Top 5 Kid’s Doctor Kits That Toddlers Will Love (2018 Reviews)


Becoming a medical doctor is among the top childhood dreams. One of the contributing factors is that kids see doctors as superheroes that perform extraordinary things to save their loved ones from illness and death. Their dreams are valid since working in the healthcare industry is an extremely rewarding career. If your child is such a dreamer, then inspire them by gifting them one of these best toy doctor kits for kids. They will give them a chance to roleplay as a doctor, and an added advantage is that a visit to the real doctor will be less scary. They will understand what a doctor does and it it will also open up conversations for future aspirations and college plans.

Top 5 Kid’s Doctor Kit in 2018

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Kids’ Doctor Kit Comparison table

Name of toy-set Key Features Age Recommendations  
1. Kidzlane 12-Piece Deluxe Medical Doctor’s Kit


· 12 medical gadgets 3 years and up
2. Melissa & Doug Doctor Costume Dress-up Kit


· 7 dress-up pieces 3 to 6 years
3. Vtech Pretend and Discover Doctor’s Kit · 5 medical tools

· 2 double-sided patient cards

· Light-up buttons

· Storage case

18 months to 4 years
4. Little Pretender Medical Doctor’s Set · 11 medical pieces 5 to 7 years
5. Joyin Pretend-n-Play Doctor Medical Kit


· 31 medical pieces

· Dental formula

· Doctor’s coat

3 years and above


1.Kidzlane 12-Piece Deluxe Medical Doctor’s Kit

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Kidzlane 12-Piece Deluxe Medical Doctor’s Kit is leading on our list because it is a realistic multi-set that has most of the essentials of a doctor’s office. It, therefore, provides a near real-life experience, making it the best set to calm doctor-related fears and to learn about the human body. The set is an assortment of 12 medical tools including a stethoscope, blood pressure machine, surgical scissors, doctor’s googles, telephone for emergency calls, thermometer, syringe, bandages, otoscope, patella hammer, medical mirror, and band-aids. These colorful gadgets are packaged in a compact heavy duty carrying case that is sturdy, has child-friendly snap locks that are easy to handle, and is spacious for all the toys.

Another feature that is great about this play doctor kit is that the medical gadgets have fun sounds that are realistic. For instance, the stethoscope produces an authentic real-life heartbeat and breath sounds. The cellphone has a range of exciting tunes that are often heard in a hospital setting.


  • Comes in a multitude of bright colors
  • Made with strong quality plastic materials
  • Packaged in a sturdy carrying case for quick and easy storage
  • Batteries included
  • The stethoscope is flexible and easy to manipulate
  • Reasonably priced
  • Realistic sounds that are baby safe and not very loud
  • No small pieces with the risk of choking


  • The blood pressure cuff is a bit small
  • Stethoscope tubings are prone to kinking

2.Melissa & Doug Doctor Costume Dress-up Kit

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When we think of a doctor, the first thing that comes to mind is someone dressed a white coat. It is a universally recognized medical uniform that has been a tradition since the late 19th century. The color white is mainly symbolic, and it represents healing, life, and hope. Dressing up for the roleplay is therefore an essential factor for a realistic experience. The Melissa & Dough Doctor Costume Dress-up Kit is explicitly meant for that- to look like a real doctor.

The set consists of 7 items which include a white coat, face mask, stethoscope, reflex hammer, otoscope, syringe and a reusable name tag. The doctor’s coat has impressive detailed trimmings on the collar, arms, and pockets, to match the face mask. In addition, there are deep see-through pockets that conveniently hold the physician’s tools of practice.

The stethoscope has sound effects that mimic a real patient’s heartbeat while the syringe is child-friendly, so you do not have to worry about accidental pricks. Another notable feature for the mums is that both the white coat and mask are machine washable. We can bet that you will be dealing with plenty of food and drink stains, yet a doctor’s coat should be sparkling white.


  • Has an adorable doctor’s jacket that is machine washable
  • Made with thick, durable fabric of a blend of cotton and polyester
  • The face mask has adjustable straps
  • The name tag can be personalized to have the kid’s name on it
  • Suitable for both sexes


  • Batteries are purchased separately
  • Stethoscope earpieces are quite large and do not hold well in small ears

3.Vtech Pretend and Discover Doctor’s Kit

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As its name suggests, the Vtech Pretend and Discover kit is loaded with advanced technological features that not only provide entertainment but also develop language, cognitive, social and emotional skills. The most amazing feature is that this kit has tons of buttons and sounds that offer a highly interactive role-play experience. To begin with, it has audio that teaches simple medical practices, body parts and sing-along songs.

In addition, there are five medical tools to perform checkups. They include a stethoscope, otoscope, bandage, syringe, and a thermometer. When the stethoscope button is pressed, role-play patient’s face changes in a cycle of emotions, from sick to healthy. Once the doctor is satisfied with the patient’s change in condition (from sick to healthy), there is are two double-sided patient cards to write the diagnosis and management done.


