10 Best GoPro Camera For Kids & Buying Guide (2018 Update)


As you have undoubtedly noted, the popularity of GoPro for kids has been on the rise in the recent past. From YouTube videos of beautiful panoramic sand beaches to professional wing suit stuntmen, these action cameras have made capturing our best moments more interesting. Investing in a VTech GoPro for kids is, therefore, a fantastic way of motivating your kids to get outside and remain active.

If you are planning to gift your little one with a kids’ gopro camera but you are not sure where to start, we got your back and will guide you on what to look out for when purchasing one. This will also include detailed information about each GoPro for kid to leave you well informed and ready for the purchase.

Best GoPro for kids Comparison Table

product Dimensions




Recommended age (years)
GoPro Hero6 Black 1.8× 2.4×1.3 4.2 6 and above
GoPro Hero5 Black 2.4×1.7× 0.9 4.2 6 and above
GoPro Hero4 Silver 2.8 ×2.8 × 1.5 5.1 6 and above
GoPro Hero with LCD 5.4× 7.0×3.7 4.48 3-9 years
VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera 6.4× 3.6× 2.3 1.46 6 and above
PowPro KFun PP-J52 Action Camera 7.0× 9.5×2.0 11.3 6- 9
VTech Kidizoom Selfie GoPro 3.1× 3.5×12.4 13.6 6 and above
Spy Gear Spy GoPro 3.0× 10×12


6.4 4 and above
VTech Kidizoom Action Camera 0.9× 3.5×2.5 1.15 6 and above
TomTom Bandit 3.7× 1.5× 2.1 6.6


Best 10 GoPro Camera For Kids

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1.GoPro Hero6 Black

[amazon box=”B074X5WPC5″ template=”vertical”]

If you are looking to gift your kid with the best action camera, then the GoPro Hero6 will do the magic. While it appears as its predecessor, Hero5 on the outside, it has more advanced features. For instance,, it has a GP1 processing engine that allows you to capture super high quality images and videos. This is complemented by voice commands, a 2 inch touchscreen and updated quick stories app that automatically edits and transfers the footages.


  • Produces high video and image quality
  • Long life batter that stays for 3 hours of continuous usage
  • Waterproof- allows your child to dive for 10m comfortably


  • A bit costly compared to the other brands in the market.

2.VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera

[amazon box=”B013UQIK2A” template=”vertical”]

Kidizoom duo can be used by children of all ages. It has fully packed features that make it the perfect camera for the kids who will be capturing the images and videos for the first time.  It has a rear and front-facing camera with a switch button that makes it easy for the kid to take selfie shots. We liked the fact that  has parental control features and the battery automatically shuts off when not in use. This helps in preserving the battery life.


  • Has an inbuilt image optimization option hence the camera makes automatic shots and selects the best ones to keep
  • Fully integrated sound recording features and custom voice effects that allows the child to create fun videos.


  • It has a little  lower resolution for both image and sound

3.GoPro hero4 Silver

[amazon box=”B00NIYJF6U” template=”vertical”]

Before the recent launch GoPro hero 5, hero4 was at the throne of the action cameras. It is the first ever action camera to support 4K AT 30fps at the time when the others had only 15fps.  This is a high-resolution camera with high-speed options like 1080p (1920×1080) at 120 frames every second or 1440p (1920×1440) at 80 frames each second. These are just a few highlights of the bewildering resolution settings array.

The Gopro Hero4  has a mounting kit and a Wi-Fi control function that is either controlled by using a remote or a smartphone. It remains waterproof up to 50m and its MP4 can record up to 4K and 30frames at 60Mbits per second. One more outstanding feature about this camera is that it’s possible to increase the speed at the available 0.5 to 60 seconds. It produces good colors but the images quality is somewhat lower compared to that of standard cameras.

