5 Best Girl Pajamas That Are Comfortable and Fitness in 2018


Girls, you’d agree that there’s nothing as annoying as a healthy good nights’ rest being cut short. One of the ways you can prevent this is by sleeping in something that is extremely comfortable. This means that you’ll need some comfy and cute pjs for girls.

As a girl, sleeping in your underwear is not very comfortable and medically speaking, not very healthy either. Pajamas provide a comfortable, as well as healthy, alternative source to wearing underwear to sleep. Also, if your daughter is going for a sleepover or having friends over for the night, she’ll need something comfortable enough for them to play around in before bedtime.

Because of these reasons, we have gone around for you and gathered the best and cutest girl pajamas we could find out there. We’ve also prepared a guide on how to go about buying one for your daughter.

The Children’s Place Girls’ Short Sleeve Night Gown


Viobarmo Little Girls Pajama Set Kids T Shirt Top & Pants


PajamaGram Big Girls Pajamas Set


dELiAs Girls Henley Thermal Pajama Set


dELiAs Girls Nightgown Pajama Sleepwear Sets


Size 4-14 2-7 6-14 4-8 7-16
Fabric 100% polyester 100% cotton 100% polyester 100% polyester 100% polyester
Color Pink, black, multicolored, blue pink Aqua, lavender, navy, pink Navy, pink, black Pink, black, grey
Quantity One set One set One set One set Two sets
Features Pullover Short-sleeve top and pants Long-sleeve shirt and pants Long-sleeve sweatshirts and sweatpants Pullover


Top Girl Pajamas on Amazon 2018 Reviews

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1.The Children’s Place Girls’ Short Sleeve Night Gown:

[amazon box=”B074XJFWMV” template=”vertical”]

This short sleeve nightgown is one that jumps right out of a fairytale and straight into dreamland. If your daughter loves unicorns, she would absolutely love sleeping wearing this. It is beautifully designed with unicorn images on the front to make sure that your daughter falls in love (with the pjs, lol). However, if your daughter doesn’t exactly love fairytales, no need to worry. There are other designs like “girl squad”, “Instagram image design”, “dark unicorns” and “fun emojis”. With these nightgowns, you can never go wrong with front designs and overall beauty. Overall, get it? The Children’s Place Girls’ Short Sleeve Night Gown is made from 100% polyester material. It being made from polyester makes it really easy to wash. A simple machine-wash would do. Also, the material is super soft, guaranteeing your daughter’s comfort all night long.

Did your daughter stop wearing pjs because she was too lazy to change into those tight clothes after a hectic day? Well, this nightgown might be the answer. This nightgown was designed as a pullover. Being a pullover, it is really easy to put on and take off, no stress. Plus, it’s really free and easily foldable. In a scenario where she’s going for a sleepover and doesn’t want to carry too much luggage, she can slip this one into any bag at all.


  • Beautiful front images and designs.
  • Made from 100% polyester.
  • Machine-wash.
  • Pullover style makes it easy to wear and take off.


  • The sizes are a little large. You might want to size down a little.

2.Viobarmo Little Girls Pajama Set Kids T Shirt Top & Pants:

[amazon box=”B079DHV57V” template=”vertical”]

For your little girls aged 2-7, there is almost no other girls cotton pajamas or toddler cotton pajamas in general, that can beat this. Why? Well, the first reason, quite obviously, is the fact that these pajamas are made from 100% cotton material. We all know that cotton material keeps warmth pretty well. So, if you’re looking for something to adorn your babe with on a cool night, look no further. Also, because it’s made from cotton material, it is really comfortable. With these pjs, you can be sure your daughter will sleep comfortably throughout the night. It keeps in enough warmth as insulation against the cold, it’s comfortable, and it won’t cause any itching or scratching.

Many parents are scared that these things that were meant to be good might go overboard and become bad. We’re talking about the warmth provided by the cotton material. In a case where the night suddenly gets hot or there is a power outage, your kids in a cotton pj might begin to overheat. That is why this comes with short-sleeves. The short-sleeves allow for little air to come in even when it’s hot. Plus, cotton is completely breathable as well. This nightie can be machine-washed or hand-washed, whichever works better for you. It is also designed beautifully with a cupcake image, and who doesn’t love cupcakes?


  • Made from 100% cotton.
  • Provides warmth and comfort.
  • Short-sleeve allows for airiness.
  • Can be machine or hand-washed.


