7 Best Jumping Jacks Shoes for Kids in 2018


Jumping Jacks Kids isn’t a novice in the kids footwear industry. And we all know the brand and how it has put smiles on kids’ faces and consequently parents’ own too for a long time now. Jumping Jacks Kids is crazy about kids’ foot health and that’s why it concentrates on manufacturing the most comfortable, breathable shoes it possibly can. No wonder it is loved by all. And no wonder you’re here looking for some yourself. Jumping Jacks shoes are just too amazing to pass up.

So, today we have prepared a comprehensive review of our seven best Jumping Jacks kids shoes (deciding was so difficult, we tell you). We also made sure to ensure that the review is a perfectly mixed bag, so you’ll be sure to find Jumping Jacks girls shoes, Jumping Jacks boys shoes, Jumping Jack toddler shoes, and so on. So, if you’re ready to get wowed in the world of shoes… oh! we see, you’re ready! Then, let’s get to it!

But just before we get down to the comprehensive review, we understand that you might be in a hurry right now. Don’t worry; we got you covered. Here’s a table that gives you a quick comparison among our 7 best shoes. Happy looking! Now, we can go on to the reviews.

  Jumping Jacks Girl’s Beach Sandals Jumping Jacks Sailor Boat Shoe for Boys Jumping Jacks Kids Shawna Sneaker Jumping Jacks Kendra Ballet Flat Jumping Jacks Buck Lace Up Oxford



Jumping Jacks Brenna Zip Boot



Jumping Jacks Kids’ Perfection
Gender Girls Boys Unisex Girls Boys Girls Unisex
Age Toddler/little kid 1 – 4 years 1 – 4 years 8 – 12 years Infant (0 – 12 months) 4 – 8 years Infant (0 – 12 months)
Material Rubber outsole Leather/rubber sole Synthetic/Rubber sole/Metal trim Synthetic/Rubber sole Leather Micro suede/sweater collar Leather
Color(s) Purple/Multi, Silver/Metallic/Multi Navy oiled leather/gold trim and brown oiled leather/gold trim Black, Mocha brown, raspberry red Black shiny White Tan/Pink White
Size(s) 30M EU/12.5M US Little Kid, 34M EU/2.5M US Little Kid, 30W EU (12.5W US Little Kid), 32W EU (13.5W US Little Kid), 35 EU (3M US Little Kid) 7M US Toddler, 7.5M US Toddler, 8.5M US Toddler, 9.5M US Toddler 25M EU/8M US Toddler 3.5M US Big Kid 1.5M US Infant, 3M US Infant 30M EU/12 – 12.4 US Little Kid, 32 EU, 35M EU/3M US Little Kid 2 Infant M – 2.5 Infant XXW

Mom’s Guide: Most Popular Jumping Jacks Shoes

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1.Jumping Jacks Girl’s Beach Sandals:

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So, yeah, we decided to begin with a little something for the beach. These sandals are absolutely cute and even come in two color variations. Plus, they are super comfy too. However, to get the best for your kid, be sure to check the size chart from Jumping Jacks itself, as the brand tends to run a little large. Once that’s settled, you can get ready to be the proud parent of the most adorable kid at the beach. The Jumping Jacks brand is easily recognized and appreciated by people with taste!

So, to the practical part… It comes with a hook-and-loop closure. This means that it is super easy to take off the shoes and put them back on. Your kid will be able to do this without breaking a sweat. The footbed itself where your kids’ foot will rest is, of course, well padded. You can trust Jumping Jacks to only produce comfy footwear. And because you’re at the beach and moisture is inevitable, these sandals come with neoprene lining to keep your baby’s feet dry. You know how wet feet can create ample festering ground for germs. Ew! We also love that the sole of these sandals are very durable as well. There’s nothing not to love about this pair. Get it for your daughter and watch her shine!

What We Like About It: These sandals offer excellent traction, are so very comfy and can even be machine washed.

What We Didn’t Like About It: You have to be careful when ordering these as Jumping Jacks tends to run a little large.