4.GoPro hero with LCD

[amazon box=”B072K25157″ template=”vertical”]

Looking for a GoPro with  Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection that basically facilitates the camera controls so that you can change the shooting modes and settings remotely? We,, here you have one. By looking at the capabilities and specs of this camera, you will notice that it stripes much better than Hero4.  It is wireless, meaning it can be connected to a windows or an Android phone. Beyond that, it has a high-resolution power of 8 megapixels as compared to the other GoPro that have5.

Both photo and video captions are noticeably of good quality. What’s more, its battery can stay for two hours of continuous usage after a full charge. We like the fact that it allows full camera shot preview, content playback and material sharing. It is well designed to outlive water, dust and sand and all practical things you can throw at like snow and surf. This makes it the perfect camera for your adventurous kid.


  • Good quality but still affordable
  • Has a live view back touchscreen that captures clear videos
  • The built-in wireless feature makes it possible to control the camera remotely by use of a tablet or Smartphone.


  • Has no housing hence produces images of lower quality.

5.GoPro HERO5 Black

[amazon box=”B01M14ATO0″ template=”vertical”]

This is a small action camera that mounts easily. It is a high-end device that distinguishes itself from its predecessors with a back touch screen, used for monitoring the control system.  It takes up to 12 megapixels and supports automatic uploading while still on the charger; GoPro Hero 5 has a linear setting view that makes it easy for your kid to capture a wide array of features.

Notably, Gopro5 has an inbuilt voice cancellation that helps in producing the best sound quality. Its clouds connection feature makes it easy to upload footages and allow quick wifi connection. It’s worth mentioning that this action camera has dual microphones and is therefore not only suitable for children  but also adults.


  • Has a good voice control that supports more than seven languages,
  • Automatic GPS tracking
  • Waterproof even without the housing as it can withstand high water pressure
  • Has the best sound and image quality
  • Longer Video footage of up to 90 minutes.


  • May be costly to those on a budget
  • Poor touchscreen responsiveness
  • It is incompatible with the old batteries
  • Scratch-prone as it has no housing

6.PowPro KFun PP-J52 Underwater GoPro

[amazon box=”B071DFTL58″ template=”vertical”]

If you are looking for a flexible GoPro that reduces the damage risks that occur daily, then this is the ideal camera to get. It is used by the younger kids. It has an incredible 8 megapixel and 5 Megapixels, 4x zoom lenses that ensure that the child captures all crisp memories in full HD. It has a 2-inch screen that allows the children to snap easily even while walking.. The lightweight camera has two lithium batteries and has a wide range of features like an inbuilt speaker, self-timer and SD card.


  • It is waterproof, hence it fully operates within 3m underwater
  • It does not easily break easily when dropped


  • The tiny detachable flap covering the cables and SD card can easily get lost.
  • Its accessories are a bit costly.

7.VTech Kidizoom Selfie GoPro

[amazon box=”B01D20AUGS” template=”vertical”]

Our friends’ and families’ unforgettable memories cannot be captured in a better way other than using Kidizoom Selfie action camera. It has incredible features that include a selfie stick design that makes your kid use a 360 degrees rotation in capturing the videos. Although it produces low image qualities than the other action cameras discussed here, the quick snaps and portraits are ideal for its 0.3 Megapixels.


  • Provides a wide range of filters and effects like eye shadows, wigs and accessories.
  • Engaging and fun games that educates your kid between the recording sessions


  • May need additional memory as the onboard memory can only hold less than 600 photos

8.Spy Gear Spy Go GoPro

[amazon box=”B019K8JVTI” template=”vertical”]

This is an ideal action camera for the children who love exploring the world. Marketed as a surveillance camera, the SpyGear Spy Go  has three awesome modes for shooting. The first mode is the burst capture that takes a number of high-resolution pictures for your kid to select the best shot. The second one is ‘still capture’ that allows the kid to use the GoPro as a standard camera. The last mode that gathers Intel in the field is the full video capture mode.