  • Because this pj is snug-fitting, ordering a size higher or lower can be disastrous.

3.PajamaGram Big Girls Pajamas Set:

[amazon box=”B071R7H37T” template=”vertical”]

These pajamas give truth to the saying “old but gold”. Having a more traditional pajama style, design and feel, one would think that these pajamas won’t be popular. However, they’ve staked their claim in the market with their remodeling of traditional pajamas. What did they keep? The style and comfort. These pajamas still feature long-sleeved shirts with buttons and a long pair of pants. Both the shirt and the pants are free and absolutely cozy. They also kept the comfort gotten from traditional pajamas. Because they are big, they are free, and as such, are great for sleeping.

What did they reform? Note we didn’t use the word “change”. That’s because they may not have changed it completely, however, they have altered and edited it to provide your baby girl with the maximum comfort and breathability she desires. Also, these pjs are those that your kids would want to show off at every sleepover because of the modern, beautiful designs and colors on them. They also come as beautiful girl flannel pajamas. The materials also maintain their color even after multiple washes, except bleaching.

Finally, because this is a button up shirt-style, your girl can wear a tee inside if it gets extra cold.


  • Traditional comfortable style.
  • Flame resistant.
  • Beautiful colors and designs.
  • Color don’t fade after wash.
  • Can be worn over a tee-shirt when it gets really cold.


  • It is quite expensive.

4.dELiAs Girls Henley Thermal Pajama Set:

[amazon box=”B075F7B73P” template=”vertical”]

This sweatshirt /sweatpants pajamas design is an absolute beauty. Best suited for the winter, this is one pajamas you can dress your daughter in and rest assured that she won’t get cold in the middle of the night. It is made from 100% polyester so you can tell it’s soft though it’s thick. Because the design is so simple, getting ready for bed no longer feels like a chore for your little girl. The front graphics on this thing bring the saying “less is more” to life. With a simple one-word text, either “love” or “sweet, this pj is a beauty. Get this for your daughter and every night she wears it, she’ll remember that mummy or daddy loves her.

The wrists and ankles of both the shirt and pants on these pajamas are cuffed. This guarantees that your daughter doesn’t roll out of them in the middle of the night. They are also snug-fit but also stretch well enough if your daughter wants to play a little before going to bed. Also, it is really easy to take care of. A simple machine-wash and a tumble dry will do the trick, no hassle. Trust us when we say, if you want your daughter to go to sleep without worries during the winter, you totally need to get these pajamas.


  • 100% polyester.
  • Soft material yet thick enough to protect against the cold.
  • Nice texts written on them.
  • Cuffed wrists and ankles.
  • Snug-fit
  • Care: Machine-wash and tumble dry


  • The pants are usually size-fit while the tops a little smaller.

5.dELiAs Girls Nightgown Pajama Sleepwear Sets:

[amazon box=”B071S68WWB” template=”vertical”]

These girl pajamas are awesome! Plus, they come in a pair of two sets, so that’s, double awesome! These girls pajama sets are made from polyester material and like we’ve mentioned earlier, polyester is really comfortable. They come as just short-sleeved pullovers and that only adds to the comfort they provide. These are mainly pajamas for teenage girls and are pretty much the best girls summer pajamas you can find out there. Why are they so great for summer? Because they are sleeveless pullovers and they are very breathable. Also, if your teen girl is having her friends over or going to her friends’ house for a sleepover, she might not be very enthusiastic wearing traditional pajamas since all her friends would most probably be rocking these.

But, what’s the fuss about, though? Well, these are not like other pajamas. Because they are beautiful, girls would most likely want to show them off to one another. Also, they come with teen-friendly texts that sure would get them hyped. Texts like “do not disturb”, “need 2 nap”, “I’m still dreaming”, “not a morning person”, “110% tired”. These texts really zing with teenagers because they are filled with humor and sarcasm – two of the things teens love a whole lot. They also come in really beautiful colors; pink, blue, black, grey. Chances are high that they have it in your girl’s favorite color.


  • They come in a pair of two sets.
  • Very free pullovers, best for summer.
  • Sarcastic and humorous quote prints.
  • Beautiful colors and design.


  • Washing in machine with cold water and tumble dry might shrink the cloth and cause it the material begin to peel. It is advised to hand-wash and air dry instead.

