Best Guide to Pack Your Hospital Bag for Labor and Delivery


Now that you are about to pop, it is time to consider packing your hospital bag. The baby can come anytime in your third trimester from the 36th week. Perhaps you are already prepared to welcome your new-born; her nursery is all set, your older children are probably thrilled and, they can’t wait to be home soon enough to meet their little sister or brother. And, if you have a toddler, most likely he is giggling and cooing at the thought of being an older brother. With all the excitement building up, it is easy to forget about packing your hospital bag. You will need a hospital bag checklist to ensure you do not leave behind anything essential. You might briefly stay at the hospital or be there for a few days but all in all, your hospital bag must be well equipped. Therefore, here are the must-haves when packing your hospital bag.

List of What to Pack for Labour

1. Birth Plan

This is a write up of how you wish to manage labor pain. Your hospital may also provide birth plan brochures that detail the options you have.

2. Medical Records

It includes your past medical history, insurance cover, etc.

3. Nightgown   Baby Be Mine Nightgown

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It should be one that is loose fitting and lightweight for comfortable rests preferably one that is sleeveless with a frontal opening and back opening.

Baby Be Mine is a three in one nightgown best for labor, delivery, and as a nursing gown. It has a frontal opening that comes handy for medical examinations and for monitoring the baby. It also has a back opening for easy access in case of an epidural.

It also has snaps on the shoulders that you can easily open; for the skin to skin contact when your baby is born, breastfeeding and a medical check-up. Baby be mine is made out of 100% cotton making it a very comfortable maternity wear.

4. Hair Tie   Scunci Hair Ties

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If you have long hair, it is best if you carry a hair tie. A hair tie is better than a hair clip which can poke you while you are in labor.

These are excellent hair ties for any hair texture and length. They do not have metal tags, and they do not pull hair. Also, they hold the hair in place perfectly.

5. Socks   Baby Be Mine Non-Skid socks for labor and delivery

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Although most hospitals have are warm, some women get cold feet while laboring and socks can be very helpful in keeping your feet warm.

These are 80% cotton socks that come with a cute message that can motivate you before you deliver. They also non-skid meaning they have a good grip on the ground when you walk while wearing them.

6. Lip Moisturizer   Belli comfort lip balm

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Your lips may dry up when you are laboring but to prevent chapped lips, carry a lip balm.

It is specifically made for expectant mothers, and it has no chemical additives. Moreover, it is checked to prevent ingredients that can cause harm to the baby or the breastfeeding mother.

7. Flip Flops  Ultraideas slip-ons

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Slip-ons are very comfortable especially if you choose to pace the halls of the hospital.

These are backless soft, comfy slip-ons that you can easily put on and remove.

8. IPod and Magazines

An iPod for music and magazines to help you pass the time in the labor ward. It can also be anything that tickles your fancy.

9. Massaging Oil  Oils4life labor massage oil

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It is specifically designed for expecting moms who are about to deliver. With its essential oils containing lavender, geranium and more, it is a soothing oil that can also be used in a labor bath for relaxation.

10. Pillow  Sanggol maternity pillow

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This is a 4 in 1 pillow that you can use as a pregnancy support, nursing support, body pillow support and as a pregnancy discomforts reliever.

List of What to Pack after You Deliver

1. Maternity Pads  Natracare organic pads

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Maternity pads have a perfect absorbency feature even when you bleed heavily.

[Read more about:best maternity clothes]

2. Dispensable Cotton Panties  Gift pocket underwear

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3. Nipple Cream  Era Organics soothing nipple cream

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Nipple cream helps alleviate pain, irritation, and dryness when you start breastfeeding your baby.

4. Old Nightgown

Pack a nightgown that you do not mind messing because chances are it might be messed up

5. Outfit for Leaving Hospital

Choose clothes that you will wear while leaving the hospital that are the size you were while pregnant because your tummy will still bulge.

6. Antenatal Class Notes

Such notes are useful for perusing to refresh your mind on the tips on how to breastfeed.

7. Nursing Pads and Maternity Bras

Nursing pads absorb moisture to keep wetness at bay while the maternity bras are made for ease of breastfeeding.

Fiery Youth maternity nursing bras

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Munchkin nursing pads

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8. Toiletries

Empty contents of toiletries into small containers for light packing. The toiletries include soap, toothpaste, shampoo and other items you may need.

9. Towels

Carry extra towels for more comfort although most hospitals provide them.

10. Sleeping Mask  Lewis N Clark sleeping mask

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You may find the hospital being too much lit; therefore, a sleeping mask can block away all the light.

7 Lists of What to Pack for Partner

  1. Change of clothes

Your birth partner might stay for a while; therefore, they need extra pairs of clothes.

  1. Toiletries

These are essential for a comfortable stay.

  1. CDs for music, movies

These are needed to chase away boredom and keep him occupied.

  1. Snacks and drinks

They are essential to keep your partner energized and hydrated so that he does not always have to go out to get food.

  1. Sleeping pillow

For short power naps on the couch or hospital seats, they can be an excellent packing idea.

  1. Mobile phone and charger

These are a must have as the phone can be used to record footage of your delivery to keep as a special memory, you may also need the phone monitor the intensity of contractions as time passes.

  1. Comfy shoes

Your birth partner may need to pace around with you in the hospital halls, so he needs comfy shoes.

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