Best Kids Luggages for Family Vacation


There used to be a time when kids used to pack their bits and pieces inside their dad’s and mum’s suitcases. Well, not anymore. Today, we have a whole range of kid luggage that your little ones can use to pack their stuff into and carry themselves without much hassle.

So if you are looking to head to your grandma’s house across town or for a vacation, you’d better get the best kid luggage for your little ones. To them, it won’t be extra work; it will be like an adventure. Here are some great options to consider:

Top 6 Kids Luggages on Amazon in 2018

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1.Travel Buddies Luggage Set

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To kick off this topic, we have chosen to feature one of the carry-on luggage sets that we believe your kids won’t help falling in love with. This luggage set, by travel buddies comes in a very vibrant color and design, very outstanding and eye catching and of which is ultimately aimed at getting your little ones attention. The design of the bag is inspired by the aliens.

Apart from being made from very high quality material, ABS plastic, this set comes in twos. One, the 18-inch hard case comes with a set of wheels on the underside and also a handle on the upper to ease mobility for your little one. The second is a back pack that comes along with the hard case. It too has the same alien design and vibrant color and also comes with adjustable straps. Both items, the backpack and the case are decently lightweight to enable your child to carry them easily.


  • Made form durable material. 100%ABS/Polycarbonate
  • Suitcase and backpack with ample storage space
  • Lightweight material easing transportation for your child.
  • Handle comes with a duel height adjustable to suit a child and or an adult.


  • The hard casing surface gets easily scratched leaving marks on it, however if well taken care and areas with sharp objects or corners are avoided, then you should have nothing to worry about.

2.HEYS Kids 2Pc Travel Tots Luggage Set

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Much like the travel buddies luggage set, Heys America couldn’t miss on this list with their Ladybird design 18 inch suitcase and also coming along with it a 13 inch backpack. This two come in handy when it comes to providing ample space for your child to store their clothes. Whether you are on a short trip to the countryside or cruising overseas, they are definitely the best Luggage bag for kids.

First of all, the hard-case is made of a composite ABS plastic material meaning that it is very hard and rigid. This is good for ensuring the safety of your child’s personal items. Carrying the case around is very convenient for your child also thanks to the lightweight material that this luggage set is made of. The case also comes with a telescopic handle that has been ergonomically designed to suit the handler of the case by adjusting it. The casing also features a set of skating wheels that make mobility a seamless experience for your little one.


  • Comes with a child-friendly Ladybug design
  • Is an accredited official carry on design set
  • Its handles features an easy to grip on design
  • Also features durable inline skate wheels
  • The interior features lining and compartments
  • Very lightweight yet durable material used


  • The backpack does not feature a storage pocket for water bottles which is an essential feature

3.Heys America Unisex Travel Tots Kids Luggage and Backpack

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Heys America product features again due to its stylish, yet high quality products made to precision. This Unisex Travel Tots Kids Luggage and Backpack comes with an 18 inch height and a stylish yet very appealing Bumblebee design. The design features very high contrasting yet vivid colors that will no doubt attract your child’s attention effortlessly.

Well, the luggage piece is made from ABS/Polycarbonate composite which is no doubt a very durable material. The backpack on the other hand is made of the same ABS but this time reinforced with polyester to make it also long lasting guaranteeing you great service.

The two feature a top carrier handle, while the backpack features padded straps that are also adjustable. The luggage also features a trolley handle system as well as inline skate wheels which aid your kids in maneuvering much more easily. If you are in dire need of Trolley luggage for kids, then make a point of acquiring the Unisex Travel Tots Kids Luggage and Backpack.


  • Made of high quality plastic polycarbonate
  • Very durability
  • Easy to carry around due to the lightweight material
  • Trolley system adjustable handle with multistage locking heights
  • Features interior fabric lining


  • Incidences of imbalanced positioning of the backpack straps have occurred, but that is in rare circumstances.

4.Obersee Kids Luggage and Backpack with Integrated Cooler

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Think of the most ideal luggage set of your dreams for your kids! How would it be? Taking the wildest guess, it’s one that’s got everything that you could possibly imagine and yet still remain relevantly affordable. Right? Well if that is you, then Obersee has a surprise for you. The Obersee Kids Luggage and Backpack with Integrated Cooler.

Well, if you are worried about incurring extra luggage fees at the airlines, then this will come as a great relief to you. Obersee Kids Luggage and Backpack is carry-ion approved meaning that you can comfortably carry it with you onboard. The design of the luggage offers ample space for your bucks to store their toys and other belongings. The set is made from high quality Nylon/Polyester material that is both sturdy and strong. The casing comes in 16 inches tall with the backpack measuring approximately 14.5 inches.

The most amazing feature that we strongly believe will be of great value to your love one is the front and back cooler storage pocket for your kids to store their snacks.


  • Comes with a cooler storage pocket for storing snacks on the go
  • Made of high quality polyester material that is both light in weight and also durable
  • Suitable for use as carry-on luggage
  • Suitable for ages 3-6 years


  • The zipper pauses quite a challenge for the youngsters to lock and unlock, but with time it becomes quite easy.

