9 Best Kids Beach Toys for Summer 2018


Most times when we want to relax with friends and family we tend to have fancy dinners, watch movies while eating popcorn or play video games together. These activities are great options but they are kind of like a cliché. Imagine spending time with your family in a place so natural with the breeze blowing your hair, the sun hitting your skin, and your feet planted in the soft warm sand.  The beach is the right place for you to be when you want that kind of serenity. To have an absolutely fun time with your kids at the beach, you will need to have a few beach toys for kids to ensure that.

Naturally, when going to beaches, people tend to take the basic things like food, sun shades, sunscreens, ice and towel. With these basics, you will surely have a good time with your folks but why settle for good when you can get better? Having a few beach toys will definitely spice things up for your kids and be rest assured as they are having fun, beach toys will make them more creative with their play and improve their imaginations a lot.

Finding the right fun beach toys can be a very daunting task and if you are not careful, you might end up buying the wrong type of beach toy thereby ruining the experience you are trying to have. There are a vast variety of cool beach toys for kids you can choose from and to help you in your decision-making process, we have done a rigorous research to review of the best ones you can find on sale.

Best Beach Toys for Kids Review

Because there are different types of kids beach toys you can choose from based on different features and uses, we have compiled an extensive list of the best beach toys for kids below.

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1. Prextex Beach Toy Set In Reusable Bag

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A typical fairytale castle is supposed to be guarded by dragons and mystical creatures. The Prextex Beach Toy Set In Reusable Bag brings fairytales to life for your kids as it is a sand castle mold that comes with molds for a dinosaur, bunny, alligator and crocodile. It allows kids to construct beautiful sand castles and also have mystical creatures to protect them. In addition, the Prextex toy set comes with a rake/shovel, a bucket, a watering can and a sand shifter that fits right in a reusable bag with a strong zipper that makes sure all the toys are safely locked away.


The molds allow kids imaginations to spike. They can imagine the castles are under attack and the dinosaur, crocodile and alligator are protecting the castles from invaders. This will eventually aid their thinking process and most likely turn them into great writers of fiction stories.


  • The toys are made from quality plastics that ensure they last longer.
  • The set comes with a reusable bag with strong zippers which allows the toys to be stored easily
  • It includes different molds of animals for additional fun.
  • A mesh bag is included in the set
  • The set is made of an array of beach toys for kids.


  • The set only comes with one shovel.

What We Like About It

The set allows kids to express their creativity with the additional molds that come with it. It also comes with a reusable bag that ensures that the toys are well stored.

2. Toy Smith Beach Set

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The Toysmith Beach Set is one of the most equipped beach toy set you can get. This set contains amazing tools that will guarantee your kids have the time of their life on the beach. The Toysmith beach set includes a shovel, spade, sifter, rake, watering can, bucket and two sand molds. It also comes with a clear bag that allows you carry and store all the toys easily. The bag is also armed with a strong zipper that ensures that the toys don’t fall off.


The Toy smith beach set is a good type of toy that improves the way kids use their muscles as they get to dig the sand with the shovel and spade. Furthermore, it lets kids become friendlier with each other when they use the set together.


  • Kids’ motor skills can be enhanced while using this toy set.
  • It comes with a reusable bag that allows for safekeeping of the toys
  • Different sand toys which will guarantee your kids will have fun are present in the set.
  • The toys in the set are very safe for the kids
  • The kids do not need supervision while playing with the toys.


  • Some of the items might detach from each other while using them.

What We Like About It

It helps the kids to build their social skills as well as it helps improve the use of their muscles.

3. Jazzminton Paddle Game

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Sometimes kids want to play actual sports by the beach rather than building sand castles and the Jazzminton Paddle game ensures that. The toy is like a cross between table tennis and badminton as it has a table tennis paddle and the shuttlecocks of the badminton game. The good thing about this toy is that; they are not meant for the beach alone as they are also perfect for indoor games. The Jazzminton Paddle game consists of 2 paddles with handles that are ribbed and 2 pairs of shuttlecocks, 1 of which is for slow play and the other one for fast play.


Because of the fact that the shuttlecocks encourage both slow and fast play, kids have options to choose from. Additionally, the jazzminton paddle game is good for both indoor and outdoor sports.


  • The toy can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • The paddles are made from high-quality materials and you do not have to worry about them breaking while playing
  • Kids can play either slow or fast depending on their choice.
  • Helps the kids to be involved in sports.


  • The toys can get lost easily if they are not well kept as they do not come with a bag to hold them in.

What We Like About It

The toys can be used by adults too.

4. Catch And Release Beach Aquarium Kit

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While playing on the beach, kids might capture crabs, little straying sea animals and so on but they won’t have where to keep them. The Catch and Release Beach Aquarium Kit changes that as it allows kids to capture stray sea animals and have where to keep them in. This mini aquarium is shaped like a fish bowl with a handle that is firmly attached to the bowl. Furthermore, the aquarium has a lid that allows amphibians and terrestrial animals to breathe easily. This little aquarium is made of plastic and they are constructed in a way that allows it to float. Finally, this lid is attached to the handle of the aquarium so you do not have to bother about ever losing it if it gets caught up in a wave.


