Best 3 Handheld Garment Steamers (Clothes Steamers) in 2018


Step aside irons; garment steamers are coming through. There’s nothing wrong with keeping things old school, but honestly, you can’t beat the convenience of a garment steamer. Companies are making it easier than ever to keep your clothes wrinkle-free, as new models are introduced, and the prices remain fair. Garment steamers aren’t just for professionals anymore, and you don’t need to shell out $200+ for a quality steamer. When searching for the ideal garment steamer for your home, it can get a bit overwhelming. There are just so many options! Today we’ll be breaking it down for you, going over the types of garment steamers as well as what to look for when buying one. Whether you’re limited on space or a busy traveler, there’s a steamer for you.

 Reviews of Best Garment Steamers

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1. The ultimate handheld garment steamer, perfect for small spaces – Rowenta X-Cel Steam Fabric Steamer #DR8080

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This steamer is all about convenience. With its Velcro wrap for cord storage and easy to access water tank, the Rowenta X-Cel has a solid 4 out of 5-star rating on Amazon. It’s the ideal candidate for small spaces, as it’s only thirteen inches tall, and there’s even a hook on the front that allows you to hang it on the back of a chair.

This little garment steamer is quite powerful, and it only takes about forty-five seconds to heat up for 10 minutes of uninterrupted steam. It even comes with a lint pad, fabric brush for tough wrinkles, and a steam bonnet to protect your delicate fabrics from any spitting that may occur.

The reviews are great, overall. The few negative reviews weren’t terrible and were typically left by people who have experience using professional-grade garment steamers. The only downside to this steamer seems to be that it occasionally spits water on your clothes, in which case, the steam bonnet comes in quite handy.

It does its job, and it does it well. For $75 you get a powerful and convenient steamer that efficiently removes wrinkles and takes up minimal space. It’s fast heat-up time makes it easy to incorporate steaming into your morning routine, and the hook on the front really sets it apart. No closet or table space? No problem!

2. The Heavy-Duty Steamer For Big Families – PurSteam PS-910 Fabric Steamer

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The PurSteam PS-910 is an Amazon best-seller, and it’s easy to see why. Not only does it have a 61-ounce tank that makes for a perfect steady stream lasting a full hour, but it also comes with a money-back guarantee and five-year warranty. Since the tank is so large, it’s perfect for big families and fashionistas alike. No more refilling the tank every 5 minutes! While it’s not a professional steamer, it can absolutely handle an entire family’s worth of clothes. It’s built to last, which is truly amazing considering the price.

If that’s not enough, it heats up in under a minute, and it comes with an adjustable hanger and even some clips to hang up smaller items. If you need to de-wrinkle collars or create creases, the handheld steam board doubles as a crease attachment. When you’re done using it, the whole thing collapses down for easy storage.

The PurSteam PS-910 can absolutely replace your iron, no question about it. This garment steamer does it all, from delicates to heavy sheets. The steam goes up to 248 degrees that penetrates and relaxes fibers, working faster than an iron while simultaneously killing up to 99.9% of germs in the process. It’s been featured in Parents Need, where the author claims that it can even disinfect your carpet. Wow!

The Amazon reviews are phenomenal. The PurSteam comes in at a solid 4.1 out of 5 stars, with over 2,500 reviews. The few negative reviews it has received responses from Amazon or the seller, offering to help the dissatisfied customer. They offer walkthroughs or replacement parts – you name it. There are several reviews where customers have changed their star ranking to 5 out of 5, because the customer service was so stellar.

3. The Convenient and Durable Steamer for Travelers – Bizond Mini Clothes Steamer

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The Bizond mini clothes steamer boasts its “no spitting” features, and it has Amazon reviews to back it up. You can even hold this mini steamer upside down, and it doesn’t leak! It’s lightweight and compact, making it the ideal garment steamer for travelers. In fact, it’s so tiny, you could easily throw it in your carry-on bag.

The steam penetrates deep, destroying bacteria and leaving your clothes smelling fresh and new. When left unused for five minutes, it automatically shuts off until you pick it back up again.

Believe it or not, the Bizond mini clothes steamer only takes twenty-five seconds to heat up, and it has a NANO polymer filter to purify tap water. This prolongs the lifetime of the steamer, as it protects the heating element from calcification. It’s also protected against overheating when the tank is low on water.

If you’re still not convinced that this steamer is built to last, Bizond has a money-back guarantee and a 3-year warranty. The Amazon reviews are great. The negative reviews are far and few between, indicating that they’re simply flukes. Many of the negative reviews are later changed to 5-star reviews as Bizond replaces the faulty steamers.

Why You Should Ditch Your Iron and Buy A Garment Steamer

Garment steamers are the ultimate iron replacement. They’re convenient, easy to use, and the chances of burning yourself and your clothes is significantly reduced. And let’s be honest – you’re much more likely to get the wrinkles out of your clothes if you can easily turn a little machine on and get the job done in under five minutes, no ironing board required.

The steam from garment steamers is extremely effective at getting wrinkles out, relaxing the fibers of your clothes and upholstery, and it even disinfects the fabric. Buy A Garment SteamerInstead of taking your curtains down every time they get wrinkled, you can simply run the garment steamer over the surface and voila – they almost look new again! And in half the time it would have taken you to iron. They also get rid of any lingering smells, making your home and your clothes smell fresh and clean.