2.Jumping Jacks Sailor Boat Shoe for Boys:

[amazon box=”B005G0ITSO” template=”vertical”]

Check out these boys shoes from Jumping Jacks. We are completely impressed by them and are not at all surprised that they are a favorite of many little boys. They are every bit as stylish as they are cute. Plus, they come in two different color variations. They’re made of leather and come with rubber soles. We know rubber soles are a good thing because it means that the shoes are going to stick around for a mighty long time.

As you know Jumping Jacks is obsessed with comfort, so each collar of each shoe is completely padded. And that’s not all, the footbed is also cushioned with athletic mesh so that your child’s foot can rest well.

If you’re questioning the durability of these shoes, then you’re probably still new to Jumping Jacks. These shoes will last. Let’s see why: the sidewall is stitched, so no tears; also, the outsole is triple density and yet flexible. So, you see, your son will sooner outgrow the shoes than they would get worn.

Little tip, though, order up on this one as it has been observed that they tend to run a bit small.

What We Liked About It: These shoes are very comfy and so durable. We love how Jumping Jacks took all the necessary steps to ensure that the shoes last, feel great on the feet, and still look super cute.

What We Didn’t Like About It: They tend to run a bit small size-wise. And they also tend to be a little bulky too.

3.Jumping Jacks Kids Shawna Sneaker:

[amazon box=”B01BFSE6DM” template=”vertical”]

At our number three spot, we feature a very unique Jumping Jacks sneaker for both boys and girls. Your toddler would look absolutely fantastic in this. It’s stylish and makes a very bold fashion statement. There are three color variations including the black, mocha brown, and raspberry red. Everything about these sneakers screams quality and you won’t regret buying it.

They’ve got rubber soles – one of the many ways Jumping Jacks assures you of durability for as long as possible. Of course the sole is also very flexible and lightweight making the sneakers very easy on your toddler’s feet. They are beautiful high tops and the shaft measures about 3.5 inches from the arch of the footbed.

The finish of these sneakers is exceptional too. It’s super smooth and comes with this metal trim that just takes the sneakers to a whole new level of cute!

What We Liked About It: These are sneakers, and if you know your sneakers, then you understand one reason they will never go out of style. They are versatile! You can wear them with almost anything from skinny jeans even to dresses. And the color variations? Amazing!

What We Didn’t Like About It: They run a little big and we wish these fantastic sneaks came in more color options.

4.Jumping Jacks Kendra Ballet Flat:

[amazon box=”B01BG2ME22″ template=”vertical”]

Here’s another something for your little princess. It’s black and shiny and would look absolutely stunning on your daughter. The shoes come with rubber soles which make them pretty flexible but at the same time very durable. She’ll wear this till she tires of them or outgrows them and passes them down, we can assure you. The shoes also come with cute little heels as well. There’s no reason your daughter won’t shine in these!

What We Liked About It: They look absolutely classy. And because they are well made, they are very durable.

What We Didn’t Like About It: There seems to be a problem with the width of these shoes as a couple of parents complained about them being either too wide or too narrow.

5.Jumping Jacks Buck Lace Up Oxford:

[amazon box=”B00KNSY1U4″ template=”vertical”]

We completely adore these white Oxford shoes from Jumping Jacks. First of all, the color is off the hook. Just imagine your baby stepping out in these wonderful pieces of awesomeness; there’s no way people won’t work up to you just to gosh over your munchkin and his shoes. They are that stunning. But hey, what’s the use being so attractive if they don’t last? By now, you should know that Jumping Jacks does nothing but quality. These shoes are 100% leather. Now, you see why they look so solid. And as for the sole, it’s made of rubber. And as you know, rubber gives flexibility and durability.

The collars of the shoes are well padded and the footbed is cushioned to give your baby’s feet a plush experience. Of course, you want your baby feeling as great as he looks. No point getting him cute shoes that he has to take off because of discomfort.

These shoes are very versatile and your boy can wear them for almost any occasion, be it a casual outing or school.

What We Liked About It: These shoes are super stylish and very comfy. The comfort these shoes give are especially a big deal in this case because they are meant to be for infants who do not take discomfort kindly at all.

What We Didn’t Like About It: The shoes aren’t actually white per se. They actually tend more towards off-white or beige.

