10 Best Kids Alarm Clock In 2018


As much as we want our children to get adequate sleep, some adjustments have to be made to assist them in getting out of bed.  Modern alarm clocks like a kid projection alarm clock, kid digital alarm clock, and kid light up alarm clock are some alarm responsive devices that have been introduced in the market to wake the sleepyheads.

Most kids sleep at the wee hours, making it difficult to wake them up. Alarm clocks play a significant role in helping children to wake up.

Below is a review of the best kid’s alarm clock to consider buying this year.

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Comparison Table- Main Aspects

Product Dimensions Weight(pounds) Age (Years)
LEGO Kids Batman Mini figure light up alarm 16×13×23.5 cm 2.45 6 and above
Ok To Wake! Nightlight And Alarm 5.3×4.1× 5 inches 1 10 and above
LEGO kids star wars Darth Vader alarm clock 6.4×5.2×9.4


1.04 6 and above
Stoplight Sleep Smoothening Alarm Clock For Kids 5.4×5.24×7.75


1.5 2 and above
KEYNICE Alarm Clock With Night Light And Bluetooth 8.8×12.8×8.7 4.58 5 and above
Momknows Galaxy Alarm Clock 8.75×1×9.25 0.75 2 and above
Peakeep 4-Inch Twin Bell Alarm Clock 5×2.5×6.6


1.06 3 and above
BulbBoltz Star Wars Light Up Alarm Clock 15.5×2.3×2.05


4.58 10 and above
Plumeet Easy Setting Bedside Alarm Clock 5.5×1.8×2.7


5.4 2 and above
Equity by La Crosse 70905 Cube LCD Alarm Clock 3.2×2.5×3.2


6.9 3 and above


Best 10 Kids Alarm Clock Reviews

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1. LEGO Kids Batman Mini Figure Light Up Alarm

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This is an ideal alarm clock for children who are Batman fans. Seeing your favorite character in the morning makes waking up more exciting, hence getting the Batman alarm clock for your kid is an excellent way of starting off the day. This clock is made from a highly durable poly carbonate material meaning that it does not easily break in case of an accidental fall.

Batman is a digital alarm clock with digital LCD that helps children read whenever needed. It has legs, head, movable wrists and arms, just like legal figures hence it can be used as a toy during play time. It also has a backlight and a snooze function which is activated by pressing the head.


  • Made with a highly durable material
  • Easy to use since it is digital with clear displays


  • It can be a little heavy for kids below 3 years

2. Ok To Wake! Nightlight And Alarm

[amazon box=”B00EAHSBV4″ template=”vertical”]

This is a unique and fun alarm clock that can be used by all kids. It is easy to use, and their buttons are friendly. This alarm displays time digitally, hence your kid can determine the current time without any adult help. Notably, the clock has both animations and LED lights that make it easy for kids to reach them quickly.

This alarm extremely useful, especially  in a modern home. It uses AA batteries back up and USB unplugs together with a USB cord. We loved the fact that it produces a green light in the morning and a soothing yellow light during the night which makes your little ones sleep more easily.


  • It is a high-quality clock with proper sound controls
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Has great designs and animations


  • May not be ideal for kids below 2 year due to many controls

3. Momknows Galaxy Alarm Clock

[amazon box=”B00YDZ2AWY” template=”vertical”]

This is ideal for the children fascinated by everything they see in the night sky like stars. It is not a mere alarm; it is a different star projector that your kids will definitely like. It shows mesmerizing stars projection on the ceiling once it is switched on. This makes the kid feel like they are outside as the calm skies are similar to the real ones. When the child falls asleep or is ready to sleep, the alarm lights can be used as bedside illumination especially if they are not comfortable with the dark.

MomKnows Galaxy has a high-quality volume and sound control mechanism that makes it an ideal alarm if your kid has to listen to lullabies before they sleep. Your kid will enjoy the songs by directly connecting directly to a tablet, smartphone or MP3. It operates with three AA batteries and can be charged by either using a USB or wall charger. With the automatic shutdown and the exclusively designed features, it can be used by both children and adults.


  • Has a high-quality sound with enhanced volume control
  • Suitable for children of all ages
  • has both an in-built batter and a USB cable connection


  • It requires careful handling because it breaks easily

4. LEGO kids star wars Darth Vader alarm clock

[amazon box=”B003M2C0Z6″ template=”vertical”]

Is your kid a star wars fan? Well, then, this is the perfect alarm for them. It is a primary antagonist in the star wars although it is undoubtedly a famous franchise character. One outstanding feature about LEGO kid’s star alarm clock is that it acts as an alarm clock and a toy at the same time. It has a backlight and snooze function that is activated by just pressing down its helmet. To add more to its menacing character, it has a great display and a fully functional body.

The LEGO kid’s star alarm clock has a simple but exciting design with more than one customizable setting to match your child’s sleeping preferment and customizations.


  • It acts as both an alarm and a toy
  • Great LED lights which provide a better visual display


  • It can be a challenge to carry arounddue to its weight.

