Best Sandbox for Kids to Have Fun in 2018


Remember the good old days when you were a kid? You loved to play with sand and your home backyard was the world to you, right? Well, you are not alone. We all loved to explore in the dirt, and that was an important development in our lives. As you little angles reach that age, let them show their creativity with the best sandbox for kids.

These little pieces of toys may seem simple to us, adults, but they are veritable wonderland of open-ended play and exploration for your little ones. If they spend hours outdoors having fun with the sandboxes, they will have healthy development on an emotional, mental, and physical level.

Buckle up and get prepared to bring the beach to your own backyard with the following dollhouses. Go through each of our picks and find the right one for your little munchkins.

Top 10 Sandbox for Kids on Amazon to Buy with Ultimate Reviews

Reviews of Best Sandbox for Kids

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1.Step2 Naturally Playful Sandbox

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Are you looking for a sandbox that will complement your garden, one that will form a good balance and not stand out too much and end up becoming conspicuous? We think that you should try the Step2 Naturally Playful sandbox. This is the reason why! Well think about your garden and the natural elements in it like the stones, the soil. Well let’s just say that this Sandbox is made to fit right in. To blend in with the natural elements.

Step2 Naturally Playful Sandbox is made in a way that it resembles the boulder rocks on your garden. It is designed with natural stone boulders and finished with a touch of sandstone coloring. The sandbox comes with an ordinate lid that helps keep the sand safe and clean. If you are in the quest of finding the best sandbox for kids, then the road ends right here.


  • Has a capacity of 200 pounds
  • Comes with seating surfaces made from molded cornerstones
  • Can serve as a pond, fountain or even a pool.
  • Provides plenty of space for multiple of kids to play in
  • No assembly required


  • Lead does not seal tight enough to keep out the rain and the small bugs.

2.Step2 Naturally Playful Sand Table

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Great brands provide you with a variety of options when it comes to Children’s sandbox, or should we say spoil you for choice. Well, step 2 understands too well that a brand should not limit the customers to one product. That is why step 2 offers you a raised sandbox for your kids to play with as a complementary option. Some parents will prefer raised sandboxes particularly for the purposes of ease of maintenance. If this is you, then perhaps this is for you then.

This sandbox stands at an elevated height that is sufficient for your little one to play around with while crouching. Its convenient height makes it the Best sandbox for toddlers. It comes with a cover lid that has molded-in roadways hence the lid can be sued as a play surface too. The lid is very effective in keeping the sand safe. The table comes with it elastic straps that lock down the table to help protect the sand from neighborhood animals as well as the inclement weather. Perhaps the most exciting part is the accessory sets that come along with this sandbox table. The table features a set of 5 accessories for your kids to play with.


  • Comes with accessories pieces including 2 shovels, claw rakes and a bucket
  • Elevated height to keep the bugs out and easy maintenance.
  • Straps that help lockdown the table for sand protection.
  • Table lid can be used as a play surface as well as a cove for the box.
  • Can hold up to 40 pounds of sand


  • The cover does not fit well hence some water may tend to sip in.

3.Little Tikes Big Digger Sandbox

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Little tikes has gone an extra mile and added more features to make this sandbox more than just a sandbox. A quarry site fun hub for your kids! Little Tikes Big Digger Sandbox comes along with heavy equipment toys which convert this sandbox into a minimalistic quarry site. The sandbox features an excavator toy that works to load sand onto the toy trucks. The sandbox also features roadways molded into the sand area with the truck ramp doubling as a lid to keep the sand dry and safe. Little Tikes boasts as the home for the best sandbox with cover.


  • Can hold up to 100 pounds of sand.
  • The cover lip also serves as a play surface with roadways molded in.
  • Features excavators, 2 characters, sand cup, sifter shovel, rake and dump truck


  • The lid does not lock into place to keep the sand safe from water
  • Sand may get stuck in the crane rendering it difficult for your child to operate.

4.Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox

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Looking for a themed sandbox? Well kids thrive on fascination, you know, themed toys and such. So if your child loves animals then definitely this is the perfect gift for them! Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox comes in a turtle design, a smiling one for that matter with its “hard” shell serving as the lid for the sand box. The sandbox designed is topped with a turtle texture finish to make it ideal for you child. This sandbox is big enough to hold up to 150 pounds of sand and at the same time deep enough just to house a mini pool for your tiny tots to indulge.


  • Has a capacity of 150 pounds
  • Turtle shell also serves as a protective lid for the sandbox
  • The molded detain on the bottom of this sandbox will encourage your kids to dig
  • Features two seats molded in on the outside of the sandbox for you tiny tots to sit on


  • The turtle shell serving as the lid too is very light making it very easy to blow open. Using a piece of boulder rock might help to keep the lid close when your kids are done playing with it.

