Top Piggy Banks for Kids to Look for in 2018


As we grow older, most of us realize the importance of having a good relationship with our money. We then begin to focus on saving more and spending less.  As such, it is equally important to train kids on good saving habits at an early age. As much as there are several  methods of saving money for kids, nothing beats the basic technique of using piggy banks. Unlike the adult piggy bank, piggy banks for kids can take animal-like shapes, as can be seen in designs like the fisher piggy bank, cat piggy bank, elephant piggy bank and much more. This method works even beyond our childhood days. It encourages children to save the little they have. What’s more, these banks allow kids to handle their cash with discipline. So “Which is the best piggy bank?” Well, here is a detailed article we put together to answer this question in particular.

Comparison Table

Product Product Dimensions Item Weight (Ounces) Manufacturer Recommended age
Moonjar Moneybox 5.5 x 5 x 5.5 inches 10.4 4 years and up
Jhua Cartoon 5.1 x 7.7 x 4.5 inches 22.56 6 years and up
Pearhead Ceramic 7 x 5 x 6.2 inches 16 5-12 years
Money Savvy Generation Pig 8.5 x 5.5 x 6 inches 12.8 5 years and up
Giantsuper Smart Piggy Trio 7 x 4 x 7 inches 16 4 years and up
Peachtree Playthings Frozen Elsa 6.4 x 6 x 8.9 inches 9.1 5 – 12 years
Zak Designs BB-8 Droid 4 x 5 x 4 inches 14.4 7 years and up
Streamline Froggy 6.5 x 5 x 6.5 inches 8 5 – 12 years
Flyfish Money Box 7 x 4 x 8 inches 12.8 36 months – 10 years
Digital Energy Savings Jar 4.5 x 4.5 x 7.9 inches 5.8 6 years and up


Best 10 Piggy Banks for Your kids 

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1. Digital Energy Savings Jar

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Looking for a piggy banks that will appeal to  kids in this digital era? Well, the Digital Energy Savings Jar does it. It is an ideal tool that will introduce your kids to fascinating technology and saving, at the same time. The Digital Energy Savings Jar features a digital screen on the lid of a nicely contoured tin. It counts coins automatically and displays the amount on the screen. Kids using this bank enjoy watching their savings grow. They also have an easy time keeping track of their money.

The lid is easy to remove, which makes it easy for children to take out the money they intend to spend. This piggy bank also has a +/- function to adjust the deposit and withdrawal amount. We liked the fact  that this is great for all ages because of its simple features and sturdy structure. Its simple tin design makes it an easy choice for most buyers.


  • The large base on the tin provides adequate stability.
  • It has enough space to hold a lot of coins and notes.
  • The transparent tin section comes in 3 different colors: blue, purple and pink. Kids love to save in colorful tins.


  • The digital counter enters the wrong amount, sometimes. You may have to show your child how to adjust the counter manually to reflect the correct amount.

2. Moonjar Moneybox

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This award-winning piggy bank combines simplicity with functionality in the best way possible. Its durability makes it a good gift item for kids above the age of 4. What’s more, its simple features enable kids to learn and enjoy the saving process.

The designers of Moonjar Moneybox must have considered kids of all ages because they used acrylic –a material that is easy to handle and clean. This retro-tin comes with a passbook that allows users to track their savings systematically. It also has three differently colored tin compartments to help kids separate their savings.


  • It comes with a recording sheet, which enables kids to keep track of their savings.
  • The compartments are big enough for bills. Children can fit in notes of different sizes without going through too much hassle.
  • The colors and unique design of the tins are attractive to the little ones.


  • The individual tins are not stable enough. They are easy to knock over if kept separate from each other in high traffic spaces.

3. Jhua Cartoon

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Looking for a piggy bank that will effectively keep your valuables and cash away from curious hands? Well, here you have it. The Jhua Cartoon looks like a miniature ATM. The bank allows kids to enjoy saving their money in a container secured by a PIN code. When using Jhua Cartoon, you will need to set a 4-digit code that will help access your savings.

Once you enter the correct PIN, a green light flashes to signal that you can now access your funds. In case of failed attempts, a red light will blink and you will hear an automated voice advising you to try again.


  • The locking system is as secure as it looks.
  • It comes in a gender-neutral design, so you can get it for both girls and boys.
  • The ATM-like experience adds fun to the whole saving experience.


  • The PIN function is a little challenging to master at the beginning. You will have to dedicate some time to teach your son or daughter how to use the feature.

4. Pearhead Ceramic

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This piggy bank has proven to be a timeless classic. Looking at how it has effectively functioned over the years, we do not expect it to go out of style any time soon. The Pearhead ceramic is impressively durable, thereby making it the perfect gift for any child. It is fitted with a rubber stopper at the bottom, which makes it easy to retrieve cash at any time.

