5 Best Air Hockey Tables Reviews (Updated 2018)


Are you looking for an ideal gift for your kid? Then you need to consider the best air hockey table for kids. Air hockey is a fun and exciting game that provides hours upon hours of fun, and as well helps enhance hand eye coordination and other fine motor skills. Foosball, ping pong, and pool, and other conventional games that families can play at their homes are tremendous fun. However, there is really no indoor game that enables kids to improve hand eye coordination whilst providing full discharge of their competitive skills and bottled-up energy simultaneously.

An air hockey table for kids can be an engaging and fun addition to your play area or game room. Regardless of whether you are an ardent player, a host who likes throwing incredible parties or simply looking for a fun game to enchant your children, you can discover a wide assortment of choices to fit your requirements. The best air hockey tables for kids are usually well-built and can provide unending entertainment for children and adults alike. In the subsequent sections, we will educate you about the things to consider and review a few of the best models available.

So, if you are in search of something that will bond your family and friends, or if you are looking to get your kids away from TV screens for a while, then an air hockey table is your best option. Fortunately, we have done most of the diggings for you. This guide will give you a chance to read profound reviews of air hockey tables across different types. There is a buying guide at the end that intend s to enlighten you on all the vital factors of buying the ideal air hockey table for your kids.

Our Picks: Top 5 Air Hockey Table for Kids

The game of air hockey is one of the most fun conventional games your kids can play. Apart from the unending fun it brings, it also helps to develop your kids’ fine motor skills, social skills, and reasoning abilities. In case you are in the market for an air hockey table for your kids, check our list below.

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1. Charles Bentley 4Ft Air Hockey Indoor Sports Gaming Table

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The Charles Bentley 4FT Air Hockey Table is one of the best game tables you will ever find for your kids. It strikes a perfect balance between a full-size table and a miniature version. While this table is most suitable for adults, older or taller kids can play it as well. The game table is an elegant white and dark, which a lot of folks looking for a table that will enhance the décor of their rec room will like. This game table comes with 2 pucks, 2 strikers (mallets), and one manual scorer. The playing surface of the table is medium-sized itself, ideal for people looking for a table with an arcade feel, but not too huge to consume a lot of space.

Furthermore, this game table comes with a 240v motor and a powerful fan, with both requiring electricity to function. This table doesn’t come with the vivid colors and the kind of fancy lights often found in other gam tables. However, players will love the ability of the fan to glide the puck across the playing area. Casual air hockey fans are going to appreciate this feature. However, it’s worth mentioning that you might face some issues during the installation of this table, especially when attaching the blower or the legs to the table. Also, this table isn’t easy to disassemble, which means it must stay assembled. Besides, it is built with MDF materials, meaning it might not heavy usage by a lot of people.


  • Elegant black and white aesthetic
  • Huge 240v motor
  • Mid-size apt for home use
  • Mini version of arcade-style tables
  • This table is powered by AC adapter


  • Concerns over quality
  • Difficult to assemble

2. Walker & Simpson 4ft 13 in 1 Games Table

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People who are in the market to for a table that offers several game options will appreciate this this Walker & Simpson 13 in 1 Games Table. As soon as this table is assembled, it easily transforms to foosball table, bowling, table tennis, checkers, chess, play cards, backgammon, horseshoes, ring toss, basketball, shuffleboard, and air hockey, of course. Kids adequately old to use the table and adults who aren’t really competitive will love the gaming varieties and possibilities offered by this game table.

However, this game table has huge drawback, and it is the fact that it doesn’t have any sort of power source, and comes with no motor or fan to fan the air hockey table. Also, air hockey players who are serious will not like the absence of puck glide in this table, and will definitely end up search for a new playing option. This table is supported and brightly colored by L-shaped legs at the base. Also, it is finished with a light wood complete and includes every accessory required to play around 13 games included.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Vast number of options
  • High quality construction
  • Come with all the required accessories to play the 13 games.
  • Beautiful light wood appearance


  • No blower or fan
  • Excessively tall for little kids to play

3. Riley 4ft 12 in 1 Multi Games Table with 240V Electric motor

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Coming up next on this incredible rundown is the Riley 4ft 12 in 1 Multi Games Table. While the game table from Walker & Simpson features 13 different game options and lacks a blower or an electric fan, this game table from Riley comes with 12 game options and a large electric motor. Also, the offering from Riley looks more natural, with modest colors and a light beech polish.