The aquarium allows your children to be able to know more about land and sea animals by giving them the opportunity to study each animal that ends up in their little aquarium. Secondly, the aquarium is quite light and it can be easily carried by the kids. Finally, the aquarium has a catch and release feature which allows the kids to release any of the animals whenever they so want.


  • The aquarium allows the kids to learn more about distinctive features of animals.
  • The aquarium is made of plastic and not glass which means you do not have to worry about it breaking if the kids drop it accidentally.
  • It is very light
  • It can take in both terrestrial and aquatic animals.


  • As at when we reviewed this product, we didn’t find any downside to it.

What We Like About It

The fact that it has a strong lid that allows animals to breathe in is really wonderful as you do not want to be involved in animal cruelty.

5. Squap Paddles and Ball

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The Squap paddles and ball is an exceptional toy that allows you enjoy every minute you’ll spend on the beach. It is quite an easy game to grab and it can be played by kids of all ages even adults are not left out. This game is a little bit like throwing baseballs as it involves wearing the paddles on the hand and throwing the ball to your paddle wearing partner. You have the option of choosing between a black and orange set and a blue and orange set when buying and in this set; you will get 4 balls and 2 paddles.  An added feature of the squap paddles toy is that whenever you are not playing with the balls, you can keep them inside the mitt, with this, you have a lesser risk of losing the ball.


The squap paddle set helps to improve the social skills of kids as they can play in pairs. It can also increase the bond between the kid and parent as they can both play the game together.


  • It improves the social skills of kids
  • The toy is very good for improving motor skills
  • The balls can be kept inside the mitt hereby reducing the chances of it getting lost.
  • It can be used by kids and adults.


  • The balls are very light and it can easily be carried away by the wind.

What We Like About It

The ball helps to improve the kids’ hand to eye coordination as it involves throwing and catching of balls.

6. Seaside Sand Baking Set

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The Seaside Sand Baking Set is another stunning product from the Melissa and Doug Company that consist of 3 cups for measuring that is shaped like shells, a mixing bowl/ shifter that has a lid shaped like a sea turtle, a whisk shaped like an octopus and the spoon looks like a crab. These distinct features of the cooking utensils will help your kids’ imaginations skyrocket as it ensures that the kids’ love for cooking and sea creatures are brought to life.


The mixing bowl is very large and it can serve as storage for the other utensils. It also helps to increase kids’ love for cooking as they can use the toys to make sand cookies and cupcakes.


  • The set is made from high-quality plastic and you can be rest assured that they will stand the test of time.
  • It lets kids aspire to become great chefs like Thomas Keller, James Gordon or the late Paul Bocuse.
  • It improves the imaginations of kids.
  • The mixing bowl can be used to house the other utensils.
  • It is a light set and kids can move it around as they wish.
  • It comes in different exciting colors


  • As at the time of this review, we didn’t find any flaw in this product.

What We Like About It

It is a perfect set for young aspiring chefs as it can help improve their imagination hereby ensuring they make eye catchy meals.

7. Sandbox Vehicle Truck And Tractor

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If your kids want to imagine they have a real vehicle that will help transport sand or any treasure like seashells or cowries they find at the beach then the Sandbox Vehicle and Tractor is the right toy for them. The toy is a combination of a dump truck and tractor. These toys can be used inside the home as well as outside because they have tires can work on any surface.


This is one of the many toys that can help improve the imaginations of children as the kids can play with the toy with each other while pretending they are great adventurers in search of the many treasures that can be found by the seaside. The toys also weigh about 0.8 pounds which makes it very easy for the kids to move about. Finally, it also improves the social skills of your kids as the toy comes in twos and they can play with it with other kids.


  • The toys are made from high-quality plastic that ensures they last for a long time.
  • It helps improve the social skills of kids
  • The truck and tractor are lightweight
  • The toys are easy to clean.


  • It has axles made of metal that can rust with time.

What We Like About It

It is a good toy set for kids to have maximum fun as it allows kids to imagine being adventurers.

8. HIG Water Gun for Kids Soaker Squirt Games

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Sometimes kids might want to play a game of shooting with themselves and it is more fun when they can feel the impact of the shot on their skin and while using paintball guns might be a little bit extreme for them, the HIG Water Gun For Kids Soaker Squirt Games is the perfect one for them as they can have unlimited fun by shooting the gun at each other. The gun is made up of a beautiful combination of white, black, green and blue colors. The gun uses water as ammo and it is very easy to fill it up since you are on the beach. The gun is of the right size and weight for kids and they can wield this toy weapon easily.


The toy allows kids to be creative on the beach as they play out a shooting movie they have watched before or just create entirely new scenarios. Another benefit of this gun is that it has a long-range shot and they can shoot their opponents even if they are trying to get away.


