Kids Rolling Backpacks: An Ultimate Buying Guide in 2018


Back-to-school shenanigans can be quite overwhelming. And we totally get the frustration you may be feeling while trying to get the kids all set for the next school term. Really, it’s already expensive to send the kids to school. Who needs the headache that comes with picking a mere backpack for them? Well, to be honest, no one needs the headache. But the kids definitely need the backpack for school. And it had better be the right kind of backpack.

Rolling backpacks, unlike the conventional ones, are becoming increasingly popular because they provide comfort and ease. With the right one, a child doesn’t have to groan under the weight of a heavy backpack. He can simply have it on the ground and roll it with ease wherever he goes. That said; with kids rolling backpack for school, you can’t just pick any sack-on-wheels in the name of trying to satisfy a child’s needs. Else, either one of you will have a frustrating experience.

We knew you’ll get to this confusing, nerve-racking, time-consuming back-to-school moments. That is why we decided to dive into the market to get the job done for you.

As you keep reading, we’ll show you 5 amazing rolling backpacks and why they made it to our top 5. We will also let you in on what you need to look out for before you make a choice. And in the unlikely event that you don’t find your preferred choice among our top 5, be our guest and take advantage of the alternatives.

 Best Kids Rolling Backpacks Side-by-side Comparison Table

  Tilami 18-inch Rolling Backpack with Lunch Bag   Disney Doc McStuffin 12-inch Toddler Rolling Backpack COOFIT Rolling Backpack for Kids J World New York Rolling Backpack with Lunch Bag Tilami 18-inch  Armor Rolling Backpack
Dimensions 18.92 x 8.27x 12.87 inches 5 x 12 x 10 inches 12.6 x 7.08 x 18.11 inches 18 x 13 x 9 inches 20 x 14 x 5 inches
Available colors Comes in 12 different colors Pink Rose Red and Dark Blue Comes in 9 different designs Comes in 6 different colors
Material Polyester Not specified Nylon Polyester Polyester
Waterproof Yes Not specified Yes Yes No


Top 5  Rolling Backpacks for Kids 2018 Reviews

1.Tilami 18-inch Rolling Backpack with Lunch Bag  

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The Tilami rolling backpack is all shades of awesome. It is a carefully detailed bag made of high-grade polyester to resist wears and moisture. Going for this 18-inch laptop rolling backpack for kids is a no-brainer because it scores high on comfort, durability, functionality, and style.

If you are looking to add that ‘they see me rollin…’ edge to your kid’s style, then look no further than this lightweight rolling backpack for kids. It comes in an amazing collection of 12 different colors and designs. It also comes with a bonus insulated lunch bag so that you can pack some lunch for your child without hassles.

What’s more? It features a smooth double zipper, durable wheels, and a comfortable telescoping handle for easy maneuvering. However, if you want a rolling backpack for a toddler instead, you can check out the Disney Pixar Cars Toddler Rolling Backpack. It features extra-padded and adjustable straps for comfort.


  • Comes with an insulated lunch bag
  • Available in 12 exciting colors and designs.
  • Features smooth and durable double zipper.
  • Has a telescoping handle for easy adjustment to different heights.
  • Durable wheels are able to bear the weight of the backpack.


  • There are a few complaints that the handle doesn’t retract easily.

2.Disney Doc McStuffin 12-inch Toddler Rolling Backpack

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The Disney Doc McStuffin Rolling Backpack is a perfect choice for toddlers. We can almost bet our last cent that your little preschooler will love this backpack. It comes in the Doc McStuffin design with a lovely pink theme that will make your child stand out. Even though it is a 12-inch bag, you’ll be amazed at how much this bag can hold without wears and tears.

It has a long pink handle that is smooth to hold and strong enough to move the bag around. The wheels are also well designed to accommodate the weight of the backpack. However, if you’ll rather go for a backpack that comes with a lunch bag, then you should check out the Coofit 2-Piece School Backpack with Lunch Bag. It is rust and waterproof.


  • Comes in an exciting pink design.
  • Features durable and sturdy wheels
  • Strong and comfortable handle makes maneuvering a breeze.
  • Provides ample room to hold personal and school items.


  • Papers placed in the bag may get rumpled because of the round design at the top.

3.COOFIT Rolling Backpack for Kids

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Boys and girls love the COOFIT Rolling Backpack because of its stylish and compact design. It is also splash and waterproof for easy maintenance. Thanks to the nylon fabric that it is made from, items kept in the bag will not get wet.

At first blush, this bag looks like it can only carry a few things but it boasts a generous storage space for your kids, teens and even adults items. It can store laptops, iPads, umbrellas, books, and stationeries conveniently. It is suitable for school, travel, hiking, and camping.

Would you prefer a multifunctional backpack? Then you should see the Yodo Zoo 3-way Rolling Backpack for Kids. It can be carried as a handbag, a luggage bag, or a backpack.


