8 Best Dollhouses for Girls in 2018


Let’s be honest. Kids love dollhouses, and this love didn’t start recently. You see, dollhouses have been there for ages. They can be traced to the sixteenth century when the first dollhouse of its kind emerged in Europe. It was made of hand-crafted cupboard with exhaustive furnishing. Over the years, manufacturers have made even more appealing models made from different materials to suit every kid.

If you are looking for the best dollhouse for girls, you’ll be amazed at the number of options available in the market. Yes, there are large dollhouses can fit the big toys; there are much smaller ones the little munchkins; there are classic wood models; and there are the plastic kind…the list goes on.

To help you get the best dollhouse, we have compiled a list of options made from different materials and coming in different sizes to suit your needs. Read on and get one for your little one – they deserve it!

Most Popular Dollhouses Your Girls Will Love

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1.KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse

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Kidkraft have outdone themselves in this one!! Split over four floors, the Majestic Mansion Dollhouse is high enough for your 3 year old to enjoy while standing upright.  It features 8 well designed open space rooms which are all easily accessible by your precious little ones. This Dollhouse comes with a 34 furniture set and accessories including a grandfather clock and a kitten. The elevator glides between the second and third floors, whilst the first floor is accessible with the aid of a staircase. This Majestic of a Mansion Dollhouse features a garage whose doors swing open and close and not to forget, the countless windows on all the three closed sides of the mansion.

What’s great about this product?

Well, simply put, this mansion not only has ample floor space, it is made with key ergonomics factored in for your children to maximize on the fun. How is that? First, this dollhouse stands at about 52.75″ which is approximately the standard height of any 8 – 9 year child. This makes it easy for them to easily play around with their dolls and mansion without having to experience grave challenges. This product is also made solely out of composite wood products which means that it is safe for your kids. This is where you say Yei!


  • Made from composite wooden products safe for your little ones
  • Provides ample playing space for more than one child
  • Ample accessory sets including furniture and dolls
  • Key ergonomics factored in
  • Interactive design and color


  • Even though the assembly guide is included in the pack, the directions for assembly may not be clear to everyone pausing a challenge while assembling the pieces together. However, if you team up with your partner, it will be easier for you.

2.My Loving Family, My first Doll house

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This product in naturally amazing and depicts the typical house structure. It instills a caring nature in a child at this initial stage. You can bet that your kid will start combing the doll hair in the morning before she even says anything else. On the other hand you will notice that they are feeding their toy baby hence the essence of caring for others. It comes with the necessary components that your daughter desires of which raises the imaginative conscience and most of all, accommodative nature allows the child to play successfully without the risk of swallowing small parts of the product. It has all basic family furniture.

What’s great about this product?

My first Doll house adapts a fisher price characteristic craftsmanship that involves a colorful and highly detailed finishing which is appealing for girls at this tender age. The child will definitely be able to learn the different rooms of the dollhouse and the furniture associated with those particular rooms. This dollhouse therefore provides more than just a fun opportunity but also a learning environment.


  • well built in nature making it suitable for the toddlers
  • Colorful and Appealing appearance with a distinguished finishing.
  • child friendly


  • It comes with limited accessories.

3.Savannah Dollhouse with Furniture

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It comes with three floors 50 inches high and an attic. This makes it to be cherished by many young girls because it provides them with a home of Barbie in figure form. This Dollhouse features home decor and also a wide array of furniture. It comprises of a living room, a bath, a toilet and also the flow of the houses. The dollhouse is divided into the following rooms; at the heart of the dollhouses the kitchen, the top part floor is the master bedroom while dining room occupies the middle floor. The attic is set aside for the baby in the house. This can be the best Christmas gift for your child.

What’s great about this product?

This dollhouse is well crafted with ample spacing making it suitable for many children to play with at the same time. Not only is it very gigantic, it is also amongst the best brands and dollhouses for kids to play with. As children play together they build up important friendships and also engage their playtime amongst themselves. It enables the children to think creatively and more so, to put their ideas together productively


  • Has four stories
  • creates room for playtime with the aid of staircases
  • Ample space for engaging numerous kids to play at the same time.
  • The six large and specious quarters provide room for lots of inspiration.


  • It doesn’t come fully assembled; therefore parents need to take time build the dollhouse

4.Family pets wooden dollhouse Animal

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It paints the picture that it’s not only humans that need a home, but also animals too need a home. The child imagination will be starched out of the box. The child will be taught the value of living in harmony with animals especially the pets. In the play set comes three bowls for three pets.  The dollhouse is made of high quality wood and then finished with non-toxic material of which is child- safe.

What’s great about this product?