On this excellent game table, players will get to play classic games like air hockey, table tennis, and foosball, and increase the options with accessories included to enjoy checkers, chess, backgammon, shuffleboard, dice, playing cards, and bowling. This table features a white board, giving players the chance to expand their game repertoire even further, which makes this game table a very flexible option.

In general, this excellent table from Riley is a great game table for kids. While there have been questions marks over the quality of its construction, the multi game option and electric motor compensate for the questionable build quality.


  • Includes all accessories
  • Easy to assemble
  • Natural beech polish easily mixes with home interior decoration
  • Comes with a powerful fan
  • White board for additional games


  • Poor construction quality
  • No lights or electronic scoreboard

4. Charles Bentley 4-In-1 Multi Sports Table Including Pool, Football, Push Hockey & Table Tennis

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You might be surprised that we have included another table from Charles Bentley, but don’t be. The Charles Bentley Multi Sports Table totally merits its spot on this list. It is also a multi game table that has been largely praised for its appealing design and quality. The table comes with 4 game options and it allows players to play conventional games such as foosball, play pool, air hockey, and table tennis.

In addition, the table comes with a very appealing design. The wooden legs and top of the table have a dark wooden finish, and the legs come with support braces, making sure the table remains durable, no matter how roughly it is used. The legs also have stoppers, which help to guarantee a flat playing surface.

Sadly, despite how great this table is, it doesn’t come with an electric motor, which makes it difficult to send the puck across the table. In addition, the assembly of this table doesn’t provide adequate space in the goal, which might potentially result in heated argument or frustrations as players might sometimes be unsure about their goals. However, this issue is fixable by adding an extra washer to the goal screws, or by replacing the follow-come pucks with littler pucks.


  • Unique dark wood finish
  • Sturdy built
  • The table is usable without legs
  • Ideal for very little kids
  • Stoppers on the legs to help with flat playing surface


  • Doesn’t come with a fan
  • Installation takes a lot of time.

5. Mightymast Leisure Whirlwind Air Hockey Table

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With its vivid exterior design and high-gloss playing surface, this 4ft Mightymast Leisure Whirlwind Air Hockey Table will catch your attention immediately at first glance. Perfect for air hockey player who are very serious about the game, this game table features a very powerful motor. In addition, the rounded corners of the game table will ensure the puck stays within the playing area.

Furthermore, this game table is powered by electricity, which is a good news for people that don’t like buying batteries. However, it comes with a manual scoring system, and there are no levelers on the legs, which might make it difficult to achieve a flat playing surface. Unfortunately, this construction quality on this table isn’t impressive, despite all its appealing features. People looking to buy this table for use with a lot of people and little kids might be disappointed when they find out that it can’t pull the weight.


  • Vivid arcade style design
  • Adequately large for competitive play
  • Rounded corners make for better playing experience
  • Powered by AC adapter
  • Legs easily disengage for storage


  • Manual scoring
  • No levelers on legs

Air Hockey Table Buying Guide

If your home features a game room, then you need to equip the game room with the best air hockey table. Besides, they are ideal for any arcade, club, or bar, where you are looking to ensure your guest have a great time as much as possible. The air hockey game is an engaging game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, and people who watch it will find its fast-paced nature exciting. While getting good at air hockey requires some practice and skills, it’s definitely worth the effort.

There are different kinds of air hockey tables, and these incorporate the conventional arcade-style tables, and the less sophisticated tables that are bought often for recreational use at home. Also, there are multi-game and tabletop types that you can buy. Before you buy one of these game tables, you must initially know the primary types out there and what you need.  Also, you need to know how to identify a high-quality table. Once there is a bit of research on your hands, you should be able to settle on a shrewd choice about which air hockey table is perfect for your family.

