5 Best Ice Cream Makers That are Best on the Market in 2018


Ice cream; what a sweet treat for a hot summer day. The heat is such a good excuse to indulge in some frozen treats. However, most of us do not need any excuse indulging our sweet tooth once in a while. Others may want to indulge more often but for health reasons have to cut down.

That’s why you really need to consider getting the best ice cream maker for you and your family. With either one of the best frozen yogurt makers or top rated ice cream makers, making frozen treats can become an adventure.

Though affordable ice creams of various brands and flavors are readily available, there’s something about homemade ice cream. You may think it would be difficult to make your own ice cream at home but no, it’s not! With some ice cream maker recipes and the best ice cream maker for you, you’d be pleasantly surprised.

One advantage of having a home ice cream maker is that you can avoid ingredients that you are allergic to.   You can also decide that you want to eat your cake and have it; make healthier ice cream.

There are actually lots of products out there that claim to be the best home ice cream maker. The truth, however, is that only one would be the best choice for your family.

In this review, we’ll show you some of the top rated ice cream makers. This would help you make up your mind on which is actually the best home ice cream maker for you.

5 Top Rated Ice Cream Makers on Amazon 2018 Reviews

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1.Cuisinart ICE-30R Ice Cream Maker

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About the Product

The Cuisinart ice cream maker made this list of best ice cream maker because of its efficiency and hardiness. This candidate for the best home ice cream maker makes the process delightful. Throw in some ice cream maker recipes and you’ll be having yourself a good time whenever you want it. This is a soft serve ice cream maker that gives you consistently smooth ice cream. If you want rock solid ice cream, you’d have to freeze the ice cream for some hours in your freezer. You do not have to do any manual labor; throw in your ingredients and let the machine do the work.


That’s not all about this product; let’s look at some of its main features.

  1. Double insulated freezer bowl – You freeze this bowl overnight; this means that you have to prepare ahead for you ice cream making venture. That’s the way it’s designed to work because it doesn’t come with its own refrigerating unit. There are other models that come with refrigerating units but they are not on the same price level with this. That said; this works well as a home ice cream maker.
  2. Heavy duty motor – This works fast and efficiently to churn out your frozen treats in as little time as 25 minutes. Great for a busy person who doesn’t have so much time to spare but loves to indulge in homemade treats.
  3. 2 quarts capacity – The freezer bowl has a 2 quarts capacity that allows you to double some of your recipes.
  4. Large opening for putting extra ingredients – This allows you to add your mix-in ingredients without stopping the cycle.
  5. Hand wash only – This is to ensure that your freezing bowl is not damaged by the heat of the dishwasher. The heat of the dishwasher would destroy the freezing liquid in it.
  6. Limited 3-year warranty – This guarantees the quality of this product. Replacements would be made based on the terms and conditions of the sales agreement.


This product comes loaded with a lot of benefits; listed below are some of them

  1. Made with BPA free materials – This keeps you rest assured as you whip up different frozen treats. No fear of food poisoning or the likes due to contamination from materials used in manufacturing it.
  2. Easy to use – it doesn’t require any training for you to use; no complicated set up and dismantling.
  3. Easy clean up – Because it doesn’t make a mess while in use, you are assured of no extra clean up time.
  4. Automatic motor- This means that the freezer bowl, mixing paddle and the motor does all the work. There’s no manual labor required of you other than to throw in your ingredients.


  1. Well, truth is that almost everything in life has pros and cons.  Wonderful as this product is, almost all the verified users complain of the noise level. Oh, that it could churn out those frozen treats with quiet dignity (lol).
  2. All in all, a high percentage of users have expressed satisfaction with this Cuisinart ice cream maker. So it is safe to say that this can be the best Cuisinart ice cream maker for you.

2.Hamilton Beach 68330N 4-Quart Automatic Ice-Cream Maker

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About the Product

The Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker enables you to create delicious frozen treats in the comfort of your home. It is designed with smart features that make it easy to use whether you are tech savvy or not. This great machine comes with recipes that are easy to replicate even if you don’t know your way around a kitchen. It doesn’t require any manual labor on your part; all you need do is throw in your ingredients and watch it do all the work. In less than an hour, approximately between 20 to 40 minutes, you have your scoop(s) of frozen delight.