The dollhouse is simple in nature and best suited for children below four years. Its simplicity makes it raise the child’s imagination hence maximizing their creativity in a natural perspective. The child will never get bored despite the product simplicity.


  • child friendly since it is made of  non -toxic and child-safe materials
  • Made from the wooden material for durability and lifelong play.
  • The child imagination will definitely get engaged in a more creative manner.


  • The toys appear to be very small hence a threat on chocking either the child or pet.

5.Hape All Seasons

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The product is best suited for entertaining children, and at the same time, providing the parent a peaceful mind in that, the child will get immersed into the dollhouse and engage with it to the point that she’ll never imagine. Secondly it is finishing comprises nontoxic materials and what’s even more, comes with assemblage guidelines.

With its four compartments, i.e. the family bath room, master bedroom, kitchen and media room, this dollhouse gives kids a variety of options to choose from while playing and also exercising around. Moreover the child develops skills through imagination.

What’s great about this product?

It is made from non-toxic material hence child friendly. Safety of the child is also guaranteed. Wooden dollhouses are better than the plastic ones because in an event of damage the wood get easily repaired than plastic.


  • The choice of color is primarily suitable for girls hence gender centered
  • It easy to assembly therefore making work easier for both the parents and the child
  • Its flexibility makes the children to have fun with it as it can be changed easily with all seasons; winter, summer and so on.


  • Once it has few splits on it can easily cut the toddlers therefore quick maintenance is required.

6.My dreamy dollhouse with furniture

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Its measures around 4 feet tall. My dreamy dollhouse with furniture takes the shape of toned-down with its cabinets arranged in multi-layer format hence making the product look beautiful and attractive. It has three featured rooms that are not accessible through the staircase but rather through the gilding elevator. My dreamy house also comes with elegant furniture, coming in 14 pieces. Your child can pretend playing the grand piano that comes along with the furniture. It also has a toilet bowl with a clear sound of flashing toilet. The young girl enjoys fully the presence of light emitted from the lamp.

What is great about this product?

Apart from being huge, the product is comes with sound effects and lamps that continue to light up my dreamy house making it more realistic. Children are deeply immersed in the fun hence helping the child to bring the dollhouse live in to the moment. Immersion is very important to the child because it makes the child to drift way into the world of imagination as they actively engage themselves with all the contents of the dream house. The product comes with light and sound effects, all of which engage the child’s imagination actively. On the other hand it provides the child with audio-visual interest. All said and done, we highly recommend my dreamy house dollhouse for your precious little ones.


  • Ample space to accommodate several kids
  • It is easy to assemble from one setup to another. Having a gilding elevator makes it more engaging and interactive during play hence children enjoy and learn at the same time.


  • It has many pieces to assemble with lots of instruction of which may be demanding and time consuming

7.KidKraft Chelsea Doll Cottage with Furniture

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If you are after a colorful dollhouse with an interactive design that will surely be quite a spectacle for your little ones, few brands can compete with Kidkraft’ s Chelsea Doll Cottage with furniture. This dollhouse is quite a marvel even from just the look of it.

This three level colorful dollhouse features an open space for ease of accessibility much like the others we have mentioned before.  But what sets it apart from the rest is pits unique combination of colors which make it stand out when placed on any background, not forgetting the interactive decoration of the interior spaces. Featuring 17 piece furniture set, Chelsea Doll Cottage comes with ample space for all your kids to play with. If you are not sure which is the perfect gift for your little daughter, then perhaps this is the best one.

What’s so great about this product?

Much like the Majestic Mansion Dollhouse, this Dollhouse is tall enough to suit the height of a one year old toddler while standing upright. This feature makes it perfect for 2 years and above to play without experiencing accessibility constraints.

That’s not all!

Well this dollhouse features windows that open and close, and also is made from eco-friendly wooden composite material. What does this mean for your child? Well, basically we all want to keep our kids safe from harmful materials, and there is no better way than to go for products that are made from such materials.


  • Made from wooden composite materials
  • Ample accessory furniture set
  • Ample space to accommodate more than two kids
  • Interactive design and colors
  • Features a balcony


  • Like many other dollhouses, this one poses quite a great challenge too, putting together the peace during assembly.

8.Melissa & Doug Hi-Rise Wooden Dollhouse with 15 pcs Furniture – Garage and WorkingElevator

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Looking for a product that will take your little ones wildest imaginations out of this world? Perhaps a toy set that will not only actively engage your little ones mind but also one that will help them develop their cognitive skills even as they indulge in the fun? Well we think you will love Melissa & Doug’s Hi Rise Wooden Dollhouse.

