5 Best Remote Controlled Boats for Kids in 2018


Remote controlled boats are a type of remote controlled vehicle designed for use by kids as young as less than three years. They are small and simple enough to be operated either indoors or outdoor calm water surfaces. Most of the boats operate by communicating with the remote controller through megahertz radio waves. There are many of them in the market, and in case you are wondering how to find the best one, we have the answers for you.

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The best remote controlled boats for kids have amazing speeds, agility long-reaching remote distances and use more than one radio frequency. They are much more fun and enable two or more kids or adults to play at the same time. In this article, we have reviewed some of those RC boats for you to choose. They are not only the top brands but also the most cost-effective and deliver tons and tons of enjoyment. For every product, we will be critically discussing the features, pros and cons, and what makes each stand out from the rest.

Comparison Table of the Best Remote Controlled Boats for Kids

Name of product Channels Speed Control distance Battery voltage Charging time Remote control time
1. ALLCACA RC Remote Control Boat 4 28km/h 150 meters 7.4v 600mAh 120 minutes 8 minutes
2. USA Toyz H102 Velocity RC boat 4 30km/h 120 meters 7.4 600mAh 100 minutes 8-10 minutes
3. Create Toys RC Boat Shark Model 1 18km/h 5 meters 2.4v 40mAh 20 minutes 15 minutes
4. FunTech High Speed Electric RC boat 2 30km/h 100 meters  7.4v 360mAh 120 minutes 10 minutes
5. Gizmovine TO2 High-Speed RC boat 4 33km/h 150 meters 3.7v 600mAh 100 minutes 8-15 minutes


Top Rated Remote Controlled Toy Boats for Kids on Amazon

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1.ALLCACA RC Remote Control Boat

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Coming first is the ALLCACA RC boat which has a powerful 390 brushed motor, and an impressive maximum speed of up to 28km/h. It can do sharp turns and auto flips, these being self-righting features that let the boat keep playing even if it capsizes. This is the feature that that is of the essence to a kid since when playing, there will be many capsizing events before they learn how to keep the boat afloat. If capsizing a moment happens (expect it a lot), all the player needs to do is to push the throttle joystick and hold for 2 to 3 seconds. This action automatically corrects the channel.

Another prominent feature is the 2.4Ghz remote technology that supports multiple (4) boats playing at the same time, within a distance of more than 150 meters. Furthermore, the controls are sensitive and have a fast reaction time. The RC boat is also equipped with a water cooling system which reduces losses in the motor, hence extending its motor life. The movement functions are not limited to forward but also include backward, left, right, and an automatic 180-degree flip.

The battery is a powerful one with a high power of 7.4v 600mAh and charging time of 120 minutes. That charge can last for 8 minutes with non-stop operation. In case you are wondering what needs to be done if the charge runs low, worry no more. You will not be required to swim to reach the boat. It automatically warns the player when the battery is almost out of power, so one will definitely know when its time to head for the shore.


  • Very fast with great control maintenance
  • Has controls for slower speeds
  • The battery is rechargeable, so you do not have to spend a lot on replaceable ones
  • Not limited to the swimming pool and can be used in larger water bodies like lakes
  • Easy to set up
  • The engine compartment is protected and stays dry
  • Attractive design and colours


  • Small in size

2.USA Toyz H102 Velocity RC boat for Pool and Outdoor use

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What impressed us most about this freshwater remote control boat is its large-propeller with a remarkable speed of 30km/h. Other than enabling it to move at such a fantastic pace that puts other RC boats to shame, it also enables the boat to do extreme sharps and auto flips that keep the boat in play even if it capsizes. The bonus battery that comes with the RC is another eye-catching feature as it enables you to cruise longer when the first one goes low on charge.

The boat is constructed with a durable anti-flip design and a double-sealed hatch for water resistance, thus protecting inner parts from hydro-damage. It also uses 2.4Ghz frequency controller that helps your little players to keep the thrill by riding several boats at the same time with four channels including forward, backward, left and right. Just like the ALLCACA boat, USA Toyz has a low battery warning, so you will never have to worry about it running out of power in the middle of the pool. More than that, the safety alarm also alerts you when the charge is full, to protect the battery from over-charge.

The remote control makes it easy to cruise as it has easier velocity commands and displays for trim adjustment, power displays, movements and throttle switch modes, unlike most other RC boats. It may not be very easy for a preschooler or a seven-year-old, but for a teenager, it will be an RC boat to show off to the peers.