5.KidKraft Backyard Sandbox

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If you adore watching your kids play, then you ought to get yourself the Kidkraft Backyard Sandbox. Why? This sandbox has more than just fun to offer to your kids. It also serves to complement your backyard with that outdoor furniture finishing style from the wooden planks it is made from. The surfaces of the wood are smoothen to keep your tiny tots safe from minor scrapes.

Enjoy your kids built sand castles, dig for treasure from the sand and also play with all their toys. The sandbox is also large enough to accommodate your child and a little more room for their friends. When it comes to sandboxes, the best wooden sandbox will no doubt is KidKraft Backyard Sandbox.


  • Comes with a mesh cover
  • Can accommodate multiple kids
  • Comes with a smart and sturdy construction
  • Reinforced wooden panels for durability
  • Easy to follow Manufacturer’s assembly details


  • Not durable especially when exposed to adverse weather conditions.
  • Very pricy

6.Oliver and Smith – Large Covered Convertible Natural Cedar Square Wood Sandbox with Storage and Canopy – Sand Pit – 39″ x 39″

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Oliver and Smith Square Wood Sandbox is an Eco friendly superior fun sandbox made from cedar wood. If your kids love playing from the back yard throughout the day, then this is the sandbox for you. This mega sandbox features a convertible canopy together with storage space for your kids to store toys. The sandbox is large enough to accommodate several kids at a go and features a cover that folds up to form seats for the kids to sit on why playing. The canopy forms a protective shelter from both rain and heat from the sun.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with a smart sturdy construction for extended service
  • Wooden panels are reinforced to prevent warping and weathering.
  • Can accommodate several kids simultaneously.


  • The tarp puddles rain regardless how tight it is pulled otherwise it is a very convenient sandbox with such an elegant design.

7.Be Good Company My Little Sandbox – Big Builder

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For those folks who have small compounds and even homes, your kids don’t deserve to miss in the fun. That’s is why 7. Be Good Company has a solution for you. My Little Sandbox – Big Builder.  This is a miniature of a sandbox that will literally fit well in your house for your young ones to enjoy. We know you must be wondering about the toys. Yes there are toys include in this sandbox. Of course they are small too but they serve their purse quite as well as the jumbo toys in the backyard. Are you skeptical about the quality? Well, don’t be. This miniature of a sandbox won the Dr. Toy Top Toy award so you be sure you are getting quality and great value for your money.

The theme of the sandbox is centered on a construction site featuring three construction characters, dump truck and also a few blocks.


  • Sturdy and smart construction sandbox
  • Features a Velcro closure for keeping the products safe after use.
  • Features table top playset that enhance creativity combined with imagination and fun.
  • Toy Top Toy winner hence quality is guaranteed.

8.KidKraft Outdoor Cabana Sandbox with Canopy

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Sometimes it can get really hot in the open and regardless how good a sandbox may seem, it becomes less fun if your kids have to struggle to fight the harsh UV rays from the sun. This is no longer a problem now, thanks to KidKraft which has included a nice canopy roof in their Outdoor Cabana Sandbox. The sandbox comes with an elegant touch with a weather resistant wooden finish and striped pattern canopy adding great ambience to your backyard.

The KidKraft has a capacity of 500 pounds of sand and offers sufficient room for your kids and the friends play sessions.


  • Comes in a smart yet well-made design
  • Features 2 Plastic sand and water bins
  • The aesthetic canopy serves to beautify your backyard while protecting the kids from the sun
  • Roomy and can accommodate several children at a go
  • Wooden panels are reinforced to prevent warping and also weathering.


  • Bound to lose its quality when exposed to harsh weather conditions, otherwise it’s a good investment.

9.Be Good Company Executive Sandbox – A Day at the Beach

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Standing at only 8 by 10 inches, Be Good Company Executive Sandbox is a beach brought right at the heart of your own home. This sandbox takes after the beach scenario with sea shells, a beach chair and also an umbrella and plastic mini castle. If your kids love playing along the beach as you relax under the scorching sun and catch up on your favorite novel, then this is no different. Your kids will definitely fall in love with this marvel of a sandbox.

It’s worthwhile to note that, if you are looking into buying cheap sandboxes for toddlers, then the Sandbox by Be Good Company is a perfect choice for you. It is relatively cheap when compared to the other sandboxes. Perhaps this is as a result of its miniature size.


  • Its miniature size is perfect for you to relax your feet in as you relieve stress
  • It’s a great choice for people with small homes for their kids to enjoy the fun without eating up too much of the space
  • Made of hardwood for durability
  • Also included is pearl white sand


  • The umbrella fabric may vary coming in a different style than portrayed on the amazon image.