  • Has two LIPO batteries that lets your kid start using the camera immediately it arrives
  • Has high-quality clip mounts that guarantees safety during adventurous moments


  • Not ideal for children  under 5 years due to too many controls involved.

9.VTech Kidizoom GoPro

[amazon box=”B00XRDHG4U” template=”vertical”]

This action camera is suitable for kids aged 4-9 years old. It is one of the most durable cameras in the market that comes with awesome features for your kid’s pleasure. We liked the fact that each camera comes with adjustable mounts that allows the children to attach the camera by their own, either on bikes or any other area.

This fun filled camera can hold an incredible 278,400 photos with  up to 240 minutes of 480×640 video.


  • Has plenty of photo effects, games, filters and frames that helps children to be creative
  • Most affordable
  • Lightweight hence easy to carry


  • Less versatile compared to the other GoPro models.

10.TomTom Bandit GoPro

[amazon box=”B00WV69ZI4″ template=”vertical”]

Bullet shape cams have hitherto been rare in the market but thanks to the GoPro box-shaped cameras, your kid can now enjoy the convenience that come with these versatile gadgets. TomTom has a number of sensors that record the G-force, speed and the location. We liked the fact that the sensors automatically tag the footages when something exciting happens.


  • Easy to position and mount
  • It has clever editing features


  • It’s bulky compared to its  competitors

Needs a swap lens to make it waterproof.

A Complete Guide To Buying The Best GoPro For Kids

Navigating in the kid’s GoPro market can be quite overwhelming, especially if you are a first time buyer. These factors will help you in making the right decision:

Best GoPro For Kids

Video quality

This is the most critical factor to consider. After all, you are not purchasing the camera just for the sake. Currently, 4k resolution is the highest quality on most of the high-end GoPro for kids. It is closely followed by 1080p then 720p. Choose a video resolution depending on what the kid will use the camera for.

Shape, size, and weight

Notably, some Gopro shapes are more convenient than others. For instance, most of the cameras have a box shape that makes them the best for chest mounting. If your child will be using the GoPro for helmet mounting, go for the  bullet-shaped types. As for weight and size, choose the most compact and lightest model for better portability.

Fields of view

The space that can be captured at a particular moment is a critical factor in any camera. Notably, there are some kids’ GoPro that have a broad angle view while others have a narrow or medium view. Although this influence your choice, keep in mind that the wide footage shot can have a fisheye effect and thus appear somehow distorted.

Image quality

If you want your child to use the GoPro for only taking pictures, then the image quality will be your number one consideration. The photo resolution depends on the megapixels level. Still, you can optimize the images to fit the specific needs.

Battery life

Although a battery runs out depending on the usage of the action camera, there are some that do not last for long. The higher resolution videos tend to drain their batteries much faster. However, you may find that the battery with the long-lasting battery is more costly and does not have the other features you may prefer. If the battery life is not your number one consideration, ensure that you choose an action camera that has spare batteries.


The convenience of a kid GoPro comes about courtesy of the ability to quickly transfer both image and video footages through a Smartphone or computer. Before you select the best GoPro for kids, check for the connectivity features just to be sure the camera can be used with the accessories that connect through options like WIFI.


You want your little one to have a GoPro that can keep a long track of records, right? Well, the fastest memory provides means better performance. Remember, a slower  memory card can create jerky footages or cause dropped frames. For better performance, a class 10 memory card is preferable.


What is a GoPro without the right accessories? When shipping it is important to keep in mind that you will need to accessorize your gadget, and do it right.

For instance if you are getting your little one a GoPro for surfing purposes, you will require a certain mounting to secure the camera. Be sure to check the mounting and accessories option offered by each brand.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a GoPro

Size and weight

A GoPro is a small and light camera that resembles a toy. Its weight makes it easy to pack and carry around. Parents like it because it occupies less space hence does not weigh the diaper bag/purse down. Most of its accessories and mounts are also small.


