5 Best Kayaks for Kids in 2018 (Awesome Choices for Your Little One )


Being one of the most popular water sports in the world, kayaking is a sport many parents love their kids to engage in. Despite the fact that kayaking is a water sport, it is very safe and fun, provided you know the basic safety guidelines, such as wearing a life jacket. Kayaking just doesn’t provide a chance for kids to have fun, it also enables them to learn valuable skills. Therefore, if your home is around lakes, then buying a kayak for your kid should be an easy decision. As a parent, getting your child the top kayaks for kids should be your priority.

Kayaking benefits kids in so many ways. For one thing, it enables them to learn useful problem-solving skills regardless of the amount of pressure they are under. As you may know already, you are required to make on the spot decisions and plans when kayaking. Besides, since learning the sport is a little challenging, it helps children learn how to be persistent and how to take risks and reap the rewards. Furthermore, kayaking also allows outdoor enthusiasts to learn about nature and develop a need to look after it.

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So, having learned about the numerous benefits of kayaking, you are now probably thinking of getting a kayak for your child, right? However, you don’t know how to pick the ideal model. We totally get the fact that purchasing the best kayaks for kids is quite difficult and time consuming. With so numerous options out there, you can get confused while trying to choose which model will be perfect for your kid. Therefore, we have made a research on your behalf and we have selected some of the most awesome kayaks for kids. Are you eager to see them? Let’s go!

2018 Best Kids Kayak Reviews

There are several kayak options on the market, but to aid your decision-making process, we have narrowed the long list down to the top 5. These particular kayaks are designed to provide your child with the stability required to move safely in the water.

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1.Intex Challenger K1 Kayak

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Despite the fact that the Intex Challenger K1 Inflatable Kayak is specifically made for children, it still comes with a lot of useful features that make it appealing to adults as well. Firstly, this kayak is made with sturdy material, but with the required agility. Also, it has a very spacious cockpit and inflatable I-beam floors. Weighing only 27.2 lbs and being capable of carrying a weight of 220 lbs, any kid in the world can use this kayak. Included in the package is a repair patch, an 84 inches long aluminum oar, and a hand pump.

This excellent kayak was made with safety in mind, and if you are in search of a very safe kayak for your kids, you can’t get a better option than this. It comes with Boston valves and 2 separate air chambers which enable quick inflation. And the great thing is that your kid can easily inflate the kayak by themselves. Also, the seat of the kayak is comfortable, making kayaking very easy.


  • Made with sturdy material.
  • Spacious cockpit.
  • Inflatable I-beam floors.
  • Comes with a repair patch, an aluminum oar, and a hand pump.


  • Flimsy paddle.

2.Old Town Heron Junior Kids Kayak

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For many reasons, the Old Town Heron Junior Kids Kayak is one of the best kids’ kayak you can get for your kids. Old Town Canoes is a company that is renowned for their outstanding craftsmanship and the extraordinary durability of their products, and majority of adults have come to love them for these. The Heron Junior Kids Kayal is a perfect epitome of the outstanding craftsmanship and extraordinary durability we used to describe the company, and it is an ideal option for a kid just starting out at kayaking. If you are looking for something fearless and fun, don’t look pas this.

In addition, the Heron Junior Kids Kayak comes with several excellent feature that make it popular among youth paddlers. It features a tow-along system, which means it will be very easy towing your children alongside you. Weighing around 26 lbs, the Heron Junior Kids Kayak is perfect in terms of weight, and it is also very stable and extremely maneuverable. In general, this is an excellent option for little kids just starting out at kayaking.


  • Lightweight construction.
  • Features a tow-along system.
  • Easy to store and transport.
  • Perfect weight for kids
  • Very stable


  • Comes in two colors only.
  • It is prone to tipping when paddled incorrectly.
  • It is quite expensive.

3.Sun Dolphin Bali 6-Foot SOT Kayak

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The Sun Dolphin Bali 6-Foot SOT Kayak is an excellent option for children and it is easy to see why. This excellent kayak is short in length, which is really great for little kids. However, despite how excellent this kayak is, we wish it was a sit-inside kayak as SOT versions are less balanced and are susceptible to tipping. This great kayak, which is available in three bright color options, is lightweight as well, which make it easy to carry and move it.

In addition, probably the most impressive thing about the Sun Dolphin Bali SOT Kayak is its open cockpit, which ensures that it is easy to get in and out of the boat. Furthermore, if you are a fan of fishing kayak, you will be interested in knowing that this excellent kaya from Sun Dolphin has been made specifically for angling, making it an extremely versatile kayak.


  • Lightweight construction.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Comes available in three different color options.
  • Can also serve as a fishing kayak.


  • This kayak isn’t really stable.
  • SOT kayaks might not be suitable for beginners and kids.

4.Lifetime Youth 6-Foot Wave Kayak

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Being one of the most practical and affordable kayaks on our list, the Lifetime Youth 4-Feet Wave Kayak is a popular option for parents looking for the right kayak to introduce their kids to kayaking and also determine his or her enthusiasm in the sport. With the ability of the Lifetime Youth 6-Foot Wave Kayak of carrying a weight of 130 lbs, you will surely be impressed by the light overall weight of this kayak, at just 18 pounds.

Furthermore, the Wave Kayak from Lifetime Youth comes with an exceptionally helpful shaped finger handles, located on both sides of the Kayak. This makes it easier to carry and transport the Wave Kayak. However, the kayak has a sit-on-top design, which is a drawback considering this is a kids’ kayak. Nevertheless, its features an open cockpit system, which makes it easy to get in and out of the kayak. Also, the stability of this kayak on the water is superb.