  • Super fast and responsive
  • The extra battery gives double cruising time
  • Nice-looking streamlined design
  • Has an emergency stop functionality that allows the user to halt in an emergency, preventing a sudden crash
  • Handles water waves with ease
  • Has displays of radio signal strength and battery status


  • A bit complicated for young kids to control

3.Create Toys RC Boat Shark Model

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This RC boat by Create Toys caught our attention because of its child-friendly features. Unlike most other remote-controlled toys that are meant for kids from 14 years, this is specially constructed for a kid as young as preschool. First, it has a shark shape that can both swim in water lively like a real fish and stay afloat like a boat. You may not have realized it, but young children learn best by engaging senses that spark their imaginations and encourage them to participate in real or near real-life experiences. This shark boat does precisely that.

Second, the boat is made of a high-quality insulating material with a soft tail plastic than rarely scratches the child’s delicate skin. Because a young kid may not be able to switch the boat off when not using it or their attention may drift away so often, the manufacturer uses advanced production technology to automatically put the power off when the boat is out of the water.

Moreover, the controls are quite simple to comprehend. The wireless remote is easy to operate and has a control range of only 5 meters with a 4AA controller battery. Although these figures may be frowned upon by a hobbyist teenager, they mean loads of fun for the younger beginners. The boat only takes 15 to 20 minutes to charge and delivers a whole 15 minutes of uninterrupted play time. Compared to other RC boats on this list, this ones keeps charge the most.


  • The transmitter is water sealed
  • Durable frame material
  • Safe for young children
  • Very easy to control
  • Kid-friendly shark design
  • Reasonable charge and discharge durations
  • Great price point


  • Remote control batteries have to be purchased separately

4.FunTech High-Speed Electric RC boat

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Another relatively easy to control boat fit for pre-teens is the FunTech RC electric boat. It features an astonishing super speed of 30km/h, just like the USA Toyz Velocity boat. What sets aside the FunTech RC boat are the simple two channel controls within a distance of more than 100 meters and a running time of more than 15 minutes. This means that the kid gets to enjoy maximum racing speeds with very easy to operate frequency controls. Moreover, the player gets to enjoy the multi-boat functionality and eccentric speed with more than 20 other boats racing against each other at the same time.

FunTech RC boat is built from impact-resistant ABS plastic, assuring the user of long-lasting cruising times. Also, the design is a water-proof anti-tilt modular build that lets water circulate in and out, to keep the motor cool when racing for extended periods, thus extending the life of the motor. When the RC is almost out of power, the low battery alarm beeps to warn that its time for a recharge. All these features combine style, speed, safety and reliable operation.


  • Has excellent anti-interference ability with other boats around
  • Fast reaction speed to commands
  • Allows automatic code pairing with other boats
  • Small but powerful motor with realistic running time
  • Can make extremely sharp turns with smooth accelerations
  • Sturdy and sleek design
  • Has auto-righting features when the boat flips


  • Too small in size and easily flips in the water
  • No reverse direction control

5.Gizmovine TO2 High-Speed RC boat

[amazon box=”B078NT11Z2″ template=”vertical”]

Travelling through time may not be possible, but this TO2 RC boat delivers something close to that, with a spectacular speed of 33km/h. For this speed, it utilizes a 390 robust motor drive system and an ultra-reliable high power 3.7v 600mAh battery. This motor is made to sail through any body of water, whether indoor pools or outdoor lakes or backyard ponds. Furthermore, to match the swiftness is a durable anti-flip design to deliver exciting sharp turns and auto flips.

Whether the kid is a beginner, intermediate or expert, you are sure that they will be getting a blast as it is easy to control and allows racing with friends. The boat is also equipped with a unique LCD that shows not only the controls but also the remaining voltage and signal strength at a glance. In addition, the package comes with an extra and equally powerful battery to ensure double time fun- cruising will not be interrupted by an hour of charging time.


  • Does not require any assembly. Can be used straight out of the box after charging
  • Comes with an extra battery
  • Easy and straightforward controls
  • Superior distance range
  • Long battery life
  • Durable materials that are resistant to crashes


  • No reverse control

5 Key Things to Have in Mind Before Buying an RC Boat for Kids

Your kid may have been admiring other people standing at the pond with remote controls on their hands, watching their boats tackle the water waves. They may have asked for one, or you desire to watch their glistening faces once they unwrap the gifts and ride the boat for the first time. But, then, you know nothing or very little about remote-controlled toys. Well, if you are not a hobbyist, it is totally acceptable. There is no need to worry- on this part of the article, we will be showing you all that you need to know, to find the best RC boat for your little one.

You will learn more once you get one, but for now, these tips will help you and the kid break into the hobby. Here are the factors to consider:

  1. Waterbody

Some of the RC boats are made only for small water bodies such as bathtubs and swimming pools while others are for cruising the massive lakes. The smaller water areas and indoor water surfaces are best suited for younger kids, but if you live near a vast river, ocean, or lake, then you are indeed lucky as the kid will fully utilize the RC boat. However, you will need to consider the wind factor as it can create waves or blow away the boat.

