8 Best Craft Kits for Kids In 2018


We all loved that art of crafting our imagination when we were young. It was fun, and we had a chance to produce something out of our creation. Now, your kid is here, and he or she is following suit – wanting the best crafts kits for kids so that they can try drawing a flower or mold a house they would like to live in the future.

Now, as a parent in 2018, searching for arts and craft for kids produces all kinds of results from Google or any other search engine you are using. With a vast range to choose from, some of them might appear advanced for your kid’s age, and there is nothing much to be done if you don’t have the instructions.

That is why we have prepared a guide for you to so that sieving can be more comfortable. With eight products to choose from, you can have cool craft kits for kids based on their age to take away their attention and explore all manner of possibilities.

Without wasting time, let’s see what you can use to activate your child’s imagination.

Crafts Kits for Kids Comparison Table

Art and Craft Kit Nature of Use Skills acquired Amazon rating
4M 4563AM Magnetic Mini Tile Art Use tiles to draw and magnets to stick them Drawing and communication 4.5/5.0
Melissa & Doug Glitter Christmas Ornaments Decorating the Christmas tree Decoration and uniformity 4.4/5.0
Lakeshore Build-It-Yourself Woodworking Kit Joining wood pieces for building techniques Building, imagination, creativity 4.3/5.0
Melissa & Doug Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Plane Craft Kit Joining wooden plane parts and decoration Motor skills, painting, and decoration 4.3/5.0
ALEX Toys Craft My First Sewing Kit Sewing stuffed animals and parts Sewing 4.2/5.0
Crayola Ultimate Art Case with Easel Drawing and painting Drawing 4.2/5.0
ALEX Discover Tots Art Start Sticking and drawing Labeling, decoration, and drawing 4.1/5.0
Play-Doh Modeling Compound Using the clay-like compound to model Modeling 3.9/5.0


Best Crafts Kits for Kids’ Product Reviews

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1.4M 4563AM Magnetic Mini Tile Art

[amazon box=”B0016ISNW2″ template=”vertical”]

What is in the package?

  • 12 tiles – 2” x 2.”
  • Rubber magnets for attaching the tiles
  • Double-sided adhesive tapes
  • A paint brush
  • A paint strip
  • Instructions manual

What we like about it

We start with diy craft kits for kids and here is the 4M Magnetic Tile Art for your little one to create labels, directions, and notes in the house. The tiles in the package are meant for creative artwork, and when the kid is through, he or she can attach the rubber magnets and hang them on the nearest metal surface available. The tiles look cool when attached on the fridge door or the door lock. Since they are square-shaped, the uniformity of multiple tiles attached is just adorable.

Some parents recommend them for older kids, about eight years and above but even 5-year olds have found a way to use the tiles for creative coloring and sticking them everywhere. With 12 tiles to turn into masterpieces, your kid will most likely go back to the kit after going around everything else they have on display.


After the child draws what they like or aspire for, they will have a way of remembering their decorations by hanging them somewhere noticeable every time they pass by. They can create all the messages they would like mommy and dad to know.

What parents say

“We saw the 8-year-old recommendation, but we thought it would serve as the best Christmas gift for our 6-year-old daughter. She always likes to go back to the tiles and have them re-drawn or re-written to make her messages clear. We love how the magnets stay in place to keep the display hanging although some surfaces don’t work well with the magnets. On the other hand, that was not a flaw to make her not to try another place. The magnets also proved useful when sticking other cards too.”


  • Many tiles for artwork.
  • The uniform sizing of tiles makes the coloring adorable
  • A suitable gift to present as a birthday or Christmas present
  • The magnets are dependable for hanging
  • Washing off the paint is easy


  • The tiles might appear smaller for older kids

2.Melissa & Doug Glitter Christmas Ornaments

[amazon box=”B012TKM754″ template=”vertical”]

What is in the package?

  • Seven glitter sheets
  • Six foam ornaments
  • Six hanging ribbons

What we like about it

There are 25 years of experience on the Melissa & Doug Company to create decorations that will allow you to make the Christmas tree adorable. One of their gorgeous imaginations goes to Christmas craft kits for kids, and one of the products is here for review – Melissa & Doug Glitter Christmas Ornaments.

Your kid will have some artwork done on the tree by using the press-on-glitter mechanism that allows them to have a livened glittering order of the day. That is made possible by peeling away a paper section from the ornaments, all with a Christmas theme, which reveals the sticky surface. There are glitter sheets to select depending on how the kid wants to color and sticking them on the paper before cutting them to desired sizes and shapes.

