Best 7 Gardening Tools for Kids to Consider in 2018


The garden is a piece of land around a house that is used for growing flowers for beautification or vegetables for consumption. Parents or teenagers are naturally in charge of making and maintaining a garden but kids have begun to show interest in gardening and it doesn’t make sense for a 4 year old to handle a 4 and half feet spade, he might get injured in the process. This is why getting kids gardening tools are important.

Kids gardening tools are little gardening equipment that can be wielded by young ones effectively. As your kid has shown interest in gardening, it is best to get him a toddler gardening set that will not only allow him enjoy gardening better but also make him as productive as he can be.

In order for you to be able to choose and purchase the best real gardening tools for kids, we have made an extensive research and put together the best of the crop for you to choose from. Below are the best gardening tools for kids available on sale in no particular order.

There are basic characteristics that set apart different kids gardening tool sets from others or make them similar to each other. We have compiled a table to show these features below for you.

Review Of Best Gardening Tools for Kids

As there are lots of kids gardening tools available for you to choose from, we have narrowed down some really fantastic ones that will improve the gardening experience of your kids.

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1. Gardenline Kids Gardening Tool Set

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The Gardenline Kids gardening tool set is a very fantastic kids’ gardening tool set made primarily for kids that are around nine years of age which consists of a shovel, watering can, a fork and a rake. Furthermore, this kids gardening tool set comes with a bag that allows you keep all the tools in, gardening gloves to protect their hands from dirt or germs.

In addition, these gardening tools come with wooden handles that make the kids feel like they are handling the real thing while also allowing them to hold their appliances well. Their heads are also made of metal which makes them have a little more weight. Regardless of the fact that the heads are made of iron, these tools are produced with safety in mind as their edges are well rounded to minimize injuries. Because of the iron and the weight, it makes this tool to be for kids of 9 years and above rather than toddlers.


This tool set will allow your kid develop a massive love for gardening as the tools are handy and easy to yield. The bag that comes with it also allows the tools to be arranged neatly whenever they are not being used.


  • Comes with a very strong bag for keeping tools
  • Its wooden handles makes it feel like a real tool for adults
  • Its metal edges are well rounded which makes it safe.


  • The watering can is very small
  • The gloves do not last long

What We Like About It

Regardless that it has metal edges, it is a gardening tool set that is very safe.

2. Toysmith Big Kids Garden Tool Set

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One of the best toddlers gardening set you can find is the Toysmith big kids garden tool set as it comprises of high quality garden tools that actually perform gardening functions for kids. This set of gardening tools consists of a rake, spade, leaf rake and garden rake. These tools have a wooden handle and a metallic edge with leather loops on each of them. This toddlers gardening tool kit is for kids from age 5 and above and it promises a very high safety standard.


It is very useful when your child wants to have fun in the garden with you or when you are not present in the garden.


  • The tools are very light and using them will not cause tiredness
  • The leather hoops makes the tools to be stored easily
  • You can personalize the tools by customizing your kids’ name on it
  • They are very beautiful


  • It is not suitable for kids under the age of 5

What We Like About It

This kids gardening tool set has the necessary implements that your children need to work in the garden.

3. Bo Kids Garden Tool Set With Tote

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When looking for gardening tool equipment that look like the real deal, then the Bo kids garden tool set with tote is the one for you. This tool set consists of a trowel, rake and shovel. In addition, it comes with a durable and beautiful canvas bag that has side pockets that allows you keep your garden tools in them.

The handles of these tools are made from hard wood and the edges are made of metal which can be heavy for toddlers. According to the manufacturers of these tools, they are suitable for ages 3 to 8 but we recommend that age 5 upwards should be the one using them to avoid injuries.


The tote bag in this toddlers’ gardening set can be used as picnic bags or lunch bags for yourself or for kids.


  • They are made from real metal which makes digging of the earth a lot easier.
  • It comes with a beautiful and durable tote bag.
  • It is the right tool for 3 to 5 year old kids.


  • The wood of this gardening tool for kids tend to crack easily
  • The tools are very small

What We Like About It

It is of the perfect size for toddlers and you won’t have to bother about garden tools for toddlers being bigger for the kids.

4. Liberty Imports’ 14- piece Little Garden Tool Box Set

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When looking for garden tools for toddlers that has more than the regular spade, fork and watering can, then Liberty imports’ 14-piece garden tool box set is for you because the whole package includes a wrench, a shovel, a spade, a fork, a rake, a clipper, a watering can, a water spray bottle and 2 flower pots. Amazingly, these tools are being contained in a tool box instead of the regular tote bag which makes it easier for you to carry all your tools and flower pots.


Kids can experience using different types of tools from the set rather than having to stick with the regular type of tools you get in other kids garden set.


  • It is very safe for kids
  • The plastics are of high quality
  • There are numerous tools in the set


  • They do not stand the test of time
  • This set is not suitable for when your kids want to do some serious garden work.

What We Like About it

It has a wide variety of tools in the set

5. Toyrifik Little Gardener Tool Set With Bag

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If you have a fun looking kids gardening tool set that can allow you dig, water flowers or even rake the soil then the Toyrifik Little gardener tool set with bag is the right choice for you. This tool set comprises of a tote bag, a rake, gardening gloves, fork, and shovel. Additionally, the handles of these tools are made of wood while the heads are made of round edged metals for safety of kids. These tools also come in bright and exciting colours ranging from blue, yellow, green to red.