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Types of Air Hockey Tables

As we already mentioned, there are various kinds of air hockey tables out there on the market. These include arcade-style tables with electronic effects, basic recreational versions, and transportable tabletop types.

Best Air Hockey Tables

Arcade-Style Tables

This is undoubtedly the costliest type of air hockey table on the market, and they are quite often emphatically built, and always come in the standard length of 8 feet. This sort of table usually includes a strong blower motor, and additional electronic features such as sound effects, music, and electronic scoring. This type of air hockey table is very popular, and they are always durable, which makes them provide you with several years of fun and entertainment. These tables are always well-built, and they include a powerful blowing motor for a soft puck slide, solid rink walls for flawless rebound, and an ultra-sleek playing surface which provides players with incredible air hockey playing experience.

If you are looking to maximize your air hockey table for a very lengthy period of time, the arcade-style air hockey table is the perfect choice for you. Also, they are perfect for offices or business places such as an arcade or restaurant. These air hockey tables are very sturdy, and they are designed to withstand several hours of use. You should keep in mind that this type of tables aren’t allowed in pro air hockey leagues, therefore if you are looking for a high-quality air hickey table that is professional standard, this type isn’t suitable for you.

Basic Design Tables

Air hockey tables with basic designs are usually less costly than arcade-style tables and have less extravagant accessories as well. For example, you won’t find music, flashing lights, or electronic scoring in these basic design tables. Also, these tables have a broad range of quality level and prices. A basic air hockey table is ideal for younger kids, but not really suitable for kids in their teenage years, or even adults who want to improve their playing skills. Basic types also come in extensive varieties of size.


This is an extraordinary alternative on the off chance that you need a portable air hockey table that can be easily stored. If your game room isn’t going to accommodate a standard table on a regular basis, then you can make do with this type of air hockey table.  This type of table usually comes with rubberized feet, making it possible to be used on any tabletop, including you’re the game room table, the kitchen table, or even the surface of the floor. Usually, this is the most practical and cost-effective approach of having an air hockey table. Ideal for little kids who are not sufficiently tall to utilize a standard table as this versatile table can be put at any height.


In case you are hoping to get a couple of different games simultaneously, then you should opt for a multi-game table. What you are getting with this type of table is an option to have different games fused into a single table, including air hockey.  The games that are often incorporated into a multi-game table include shuffleboard, foosball, bowling, table tennis, and board games like chess, backgammon, and checkers. It is a really great choice to buy this type of table if you are looking for an entertaining, fun, and different experience fused in a single unit.

Things to Consider When Buying an Air Hockey Table

So you have reached a decision that you are buying an air hockey table for your kids, but you simply don’t know the right place to start when it’s time to buy. Rather than buying the first air hockey table they introduce to you, you can make do with a bit of research. By remembering these vital features, you are guaranteed to buy an air hockey table that will provide you and your family with several years of fun.

Battery or Electrical

If you are an avid traveler or you live somewhere where there is no electricity, your only option should be a battery operated table. Most of the potable tables you will find on the market are operated by batteries. But if there is no electricity problems in the area where you live, your best bet is an electrical table. They utilize powerful fans to ensure that the puck travels sleekly and smoothly.


When buying an air hockey table, it is very vital to take the size into consideration for 2 dissimilar reasons. The first reason being that you have to think about the available space in your game room. If there is no dedicated space for the table in your game room, consider buying a miniature or tabletop model. The second reason is that you need to think about the potential players. If only little kids will be playing, you may avoid going for a full-size table as it may be too large. But if adults are going to be playing the game as well, they won’t find a miniature version any comfortable.


If you are a lover of the air hockey game, just a basic air hockey table may just do it for you. But if you are looking for a table that offers different options, find a multi-game table that allows you to play different games.