  • It promotes the social skills of kids
  • It allows kids to be creative
  • The gun is light and it can easily be used by kids
  • It is a good toy for the kids to sweat and burn calories as it involves them running after their opponents.


  • The gun starts to leak water over time.

What We Like About It

It helps the child keep fit as it involves chasing opponents when shooting.

9. Go Toys Beach Sand Toy Set

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Parents want to spend their spare time with kids on the beach and when they are looking for fantastic beach toys then the Go Toys Beach Sand Toy Set is a perfect one to choose. This toy set contains 16 exciting pieces that will make sure their time at the beach is nothing short of fun. These 16 pieces include a shovel, castle molds, a rack a watering can, an alligator mold, a bunny mold, a crocodile mold, a dinosaur mold, a turtle mold and others. The set also includes two beach balls that can be played by the kids anywhere they want to. To top it all, the set comes in a reusable bag with strong zippers that allows safekeeping of all the toys.

Furthermore, each of these toys is made from strong plastic which ensures that the toys have less chance of getting damaged. These toys are also made in exciting colors which apart from the fact kids love them; they also mean they can be easily spotted in the sand in case they get missing.


The toys included in the set are 16 meaning the kids can get to share them with other people hereby improving their social skills. In addition, the kids can be as imaginative as they can be with this toy as they can build castles and also have the animals like; crocodile, alligator and dinosaur protect them against any attack.


  • The toys come in different exciting colors.
  • They are made from high-quality plastic.
  • It helps improve the social skills of the kids.
  • The set is filled with lots of toys that will ensure the kids won’t get bored.
  • It helps to improve the kids’ creative and imaginative side
  • It is very safe to use.


  • As at when this review was done, we couldn’t find any negative feature of this product.

What We Like About It

It comes with a mesh bag that helps in drying out the toys. This toy also has well-rounded edges making it safe for the kids.

3 Factors That Influenced Our Decision of Putting The Above Listed Beach Toys in Our List

Best Beach Toys for Kids

Safety is very important in anything we do and that is the reason the number one factor that influenced this list is safety and with safety in mind, we made sure every toy we chose on this list does not have sharp edges that can pierce the skin of the children playing with it hereby ruining the fun the family is trying to have. Furthermore, we ensured that every toy on this list are made from high-quality materials that ensure the kids will be able to use the toy for a very long time as it will not be cost reasonable to buy a beautiful looking product that gets broken easily.

In addition, we ensured that every beach toy that made it to this list is designed to improve the imagination of the young ones hereby improving their performance in school. Furthermore, we made sure that the toys selected are produced by reputable companies. This is important because it gives us assurance that we are purchasing the best of the crop. It was also essential to us to go through a lot of feedback and reviews from customers that have purchased this product in the past and we ensured that every beach toy for kids that we included in this article was appraised positively by the majority.

Finally, we made sure that some of the toys in our article can be used by both adults and kids not only that, it was important for us to include toys that can be used both indoor and outdoor which improve the efficiency of the toys.

4 Benefits of Beach Toys for Kids

Benefits of Beach Toys for Kids

Beach toys are great toys for kids to have fun but their benefits don’t stop there as they can help the kids grow in a lot of ways and we will be highlighting some of them below.

Helps to Expand Kids’ Imaginations

The beach toys the kids use can help to improve kids’ imaginations in a way that whenever they play with these toys, they can think far and wide for example; When building castles, they can imagine they are house builders or civil engineers or whenever they use the sand baking set, they can imagine they are celebrity chefs. Their imaginations are endless with these toys and you can rest assured that these little playing toys can be a great drive for them in school.

Helps to Promoting Social Skills

The toys are fantastic for kids who do not have many friends or are socially awkward because, with these toys, the kids can get to share and play with it with each other which can help them in the way they interact with friends and also create a tight bond within them. It also helps to improve the relationship between the kids and their parents as they can get to have a good laugh together when playing with the toys.

Helps to Develop the Kids’ Physically

By lifting each of these toys, the kids tend to improve physically because each of these actions requires muscle movement and in addition to that, playing with most of these toys improve the kids’ motor skills and hand to eye co-ordination.

Helps to Improve the Kids’ Immune System

According to researchers, kids will become more immune to sicknesses if they play with dirt more and there is no better way to do this than playing with toys on the beach. With this, your kids can have fun and at the same time, help you cut down future hospital bills. In as much as playing with sand is good, be sure they play with the toys in an environment where there are no animal dungs and also make sure you supervise your kids to prevent them from putting the sand in their mouth.

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Our Top Pick

Playing with Beach Toys is a great way for kids to catch fun and it helps to improve the bond between kids and parents. Our team has done a thorough research to review a lot of fantastic products that can be found in the market to help make your purchase decision process easy and we assure you that every one of them is worth putting your money on. However, the Go Toys Beach Sand Toy Set is our top pick as it has a lot of toys kids can play with. This great toy set allows the kids to build sand castles and mold a host of other animals. With this beach toy set, your kids’ imaginations are infinite. In addition, this toy set is going to last a very long time and you will never have to question your decision to purchase it.


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