The ceramic material gives the piggy bank a smooth exterior that is easy on the eye. We cannot go without mentioning that the space inside is enough to accommodate both notes and coins. Since it comes in many colors, we found it easy to pick out a color that suits kids of either gender.


  • It has a beautiful glossy finish that will brighten up any space.
  • This piggy bank can hold a generous amount of coins.
  • It is available in seven colors. You will have several options to choose from when getting one for your child.
  • The ceramic material is easy to clean.


  • It is somewhat fragile. Children need to be extra careful when carrying it around the house.

5. Money Savvy Generation Pig -Purple

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We found this one to be a great gift idea. Its purple color makes it suitable for both girls and boys. It has compartments that help kids plan their savings on their own. The Money Savvy Generation pig has well-labeled slots. This means children can easily decide whether their money goes in the save, invest, donate, or spend section.

Notably, its pig-like shape makes it a classic that most kids can relate to. The material used on the product is ideal for any child, as it does not break easily. We noticed that this is one of the lightest piggy banks on this list.


  • Compartments empty easily and independently.
  • Its design allows it to sit well on even surfaces. Kids do not risk knocking them over with the slightest touch.
  • The twist caps at the base act as openings as well as stable bases.


  • It comes in one purple color that may not appeal to all kids.

6. Giantsuper Smart Piggy Trio

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This piggy will come in handy if you want to teach your kid the concept of budgeting. It features three tin compartments labeled as share, save, and spend. The exterior is decorated with cartoons that contribute to the piggy bank’s aesthetic. Aside from the looks, we noticed that the simple cuboid design allows kids to save a generous amount of notes and coins.

Unlike most piggy banks in 2018, the Giantsuper Smart Piggy does not have coverless slots. It has a sturdy magnetic closure that makes it easy to close and open. We liked the fact that children do not need adult supervision when saving in the three tins because they can open and close them whenever they wish to.


  • It is made of lightweight material. Younger children can carry it and hold it in their small hands.
  • It’s a strong heavy-duty structure, which makes it durable.
  • It comes with a savings guide.
  • The cute whimsical graphics make it attractive.
  • It is easy to use because of its simple design


  • The material used appears  weak and may not give off a sense of tight security.

7. Peachtree Playthings Frozen Elsa

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Admittedly, most children are familiar with Walt Disney’s fictional character Queen Elsa. This piggy bank is modeled in the 3D form of the character. The animated design of Peachtree Playthings Frozen Elsa makes it fun for kids to save. Children who love animation characters will enjoy saving in this bank. We found it easy to handle as it is made of tough plastic material.

This bank features a rubber stopper at the bottom, which is easy to remove and replace when need be. We figured that since it is easy to open the stopper, kids would not need to put a lot of effort into getting their money in and out of their piggy banks.


  • The intricate design is hand painted with care, giving it a customized look.
  • It is made of less brittle vinyl that improves its handle and durability.
  • The bank spots a concealed slot at the back thatdiscourages kids from removing their saved money from the piggy bank, especially when they do not need it.


  • The amount of space inside this bank is not big enough for bills.

8. Zak Designs BB-8 Droid

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If you want to teach your kids how to save money for a rainy day, this is the perfect piggy bank. It features an opening at the bottom and a slot at the top. This piggy is a great gift item as it can be a good addition to a Star Wars collection.

We like the exterior hand painting design that complements the design. Since the Zak Designs BB-8 Droid is made of ceramic, we found it easy to dust and wash.


  • The bank is made of high-quality ceramic, which enhances its longevity.
  • It has a great design that makes it fun to use.
  • The open slot at the top is wide enough.


  • It does not hold a generous amount of money.

9. Streamline Froggy

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This one seems to be  the cutest on this list and it looks like a toy. You cannot go wrong with this bank, as it offers a fun experience to children who are learning how to save and manage money. It also doubles up as a good decoration item for a child’s room.

We gifted the Streamline Froggy to a boy and two girls, and they seemed to like it. From their faces, we could tell that they could not wait to start using their new banks. This type of excitement is what the best piggy bank in 2018 should offer to children.


  • It is small enough for little kids to hold.
  • The design is kid-friendly and attractive as well.
  • The colors on the piggy bank are neutral. This makes it a good gift for both genders.
  • It has enough space inside to hold a significant amount of change.


  • The little plug fitted at the bottom tends to fall off easily. It can spill out some change when it pops out accidentally.