When all work is done, hang the decorations on the branches using the ribbons included in the package, and you are good to go.


With something to press down for sticking purposes, your child is given a task to experience the meaning of childhood with the inclusion of the freedom to explore what they would like hanging on the Christmas tree until the new year. Another advantage is that it’s mess-free so, every possibility can be put into practice on the sheets.

What parents say

“Our little ones are always delighted by the fact that they can produce some art by peeling off papers and having some sheets to stick on them. After pressing down and cutting, in the next round, they only want to do it by themselves. We leave them at that point to finish up with the decorations. One thing though, make sure your package has all the six colors.”


  • Mess-free decoration
  • The press-on-glitter methodology is adorable
  • The perfect way to involve your child in Christmas decorations


  • There may be no enough colors
  • Hyper-active kids may find this as a boring idea

3.Lakeshore Build-It-Yourself Woodworking Kit

[amazon box=”B009IYD7PO” template=”vertical”]

What is in the package?

  • About 80 smooth pine pieces
  • Lightweight hammer
  • Nails

What we like about it

Does your child like building? Then it is time to get Lakeshore Build-It-Yourself Woodworking Kit. There numerous pine wood pieces to make little projects with the help of a lightweight hammer and the included nails.

What your child wants to make for the weekend is all about joining the pieces that come in a box to handle every tool needed for the job. 6-10 years old children will find it as something useful to help them use the tools they want to be using when they grow up. The only problem is that for stronger kids, the hammer will appear weak and the nails will bend when hit too hard. At that point, you will have to get a small hammer and some real nails.


This is a chance to give your kid a real DIY artwork by having them join the wood pieces into something of their creation. Woodcraft kits for kids have been useful if used by kids between the five and ten age bracket since they like to help and tamper with everything you are doing. Having some woods will also give them something to do.

What parents say

“The pieces are smooth, and my six-year-old son loves them whenever he is making a little birdhouse. One thing though, we had to replace the glue with the wood-type after it separated. It worked fine after building two more projects with him.”


  • Fully diy
  • Your child gets a chance to experience real tools
  • Smooth and small pieces fit for kids


  • The nails might appear weak
  • You have to replace the glues after some time

4.Melissa & Doug Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Plane Craft Kit

[amazon box=”B00S6V0EG0″ template=”vertical”]

What is the package?

  • 4-inch-long wooden airplane
  • Wings, axel and wooden wheels for the plane
  • Sticking glue
  • 4 pots of paint
  • Paintbrush
  • 47 stickers for decoration

What we like about it

After your child starts realizing the aerial adventures, it becomes a good idea to advance the creativity by using wooden craft kits for kids that they can assemble and decorate. Here, the Melissa & Doug comes with wooden plane parts to assemble using the glue to realize the shape of a plane.

This is a chance for the kids to explore how much they know about a flying plane by painting after the assembly and sticking all the labels they would wish to ‘see in the sky.’ If your child is above four years old, give this to them as the next birthday gift or something to have him occupied for a holiday.


Development of motor skills is vital to a kid who loves moving machines. Taking it higher to having an airplane will make them feel honored to assemble one and imitate the takeoff.

What parents say

“It was all airplane time last Easter after the bunny gave this kit to my son. I did not expect him to play with it much, but I was disapproved of that. One thing I needed to mention is about the glue. It is not strong enough to hold the pieces together for long. That means assembling again after a short while.”


  • Wooden craft that is easy to assemble
  • Includes painting and stickers for the looks
  • Suitable for all boy-child kids who like flying


  • The glue is not strong enough

5.ALEX Toys Craft My First Sewing Kit

[amazon box=”B000F3V2MW” template=”vertical”]

What is in the package?

  • 28 Pre-Cut Polyester Felt Shapes
  • 8 Colors of Embroidery Floss
  • Polyester Stuffing
  • Fabric Cloth
  • Polyester Ric Rac
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • 40 Straight Pins
  • 2 Needles
  • Thimble
  • Cotton/Polyester Pin Cushion Cotton/Polyester Pin Cushion
  • Polyester Ribbon
  • 6 Buttons
  • Pom Pom Strip
  • Instructions

What we like about it

When your child is seven years old, you can introduce them to sewing lessons using suitable sewing craft kits for kids to help them stuff up and sew all through. ALEX Toys is brand that has reputable craft kits and My First Sewing Kit is one product you would like your little daughter to have.

