5 Best Drum Sets for Kids (2018 Review & Guide)


Some time ago there was an idea that music is just for grown-ups, but with the changing customs of the world, this idea is a distant memory. Now, both teachers and parents have a fairly broad approach identified with music. With the increased interest in music and changed perception, parents now want their kids to learn drumming as it is one of the main components of music. Besides, drumming is one of the best types of exercises, particularly for kids, which is why you must buy the best kids drum set for your kid who is just starting out at drumming.

Drums are thought to be the most challenging instrument to ace. Drumming involves a lot of things such as harmonized movements of the legs and the arms, which when joined with the head-breaking act of drumming to the beat, can turn out to be a really great exercise. That is why a lot of parents are encouraging their children to learn how to drum nowadays. However, despite how challenging drumming is, probably the biggest challenge is you will face is finding a drum set that will be perfect for your little kid.

Picking a toy drum set for kids can be really hard. Coupled with the odds that you are not a drummer yourself and you barely know the basics of drumming, therefore, researching for several hours and still eventually choosing the wrong drum set for your kid is very easy, since you might not even know which aspects to pay attention to. However, try not to stress yourself because that is where we come in. We have made a rundown of the best drum sets for kids, and the only thing left for you to do is to peruse and opt for a model.

Best Drum Sets for Kids of 2018

Whether you are looking for an option for smaller children, or an option for older kids, or you are on a budget and you are looking for a budget-friendly option, you will find everything in our comprehensive review below.

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1. Gammon 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Kit with Cymbals, Hardware, Sticks, & Throne

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On the chance that you are searching for a top notch junior drum set, then don’t look beyond the Gammon 5-piece junior starter drum set as it is one of the best drum sets for kids. This set comes with everything needed by your kid to begin playing the drums immediately it is assembled. It has a full pile of drums and the cymbals, making it look like a full-sized drum unit, just a bit smaller. This drum unit includes genuine wooden drum shells, much the same as the ones for professional use, and it comes with a 16 inch bass drum. On the off chance that you are pondering, a full sized bass drum is around 22 inches, so it’s a decent size for little kids.

There is a snare drum and 2 tom drums. It also comes with the snare stand, something really impressive as some drum sets do not come with the stands and equipment. This excellent junior drum set also comes with a hi-hat cymbal and other cymbals. Additionally, the drum set comes with a throne for sitting, the bass drum pedal, and it also comes with a drum key for tuning the drum, and also an array of drumsticks. What’s more, you will get full instructions detailing how you will set the drum set up in a matter of minutes.

Gammon is one of the most popular drum sets among teachers, and a lot of professionals and experts recommend it as an excellent option for a drum set for children. This drum kit is ideal for kids between the age of 3 and 12.


  • Ideal for children aged 3-12
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with many accessories and components
  • Comes with all the tools for setting up
  • Comes with drumsticks, pedals, and the throne
  • Made from genuine wood
  • Excellent brand name
  • Comes in multiple colors


  • It is difficult to fault this excellent drum set

2. Mendini by Cecilio 16 inch 5-Piece Complete Kids / Junior Drum Set with Adjustable Throne, Cymbal, Pedal & Drumsticks

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Another great drum set on our list is the Mendini 5-piece drum set. This drum set is what can be referred to as “the complete package” as it comes with everything required to get started and it is suitable for children from 2 and half ft tall to 5 ft tall. The drum set comes with 2 tom tom drums that measure 10” and 8”, and it also comes with a 16 inch bass drum. Additionally, there is a 10 inch snare drum and a 12 inch floor tom. The cymbals incorporate a 10 inch crash cymbal, 8 inch hi-hat cymbal, and it also features the adjustable throne for sitting. This kit also includes the bass pedal and a set of drumsticks.

This drum set can easily be assembled in a couple of hours, and the kit includes full instructions. This is quite impressive as there are drum sets that don’t come with instructions, but have it on the internet. So, parents are saved from the pain of searching for instructions on the web with this drum set. This junior drum kit comes in multiple colors including black, blue, bright red, deep red, silver, and green. In addition, it comes with a one-year full warranty and guarantees to give your children several hours of enjoyment.


  • Complete drum kit
  • Includes pedal, drumsticks, and stool
  • Available in six colors, so there is something for every style
  • Full array of drum accessories and components
  • Suitable for children up to 5 ft
  • Comes with an adjustable stool


  • They don’t always sound as great as you would have hoped

3. RockJam RJ103-BK 3-Piece Junior Drum Set with Crash Cymbal, Adjustable Throne & Accessories

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Another excellent drum set on our list is the RockJam 3-piece Junior Drum Kit, which is the ideal set for small children between the age of 3 and 7. This drum set is not a full kit, which means it doesn’t come with all the drums you’ll likely see in other sets. For a little kid, however, this is an excellent way of introducing them to drumming without getting them overwhelmed. The drum set comes with a 10 inch snare drum, a 10 inch tom drum, and a 16 inch bass drum. It also comes with a 10 inch cymbal. Every stand comes with this kit, which is great as some drum kits don’t come with all the required hardware to so begin playing immediately.

