5 Best Laser Tag Sets for Kids (2018)


Yes, video games are fun for the kids and adults alike, but they don’t create the same kind of excitement like playing with the same kind of tools in the real world. With a laser tag, your little ones are sure to have great fun and while at it burn extra fat that would have otherwise build while sitting in front of a screen.

To help you get the best laser tag sets for kids, we will guide you through some of the best options in the market as well as a guide to help you learn just what to keep in mind as you embark on your shopping. We hope you won’t leave empty handed.

Our Picks of Best Laser Tag Toys for Kids

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1. Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set and Carrying Case

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Topping as number one on our list of 5 best laser tag sets for kids is Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set and Carrying Case. This set comes concealed in a hard box just like the way you see it in the movies. The set comes literally with everything that kids playing this game of tag would need.

Like mentioned before, this set comes enclosed in a hard box. Upon opening, your eyes are met by a set of not one nor do two not even three, but four vividly colored laser tag guns, all resting in their dedicated slots. The display is splendid.

The pistols come in different colors hence creating variety. Every pistol included in the box comes with its own settings that vary from the rest making all of them suitable for use especially with a group of kids.

The set of pistols provide endless opportunities for kids playing in different teams as the pistols can be paired two against two, three against one or even all against each other.


  • It’s easy to use
  • Feature sound effects to make the game more realistic
  • Set features four different pistols with independent settings.
  • The set features pistols of different colors vivid enough for team work
  • Both the team and blast settings are interchangeable
  • All the four pistols come with varying stoppage power, range requirements and also the reload times.


  • In many cases, one of the pistols is like to wear out faster under regular use if there preference for a certain color

2. Laser X 88016 Two Player Laser Gaming Set

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Looking for a set that will actively keep your children actively engaged after school, or perhaps something that will just boost up their social skills both indoors and outdoors? Well Laser tag gun set for kids always gets the job done, especially the Laser X 88016.

This Laser X 88016 features a high power that enables them to reach a maximum distance of 200 feet. Literally speaking, there’s no better deal than this. This feature makes the set ideal for use both indoors and outdoors too.

The set also features wearable sensors. The sensors will stick on the clothing making it easy for your kids to keep track how many hits and shots they have taken, hence marking out the winner.

Feedback is important in helping one improve their tactics and or strategies. Who knows this better than Laser X. this features an integrated coach that is able to provide kids with feedback. This feedback is aimed at giving strategies on how to improve their skills while having fun. This is, incredible. Right? What’s even more, the gun features sound effects providing a seamless experience for your kids.


  • Sound effects provide a seamless experience
  • Guide coach providing feedback on the progress of the gaming skills
  • Compatible with other Laser X sets
  • Lighting effects aid in keeping track of the shots taken.


  • The sound effects can be unbearable at times and also the chord between the vest and the gun is just a bit cumbersome.

3. Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger

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Most kids are probably already familiar with the term Nerf, and that word just gets them squealing with excitement because of the many stuff this brand offers. The Phoenix LTX Tagger version comes in a pair of pistols perfect for two, be it siblings, parents or even friends.

With this rumble pack Laser tag gun set for kids, each of the two pistols come in its own color, unique from the other and also its own design. These two pistols are made to make every game action packed while providing the much needed fun for the players. This keeps the kids actively engaged as opposed to just sitting behind a screen to follow up on a film.

The two pistols each features an inbuilt speaker that plays sounds and also gaming effects. What’s even more fascinating, the pistols vibrate each timer the gun fires and you get hit creating a seamless yet realistic experience.

The lasers are classified as class one infrared lights meaning they are safe and have been approved for use by ki9ds without putting your kids in harm’s way.


  • Feature sounds and gaming effects which create a more realistic experience
  • The vibrations when one fires or is hit just make the game more thrilling
  • Lighting options give the game life making it even more fun for your kids
  • Can support two players  allowing you to battle in  intense real-life combat
  • The set uses class LED infrared light which is safe and approved as child friendly


  • The gun is quite heavy making it inappropriate for little kids.

4. Best Choice Products Multiplayer Mode Infrared Laser Tag Gun

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Are you looking for the best Laser tag gun set for kids, perhaps one that will support all your kids at the same time? When you have more than two kids, it can be daunting getting a deal that will equalize all your kids’ interest. But here we don’t agree to that. With Best Choice Products Multiplayer Mode Infrared Laser Tag Gun, regardless whether you have three or four kids, you can be sure every one of them is counted in with this uniquely colored set of four lazer tag guns.

