Top Rated Science and Experiment Kit for Curoius Kids in 2018


If your kid is interested in science experiments, don’t spend your money on flashing gadgets and whirring gizmos that will eventually lose their appeal. Instead, get them science kits to encourage them to learn about the world and conduct experiments.

There are many science kits that are designed to offer a range of educational and engaging experiments for various age levels. If you want watch the curiosity of your child blossom to a lifelong love of science, here are some of the best science kits for kids that you can get today. It’s time you foster your little one’s imagination!

Top 8 Science Kit for Kids on Amazon Reviews

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1.Thames & Kosmos CHEM C1000 (V 2.0)

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Founded in 2001, Thames and Kosmos are well known experts in the field of informal science. Their mission to improve informal science education out of the classroom has seen them top the industry in making quality science kits for kids of all ages. Their mission has seen this dedicated team diversify their line of products to encompass other educational branches like the arts and crafts, as well as the social skills and the panoply of thought brought out through games.

Thames & Kosmos brings you the best chemistry science kit for kids, CHEM C1000 (V 2.0). This kits brings with it a lifetime of fascination that is experienced in their whopping 125 experiments for your kids to engage in. Chemistry is fun, and no doubt your kids will love learning how to carefully handle chemicals and also lab equipment right at the comfort of your home.

What can you expect from this kit?

Your child can expect to:

  • Learn about the indicators with litmus solutions
  • Test the inks from the colored markers to reveal their varying color components through the chromatography racetrack
  • Experiment with surface tension, air pressure and also physical properties of fluids


  • Comes with a whopping 125 different experiments
  • Includes 30 pieces in the package
  • Include in the package, 80 page  full color manual
  • Suitable age limit for kids of 10 years and above


  • The package may at times come with items missing. Be sure to check, however this is a rare case that occurs in erroneous packaging.

2.Thames & Kosmos Magnetic Science

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Kids are always curious to try out new things, especially if they involve a little bit of magic in them. Lucky for them, Thames and Kosmos provides endless possibilities for these curious young minds. We are talking about, the Magnetic science kit by Thames and Kosmos. Like always this company does not disappoint when it comes to cool science kits for kids. Your kids will definitely be fascinated when they learn the invisible yet amazing power of magnets. The kits come with ample magnets of all shapes and sizes with which your kids can explore this topic with.

So what can you and your tiny tots expect from this kit?

You can be sure to expect to:

  • Get 33 engaging games and experiments
  • Learn about magnetic fields and the poles
  • Find compasses for telling direction
  • Build an electromagnet and learn the relationship between electricity and magnetism
  • Manual guide for the kit


  • Comes with a full color, 48 paged manual for instructions
  • Conduct a whopping 33 experiments and also play games
  • Your child gets to learn different topics on magnetism through the different experiments
  • Included in the kit, compasses for telling direction
  • Kids can be able to make invisible magnets from this cool science kit for kids


  • Only supports beginners as it does not contain advanced learning and fun material.

3.Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

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Scientific explorer has gained great reputation from both parents and also kids for their fun yet very engaging and educational activity-based science kits. Scientific Explorer promises to parents, education value to their kids and also guarantees kids unlimited hands-on fun.

Kids love learning new things. It is their nature to want to try out new things unlike adults who are naturally inclined to be conservative. With that, you need something that will always quench this curiosity. You need a fun science kit for kids that will keep them actively engaged while they learn something new. We recommend you get them something mind blowing, perhaps My First’s Mind Blowing Science Kit will just do the magic for them.

What can you expect from this kit?

First, if you are looking for a kit that is suitable for 6 years old, then this is the best kit you can get. You can also expect your young scientist to learn new tricks and scientific principles brought out through unique experiments like

  • making color changing volcanoes,
  • Creating sunsets in a test tube.


  • Comes with 20 pieces included in the package
  • Represents the STEM’s (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)principles i.e. open ended toys meant to construct, engineer, experiment and also explore
  • Includes various supplies: 2 cotton swabs, 3 test tubes with stand, 3 plastic cups, pipette, 2 sticks, 2 measuring scoops
  • Various chemicals also included.
  • Also includes a guide


  • The results take quite an insurmountable period of time to fully manifest

4.Thames & Kosmos Crystal Growing

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Looking for something that will help your ever curious young minds to develop critical thinking skills, encourage exploration through interactive activities and experiments while also inspiring imagination is not easy.

But hey! That’s why we are here and we have just the right answer! The Crystal Growing Science experiment kit for kids by Thames & Kosmos. This kit comes with experiments that progress from simple ones for starters to more complex ones for intermediate and advanced young scientist. This kit provides the best learning experience for your upcoming scientist.

What you should expect from this kit.

