, you may want to reconsider. Besides, what if it dies in a dire situation? Would you not rather have one that boasts of a strong battery life? The best way to know this is by looking at online reviews of different products. When it comes to any product, online reviews are your safest bet to find the best product and best deals.

5. Practical yet Fun

All we have talked about is the practical side of a kid’s smart watch. What about the fun side? If it is all work and no play, kids would easily lose interest. Pick out a smart watch that can take pictures, record videos and has games. These are great for keeping your child engaged and entertained for long periods.

It would be even better if the games are puzzles. Puzzles keep kids’ brains active and intelligently engaged. These games would enable them to think independently and develop their self-confidence. Playing these games would not look like work to them, of course. But as an adult, you know what they would do for your child. So keep this seemingly inconsequential factor in mind. It would go a long way. These smart watches should not be just toys.

6. Durability

Kids will be kids. One of the factors you should consider when picking out a smart watch for your kid is its durability. More times than not, manufacturers do not give details about the waterproof ability, as an example. There is no clear indication whether a kid’s smart watch can be used for walking or playing in the rain.

If your child then goes for their swimming class wearing it, it could be irreparably damaged. And if they wear it to go out and play in the rain, it could develop a problem. Getting clear instructions about its water-resistant nature is important.

Another aspect is its scratch-proof feature. Playing in the playground, going camping or even rock climbing are ways that could get the watch scratched. How rugged it is would determine what it can withstand. If your child plays a lot, this feature has to top on your list of important features. You do not want to have to keep replacing your child’s smart watch.

The ingress protection rating would be your best bet to knowing how well the watch can withstand any type of buffeting. It is usually written as IP with two numbers close to it. The first number portrays the watch’s resistance to dust. The second number indicates how well the watch would hold under water. The better the ingress protection rating is, the better its chances of lasting long are.

7. Price

Buying a smart watch for your kid should not be project. It should not cost an arm and a leg to get. This is with the exception of those who do not mind spending a lot on sophisticated devices for their young children. And there is nothing wrong with that. If that is what works, as long as the children can navigate it, then you are good.

But if you are looking for a simple smart watch for your kid, then you can get a good one. With as little as $40, you can a super functional smart watch. You can even get a good one for $35. This, again, may need you to go online to check other users’ reviews.

However, you should know that price is not a strong determinant of the effectiveness or durability of any smart watch. This does not mean that you should scrimp if you can afford the pricey ones. And you should not have to break the bank for it, either. Stick to a budget that works for you. This would ensure you do not go shopping blindly and exceed your comfort zone.

Be wary of ridiculously cheap smart watches. They could be traps in disguise. Sometimes, they are made with inferior materials that could be harmful to your kid. It could also mean that the watch would work for a very short time, if that. Some bargains are not worth it.

8. Color

Pick a color that would suit your child. Yes, bright or pastels are perfect for children. But some kids could reject smart watches because of color. If you have to take your child while going shopping, that would be a good idea. Let them choose based on color alone, not specifications or features. That way, you are sure you are buying the right color.

The best part of this aspect is that smart watches for kids come in amazing and vibrant colors. Blues, pinks, oranges, reds, yellows and greens are some of the colors available. Of course, these come very many different shades. So there is no restriction to the colors that can be had. Take special care with this because children will be children. If the color of the smart watch of the neighbor’s child catches the fancy of yours, tantrums could come. Stick to whatever color is their choice.

5 Useful Tips to Employ While Shopping

Bearing the some or all the above factors in mind, the next thing is to make your shopping worthwhile. You may already have some tricks up your sleeves which you employ while shopping generally. But just in the event you do not have any and shopping tends to be tedious for you, here are a few:

  • Stay within a budget

Nothing hurts like overspending, especially when you dip into another item’s budget. The best way to avoid this is to map out the amount you are willing to spend on the smart watch and stay strictly within it. Not making a budget is a bad idea. You may end up spending money you cannot afford.

  • Check online reviews

Before you step out of your house, check what the review world has to say. Even if you are ordering online, this is still a safe way to make a great purchase. You can equally check for reviews if you find a good smart watch you did not previously consider. There are people who would give excellent reviews about it. The reviews could either be good or bad. But knowing would help.

Another great thing about online reviews is that you can find dealers and retail shops close to you. it is either that or you will find those that would offer you better deals than you expected. This is one of the best ways to make great purchases.

  • Go with a friend

Going with a friend who is tech-savvy is one of the ways to ensure you make the right purchase. Even if they are not tech-savvy, having a second opinion is welcome if the friend is trusted. They would help you choose and second-guess your decisions.

The chances of making a mistake are greatly reduced. And you have someone to talk with as you shop, making the experience less tedious.

  • Test it

One of the first things you should do before you pay for any smart watch is to test it. Have one of the sales people turn it on and if you have your child with you, all the better. It is not advised that you make such any purchase before you are assured of what you are paying for.

Have your child wear it, be sure it fits and that the strap material does not abrade their skin. Look at all the feature the box or sales person boasts of and find them in the watch. Certify that they all work accordingly. That is the time you should consider making any payment.

  • Return Policy or Warranty

What is the warranty on that kid’s smart watch you have zeroed in on? And what is the return policy like? The sellers may make all the boasts in this world but talk can be cheap. Let other buyers give you that information. Go online and find what the warranty, and even return policy, on it is. That would save you hours of explanations if you have to return or claim the warranty.

Our Favorite Smart Watches for Kids

We have looked at several smart watches for kids and they all have something that makes each unique. We picked each one because we like them. But our absolute favorite is the 3G WiFi Phone Call GPS Smart Watch.

The main reason is that it supports 3G network and GPS at the same time, which is saying a lot. Even though this can drain battery life so fast, it is still worth it. The battery is built with this fact in mind so no worries. Treat your child to the best available by picking this fun yet practical timepiece. It is worth every cent.


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