Furthermore, this drum set includes a drummer’s throne, and it can be adjusted so that your child will continue to find it useful as he or she increases in height. This set also includes an array of drumsticks. This junior drum set comes in multiple colors including blue, black, and red. Also, it can be easily assembled in just a couple of minutes. Undoubtedly, this drum set promises several hours of entertainment and fun for kids, and parents will enjoy watching their children turn into music lovers. Regardless of the age of your kids, they can start learning how to lay drums. The noise they usually make to perturb you will soon turn into music.

Although this drum set doesn’t come with every component you will likely see in a full drum kit, more pieces can be added over time to account for your kid’s growing talent. Buying musical instruments is always a great investment, and this RockJam 3-piece drum set is a perfect set for smaller kids.


  • Available in 3 different colors
  • Great drum set for starters
  • Suitable for children between the age of 3 and 7
  • Comes with 3 drums
  • Includes drumsticks, foot pedals, and stool
  • Height is adjustable


  • Doesn’t come with all the components often see in full drum kits

4. Rise by Sawtooth Full Size Student Drum Set with Hardware and Cymbals, Crimson Red Sparkle

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In the event that you have a youngster who is interested in learning how to drum, or if your child who is a drummer has grown more than his junior drum kit, the Rise by Sawtooth Student Drum Set is an awesome upgrade drum kit for older or more seasoned children. Without buying a full-size pro drum kit, this drum set provides you with everything required by your kid to continue learning and improving his or her drumming abilities, without the price label of purchasing a costlier drum set.

This excellent little kids drum set comes with two tom tom drums that measure 12” and 13”, a 22 inch bass drum, and a 16 inch floor tom. Also, you will get a hi-hat cymbal and a 14 inch snare drum. Additionally, you get a cymbal stand that is capable of holding a 15 inch crash-ride cymbal and a 14 inch hi-hat. Also, it comes with hardware for the floor drums, tom drums. This drum kit also comes with an array of drumsticks and a drum key that allows you to adjust your drums tone.

While some kids’ drum kits come with drumsticks that are lighter, giving you the stress of buying heavier drumsticks as your children grow, this great drum set already includes them, so it’s really impressive. Besides, this drum set features the throne, which is quite bigger than the typical kid’s drum sets. In addition, this drum set comes in a variety of colors, including black, red, and blue, and sincerely, all of them look exceptionally great and beautiful.

So when you are in the market for a drum set for your teenage kid, include the Rise by Sawtooth Full-Size Student Drummer Kit in your shortlist. This drum set is an excellent deal and it is sure to give several years of fun and entertainment to your little drummer.


  • Full-size student drum kit
  • Available in excellent colors
  • Comes with drumsticks, hardware, pedals and throne
  • Incredible option for starting out or upgrading
  • Comes with great components such as a full-size bass drum
  • Feels and looks like a pro set
  • Drum key for tone and tension adjustments
  • Throne is adjustable


  • Not suitable for smaller children

5. GP Percussion GP55BK 5-Piece Junior Drum Set with Cymbals and Throne

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In the event that you are in search of an affordable, yet functional drum kit for your children, the GP 5-piece Junior Drum Set is a great option. This excellent drum kit is suitable for kids within the age of 5 and 12.  Apart from the fact that this drum set comes with everything required to get started, it also has an exceptional look. Parents will love its affordability and children will love its looks, which makes everything well balanced. While this drum set comes in just black color, the company offers other models in multiple colors. The drumheads feature some beautiful logos.

In addition, this great drum set features the bass drum pedal, which means you don’t need to spend additional cash buying accessories and hardware for the set. Also, it comes with the throne, so there is somewhere for your kid to properly sit when drumming. Kitchen stools and chairs are too tall for this drum set, so getting a drum set that comes with the throne is always a great plus. Besides, this drum set comes with a drum key for adjusting the tones of the drums.

In addition, it comes with full instructions for assembly, and your kid will start enjoying the set in just a couple of minutes. The set includes a bass drum, a ride cymbal, a snare, two tom-tom drums, the floor tom drum, and a hi-hat cymbal. The shells of the drums are manufactured from premium wood and it is a durable set for children. In general, this is a cost-effective choice for little drummers.


  • Ideal for kids between the age of 5 and 12
  • Nice logo and beautiful design
  • Constructed from premium wood
  • Hardware and stands included
  • Drumsticks and throne included
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Available in black color only

Things to Consider Before Buying a Kids’ Drum Set

Sometimes, finding the right drum set for your children is like finding a needle in a haystack, particularly if neither you nor your child knows a thing about drum sets. Overbuying is quite easy to do when buying drum sets. If your kid is in his or her teenage years, you might be tempted into buying a huge adult size drum set, but based on the age of your kid, a junior drum set might be what is required. With an abundance of information available, we have gathered the most important things you must take into consideration when determining the right drumming set for your child.