There’s still more to this great equipment; here’s a list of some of its wonderful features…


  1. Fully automated – It works with an automatic motor that is set to stop when your ice cream gets to a certain thickness. This ensures that the content wouldn’t freeze solid thereby damaging the motor.
  2. Easy –to-lock lid – The lid is easy to fit and locks; doesn’t require much strength to be exerted.
  3. User manual included – It comes with a user manual that explains how the machine works. Though it’s a fairly easy machine to use, the manual still helps make it much easier to use.
  4. Limited one year warranty – It comes with a one year limited warranty in case you are not satisfied with your purchase. This also covers manufacturing defects and other terms covered in the terms and agreement of purchase.


Not only does this machine have these features, it also has some benefits. They include:

  1. Easy to clean – There are no complicated parts to this machine. This makes it easy to clean after use.
  2. Easy to set up – It doesn’t require any complicated set up or assembling. It can sit anywhere on your countertop.
  3. Stops when the mixing is done – This means that you don’t have to keep watch over it as it mixes. Just throw in your ingredients and let the machine do its work and stop when it’s done.
  4. It’s a money saver – This machine allows you to make four quarts of ice cream at once. This makes it a bargain purchase because you save money with every batch of ice cream you make. This is especially true for ice cream lovers with high level of ice cream consumption.


Though a majority of users attest to the efficiency of this machine, there’s still room for improvement. Some of the areas mentioned are:

  1. Noise level – The noise level of the motor is high. Some customers complain that they have to lock it up in the pantry or use it outside because of the noise.
  2. No opening to add mix-in ingredients – The lack of a spout for adding some mix-ins like nuts, fruits etc, is a minus. Though it doesn’t detract from the performance of the machine, it would be nice to have this opening.

If you are looking for a quieter ice cream maker, you may consider the Whynter ICM-15LS Ice Cream Maker, Stainless Steel.

3.Breville BCI600XL Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker

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About the Product

This is Breville’s simple to use machine that allows you to make your ice cream without stress. The automatic feature allows you to set it to a desired hardness. The machine senses when the mixture has gotten to the desired hardness and shuts off. It also keeps your frozen treat at that hardness until you are ready to serve.


Not only that, it also has more features that include:

  1. 12 hardness settings – it comes with 12 different hardness settings – This gives you a wide variety of hardness to choose from. This means you can have the best frozen yogurt maker,best electric ice cream maker, best automatic ice cream maker all in one machine.
  2. Made with BPA free materials – The materials used in construction are certified food grade and safe for the whole family.
  3. Comes with a child lock feature – This makes it safe to use around kids.
  4. Readiness alert beep – it has an alert or musical tune that would let you know when your mixture is ready.
  5. Self – refrigerating compressor – This saves you the hassle of having to freeze your bowls overnight or hours before use.


  1. Allows you to indulge your spur-of-the-moment cravings.
  2. It’s easy to use and clean.
  3. It’s safe to use around children.
  4. It doesn’t need constant monitoring; the beep or musical tune would alert you when your mixture is ready.
  5. It cools down to -20 F which makes it cool fast and remain chilled.


Two things that customers would like to see improved is the noise level and the delicateness of the compressor. If only the machine can operate with less noise and the compress is hardier; this would make it the best home ice cream maker for most customers.

4.Nostalgia ICMP400WD 4-Quart Electric Wood Bucket Ice Cream Maker

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About the Product

The Nostalgia ice cream maker is an old fashioned design that’s filled with up to date conveniences. Although it’s built to remind you of your childhood ice cream maker, it doesn’t come with all the stress. The wooden exterior is aesthetically pleasing but the interior is practical. It’s lined with plastic that’s easy to wash and also protects the wood.


This machine has many great features that include:  

  1. String and locking electric motor- This adheres to the bucket without too much physical exertion on your part. It also keeps all the parts intact.
  2. Made of real wood construction and BPA free materials – This makes it both beautiful and safe for the whole family.
  3. Transparent cover – This allows you to view the content as it mixes.
  4. Freezer storage – This saves you the hassle of looking for how or what to store the ice cream or desert in.


  1. The plastic liner makes it easy to clean.
  2. It produces four quarts of frozen dessert at once. This saves you time and effort; maybe some money too!
  3. It’s easy to clean because there are no hard to reach areas in the machine.
  4. Makes clean up easy because it doesn’t make a mess while in use.
  5. The motor operates quietly.


Though it is a beautifully designed machine, some customers have complained that it is not as sturdy as they expected. Others also suggested that it is cheaply made and may not last as long as one desires.