As mentioned earlier, this set comes with four guns, each uniquely colored allowing multiple players at ponce. This means that even you as a parent, neighbor or even friend can get involved in this experience. Each one of the four guns has up to four different settings. For instance, you can change the number of ammunition in the gun, reload times and also the number of times each player gets hit.

Each of the pistol works well with a limited range of 40 meters. They all come with inbuilt light diode that helps the player keep track of how many lives they have left. The guns are certified by ASTM Safety Standards after having gone through a rigorous testing.


  • No need to wear a protective vest
  • The set features an interactive design with vivid color codes for pairing teams
  • The set features light diode that inform the player on the number of lives left
  • Different setting on each gun features different ammunition levels and also varying number of hits.


  • Minor cases of malfunction

5. Kidzlane Infrared Laster Tag Game

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Budget cautious? Looking for something that will fit right into your tight budget but not compromising on quality? If this is you then you are bound to love Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag Game. These guns are less expensive but promise quality experience much like the other expensive products of the same kind.

The set comes in a colorful two pieces of pistol lazer tag guns which have very vibrant colors and of which are both suitable for use in both interior and exterior if the house. They are the perfect choice for a family who want to engage each other, right from the dad to the mom and the kids or even better yet the neighbors.

The blasters give you plenty of options to choose from when it comes to gaming modes. With the settings provided for you, you can be able to alter the firing mode of the guns so that the pistols acts like a short gun, a machine gun and even the rocket launcher. The diversity in options helps make the games more engaging as well as fun for everyone too.

The guns will light up and vibrate when they are hit which makes the game a reality experience for the players


  • Powerful enough to hit a range of 130 feet
  • The gun lighting diodes light up when it is hit.
  • The guns vibrate when hit making the experience more realistic
  • Class one laser certified for safety


  • Batteries die out fast due too high power consumption

Why Buy a Laser Tag for Your Child? Benefits of Laser Tags

Many people especially parents do not know the benefits of Laser Tags on their children other than the entertaining experience they get from them. The fact is; Laser Tags provide more than just entertainment to the kids and adults alike. They impact wholesomely on the growth and development of kids in various ways.

a Laser Tag for kids

Have a look:

  • Enriched Motor Skills:

Coming to think of it, laser tag requires a certain level of accuracy, well that’s because the game is all about trying to get your opponent by shooting on their patch, vest or even aiming for their pistol. Regardless of the target, for the player to win, then it is required of them to have good eye to hand coordination.

Of course with time, as the kids play this game more and more often, they slowly acquire this skill and become even better at it. These skills are bound to be part of them for the rest of their lives.

  • Problem solving skills:

Well, just think about pit! Your child is pinned down from all sides by his ‘enemies’. What’s going to be the next move? Problem solving skills come in handy at this point. Your kid will have to think of a way out. Will they risk their last shot and evade getting hit themselves?

  • Teamwork:

Most of the laser tag sets come with more than one guns included in the package. Some go up to even four guns per set. One of the most exciting ways to enjoy these games is by playing in teams. This greatly fosters communication skills even as your kids engage with each other or even their friends.

This game forms an avenue for your kids to develop social skills that are very imperative and beneficial to them even as they grow up. These skills they acquire will no doubt be part of them for as long as they are alive. Learning to work together, put their minds together and join efforts at their tender age, then most definitely, this will be a virtue that will be part of them,, assisting them to live a socially healthy and happy lifestyle.

Laser tags provide fitness for both the kids and also the adults. Not only do they provide physical fitness, these tags play an important role in keeping the brain stimulated. This is very crucial for both physical and also mental health.

Choose the Proper and Best Laser Tag Sets for Your Children

As portrayed, you can see that there is more to laser tag games than just fun. This game is incredibly beneficial to your children’s physical and mental development. What’s more, it beats the odds of spending a whole afternoon glued to the screen watching irrelevant content. Better yet, you can also get yourself involved in the fun and make this game your favorite family activity. So be sure to buy at least one of the Best Laser tag sets for kids listed and get the fun going.

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