If you are going to place your air hockey table in a den or play room, you might not need to pay much attention to design. But if you intend to enhance your recreational room or put the table in your place of business, look for a model with enhanced designs, like those finished with wood grain and incorporated arches that display scores electronically.


You don’t often get what you pay for as regards air hockey tables. This implies that your budget shouldn’t be the first thing you will consider, although it is a very vital factor as well. As soon as you have been able to determine what your kids want from an air hockey table, then proceed and check out which models that fit their desires are within your budget.

Benefits of Playing Air Hockey

In the event that you are a fan of game tables, it isn’t hard to make sense of why. A game table such as air hockey takes up next to no space at all but consumes lots of energy due to its quick pace. In fact, the physical demand of this game will catch first timers by surprise. Then, it isn’t surprising that some people turn to this game as a component of a fun cardio schedule. In any case, besides encouraging fitness, air hockey game really has a great deal of advantages for you and your kids.

Benefits of Playing Air Hockey

Non-exercise Activity

The meaning of this is that playing the air hockey game isn’t related with the physical effort people often connect with exercise such as aerobics, weight lifting, and running. However, it is useful for burning a lot of calories and getting your heart rate going. Therefore, a great session of hair hockey can go a long way in helping you shed fat without you even observing. This is like having fun while working out.

Stress Relief

Sometimes, have you ever felt like just hitting something? Transfer the aggression to the puck! Therapists concur that when you have a great deal of repressed outrage, whacking something and letting everything out greatly helps. Therefore, an aggressive section such as air hockey is simply what you need. However, due to the fact that it’s a social game that has to be played with a family member or a friend, you may also welcome the idea of having a company whilst you deal with your emotions. So, isn’t that a fun approach of getting over something troubling you?

Hand Eye Coordination

Great hand-eye coordination is a thing you need to develop in your children, therefore the air hockey game will do them a lot of good. However, there is a need for adults to practice as well, so playing the game with your children will profit everyone.


Air hockey isn’t just about using a mallet to hit a puck with the hope that you’ll score a goal. Air hockey is about placement and strategy! Whenever you hit the puck, you must be finding a way to displace your opponent so that they get out of position and you will be able to score. Whether through the shouting, laughing, and grunting, air hockey is a game that requires reasoning – and you have to do it while standing. Believe it or not, air hockey sharpens your reasoning capabilities.


People, especially kids, really have a need to be regularly exposed to the pressure that comes with competitions. A competitive atmosphere pushes children to give their 100 percent over a long period of time. Their focus and skills are tested, and regardless of how much they try, they have to lose sometimes. When this happens, their characters are tested. Everything happening in a safe condition of games and sports. To put it plainly, these competitions get them ready for the real world. Having easy access to a table game like air hockey means they have regular reach to life training.


Air hockey isn’t a game you can play alone. This implies that you’re providing your children a chance to mingle during a game of air hockey. This is particularly vital if you feel your child needs to come out of his or her shell a bit more. Additionally, it is a decent bit of furniture to place in your recreation room when you want to entertain your guests. A great air hockey game is guaranteed to breathe life into any gathering whether you are entertaining your friends or your children’s friends. Here is the video about the air hockey table.

Our Top Pick of Air Hockey Table

Buying an air hockey table is a nice way of bringing a source of excitement and fun to your home. This game can be enjoyed by people of all ages, and fortunately, there are several options on the market. Determining the ideal table for your kids is a procedure, and it starts by figuring out the skill level of you and your kids, your budget, and the available space in your play area or rec room. This list contains every kind of air hockey table for kids, from different categories, so we have a feeling you should have reached a decision by now.

However, if you are still unsure about the exact air hockey table to buy for your home, you may find our recommendation useful. Even though we hold all the tables on this list in high regards, we think the best table we reviewed is the Riley 4ft 12 in 1 Multi Games Table with 240V Electric motor. It is a multi-sport table that allows players to play 12 exciting games and it also comes with an electric motor for air hockey. If you can easily afford its high cost, this is a game table your kids should have.

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