  • Easy to learn and operate as there are light-up buttons that introduce all the medical accessories
  • Comes with a storage kit for all the toys
  • Is educative as the child learns some medical terms and practices
  • Highly interactive and has songs for memorizing what is learnt


  • Stethoscope does not make heartbeat sounds and is quite loose for a child’s neck

4.Little Pretender Medical Doctor’s Set

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Little Pretender doctor’s kit stands out because of its medical pieces. They are not just more in numbers, but they have basically everything that a kid needs to pursue their passion for performing intricate medical procedures, check-ups, treating little lumps and checking vitals. The set includes an otoscope, ophthalmoscope, dental mirror, medical spatula, blood pressure machine, thermometer, syringe, stethoscope, eye-drops bottle, tablet bottle, and a nametag. All these items are packed neatly in an easy-to-carry case which also provides convenient storage when the toys are not in use.

We recommend this set for a child who is above five years, as they are more familiar with all these medical tools. They are more likely to connect the toys to what they have seen in the doctor’s office as compared to a toddler. Moreover, at this stage, they are more playful with the medical staff and as a result can improve their learning through their real conversations in the doctor’s office.


  • Comes with a convenient carry case that keeps the toys neatly organized
  • Is easy to carry around even to the doctor’s appointment
  • No small pieces that pose a choking risk
  • Many medical tools included
  • Vibrant colors used
  • Fairly priced


  • Blood pressure cuff easily comes apart

5.Joyin Pretend-n-Play Doctor Medical Kit

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This kit impressed us for two main reasons. First, it has accessories for both dressing up as a doctor and medical tools for role play. The second highlight feature is that it is non-toxic, meets US toy standards and has undergone safety tests. We, therefore, chose it because it is a super value toy that will provide unlimited entertainment without you worrying about the safety of your child.

It features a doctor dress up set with a medical coat and name tag. The advantage of this white coat is that it is not heavily branded, and thus can be used for other costume dress-ups such as Halloween nurse/doctor costume and classroom science lab experiences. For the medical tools, the set includes a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, forceps, bandage, eyeglasses, scalpel, tweezers, reflex hammer, kidney dish, otoscope, pulse oximeter, pen torch, and a syringe.

For the little dentists, there is a denture with a complete set of a child’s dental formula and a toothbrush. We also love the fact that you can use this denture to reinforce proper dental habits.


  • Comes with pre-installed batteries
  • Made with super durable and non-toxic plastic material
  • Has both doctor and dentist tools
  • Reasonable price that offers value for money
  • The stethoscope has a heart-thumping sound
  • The tools come with sounds and light


  • Doctor’s glasses are quite small in size

Why Should You Consider Buying a Doctor’s Kit for Your Child?

Children continuously learn from their environment, regardless of whether they ask questions about what they are seeing or not. Most of the things that they observe and participate in will most probably play a role in their place in the society, in future. Role-playing is a helpful means of helping kids better understand the roles that various people in the society play. Below, we will be explaining to you how your child will benefit from a toy doctor kit.

choose the best kids doctor kit
  • Builds confidence for the real doctor’s appointment- a doctor kit allows the child to act out real-life doctor-patient scenarios, giving them an opportunity to adapt to actual appointments at their own pace. It builds their confidence as they interact with the medical tools and they continually understand that all the interventions are meant to prevent and cure disease. Moreover, it develops their verbal communication skills and physical mannerisms, depending on what they have seen their doctor or nurse doing.
  • Builds a sense of responsibility-When a kid acts as a doctor, they assume the role of a person that is empathizing. Although it is learning disguised as play, it positively impacts them by encouraging them to interact with others in a caring manner.
  • Nurtures imagination and creative thinking– though the act of imagining being a doctor is only thought of as a fun moment, the truth is that it meaningfully influences cognitive development. It stimulates the mind to grow, function, stay engaged and active throughout the day. In the long-run, it helps with problem-solving and critical thinking.
  • Cultivates social relationships– ideally, a good doctor role play involves two to three people- a doctor, nurse, and patient. In fact, the more the people, the more the fun. This interaction fosters social and emotional development, which is a strong foundation for managing personal feelings, interacting with others and understanding other people’s needs in later years.
  • Increases independence– when the kids are actively creating their patients, they make their own worlds that are separate from their parents. They learn how to entertain themselves and can openly express their thoughts in their territories.

Finally, it is clear that a stimulating toy doctor kit will allow a child to learn through self-discovery, experimentation, and observation. This will not only make doctor’s visits more interesting but also influence the child’s development and societal roles. The kits that we selected for you will do precisely that- they will create wild imaginations, and your child will express their inner imaginations in the most vivid ways.

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