When trying to bring out the creativity out of kids, it is advisable to give them a kit that they can work with. With 28 felt shapes and all the tools required to sew, your kid can work on something on a rainy day when nothing much is left to do. Sewing is a lifetime skill that your child will use to make cute covers and stuffed animals. There are instructions to direct you on what to do in a bid to sharpen their talents.

Overall, it is an award-winning kit that your child can grow with as they learn to sew and stuff all manner of shapes.


It is a kit that your kid can use to learn the art of sewing. You will train them how to measure and cut, stuff up clothes and animals and have them sewed for an adorable shape. It is the gate toward attaining a lifetime skill.

What parents say

“My six-year-old daughter loves to see me sew, so she wanted to join me when I’m using the technique to make patterns. I landed on this kit from ALEX Toys, and I decided to use it to pass the skill to her. One thing we had to do is sharpen the scissors so that she would be able to cut. If you find using the needle as hard, that means you have never landed on embroider thread before. Use a single string after pulling apart instead of shoving the whole of it into the needle.”


  • Great kit to introduce sewing art
  • Gives room to designing different stuffed shapes
  • Award-winning equipment that gives your child a lifetime skill


  • Boys will not like it much

6.Crayola Ultimate Art Case with Easel 

[amazon box=”B008PE5VJI” template=”vertical”]

What is in the package?

  • Eight markers
  • 24 crayons
  • 12 colored pencils
  • 8 washable watercolors
  • A paint brush
  • Safety scissors
  • Washable glue
  • 30 colored sheets
  • Storage case

What we like about it

Here is one of the legendary markers toolkit since our childhood. It always came with all the necessities we needed to draw a person standing next to the road waiting for the bus. Now, your child has an opportunity to do the same with craft kits for kids in bulk that come with everything needed for the child studio.

With Crayola Ultimate Art Case with Easel, your child has everything they need to draw and color thanks to the case that comes with everything included. Another attractive feature is that you can convert the top to an easel by supporting it with the markers and the kid can use it to draw almost anywhere without a tablespace. Since there are sheets, scissors, and glue, your child also has additional accessories to make art conform to the desired size and stick it somewhere.

Apart from drawing thick and thin lines, the kid can go on to color the drawings using washable watercolors that makes you worry less about the stains.


Crayola comes with one case that carries everything the child needs to draw. That makes it easy to organize everything. Since you can elevate the top using the markers, children find it easy to draw whenever they feel like sketching something and coloring it. The watercolors are washable so staining the clothes is not a problem.

What parents say

“This is one package that comes with everything the child needs to start expressing their art. My 4-year-old can comfortably sit in the car to draw with the help of the easel which is a good thing for us since it minimizes the distractions. One thing though, you need to make sure that all the mentioned pieces in the description are available. However, whatever it comes with is enough for the kid to draw what they are thinking.”


  • Comes in one package to store everything
  • Variety of tools for drawing
  • Can convert to an easel with the help of the markers
  • The watercolors are washable


  • The case might appear larger for the kid to carry
  • Some packages don’t come with everything included

7.ALEX Discover Tots Art Start

[amazon box=”B006WCN6S8″ template=”vertical”]

What is in the package?

  • Two pre-printed paper frames
  • Three first crayons for scribbling
  • Paper giraffe and tree
  • Tons of stickers
  • Two peel and stick collage boards
  • Doilies, tissue, fringe and crepe papers

What we like about it

Here is another award-winning kit that a toddler can start with if they want to stick around objects and draw some labels on them. ALEX Toys is a brand that many parents go for, and the Discover Tots Art Start composes of fun craft kits for kids to stick around and scribble something in the middle.

A toddler has a chance to foster learning habits that will be useful in the future by having them choose their colors and as they look forward to creating what they are imagining. The crayons are small for the child to hold as they draw and the stickers are strong enough to keep everything in place. Also included are canvas pieces that resemble giraffe and tree figures. Your child will have fun decorating them with stickers if they want to. Overall, it is a kit that many toddlers will adore as they advance their art skills.


This is a perfect choice for a toddler who is beginning to grasp everything they land on. You can utilize the curiosity by giving them a First art kit so that they can learn to select, stick and draw with the tools available. This kit will encourage the right imagination and a proper learning environment.

What parents say

“Being a fan of ALEX Toys, I thought this would be a perfect start for my 18 months old son who started sticking papers everywhere after landing them on papers. After seeing it, I wasn’t wrong. His attention turned to the kit, and he was always working on the giraffes and trees. Now, my work papers are safe from his imagination since he has something cute to work on.”