Coming in bright and vivid colors, this wooden dollhouse is an example of a perfect craftsmanship by the well renowned Melissa and Doug. This dollhouse comes with 6 rooms together with an elevator and also a garage, much like the real thing. Having said that, you can only imagine that all the amenities are well represented. The dollhouse comes packed with a whopping 15 pieces of furniture and 3 characters for your little ones to climax the fun with. The house is perfectly scaled to 1:12 perfect for your little ones size. What we love most about this product is that, it is also open sided making the interiors easily accessible for your precious little ones.

What is great about this product?

Melissa & Doug are known to make toy products that are centered on improving your little ones cognitive and social skills development. This include organizational skills, social interaction skills, visual processing, selective and divided attention, logic reasoning as well as preparing them for the future ahead of them.

The doll houses take after the your actual homes, hence even as your child indulges in the fun, you can be sure that they are learning about the importance of the different amenities in the house and the importance of respecting the purpose of each of the amenity.


  • Comes with 14 sets of furniture
  • Sturdy smart construction
  • Constructed using wood, safe and durable material
  • Open sided construction method making it easily accessible to the interiors
  • Use of contemporary design color which are attractive to the young minds.


  • This product poses quite a challenge to assemble. However, if you are able to make it past the assembly step, then you will no doubt love this product.

What to Consider when Choosing the Best Dollhouse for Girls

Are dollhouses virtually the same? Well, not at all. There are wider options and a lot of stuff to put into consideration. Below are some of the key factors to consider

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  • The age of the child

Most of dolls are constructed in s design that is enjoyed and used, however others are well designed for a specified age, therefore before the parent chooses the best dollhouse, age factor must be looked into. For instance, more doll houses designed to primarily fit Pre School. So avoid the assumption that all doll houses are fit for any age.

  • Size of the Doll must be considered
choose the best dollhouse for girls

Remember the best size of the doll house naturally motivate the interest of the child to play with for most of her time. Children get interested with the right size of the doll hence concentrate immensely with it. However, too small a dollhouse makes the child to lose focus and interest while on the other hand, they struggle and get trouble with oversize dolls. It is imperative to keep in mind where the dollhouse will be placed. Why? Because this will also be a great determining factor. All these tips will help you prevent unplanned problems.

  • Variety of themes is another important factor to consider

Significantly, themes correspond with both modern and also traditional house. It’s therefore very important to bear in mind what type of the house you will be appealing to your child. Some dollhouses are modeled to mimic townhouses. They basically bring that town vibe. Others take after the traditional style that gives the taste of warm friendly design and colonial model. Which preferential taste does your child have? Having this in mind will make it easier and fun while choose the right dollhouse for your child.

  • Durability of the product

It is imperative that you keep in mind the durability of the dollhouse to avoid spending unplanned resources on the same product year in year out. Remember there are plenty of dollhouses in the market that are pretty cheap though not durable. For you to get a dollhouse that will serve you and your child well, go for one that is made from durable materials like wood, hardened plastic and such. The dealer should be able to guide you on the most durable materials, otherwise, there is plenty of information online on the same.

Set and consider your Budget

Different brands vary in prices due to factors such as, quality of products, reputation of the brand and features offered. It is advisable to come up with a reasonable budget before searching for any doll house in the market.  Set up a budget that is neither too high nor too low to accommodate the price of the dollhouse of your choice.

It is not automatic that the most expensive doll house bear the best quality and vice versa. It is possible to get a good deal at a reasonable price and by good deal we mean a durable doll house at an affordable price. Don’t be afraid to dig a little deeper into your pockets, but at the same time, be sure not to be too extravagant in your spending.

  • Consider between New and Used Dollhouse

If you are keen on saving and you dint mind getting a second hand dollhouse, then go for it.  Many people if not all take good care of their dollhouses and after the child is grown, opt to sell them at affordable prices. Therefore why not go for one that looks as good as new? Kids grow out of their dollhouses, this can be precipitated by the fact that they advance in age and the doll house may not be suitable for them at that moment forcing the parents to sell them. So if this fits your child’s age, go for it. Remember it will work as well as that new shiny dollhouse though you’ll spend quite a lump sum amount on.

Pick the Best Dollhouse for Your Girls

If you are the kind of parent who is ever busy and having limited time to research on the best dollhouse for your girls, then this is why we are here. Searching for the most suitable dollhouse does not have to become another headache for you. The products featured above are among the best there is in the market at a relatively affordable price.  While coming up with this list, we focused on various factors like the quality of the product, the age appropriateness, the durability and also the educative aspect of each product. So you can be sure that you are getting the best quality products from us. We know time is of essence, as well as a valuable asset to you. So go head and make that order from the comfort of your home or office. Should it be more convenient for you, make your way to the store and get yourself one of our featured products and give your little ones the perfect birthday gift.

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