6.Jumping Jacks Brenna Zip Boot:

[amazon box=”B00I9FT1MQ” template=”vertical”]

Guys, one look at this pair and you’re going to want to sing, “isn’t she lovely?..” haha! That’s how lovely these boots are! They are just the thing to gift that little girl between 4 and 8 years you’ve been hoping to surprise ever since. The boots come in a beautiful tan finish with the shaft ending in a beautiful sweater material. With the tan/pink color combo, your girl will stand out in these boots, making a strong statement as a young fashionista!

The boots are made of micro suede while the upper part where the shaft ends is made of sweater material. The sole is synthetic. So, you can see that these boots are going to last. The materials with which they were made are of the highest quality. From the arch of the boots to the end of the shaft is about 9.75 millimeters, while the heel measures about 0.75inches. And then the opening into the boot measures about 11.25 inches. The bottom line of all these figures is that they will give your daughter a most comfortable fit. It’s roomy enough to not be too tight or too loose either, of course, provided you get the correct size. So, when the weather gets cool, why not get your daughter some cool boots to go with it?

What We Liked About It: They are extremely cool looking winter boots that every girl should own. The color combination is also quite stunning.

What We Didn’t Like: Well, even though they are winter boots, you can’t exactly call suede a waterproof material. We don’t understand why Jumping Jacks made a pair of winter boots this way (maybe they just want you to sit still and look pretty), but you might want to be careful with how your girl uses these around water.

7.Jumping Jacks Kids’ Perfection:

[amazon box=”B005A8MM2Q” template=”vertical”]

We round off today’s reviews with these white stunners for infants. They are unisex so they will fit your boy or girl just right. And we especially love it because of its unassuming look. It’s fantastic for casual, everyday wear. And, in usual Jumping Jacks fashion, it is very comfy and durable.

The design of these shoes is pretty simple. It comes with lacing closure. And its outsole is flexible and dual density. In simple English, these shoes are going to be around for a very long time. The footbed is, of course, padded as is the collar so your baby gets all the comfort that they need while in these shoes.

What We Liked About Them: These shoes are super cute and fantastic for everyday outings. Kids that are still learning to maintain their balance will find these shoes easy on the feet as they are lightweight and very comfy.

What We Didn’t Like About It: It only comes in white color. There are no color variations.

Choosing the Best Jumping Jacks Shoes for Children

Choosing the best Jumping Jacks shoes for kids isn’t any different from choosing a regular pair of shoes. Of course, you’d need to be sure of your baby’s shoe size, preferences, age, and all that. Sometimes, you’ll need to get them a gender-specific pair; other times, not. And then the occasion and weather conditions also determine what kind of shoes you eventually settle for.

But here’s one advice to hold to heart when shopping for Jumping Jacks shoes. In fact, make that two. The first is that Jumping Jacks appears to have its own size chart different from the standard. If you want to get something that fits, ensure you follow its chart. Also, many times, its shoes tend to run large, so you’d most often have to order down. To be certain though, always read the reviews first so you’re sure whether to order down or up or just that size.

Lastly, Jumping Jacks Shoes come in a wide range of prices. So, it’s often best to keep a particular budget in mind when shopping for shoes. This way, you avoid overspending and you still end up with what you want.

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Other People’s Opinion:

Best Jumping Jacks Shoes for kids

The favorite by far will have to be the Jumping Jacks Kids Shawna Sneaker. Everyone completely adores this pair. They are cute, come in three color variations, and are so so stylish! You know high tops never go out of style.

The Jumping Jacks Buck Lace Up Oxford stole the show for Jumping Jacks shoes for boys hands down. Even though the color isn’t exactly white as advertised, the overall look of these shoes is superior and parents couldn’t get enough of it. Same with the Jumping Jacks Kendra Ballet Flat. These princess shoes also won over many hearts in the category of jumping Jacks shoes for girls. And for infants, most parents loved the Jumping Jacks Kids’ Perfection. Super comfy and super cute!

Our Top Pick of  Best Jumping Jacks Shoes

This time, we go with the majority. Our hearts literally stopped when we saw the Jumping Jacks Kids Shawna Sneaker. Sneakers are so versatile and can be won on literally anything. And this lovely pair is easily one of the prettiest we have seen around in recent times.

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