5. Stoplight Sleep Smoothening Alarm Clock For Kids

[amazon box=”B00NF0EZCG” template=”vertical”]

Usually, a spotlight is used to control drivers in traffic when driving. This alarm uses the same concept. It has a red, green and yellow indication light. Red shows that the kid should get ready to sleep while the green one indicates that the time for the kid to wake up. The yellow light acts as an optional dim nightlight to help the kid to sleep much faster. The three lights make children understand green means go and red means stop.


  • Has Clear LED lights that make it easy to read the time
  • Great indicator lights


  • May be out of reach when on a budget

6. KEYNICE Alarm Clock With Night Light And Bluetooth

[amazon box=”B01M1RF4XZ” template=”vertical”]

Keynice does not only provide the alarm services, but also has a night light and a Bluetooth speaker. The Bluetooth wireless speaker helps the kid to sleep faster by listening to the lullabies and music.

KEYNICE alarm clock has a sleep mode meaning that both the speakers and the light can automatically turn off after 30 minutes of sleep activation. It has an inbuilt 2000Ah battery that can last up to 2.5 hours after a full recharge. The lithium battery uses a USB cable and music can still be played while the clock is charging.


  • Small and lightweight hence highly portable
  • Has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery


  • The in in-built battery may need frequent recharge for heavy usage

7. Peakeep 4-Inch Twin Bell Alarm Clock

[amazon box=”B00ZQG30AK” template=”vertical”]

If you are looking for an alarm with a retro and vintage look that takes you back to the 50s, then here you have one. One outstanding difference between this alarm clock and the others is that it does not use the digital clock; hence you have to teach your child how to operate it manually.

Even though Peakeep twin bell alarm clock uses the minute hands, it does not produce the ticking sounds. This enables the child to get a soothing sleep.  In case you need to check the time at night, you simply need to press the light button. The backlight automatically turns on and the time display becomes more visible.

This is the one of the best alarm clocks in the market for children who have a difficult time waking up. We like the fact that it does not have a snooze button, hence the child cannot keep on pressing the snooze button every time it rings. Its high sound pitch leaves the kid with no other option other than waking up and getting up to prepare for school or other daily activities.


  • High-quality stainless metal
  • Has a loud alarm that works best for the heavy sleepers


  • Can be heavy for kids below two years

8. BulbBoltz Star Wars Light Up Alarm Clock

[amazon box=”B015EOJBR4″ template=”vertical”]

This is another fantastic watch for the Star Wars lovers. It has a BB-8 clock that makes the kids feel like a real JediMaster with their bedside partners. It is a part of Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Yoda, Kylo Ren and Chewbacca collection.

BulbBoltz has a digital time display, making it an excellent option for the small children who are not conversant with the hands and minutes clocks.  It has a snooze button hence the kids can slightly prolong their bedtime before finally waking up. The lights are activated by holding the BB-8s head. A yellow glow is emitted by the LCD to make the time more visible.


  • Has a loud alarm
  • Easy to operate
  • Well designed with great looks


  • It only works using  batteries

9. Plumeet Easy Setting Bedside Alarm Clock

[amazon box=”B015MDVZIU” template=”vertical”]

If you like keeping it simple, then this is the alarm clock you should look out for. It is a classic example of the no-fuss items that excellently perform their work without the fancy features. What’s more, it can be used by kids, teenagers, and adults alike, considering the fact that it is small in size, very light and has a simple design. The alarm can be found in white, pink, orange and black and the only aspect that you can personalize in it is the color.

Plumeet’s alarm sounds ring in an increasing melody, hence  recommended for the children who do not wake up quickly. When the kid is not ready to get out of bed at the time the alarm rings, they can press the snooze button and sleep for more eight minutes before the alarm starts again. It is well designed with a durable silicone cover, hence it does not break or get damaged in case it accidentally falls.

Plumeet Easy Setting Bedside alarm comes with three AAA batteries although you can replace them with the alkaline batteries if you wish. However, the package is quite sophisticated with a great look. The large display makes it easy to read time even at a distance.


  • Lightweight hence its highly portable
  • Easy to set and use
  • Durable- has a silicone cover to protect it from damage


  • Quality if plastic used does not last long especially if used frequently

10. Equity by La Crosse 70905 Cube LCD Alarm Clock 

[amazon box=”B004AQJ7UY” template=”vertical”]

This is preferably a straightforward and a simple alarm clock. It cannot be used as toy hence  does not distract your child from sleep. Just like the previous clock, Equity by La Crosse can be used by all children since it has a big screen display. It is a digital clock that includes a calendar on display.

More to its outstanding features, it is well covered with a silicone rubber cushion to protect it from breaking should it slip into a slippery and smooth surface. We loved this alarm clock because it is not only simple but also has excellent LCD backlight features and colors that match your child’s personality.


  • Colorful features- it displays both the alarm time and calendar
  • Silicone rubber tube – brightens the home décor


Can be costly for those on budget

Criteria Used To Evaluate The Best Kids Alarm Clock

You know what you your kid likes most, or rather what is suitable for them and what is not; hence, the best alarm clock should assess the sleeping habits of your kid. For example, if your child does not quickly wake up, you should go for the alarm that produces sounds in an increasing pattern. The gentle alarms may act as lullabies and prolong their sleep.