10. Flyfish Money Box

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The Flyfish Money Box oozes personality. It is a dog piggy bank designed in the shape of an animated dog. The plastic dog seems to be ready to feed from the bowl in front of it, at any time. It is our guess that the design was meant to encourage kids to put money into the bank as a way of feeding the dog. This fun design makes the piggy bank a great saving tool for most kids out there.

We bought this item as a present for one of a friend’s 6-year old son and he accepted it with a huge smile on his face. He told us that he intended to add it to his great collection of dog-themed items. Children who love dogs would have the easiest time saving their money inside the Flyfish Money Box.


  • The piggy is suitable for currencies of all sizes.
  • It has enough space to hold a ton of coins.
  • The plastic material used on the item is tough and sturdy, making it durable.
  • The stopper piece at the bottom is easy to replace because its size and design are universal.


  • The sturdy plastic makes it hard to smash the piggy bank when you want to retrieve the money after saving for a long time.

Tips for Choosing the Best Piggy Bank

Opening bank accounts for children is one of the best ways to teach youngsters about money. Using an actual bank account, however, can prove to be a tricky decision as this may not be practical enough for the young minds. Therefore, you may want to consider getting a piggy bank for your child.. When selecting a piggy bank, there are several factors you need to take into account. Below are a few tips to help you choose the best piggy bank for your child.



You can agree with us that kids can be rough and clumsy. In their playful state, they may end up dropping a few items around the house. You do not want to spend your hard-earned cash on a product that is easy to break. Durable items will save you a ton of money in the long run. Get your child a bank that remains intact even after multiple drops. A good piggy bank is made of tough materials like plastic and fiberglass. In addition, it has a strong structure that makes it difficult to crash under pressure.


Most children are attracted to unique designs. They love items that fire up their curiosity. Moreover, they develop some sort of attachment to the things they like. It is important, therefore, to purchase piggy banks that have attractive exteriors. Piggy banks with nice designs add aesthetic value to the space they occupy. They also encourage kids to value their money and save more. Younger children prefer banks with animated drawings on them. Involve your kid in choosing a design they like. Asking for their opinion will help you make sure that you get a good piggy bank.


Unlike adults, kids have a hard time using items that have complex functions. You want to find a bank that will allow your child to save and spend money easily, without constant supervision. Piggy banks with open slots and rubber stoppers are easy to use. We found it easy to teach kids how to use banks that have simple closures and openings.


Manufacturers often set age limits for their products. They set these limitations based on factors such as weight as well as the material used on the product. Most piggy banks are age-specific. For instance, heavy banks made of ceramic are not suitable for kids below the age of four sinceyounger kids prefer banks that are easy to hold and carry.


Psychology studies show that children tend to build connections between colors and certain feelings. Bright colors, for example, give kids a feeling of happiness and excitement. On the same note, certain genders tend to relate more to specific colors. Most boys, for instance, love blue items. It would be a great idea, therefore, if you gifted your son a transparent blue Digital Energy Savings Jar.


You can determine the space inside a container by looking at its overall size. A big piggy bank is ideal for all currencies, as it can hold a lot of money. Conversely, small piggy banks are suitable for kids who save more coins than notes. Size also plays a significant role in the handling of the piggy bank.. A bigger piggy, for instance can be a challenge to kids under 2 years as this may pose a challenge on movement.


Manufacturers use different materials to make piggy banks. Some banks are plastic while others are ceramic. Buy items made of strong materials that guarantee you safety and durability. Choose a bank that can withstand breaking forces. Additionally, ensure that the material of the piggy bank is easy to clean and maintain. There is a video about teaching kids to save money in piggy banks.

Opinions of Other People


Piggy banks have been around for decades. This is evidence enough that people have used it in one way or another  over the years. Many parents have praised these piggy banks for their durability and simplicity and the fact that it helps instill the saving culture to the younger generation right from a tender age.

Kids reportedly love the interesting designs from these piggy banks, especially the animal shaped versions. They love the fact that they can double up as toys. New buyers seem to be mesmerized by the affordability of these products. Their affordability has allowed buyers to save money, even as they teach their young ones on how to save.

Our Top Pick for the Best Piggy Bank in 2018

The Digital Energy Savings Jar stands out for a number of reasons. The digital counter makes it fancy, yet practical. What’s more, the +/- buttons allow children to account for their money, easily. This bank offers a lot of space. If a child has a lot of change, they won’t have to worry about running out of space. One of the main reasons we bought this bank is because of the big slot at the top. It makes it easy for kids, of any age, to drop coins and notes into the tin.

The twist-to-open lid allows children to access their funds easily. As such, they do not need to keep asking adults to open their little banks for them. We love the fact that this product comes in blue, black, and pink colors, giving your little one a variety of choices. In fact, you can buy the same item for both boys and girls, but in different colors.

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