  • Very lightweight construction.
  • Open cockpit system guarantees easy entry.
  • Features a double-sided paddle.
  • Shaped finger handles


  • It’s only recommended for kids of 5 years and above.
  • The kayak tends to tip over in some scenarios.

5.Emotion Spitfire SOT Kayak

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Coming up on the number 4 spot on our list is the Emotion Spitfire SOT Kayak and it is totally deserving of its sport. If you are looking to buy a good quality kayak at a reasonable price for your kid’s first kayak, then we totally recommend this model. This excellent kayak provides great balance, providing the perfect maneuverability and tracking, something often lacking in kids’ kayaks.

Furthermore, transporting and getting this kayak in and out of water is very easy, thanks to its two carrying handles located at the front and also the side and rear handles. In addition, this product has a sit-on-top design, which makes it perfect for beginners and kids alike. In general, this excellent kayak comes with a lot of pros and only a few cons, which is a great news for prospective buyers.


  • Very durable construction.
  • Easy to carry and transport.
  • Has on-board storage.


  • The two color variations of the kayak aren’t visually appealing.

5 Factors to Consider When Buying a Kayak for Kids

There are so many things to take into consideration before picking up a kayak for your child, such as what type your child needs or whether your kid is even ready. Before allowing your child to go kayaking, take these factors into consideration first.

Kayak for Kids

Is Your Kid Really Ready?

Before getting your kid his or own kayak, it is very vital to ensure they have some prior kayaking experience, perhaps while spending time on the lakes or while kayaking with you. While this might seem apparent, don’t throw your kids on the water in the event that none of your family members has ever kayaked. Begin with tranquil waters.

You should move to quicker tides with your children only if you have broad experience kayaking. If not, ask around at park services, park associations, or sporting products stores about the best kayaking locations for children. So far your children are able and excited, it is never too early to start kayaking.

Keep Safety in Mind

Only allow your kids to go on the water if their safety is totally guaranteed. This means you should practice rescues and exits, and review them very well so that your children feel totally comfortable. Ensure you provide your children with appropriate clothing and sunscreen as well.

With Other Adults

If your kids are still kayaking with other adults, put your kid in the middle of the kayak or in the bow, with adults behind and in front of them. This system of riding in the middle is called duffing, and it gives kids a feel of the boat without them being right there.


When you kayak with your children, one of the things you are trying to do is make them get acquainted with water so that they can paddle individually eventually. What this means is that you should let your kids paddle so that they can feel involved helpful, and can consider continuing with kayaking. Observe their abilities thoroughly to determine whether they are ready to go kayaking by themselves.

Level of Experience

Once you have seen your kids’ kayaking abilities, consider their level of experience, their age and maturity level, their coordination level, and their familiarity with kayaking. If they are lacking in any of these things, you are advised to wait until your kid is totally ready. You can even allow them to paddle on their own, but near the shore, until you are sure about their readiness for more vigorous efforts.

How to Choose a Kayak for Kids (7 Aspects You Should Consider)

Surprisingly, selecting the best kids’ kayak can be easy provided you are conversant with the important things to look for. What an adult needs in a kayak and what a child needs might be slightly different in terms of stability, length, or weight, but it is particularly vital to consider what will perfect for the experience level of your kid as well.

best kayaks for kids


One of the first things you must think about when choosing a suitable kayak for your child is the kayak’s weight. Your kid needs to be able to easily lift the kayak so that he or she can easily move it. This is why we have inflatable options on the market as well.


Once more, don’t buy your kid a kayak that is too big. Opt for an option that is 6 to 8 feet since the right size will guarantee more balance and easier handling when it comes to maneuvering and tracking.


While this might have skipped your mind, a kayak that is too wide isn’t suitable for your kids as their arms are shorter and an excessively wide kayak will have them hitting their elbows all the time. While wide boats could be safer for them, narrower ones will provide them with easier maneuverability.


This is likely the most critical thing to consider since children are just starting and will require a very stable kayak. This feature particularly will provide children with the appropriate measure of balance until there is improvement in their skills.


Another important factor to take into consideration is cockpit. This is very important particularly if your child is just starting out or has a tendency of tripping. In that case, he will find a large cockpit very helpful. If he or she trips it, re-entering it will be easier.


For extremely little children, consider kayaks with a towing capability. This is a great way of getting children acquainted with water and preparing them for more complex options later. Besides, this is an excellent option if you don’t trust their skills enough to have them kayaking alone, but feel they are ready to get out there a bit.


The price is a very vital factor to consider, of course. Regardless of whether your kid is interested in continuing kayaking later or not, there’re a lot of well-priced kayaks that are affordable while not compromising on quality. There is a video about buying a kayak for the first time.

Our Top Pick for You

If you want to take your children kayaking, it is advised to always keep safety in mind, and that means taking a life jacket along. As soon as you get the best kids’ kayak for your children, you must teach them the basics or fundamentals of kayaking. You are strongly advised against taking your children on white water kayaking.

The Intex Challenger K1 Inflatable Kayak is the best kayak for kids on this list by a mile. With its very spacious cockpit, inflatable I-beam floors, and the inclusion of useful tools such as a repair patch, an aluminum oar, and a hand pump, it is very difficult to find a better kids’ kayak than this offering from Intex. On top of that, it is also very affordable.

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