This is a significant reason most people prefer getting action cameras for the kids. With the session exemption, a GoPro is not waterproof on its own. However, inside its housing, your child can dive up to 197 feet.


Since the kids action cameras are durable, light and small in size, they are comfortable to wear. The wearable mounts can be worn on chest helmet, wrist or head. In fact others can even fit at your mouth. With such convenience, your little one can climb up and down the mountain with them.

Quality photographs

Some kids action cameras like Hero3+ Black, Hero4 Black, Hero4 silver, and Hero5 are all megapixel cameras. This basically means they can be enlarged to print excellent quality images.

Wide angle

A GoPro camera captures almost all the details in front of it due to the 170-degree lens. It provides a wide perspective for both videos and photos. However, if you want to capture every small detail, you may require an extra 10 degrees.

HD video capabilities

This is one of the most robust features of a GoPro. The HD video capture is found in all the GoPro models. For instance, both Hero3+ Silver and Hero4 silver take pictures beyond the HD video. Even if you don’t need the high capture, it’s important to know you have it.

WIFI capabilities

No matter where you mount the GoPro (other than in water), a GoPro wifi closely monitors what’s happening from tablet or phone. The wifi takes care of the changes ,hence you don’t have to touch the GoPro physically. Here is the gopro benefits for your kids if you choose it.

How Is A Kid’s GoPro Used?

You have possibly made up your mind on the GoPro you will buy for your child, but maybe you don’t know how it works. Some of the GoPro videos posted online are made with professional post-production, but, we will give you a few tricks that you or your child can apply to turn the videos into masterpieces. Check out some of these basic hacks:

kids gopro usages

Use the mount: Perhaps, this is the most comfortable single way of spicing up the GoPro video to make everything exciting. However, there are many mounts in the market and infinite ways of wearing them. Mounting is always a great idea irrespective of whether you opt for a chest mount or a helmet. For instance, mounting the camera on a bike helmet provides a more full from the eyes of the rider.

Look for a new angle: It is effortless to capture actions using the kids GoPro but for you to make impressive videos, you must make some moves other than just setting it and relaxing. Try to have a mix of many positions to give a comprehensive view to the viewers. If the same action is required many times during the day, let’s say during snowboarding or surfing; reposition the camera during each run to get some shots that can be edited later.

Use the filters to increase the video Quality: This is not the color filtering used Instagram, but the actual filters that are physically made by placing the kids GoPro before the lens to minimize or increase the light. For example, the neutral density (ND) helps in filming the bright environments by reducing the shutter speed. This prevents the footages from appearing jarringly. When shooting underwater, make use of the red filter to get rid of the blue-green color. There are many filters, so the sky will be your limit when you want the kids’ action camera videos to be unique.

Adjust the settings manually: Although there is nothing wrong with using the automatic settings of the GoPro, it is incredibly essential for the new users to use the manual setting s so that they can have control of the image to be produced primarily in a tricky lighting environment. Some high-end kids GoPro like hero5 and hero6 black allows you to choose the resolution you intend to use.

Time-lapse and burst: Kids GoPro are well known for their ability to capture good videos although they can sometimes function like the rugged cameras. The last generations provide different time-lapse and burst, models that give the video some unique shots.

Our Top Pick

VTech Kidizoom Duo GoPro

Although the entire discussed action camera for kids are equally beneficial in one way or the other, a VTech Kidizoom Duo GoPro tops out list since it is great for kids of all ages. It has a full pack of features making it an ideal camera for both the starters and the experienced users. It has a 480×640 rear camera and 1600×1200 front camera that capture the best quality videos and images. We liked the fact that it adds excitement and fun with its custom voice effects and integrated recording features. The Kidizoom Duo has a fantastic internal memory of 256MB and a maximum capacity of using memory cards up to 32GB. It is, therefore, a great action camera that allows kids to take photos and videos to their satisfaction!


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