5.Whynter ICM-201SB 2.1 Quart Upright Ice Cream Maker

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About the Product

This product allows you to make homemade frozen desserts to your taste or craving at any time you desire. Because of its compact size, it can fit onto your countertop without taking up much space. It is a soft serve ice cream maker that works with most ice cream maker recipes. You can operate it in three modes which are the ice cream mode, the cooling only mode and the mixing only mode. This makes it a versatile machine for your frozen treats.


Here are some more wonderful features of this machine:

  1. Effective compressor with cooling temperature between 0.4F to -31F- This frees you from having to pre-freeze your bowl and also churns out perfect frozen treats in less than an hour.
  2. Removable churning blade and stainless steel mixing bowl- This makes it easy to clean up.
  3. Fail safe feature – Shuts off motor before the content freezes. This prevents the frozen mixture from spoiling the churning blade.
  4. Made with BPA free materials – This ensures that it is healthy to use in food preparation.


  1. Versatility- This machine can be operated in three modes; the ice cream only, mixing only and chilling only modes. This frees you to experiment with different recipes.
  2. Pause button – This allows you to pause the cycle of operation and add your mix-in ingredients.
  3. Space efficient – The compact design makes it possible for you to place it on your countertop. It doesn’t take up much space.


Most verified buyers have mentioned this product in best ice cream maker reviews as one of the best automatic ice cream makers. However, one complaint is most prevalent; the user manual is not really helpful. This means that novice users have to figure things out themselves.

Helpful Tips as Buying the Best Ice Cream Maker 

Thanks for taking out time to read through this review. We know you may be on the verge of making a decision but before you do, here are some tips…

Are you looking for the best automatic ice cream maker, the best electric ice cream maker or the best frozen yogurt maker? The first thing to do is read a number of best ice cream maker reviews. This would help you have a general knowledge of what to expect from brands and models.

Best Ice Cream Maker 

Here are some major factors to consider before you decide on any brand or model…

  1. Ease of use – This is an important factor to consider before choosing a brand. How much manual work do you have to do? How easily can you get the hang of it? How complicated are the parts and features? These and other factors affect how easy it would be to use. Machines that have compressors are easier to use than others. For the salt and ice models, a motor determines the ease of use. Freezing time is also part of what makes for ease of use; one thing that can help is an extra bowl so that preparation time is shorter and easier.
  2. Capacity – If you are a homemaker who entertains a lot and would use your machine often then you may consider getting the four quart machines. It would be more convenient for you than to have those models with smaller capacity. You wouldn’t need to make more than one or two batches of ice cream or whatever frozen dessert it is per time.
  3. Speed – The speed of your ice cream maker determines the preparation time necessary before you have your homemade frozen treat. If you are patient and don’t mind preparing stuff ahead of use, then you may not bother about a compressor model. But for those spur-of-the-moment folks, you may go for the compressor models so that you can get your treat in less than an hour. But do note that the time and speed differs from one model to the next.
  4. Safety – Safety is one feature that should be uppermost in your list of considerations. Some models have child lock; others have fail-safe features that turn off the machine when the mixture is ready. The child lock feature ensures the safety of your children while the fail- safe feature ensures the safety of your machine. Another major safety issue is the kind of material used for construction of the machine; especially the mixing bowl and paddle. Ensure that any part that comes in contact with food is made with BPA free materials and are so certified.
  5. Ease of cleanup – Compressor models with removable bowls and paddles are easier to clean than those with fixed bowls. Smaller models are also easier to clean but that might mean smaller capacity.
  6. Noise level – every appliance with a motor emits some sound. However, some brands and models are noisier than others. If you are easily irritated by noisy appliances, then check best ice cream maker reviewsto know which models/brands to avoid.
  7. Extra features – Some extra features would make your purchase worthwhile. They include:
  8. Extra frozen bowl –  This makes your preparation time shorter and the process easier.
  9. Alert bell – This frees you from monitoring your mixture and just lets you know when it’s ready.
  10. Stay cool feature – This saves you to hassle of having to serve right away by keeping your ice cream set and chilled.
  11. Different hardness settings – This allows you to set the machine to your desired hardness for your mixture. You can also experiment with different recipes.
  12. Cool down feature – This allows you to start mixing faster.
  13. LCD display – This makes choosing a setting and checking the temperature much easier and simpler.
  14. Availability of replacement parts – This is an important factor to consider. You wouldn’t want to get a model for which replacement parts are no longer available or are hard to get. Kitchenaid ice cream makers have quite a number of replacement parts on Amazon. You can check them out here.

Remember that the best homemade ice cream maker for you is the one that meets your need. There’s no need wasting money on a fad that wouldn’t be useful to you.


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