  • It is water and splash resistant.
  • Offers large storage space for laptops, tablets, books, and stationeries.
  • Trolley can be removed to have the backpack on the child’s back.
  • Chest strap prevents the bag from sliding off during swift movements.
  • Suitable for school, travel, hiking, and camping.
  • Wear-resistant universal wheels glide smoothly on the ground.


  • Some customers still wish it offered more storage space.

4.J World New York Rolling Backpack with Lunch Bag

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J World New York’s Rolling Backpack is that amazing bag-on-wheels to have and to hold in every season. We love it because it is uniquely designed and is built to resist moisture. This cool kids rolling backpack for boys and girls has adjustable ergonomically-designed shoulder straps for comfort and even distribution of the bag’s weight.

It offers a roomy storage space and comes with a durable double zipper. There’s an easy-to-access pocket organizer at the front of the bag for little items like stationaries, cards, and keys. This backpack also boasts a durable pair of customized wheels that roll easily and noiselessly on the ground.

For security reasons, it has a reflective tape that offers visibility at night or in dark places. And just so you know, it is suitable for both kids and adults.

Kids love Spiderman and yours may love a Spiderman-themed bag. Why not check out the Marvel Spiderman Home Coming Rolling Backpack? It offers a double-zippered and roomy compartment.


  • Telescoping sturdy handle provides comfortable grip and multistage locks.
  • Adjustable and ergonomic shoulder straps offer comfort.
  • Has an easily accessible pocket organizer for personal items.
  • Durable wheels roll noiselessly on the ground.
  • Has a reflective tape that offers night visibility for safety reason.


  • It doesn’t roll nicely on stairs and curbs.

5.Tilami 18-inch  Armor Rolling Backpack for Kids and Students

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The Tilaami Armour Backpack comes in 6 exciting designs to suit your style or your kid’s. You got that right! It is suitable for kids and adults. We love the fact that the handle of this backpack is made from an aluminum alloy construction for durability and long-lasting use. It also offers a protection system for the bottom of the bag so that it can serve you well for a long time without hassles.

A sizable storage compartment is what most students and adults love. And this backpack doesn’t slack on that. This means you can use it for different occasions. Its concealed pockets protect the straps of the bag perfectly especially when the bag is being rolled.

While this is a great backpack, you may want to try out something different. How about the HollyHOME Waterproof Rolling Backpack for Students? It is durable, comfortable, roomy and available in 4 different colors.


  • Has a durable, sturdy and comfortable handle.
  • Concealed pockets protect shoulder straps during wheeling.
  • Offers a large storage capacity for bottles, books or an umbrella, laptops, and binders.
  • Has the unique Tilami protection system for the bottom of the bag.


  • We only wish the laptop compartment was well-cushioned.

How to Choose the Best Kids Rolling Backpack

Kids Rolling Backpack

Rolling backpacks are not exclusive to school needs, as most people think. A good airplane rolling backpack for kids, for instance, will come in handy if you are thinking of planning a family vacation with the kids anytime soon. Also, you might as well start planning to get one if you have a child who will be traveling unaccompanied for a summer camp, an internship, or a leadership program somewhere far from you.

But for whatever reason you need a backpack, there are important factors you must consider before you make a choice. Here are a few:


This is an all-important factor to consider. The durability of a rolling backpack will depend on a number of other factors including the material of the backpack and the construction of the wheels and handle. A backpack that checks these factors will easily make a good choice. And more importantly, you can rest assured it will serve your child for a long time. You will do well to be careful during your search to avoid fanciful and attractive bags that may be poorly built.


Duh-uh! We are dealing with kids here. This means you’ve got to check with your child to know what color he or she fancies. However, you must also consider maintenance. As a rule of some sort, children don’t usually handle the light-colored stuff well; especially if in this case they’ll be using the backpack every other day.


There’s no one-size for kids. You must keep in mind that even though an average rolling backpack is designed to provide comfort and ease, the purpose may be defeated if the bag you pick is bigger than the child. Carrying the bag could be uncomfortable if the child decides to have it on his or her back as opposed to rolling it.

How old is the child? How tall is or he or she? Answering these questions will guide you on the backpack size you should go for.

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Straps and pads

Typically, a good bag should have wide and padded straps for comfort and even distribution of the bag’s weight. This is definitely something you should look out for because in certain instances where the kid will need to have the bag on his back, you want to be sure that he is comfortable.

So, Which is Your favorite Rolling Backpack?

During out research for the best kids rolling backpack, we made the Tilami 18-inch Rolling Backpack with Lunch Bag our top pick. It was an easy choice because this backpack scores high on durability, functionality, and maintenace. More so, the bonus lunch bag makes it perfect for students and adults who need to pack some lunch to school or the office.

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