The Age of Your Kid

Probably the best note you will realize when you see a junior drum set is how smaller it is compared to a full-sized adult drum set you might have come across before. Although children can surely sit on these thrones and even tap the drums, getting the complete experience of playing and improving on these drum kits will never be possible. That is why knowing the age group the drum kit you are considering is made for is very important. If the drum set you buy is too small, your kid will find it hard to maximize his or her drumming, and the one you buy is too big, your kid will also find it difficult to learn and improve. Ensure you check the age range before buying.

Level of Interest

Parents usually hesitate at first when spending on a musical instrument, especially if their kid has gone experienced the scope of musical instruments before and sticks with none of them. Drums, perhaps, won’t be for them as well, and may be they will, but junior drum sets are fairly affordable, and if they are still too expensive for you, consider buying a drums set that isn’t really robust.

Where Will the Drum Set Be Stored? Buying a Kids' Drum Set

While kids’ drum sets are a lot smaller than adult sized models, you will still need a bit of space to store them and properly use them. In order to aid playing, children require a bit of leeway behind them. So if you have limited room or space, consider buying a smaller drum kit to start with. Another thing parents should take into consideration is the level of noise that having drums around will create. You might decide to place your kid’s drum kit in the garage, their room, or even the basement so that they can play easily without perturbing others.

Do They Require a Full Drum Kit?

If your kid is a total amateur with regards to drumming, maybe you should get a smaller drum set. Your best value, however, is always located in the full set as they are built to provide value, affordability, and convenience. If you choose a smaller drum set and your kid likes it, you will eventually spend more cash over the long haul, to get your drum set upgraded to include more accessories than if you had spent the cash initially. Smaller kids, aged three to five require a full drum set.

Brand and Prices

Like other items, kids’ drum sets are manufactured by different brands and they vary in quality. The more popular the brand and the higher the quality, the more costly your kids’ drum set will be. Nobody wants to purchase a kids’ drum set that will get spoilt after only a month. You must also ensure the drum set you are buying is very durable. Before buying one, compare different brands and models in features. Check the adjustments and sizes. See the edge and height modifications, cymbal stands, and the general packages of the drum set.

Construction Quality

Majority of children’s drum sets are manufactured from durable materials like wood. When shopping for a drum set for your child, go for one made from wood. The wood reverberates better and produces a superior sound; resin or plastic drums don’t sound as great and have a tendency to be more economically made than drum sets made from wood. Additionally, nothing can beat the feel and look of a wooden drum kit.

Accessories and Extra Value

Picking the correct drum kit for your kid ought to include buying one that features all of the extravagant accessories, or embellishments maybe. This implies your drum set ought to have a throne, and its height should be adjustable so that it will remain useful for your child as he or she grows and becomes taller.  Ensure you buy a drum set that comes with drumsticks, as you wouldn’t enjoy getting home and finding out your need to take another trip to the store. Also, your kids’ drum set must come with the cymbal pedals and the bass.

The Different Types of Kids’ Drum Sets

There are three dissimilar types of kids’ drum sets available on the market. They are acoustic, electronic, and virtual. To have a broader idea about the different types of kids’ drum set, continue reading.

Different Types of Kids' Drum Sets


Acoustic drum kits come accompanied by the essential five components or more.  They’re nature and they generate loud volume. A lot of people appreciate these drum sets for their natural playability and sound. They aren’t orchestrated which make the music unnatural, according to a couple of drummers. Acoustic drummers are typically less expensive than the electronic drum sets.


Electronic drum sets are for kids who are more into synthetization and electronic enhancements. One special benefit of these electronic sets is their playability over headphones and low sound. These can generate several sounds.

There have been a lot of debates and arguments about which one is better between acoustic and electronic, but it usually winds down to personal preference and each individual’s inclination towards instruments and music.

For supreme sound production, your child must learn editing and enhancing music, besides learning how it is played. A good electronic drum set for kids is flexible enough for enhancements.


It is a kind of sound programming which changes and recreates the sound of a drum set. There are various kinds of these virtual products, and each offer different qualities and features. Some of them can record, some can improve the beats and sounds, some are capable of mixing and producing new music.

Our Top Pick of the Best Drum Set for Kids

Drums are fun and entertaining to play and children love them. It is always an excellent idea to invest in a drum set for your kid. If you aren’t sure about the right drum set for your kid, then go for the best option on the market: there is no going wrong with the Gammon 5-Piece Full Drum Kit and we totally recommend it. It looks awesome, packed with abundant features, and has great value for money. With its easy assembling, great warranty, and popular brand, this drum set has everything required by your kid to get started on the right note and continue to learn for several years. With an adjustable throne, a set of drumsticks, necessary hardware, and a full array of drums, this junior drum set from Gammon is ideal for your aspiring dreamer.

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