Certain Things You Need To Check Before Buying Pajamas For Your Baby Girl

When you want to buy pajamas for your daughter or daughters, you will find thousands of choices out there to pick from. This choice can be very difficult especially if you do not know exactly what you should be looking for. Well, that’s why we’re here. We have gone out of our way to check for things that most people overlook when buying pajamas, rounded them up and here they are:

  1. Age: Yes, we all know that the first thing you would check out for when buying a pj for your girl is the size. However, one thing many people overlook after picking size is the age. While age might have little or nothing to do with how the cloth fits your daughter, it is still important to take that into consideration. Why? Basically it’s because of the design. Most of the designs on pajamas are age specific.

A pajama for babies can be decorated with anything, the baby can’t really care less. However, are your girl grows older, she begins to prefer certain things above others. You don’t want to buy your teenage daughter a “Dora the Explorer” set of pajamas. Same way you wouldn’t get a plain, boring set of pajamas for your 6-years old.

  1. Fabric: Beware of synthetic fabrics, they are not very healthy. You should always look out for cotton or polyester. These two materials are beautiful and cozy. They will provide your child with the necessary warmth without any itching. Also, they are very breathable and will protect your child’s skin throughout the night.

Most of the synthetic materials have been treated with fire retardants. These fire retardants are not healthy for your teen girls not to talk of toddlers. As much as it is in your power, keep away from synthetic materials.

  1. Quality above quantity: We know we all love to buy 2 for the price of 1. However, sometimes these types of bargains might not be economical after all. Take for example, you buy 2 pajamas for the price of one and these two pajamas last just 3 months each while the one you buy for the price of one lasts a year. In the long run, buying one for the price of one would be the wiser choice. Also, some of these bargain pajamas are made from materials that can be harmful to your daughter. You don’t want to spend money on treating rashes instead of just getting good pajamas.

While it’s good to check for flash sales to cut cost, it is important to take quality as top most priority. If you get something good for cheap, even better. But remember, child safety first.

  1. Don’t break bank: As much as it is important to buy quality stuff, we also advise that you do not spend above your budget. If you’re patient enough, you will find great stuff at very affordable prices. When it comes to buying within your budget, you’ll need a scale of preference to tell you what you need and what you want in a pj.

Things like cartoon themed pajamas, flashy designs and beautiful images on your daughter’s pajamas are a fantastic idea. We know that it will make her more enthusiastic to put it on. However, when it comes down to it, this is not a really needed feature that you should be looking out for. There are more important things like the material the pajamas are made of, the quality, the size and so on.

We are not saying that these beautiful designs are not good. What we are only saying is that if it means that you’ll have to break bank just to purchase them, then you can easily do without them. However, if the pajamas you have chosen matches every other needed quality, has nice designs and fits within your budget, go ahead and buy it.

These are the most important things that a lot of people overlook when they want to purchase a pair of pajamas for their lovely baby girl. We know that from now on when you go pajamas shopping, you’ll keep all of these things in mind and pick the best one for both you and your baby.

What Others Think about Choosing the Best Girl Pajamas

Best Girl Pajamas

The PajamaGram Big Girls Pajamas Set is a lot of people’s favorite. With an amazon rating of 5.0, it’s no wonder. A lot of people love it for multiple reasons. First, it’s the kid’s parents who buy the pajamas and because it’s a more traditional style, it gives them a mild feeling of nostalgia. They also love it because it’s really comfortable for the kids and covers them up properly in case they’ll be with their friends for the night. It’s also good enough for all weather conditions – airy enough for warm nights and can be worn over other clothes during the colder nights.

Not everyone loves the PajamaGram Big Girls Pajamas Set because it isn’t cheap. However, those who can afford it, totally love it.

Our Top Pick Pajamas Set for Your Girl

We also think that the PajamaGram Big Girls Pajamas Set is a great idea for your girls. However, it is not our favorite. That title would have to be given to dELiAs Girls Nightgown Pajama Sleepwear Sets.

Why? Because it comes in a set of two unlike the others in this review and that gives you double for the price of one. Plus it’s quality stuff, so, great bargain.

So, we’ve given you the products, the facts, what others think and what we think. But the final purpose of this whole review is, what do you think?

PS: There are also other great brands not listed in this review like gap girls pajamas and garnet hill pajamas. You might want to check them out too!

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