Another critical factor about water surfaces is whether it is fresh or salty water. Salty water is twice as corrosive as fresh water as it contains sodium chloride. If you must use the boat in saline water, ensure that you clean it thoroughly with fresh water and neutral base soap, then dry it and oil the metallic parts before keeping the boat away.

  1. Speed and age

Speed does matter a lot, and so does the age of the child operating it. Most of the RC cruising hobbyists would agree that the faster the boat travels, the more the fun. But then, what is the age of the cruiser and again, what is the running time? The younger child needs an easier-to-operate boat and one that travels at the speed of their cognitive process. Furthermore, as speed increases, the battery runtime decreases. If you are buying it for a teenager, then a 30km/h RC speed boat is excellent but for a younger one, the slower the speed, the better.

  1. Battery capacity

It is not at all cool to run out of charge just when the fun has started. Therefore, consider getting a boat with a battery that lasts for a reasonable time. Even better, some brands come with an extra battery to ensure that you get double time fun.

  1. Cost

Cost is something that is typically competitive in regards to what you pay for versus the quality that you get. If something is quite costly for what it offers, then its overall value may not be worth the price. That means that you have to carefully study the features versus the price point and make a decision on whether it’s worth it or not. The most expensive RC boat is not always the fastest or the most durable one and vice versa.

  1. Assembling

Most of the boats on our review are ready to run, meaning that you will not find yourself modifying anything, installing the propeller or the motor. All you need to do is to charge the battery, and the kid is ready for the water. However, you will also need to be keen on whether the manufacturer includes other accessories such as extra batteries, oilers and stands. If all these things are covered, then the cost and convenience of setting up the boat will be realistic. There is the video about best RC boats for your money.

Top 5 Maintenance Tips for RC Boats

For long service, you will need to put into practice very simple yet effective toy-care measures.

  • Before launching the boat in the water, regularly inspect it to ensure that all the openings are sealed and that there are no loose screws. The electrical parts are the most vulnerable to damage by water, so you will not want it to exert its destructive power on the motor or other inner parts.
  • Take care of the battery by storing it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Also, do not allow it to overcharge or to over drain when low on charge.
  • Let the boat cool down for about 20 minutes before using it for another race. If you need more power, allow it to dry before recharging it.
  • If the RC toy is for a younger kid, you may need to regularly clean and disinfect it to prevent harbouring of harmful bacteria, which may cause diarrhoeal illnesses and other gastrointestinal problems. To clean, use regular dish soap and some water. For sanitization, use a disinfecting solution.
  • If using the boat in public waterbodies, teach the child to pay attention to the rules and regulations of the area, to avoid causing harm to others. Remember that you are responsible for the boat at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions about RC Boats for Kids

  1. What is a remote controlled boat?

A remote-controlled boat is a boat that can be controlled remotely with radio control equipment. There are simple RC boats that can be used as toys and also, advanced ones for racing. These boats have same movements exactly like real boats and can be propelled on water surfaces as so long as it is relatively calm.

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  1. What is a distance range?

The RC boats have a control limit range which is determined by the battery capacity and the remote frequencies. They typically have a range of 5 to more than 150 metres. When the distance range is exceeded, the remote control loses signals of the boat.

  1. How long do the batteries last?

Most of the RC boats have rechargeable batteries which take 20 to 120 minutes to be fully charged. The batteries are recharged with adapters that come with the boat or a computer/phone USB cable. The running time of the battery is highly dependent on the battery capacity, speed and distance range of the boat. While on full-time operation, most will last from 8 to 20 minutes.

  1. Do the kids need any training to operate the boats?

The boats come with a manual that is easy to follow, and the controls are mostly backward, forward, left, right and 1800 turns. These are easy to maneuver, but for kids less than 8 years old, you will need to supervise them until they are well used to the boat.

  1. Can we operate the boat at night?

The boats can be operated at night, but you will need to illuminate the water surface. Unlike the remote-controlled helicopters, most RC boats for kids do not have flashlights that allow them to be used at night without any other source of light.

  1. Can we operate more than one boat at a time?

Yes, most have multiple channels that allow more than one boat to race at the same time.

  1. Is there an age limit for the kids?

Different manufacturers have age recommendations for their RC boats depending on the ease of operability. However, there are no hard and fast rules on age limits. What you need is to be sure that your kid can maneuver the boat.

Our Top Pick of the Best Remote Controlled Toy Boat

Finally, the best remote controlled toy boat is the one that is age appropriate, has minimum frequency interference, keeps charge for a reasonable duration, can be quickly recharged and requires minimal maintenance. The product that best meets this criterion is the ALLCACA RC boat. It is neither the cheapest nor the highest priced product on this review, but it’s features are worth its price. It has a powerful motor, notable speed, easy for kids to control, supports up to four channels and has self-righting features in case it capsizes.

If you want to find out more on other remote controlled toys, please check out our expert guide on  RC helicopters and cars.


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