The tools are very safe and they are good for performing real gardening work.


  • The tools are very strong and they can stand the test of time
  • They are very safe and you will worry less about your kids getting injured while using them
  • They are a very colourful tool set


  • It is almost perfect and we cannot find any fault in this product

What We Like About It

The set is made with safety of your kids in mind and they let your kids actually do garden work compared to other garden tool set that are just toys.

6. EverEarth Children’s Gardening Bag With Tools

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The EverEarth children’s gardening bag with tools is an ideal tool set for kids over the age of 3 which comprises of a trowel, watering can, shovel and rake. The tools are really made like adult gardening tools but the only difference is that the everearth tools are smaller. Digging, raking and watering of plants by your kids can’t feel more real than when using them. The Edges of the tools are well rounded to prevent kids from getting hurt while gardening. In addition, the tools are painted with non-toxic paints.


This tool box does not only allow kids work in the garden for real, it also lets them to be responsible for their plants because of the watering can.


  • The watering can is made from metal rather than plastic
  • The tools work perfectly well for kids
  • The canvas bag is quite sturdy


  • The tool set does not come in varieties of colours

What We Like About It

They are real tools for gardening and they fit perfectly into little hands.

7. G & F 10018 Just For Kids Garden Tools Set

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The G & F 10018 is a kid gardening tool set made up a hoe, rake, spade and leaf rake with elongated handles for better gripping and handling. Because the handles are elongated, they make tilling of the soil or raking of leaves easier than when you have to bend to do them. These tools also come with strong metal heads that withstand the test of time.

In addition, the metal head is made of high quality binding technology that allows the metal head to bind well with the high quality hard wood of the handles which makes you worry less about them coming off. These tools are intended for kids of seven years and above and it should not be handled by younger kids as it might lead to injury for them because of the 27.5 inched tools. In conclusion, these tools are safe provided they are used by the right age group.


They can function as adult tools too as they perform almost as efficiently as adult gardening tools.


  • The wooden handles and metal heads are made from high quality materials.
  • They come in varieties of beautiful colours.
  • The binding technology makes you worry less about the head detaching from the handle.


  • They are not made at a workable angle.

What We Like About It

They are the perfect garden tool set for kids that have come of age.

What Influenced the Decision of Putting The Above Listed Tools In our List

The most important factor we looked out for when compiling this list is safety as gardening is supposed to be fun for kids and the chances of them being injured during the exercise should be reduced to the minimum level possible. While making this list, we made sure every tools edge are well rounded to prevent sharp cuts.

Secondly, we watched out for tools that will stand the test of time because it does not make sense to have to change the whole tool set occasionally. With this, you will be able to save more money. Finally, we also considered the repute of the manufacturers as it will not be good enough to take their words of providing quality products alone without confirming it ourself.

Factors To Consider When Choosing  Real Garden Tool Sets For Kids


One of the most important factors to consider if not the most important is the safety of the tools in the set and to check this, you should check if the edges of the tools are well rounded. In addition, you should also find out from the person in charge of selling the gardening tool kit if the paint used on the tools are non-toxic paints.


It is important you choose tool sets that will last a very long time. You have to check if the wooden or plastic handles are sturdy enough. The metal heads should be strong too to avoid bending when using them.

Age Brackets of Tools

best Garden Tool Sets for kids

When choosing your kids tool gardening tool kits, you have to make sure you are choosing the right tool for his or her age. Children that are older will prefer tools that look very realistic and a little bit bigger and close to adult sized gardening tools while toddlers between the age of 3 and 6 will need less realistic tools and tools looking more like toys.

Extra Factors to Consider

It is important to compare prices of kids gardening tool sets before making your final purchase decision. Furthermore, you should consider if the tool set comes with a Tote bag, canvas bag or even a tool box to fit all the equipment in. this feature might be the feature that will stand out and determine if you are going for the Toddler gardening tool set in question.

3 FAQs about Children’s Gardening Tool Kits

Q: Which is better between tools made with plastic or tools made with metal?

frequent questions

A: It all depends on the age bracket of the kid using it. Tools made with metal are suitable for kids of 5 years and above while plastic tools are suitable for 4 year olds and below as it is easier for them to carry.

Q: Can I allow my kids work with these tools alone without supervision.

A: yes you can, provided they already have a sense of responsibility and they are smart enough to not harm themselves intentionally.

Q: Will children learn anything from using gardening tool kits for kids?

A: Yes they get to learn a lot of things from working in gardens  like identifying plants, insects and even feeling responsible for something as they can nurture their plants.

Our Top Pick for Gardening Tools

Gardening tool kits for kids are very great tool kits that increase the love for gardening in the hearts of kids and after reviewing all the kids gardening tool sets in this article, we can assure you that they are all of the highest quality but we have come to a conclusion that the Gardenline Kids gardening tool is the best of the crop. This decision is based on its durability, safety among other reasons. With this tool, you can be assured that your kid will want to do more of gardening.

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