In case your child gets grumpy with the high volumes, go for the alarm that has a snooze function. It will provide sufficient time for the kid to adjust to the sounds before finally waking up.

The Different Types Of Kids Alarm Clocks

The choice of your alarm clock depends on the room décor, the age of the child or wakefulness. However, there are many types of kids alarm clocks. Below are some of the common ones:

  • Kid projection alarm clock
  • Kid digital alarm clock
  • Kid talking alarm clock
  • Kid cd player alarm
  • Pottery bam alarm clock,
  • Kid alarm clock radio
  • Kid light up alarm clock
  • Character or novelty clocks

Things To Consider When Selecting a Kid’s Alarms Clock

Due to the inconveniences caused by smartphones when relied on as alarms, other effective methods of getting us out of slumber like alarm clocks have been invented. The market is, however, flooded with many choices, and it can be significantly challenging to make the best option. Below is a guide to what you should consider when buying an alarm clock for your kid.



Kids are not always very keen on many devices, and an alarm clock is not an exemption. Look for an alarm that will not be easily damaged if it falls off. To be on the safe side, you can choose the alarms that have a silicone cover as it reduces the friction making it hard to slide even when used as a toy.


Go for an alarm that creates a lighting illusion in the room when it’s time to wake up. Lights help in triggering the body hormones like cortical, making it much easier to get out of bed. However, choose the degree of the brightness depending on your child’s specific needs.

Sound quality

Go for the alarm clock that has adjustable volumes. Some children have a deep sleep, and they need the loudest blast to wake up. Others only need a gentle sound. Get your kid an alarm that can quickly adjust its volume depending on the situation.


What is a kid’s alarm clock?

This is a device that is set at the desired time to help kids in waking up

At what age should I get my kid an alarm clock?

From 2 years. However, for the small toddler, alarm clocks are used for lullabies.

Do I Need A Kid’s Alarm Clock?

Yes. If you have a child who does not wake up quickly on their own, an alarm clock will not only reduce you the stress of waking them but also make them responsible for getting themselves up.

When Should I Use A Kid’s Alarm Clock?

Typically, kids’ alarm clocks are used to get kids out of bed. It is one of the methods that you can use on your child to make them responsible for waking themselves up. The best time to use them, therefore, is in the morning when they have to attend a relevant function or attend school. You can also use an alarm clock to wake your child up from their afternoon nap.

do you need a kid's alarm clock

Should I Buy A New Or Used Kids Alarm Clock?

This entirely depends on your financial capability. The new alarm clocks tend to be more costly hence if you have a controlled budget, you should go for the used ones.

Why you should pay attention to kid’s alarm clocks

Have you ever found yourself in either a seminar or conference and you are required to be attentive to the speaker, but the more you sit, the more your mind trails off? The same applies to kids alarm clocks. Setting high alarm volumes may affect the Childs Reticular brain activating system. Closely monitor how your child responds to the alarm and make the necessary sound or light adjustments; also, should you notice any significant problem, seek the help of a health practitioner to give you the way forward.

How do is use a kids alarm clock?

Before you hand over the alarm clock to your kid, first allow them to become familiar with the alarms sound/ringtone. You can achieve this by making them listen to the sound for several times before they start using it. If you have the manual alarm, show your kid how to switch it off. Show your child the routine that you expect from them while using the alarm clock.

It may be necessary for you to carry out close monitoring on your kid for the first or two weeks. Make sure that they get enough sleep. If you are not conversant with the alarm clock, make sure you go through the manual on how to effectively use it. If possible, engage the seller with some questions regarding its usage and maintenance.

Other kids’ alarm clock tips/hacks

In case your child continues to face some challenges in waking up while you have bought them the alarm, try these tips:

  • Adjust the alarm’s volume
  • Move the alarm clock in different places in the room. This will make the child wake up to turn it off.
  • Set two or more alarm clocks with at least a timing of ten minutes
  • Set up a behavior chart sticker with a small gift for the child if they maintain a waking up discipline for a whole week

What kid’s alarm clock accessories will I need?

You can either use a Bluetooth or wired speaker to control the sound.

Why should my kid have an alarm clock?

An alarm clock helps the kids to maintain a routine of waking up every morning at a specific time, hence making them more responsible.


What should I consider when buying an alarm clock?

Look at the price, quality, sound, and ease of usage and durability.

People’s opinion on kid’s alarm clocks

As per customer reviews, 83% of the parents with alarm clocks have had their kids benefit from them. This means that alarm clocks have a positive impact in changing the lives of children. However, the demand for clocks would increase if the prices reduce.

Our Top Pick

The Momknows Galaxy alarm clock is a high-quality product that does not have “junk” components or limited features, unlike others. We can resist the fact that it’s fantastic star projections captivate beautiful glow on the ceilings make waking up such a tremendous experience. It is the only alarm clock in the market with a progressive sound control knob. Apart from its womb stimulator and soothing sounds that relaxes kids to make them sleep easily, MomKnows Galaxy is pretty affordable.


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