5.iPlay Kids Luggage & Backpack Set

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No doubt kids have a great eye for aesthetically pleasing designs and that’s why they are always drawn to products that have vivid colors and also those with themes that support their ages. Who knows that better than iPlay! The more reason why the Kids Luggage & Backpack Set by iPlay is so well designed to catch the eye of any youngster especially those of ages 2 and above. The set comes with both a bag pack and also a wheeled bag guaranteeing ample space for your child’s needs.

Like many similar luggage sets, iPlay has incorporated the use of ABS in this luggage set, a material that is both strong, sturdy and also very durable. The material also makes the whole set negligible in terms of weight hence making mobility a walk in the park for your child. Mobility is further favored by the incorporation of the trolley style telescopic handle that can be adjusted to suit the height of the child.


  • Very colorful and appealing
  • Made of ABS, a material that is both strong and durable
  • Guarantees ample storage for your child’s toys and also other belongings
  • Lightweight hence improving mobility for the child
  • Features telescopic handle that further enhances mobility


  • Bag pack straps prove to be a challenge

6.American Tourister Disney Star Wars Luggage Set

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Planning a perfect vacation? Don’t let the lack of sufficient storage space ruin your dream vacation with your kids. American Tourister Disney Star Wars Luggage Set is the perfect travel companion for people who are in dire need of Trolley luggage for kids. This star wars branded luggage comes in 3 unique designs that every star wars fan would die for. The set comes with both a bag pack and also a wheeled case.

Both the bag pack and the case come with zip closures incorporated into them, making it easy for your young travel enthusiast to access their belonging much more easily. Both the casing and the back pack are made of 100% Polyester, a very high quality and durable material. The interior of the case and the bag also features nylon lining. The casing stands at 18 inches while upright and the back pack 14 inches which is a conducive height for great back support. The inline skating wheels make mobility a seamless experience for the kids, while the rubber stoppers at the front provide stability and balance when the case is at rest on any surface.


  • Haigh quality and appealing graphics
  • High quality polyester material which is both durable and also very safe for your child
  • Back pack provides ample storage pockets which teach your child organizational values
  • In line wheels and the telescopic handle both ease mobility issues
  • Zipper closure for security and ease of accessibility


  • The water bottle pocket wears out very easily with constant use, however the luggage set will serve you considerably well.

What to Consider when Settling for the Best Luggage? 

Having known some of the top rating luggage sets for kids in the market, you are now set to pick the most suitable one for your child. But how do you do that? How do you tell them apart? In the following section we have highlighted several measures that we used in selecting our top picks. You can also go ahead and use the same criteria to help you make the best choice.


Best Luggage for Your Kids

Regardless of how long your vacation is or how far you are planning to travel, whether you will be taking the luggage as carry-on or just storing them in the storage cabin, the luggage bags take lots of hits which render them worn out after a while. Especially if the luggage is operated by your child. So you might want to go for high quality luggage bags made from ABS/Polycarbonate composite material and the polyester material for the soft luggage bags.

It is good to always check the seams to see whether they will hold if durability is anythi9ng to go by.


Picture your tiny tot struggling to pull an adult luggage case. You can imagine how tormenting it would be for them. Today as we speak, brands have focused their attention on improving the mobility of kid luggage sets through the use of inline skate wheels, which make transportation a seamless experience regardless of the weight of the luggage.

Telescopic handles that are adjustable to suit the height of the user also go a long way in making sure that your child is able to effortlessly handle the luggage. Rigid and un-adjustable handles which are either too long or too short will definitely leave your child struggling to handle the luggage.

Considering that kids get tired very first, parents always jump in to aid their bucks. In that case, you ought to consider getting a luggage set whose handle is also adjustable to suit the height of the parent.

Carry-On Approved

To save you time and money, all the bags we have featured above are all carry-on. While searching for the best luggage sets, be sure to check for those sets which are carry-on approved as they will not only save you time but also lots of money.


Storage is one of the crucial factors to consider when it comes to travelling. Whether you are doing long distance or short distance travel, several days of just a few days’ vacation, it is imperative that you consider how you are going to store your child’s belongings. Kids love carrying stuff everywhere, toys, books, clothes name them.

Having this in mind you will need to choose a luggage set that will incorporate multiple storage compartments such as zip pockets, pouches, and also sleeves.  Such storage compartments make it easier to be able to access the toys and other stuff that need ease of access.


Kids are always drawn to things that that stand out. Things that come in very vivid colors, thematic designs and such. Brands are today making products that are appealing to the kids by using themes inspired by kids favorites movies, animals and what a view. When looking for the right luggage set for your child be sure to focus on products whose themes catch the attention of your child.

Choose the Best Luggage for Your Kids

Choosing the right luggage set for your child should not have to be yet another daunting task for you. Once you have a list of requirements to consider in your selection, it will then become as easy as a, b, c, and d. Once you have the suitable luggage set, you can then rest assured that even as you travel or go for vacation, your child is gradually learning several things that will positively impact in their lives.

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