  • Perfect learning kit for toddlers
  • Includes drawing crayons to use after sticking
  • Safe for toddler-use


  • The glue wears off after continued use

8.Play-Doh Modeling Compound

[amazon box=”B00JM5GW10″ template=”vertical”]

What is in the package?

  • A pack of 10 2 oz. cans
  • Variety of colors to choose – rainbow colors featured

What we like about it

Last but not least is an ultimate diy that most of us have used back in the day. The Play-Doh Modeling Compound comes as a 10 pack that your child can squeeze and roll into whatever shape he or she wants to construct. With all the art and craft kits that you can buy, this is an accessory that your child cannot deny if they realize the possibility of molding.

There are a variety of colors to choose from, but the mainly featured ones go to the rainbow assortment. With easy to open cans, all filled with modeling compound, kids from two years and above will make everything they come across, and the clay-like texture will be flexible enough to obey all the imagination and mistakes along the way. More fun is realized to the point that parents complain that the cans are too small for modeling exercises.

Since 1956, Play-Doh has been making enough compound to form a snake that can go around the globe 300 times. That means that your child will have the same fun as you did with nothing falling short. One thing about maintenance is that to keep flexible and smooth for continued modeling, add a drop of water at a time before squeezing it for the combination. Keep adding drop-wise until the rigidness is gone before returning it to the cans.

Overall, it is non-toxic and flexible enough to allow all modeling creations.


Play-Doh imitates clay modeling exercises, and children have a chance to mold out of thinking. With a variety of colors to choose from, they will have shades of the world to build their society. It is also non-toxic, and maintenance measures only require water to keep it flexible.

What parents say

“I bought it for my two kids, one three years and the other 5. The only flaw about the modeling compound is the size of the can. 2 oz. is too small and you can realize from the kid’s point of view. They use everything then remodel again if more is not available. Otherwise, it is a kit that children will enjoy for hours try to model with all the colors available.”


  • Children can mold all manner of patterns
  • The compound is flexible
  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • Low maintenance


  • The can are too small

Craft Kits for Kids Buying Guide

Now that you are familiar with what your child can use to express their creation and imagination, here is a guide to show you on what to consider before going for the final art and craft kit choice.

Criteria used in selecting the kits

We had to get many reviews from parents who have used the packages we picked. Having comments from the user’s perspective guided us in choosing the products available in the analyses. We had to take into account the fact that different ages need different kits since the level of imagination is different.

Some toddlers are too young to hold a crayon while others are too advanced to engage in more robust constructions. Others like to draw while others will find it better to select colors and stick labels on the available platforms. Whether you are looking for a craft kit to keep the kid busy or sharpen their creativity, we have a collection to look into to serve the quest.

We also looked at the availability of tools available in each package. The most embarrassing moment for parents is to open the delivery pack only to find that some items are missing. We looked at whether you get everything mentioned in the list and whether what is available will be suitable for child exploration.

Since the kids are bound to get older, we have a selection that you can look at to see what your child can use as they advance in age. So, with this buying guide, you have everything covered from the toddler phase to the end of child phase.

Benefits of Art and Craft Kits for Kids

Here are some of the benefits realized when you introduce one of these kits to your children as they grow up.

Creates room for imagination and expressiveness

Art and Craft Kits for kids

When a child participates in any form of art, what portrays is their imagination and what they are creating back in their minds. A child will get the paintbrush to paint something that will express what they feel. In the process, he or she learns to communicate using symbols.

Fostering of useful skills in the future

Since you have exposed them to art and crafts, the child may go on to develop their interests. For example, if they love working with stickers, they might grow old to venture the world of branding and the like. That means you will have given them a chance to make a decision in life on what they are going to pursue once they grow older.

Once they realize their dream career, they will thank the effort you made when they were young.

Academic expansion

If you combine the art and crafts with what the child is learning in school, it will be easier for them to comprehend and digest the information they get every day. Research shows that giving art and craft to kids increases their ability to grasp mathematical and literature concepts. For example, if your kid can draw a picture to relate it to a specific bedtime story, they will eventually be able to crack the literature aspects in school. Artistic impression, on the other hand, shows the ability to tackle mathematics and calculation related illustrations.

Acquiring important life skills

As they work on their art, children begin to process the ability to communicate visually. It also helps a child to develop problem-solving skills, motor skills, and even social growth and responsibility. He or she can create their own and also appreciate what the rest are doing. Eventually, they will also learn to follow directions since you will always be having a project to begin and complete.

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