Garment steamers are accessible and versatile. There are materials that you could never dream of ironing, but the steamer will take of it, no problem. It’s gentler on fabrics, so you can say goodbye to scorching your favorite blouse or taking your chiffon dress to the dry cleaners.

When you use garment steamers, your clothes last much longer than when you use an iron. While the average price of a steamer may be higher than the average price of an iron, you’ll make up the difference in no time, because your clothes will last so long. Not to mention, it’s about as natural as you can get. There are no chemicals involved, just plain water. The dry-cleaners will never see you again, and your clothes will thank you.

Types of Garment Steamers

There are three main types of garment steamers: Handheld steamers, full-size garment steamers, and professional grade steamers. While they all have one goal and similar functions, there are some key differences between them.

Handheld steamers are, well, you guessed it – handheld and portable. They’re theTypes of Garment Steamers ideal candidates for people who are limited on space but still need to give their clothes a little refresher every now and then. They’re convenient and small, but the continuous steam only lasts a few minutes. Don’t let their small size and short steam time fool you; they can be as powerful as their larger competitors.

Full-size garment steamers are great for frequent and extended use because their water tanks are much larger. If you need to use your garment steamer every day, or you have a ton of clothes that need freshening, full-size garments are the way to go. They take up much more space than handheld steamers of course, though they typically collapse down to a decent size.

Professional grade steamers aren’t usually found in the everyday household. They’re considerably more expensive but totally worth the price if you have it. They’re typically large, making them a little impractical for using at home.

What To Look For When Buying a Garment Steamer

There are a few things you should look for when searching for the perfect garment steamer. Think about what your needs are, how much use your steamer will get, and how much room you have to spare. If you’re moderately tight on space but expect your steamer to get a ton of use, you should probably opt for a full-size steamer that collapses. If you’d like to take your steamer with you on trips, and you only need to use it every now and then, a handheld garment steamer might be the perfect fit. As for functionality, there are a few key things you’ll need to look out for no matter what your needs and expectations are.

Dripping and Spitting

Spitting is a major issue seen throughout different steamers. It seems most brands have the issue resolved, for the most part, save a few faulty systems. No one wants water on their clothes, especially on their delicate fabrics, such as silk. It can occur after some wear and tear, or simply in cheaper steamers. Some garment steamers are able to be turned upside down during use, and others are only able to be used in an upright position.

Water Tankthink about when Buying a Garment Steamer

Another feature to note is the accessibility and size of the water tank. Some garment steamers miss the mark on this one, and their steamers are either awkwardly placed, or hard to take off. You’ll want to read the reviews to ensure that the brand had convenience on the mind. Style matters far less than functionality.


If you’re worried about space, you’re going to want a steamer that breaks down or better-yet a handheld steamer. Size doesn’t always translate into effectiveness. More often than not, bigger steamers tend to last a little longer, though there a few handheld gems out there – namely the Rowenta X-Cel. The size of garment cleaners comes down to an individuals’ living arrangement, available space, and frequency of travel.

Cord Lengththink more when Buying a Garment Steamer

It’s easy to forget to check the cord length before making a purchase, but this often-overlooked feature is actually quite important. If you have any hope of steaming your curtains or having a decent amount of mobility and freedom, you’ll want a cleaner with at least a seven-foot-long cord. No one wants to be tied to the outlet.

Heat-Up Time

The amount of time it takes for a garment steamer to heat up directly correlates with its size, typically. The bigger the steamer, the slower the heat-up time. As brands continue making advancements, this seems to be less of an issue. Most steamers take around a minute to heat up, so unless you’re extremely impatient, this feature shouldn’t be much of an issue. There are steamers that heat up in as little as 25 seconds, so if you’re really trying to speed through your morning routine, this might be a feature worth looking into. Otherwise, most steamers will do just fine.

Durability and Warranty

You don’t have to sacrifice quality when keeping your budget on the lower end. Many companies offer money-back guarantees and warranties – but not all. Keep an eye out for this, and you won’t be disappointed. It’s typically a feature saved for steamers that are built to last.

Of course, attachments are always an added bonus as well. Some of the most belovedthink more when Buying a Garment Steamer attachments that you’ll find include clips, lint pads, fabric brushes, and steam bonnets.

If we had to choose a garment steamer that possesses versatility, durability, awesome customer service, and effectiveness, we’d have to go with the PurSteam PS-910 Fabric Steamer. For the price, it just can’t be beaten. The ratings are spectacular. Any issues found with the system are always addressed, with replacement parts sent out promptly. It may not be the best choice for a family with limited space available, but it’s not outrageously huge. It’s collapsible, making it easy to put away in your closet when it’s not in use. The bulkier size is well worth the lost closet space, as it’s extremely effective and durable. Even with a full family of five, this steamer should last several years, and the warranty and money-back guarantee add extra support should something happen to your system.

Ultimately, you need to pick something with features that compliment your lifestyle and needs, but if you’re willing to clear out a little space for the PurSteam PS-910, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re ready to move past scorched clothes and trips to the dry cleaners, you should give garment steamers a try.



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