10.KidKraft Pirate Sandboat

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Kidkraft again brings you one of their finest and most unique toy creations for your kids to indulge, the Pirate sandboat. So should your kids love pirate, then perhaps its time you get them this pirate themed sandbox boat too. The sandbox comes in the shape of a boat, well-crafted with intelligent smart design.

The sandboat is made of wooden planks with a canopy overhang. The sandboat features a storage unit for your kid’s toys and is large enough for your kids and their friends too.


  • Features a steering wheel
  • Comes with a colorful pirate theme
  • The canopy helps protect the kids from the hot sun rays
  • Sturdy construction method
  • Packed with detailed step by step assembly instructions.


  • The wood weathers fast especially when exposed to adverse weather conditions.
  • Very pricey

How to Choose the Best Sandbox? Our Buying Guide

So what should you keep in mind while looking for the perfect sandbox?

Looking for the perfect gift for your tiny tots is never any easy. In fact! It gets even harder by the day especially as they grow and start becoming self-aware. It can therefore be a very daunting task especially if you have to make a decision between two products which have the same features. If you find yourself browsing through products without any success, then it’s probably because you don’t know the specifics of the product you want.

When looking for the best sandbox for your child, there are tones and tones of factors to consider before you dive deep into your pockets and cash out for the sandbox. Below, we have listed some of the factors that we think will be of great value in helping you arrive at the best decision.

Follow through

What is your budget?

choose the best sandboxes

Everything looks good from a distance, and if you don’t have a clear budget, chances are that you might end up paying for something whose value cannot be equated with its cost.  Setting a budget helps you avoid extravagant spending or even spending beyond what you can afford. There are numerous brands out in the market whose products are both genuine and very affordable too. Make sure you set a relevant budget, too low and you might end up getting crappy sandboxes which want last a year and again too high and you risk overspending on a sandbox which will serve you as good as one at half the price.

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Sandboxes come in different shapes and materials. Some come in plastic while others come wooden parts. Plastic always tends to last longer than wood and may seem to be safer at a distant, but wood is equally good depending on the type of wood used.

However, when wood is exposed to adverse weather conditions unlike plastic, it weathers and tends to warp too. That renders plastic a better option than wood. On the other hand, wood is Eco friendly and also comes in a natural and aesthetic finishing making the sandbox blend in seamlessly with other home components.

Whichever material you choose to settle for, be sure that your child stays safe.


Sandboxes come in different sizes and shapes too. Some are particularly designed for the back yards while others are minimalistic in nature hence can comfortably be used within the house. What will determine your choice of size is the number of kids that will be using the sandbox and also the size of the compound.

Small sandboxes are particularly good and can be used within the house. They are also manageable. However, they can only be used by one or two kids at ago. Others are quite large. This ones are best situated outside the house in the backyard. This ones are particularly good for large compounds and in homes with a multiple number of kids.


Most brands will go an extra mile and theme their products to suit different preferences. It is therefore imperative that you sit down and identify what your child likes most and try to match out that with what is there in the market. However, it’s not every theme that can be found readymade. Perhaps if you have the resources you can have your child made for a custom sandbox, otherwise just try and find one that works for you dear one.


Yes! Age does matter too! Some sandboxes like the Oliver and Smith – Large Covered Convertible Natural Cedar Square Wood Sandbox are not recommended for children under the age of 3. This is so because of small particles found in sandboxes that are particularly made from wood. Younger kids will tend to put anything in the mouth and may be subconscious or even oblivious to the danger they face.

Some sand boxes are also made with age in mind thus have features that favor toddlers like seats molded on the sandboxes for seating, well chamfered corners to injury to the child and so forth. Be sure to check the features that suit your child’s age.


Well, in a bid to stand out and also win the hearts of the consumers, brands are incorporating a variety of features that make their products stand out from the rest. Such is; the themes, use of different materials, use of a variety of color and additional toy sets. Some which are very cheap come with minimal features while those that are also extremely pricey also come with extra features.  Be sure to outweigh the different features offered by different brands and find one that wins your heart. You just have to find one that will work for you.

Find the Best Rated Sandbox for Your Kids

There is always something very sweet and innocent about your tiny tots playing in a sandbox. Perhaps there’s nothing more sensational than watching them indulge in the fun, finding fun in the most basic of things, sand and a plastic bucket. It is hard to contemplate the joy they find in this little and meaningless things, yet they mean so much to them.  So as you embark on the adventure of finding the right sandbox for your little one, do take your time and browse through the different features. Find a brand that works best, perhaps one that holds nothing back and find your little one the best sandbox they deserve.

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