  • 15 different experiments
  • Experiment with 4 different crystals with different properties
  • Learn about the energy of crystallization
  • 32 page manual for you


  • You can experiment in big and small crystals, one or also many of them
  • It is suitable for ages 10 and above
  • Included in the kit is a manual
  • Ranked as the best seller internationally
  • Thoroughly tested and safe for your tiny one
  • Included in the pack, 15 different experiments
  • Good for strengthening your little ones brain


  • Some experiments if not done according to the experiments may not give the expected results.

5.4M Kitchen Science Kit

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4am deals with educational toys which cover a wide array of subject areas like the arts and crafts, science kits, robotics and so forth. All of their toys are made to engage your child actively, bring lots of fun, imagination and also inspiration.

Educational and also fun home science kits for kids are designed for home use so as to encourage the learning mentality of kids. These scientific experiments help in the cognitive growth of both inter and intrapersonal skills.

What you should expect from Home science Kit for kids

You can convert your kitchen into a simple science lab and get on with:

  • a working volcano,
  • launch vinegar powered rockets,
  • use lemons in generating electricity
  • materials for performing the experiments


  • Comes with age recommendations. 8 years and above
  • Comes with materials for performing 6 experiments
  • Very educational touching on basic concepts of electricity, chemical reactions and propulsion
  • Great projects included like a working volcano and generating electricity from lemons
  • Very favorable pricing
  • 4M toys cover a wide range of educational subject matter


  • The experiments included will fail to work if instructions are not well followed

6.Ice cream science Kit

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What do you get when you mix food and science? Increased appetites and also big smiles. Food science is a wide topic with a wide variety of experiments that your kids can engage in. One that is particularly very impressive is the Ice Cream Food science kit for kids.

With this kit by scientific explorer, you can give your kids an opportunity to conduct cool experiments geared towards exploring why salt is of as much importance as other ingredients necessary for the processing of ice-cream.

What should you expect from this Ice cream science Kit?

  • Learn how to make ice cream either smooth or even gritty
  • Invent colors and flavors of ice cream
  • Learn how to add fluff to ice cream mixture
  • Conduct several experiments


  • Very suitable age of 8 and above years
  • Very affordable
  • Very easy to follow the instructions given
  • The package comes with an elaborate manual giving detailed instructions
  • You can make ice cream in just about 5 minutes
  • Kit comes with all the ingredients and tools necessary for the experiments


  • Ingredients included may not be sufficient for the desired results hence may require you to purchase additional items

7.Thames & Kosmos Climate & Weather

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For your kids who love everything to do with the environment, it’s never too early for you to nurture this natural talents and interests by getting them the best Environmental science kit for kids. Thames and Kosmos climate and weather will teach your kids everything they need to know about the state of our mother earth’s atmosphere with a whopping 23 experiments.

Learning does not need to be any less encouraging with this experimental climate and weather kit.

What to expect from this kit:

  • 23 different experiments on weather and climate
  • Build a weather model for conducting weather and climate experiments
  • Recreate ocean currents and also trace the air currents
  • Discover how the earth movements affect the both daily and seasonal weather patterns
  • Explore the cycle of water in the atmosphere


  • Appropriate for children above 4 years of age
  • Comes with a fully elaborate manual to guide all your experiments
  • You can be able to conduct experiments in a model globe
  • Kids can learn how we the humans and other animals are affected by the  atmosphere


  • Instructions are quite difficult for the kids to follow without the aid of an adult, but that is only a temporary problem.

8.DIY science kit for kids

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For kids who are ever curious and love to learn, science just happens to be another great thing for them. This is so because, there’s so much surrounding us that we can learn from. It is true to say that many of the science concepts are harbored in the kitchen where most simple materials for experiments are readily available. All you need to do is find a container and fill it with easy to find supplies and your DIY science kit for kids will be complete within no time.

What to look out for:

  • Cotton balls
  • Food coloring
  • Candies alka seltzer tablets
  • Salt
  • Baking soda
  • Corn starch
  • Olive
  • Vinegar, DIY soap
  • Corn syrup


  • Cost effective. You get to limit yourself only to what is necessary
  • You don’t have to worry about package with broken pieces at arrival
  • You decide what is necessary for your experiment
  • You are able to make necessary precautions


  • Likelihood of messing up things I really high

Choose the Best Science Kit for Your Child

If your young scientists love to explore Mother Nature hands on, then definitely they will fall in love with the Science Kit for Kids. All these kits come with added advantages with one of them being improving both their cognitive skills while giving helping them lay a huge foundation for their interests and talents. It is never easy raising little bucks, especially where learning is concerned. But with this science kits, you can expect a little boost, even as they get the best experience hand on.

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