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One of the very common traditions of celebrating Father’s Day across most if not all cultures is giving gifts. The custom has been around for many years and will remain the preferred choice for many years to come. In fact, buying a gift and especially the traditional necktie is the reason why most daughters and sons celebrate this day. A well-thought-out gift and not really an extravagant one can show gratitude, stand the test of time and look effortlessly cool. So, this Father’s Day do not forget to give the traditional tie, a personalized bottle of whiskey and other heart-warming items and experiences that we will suggest in this article.

Before we look at some of the gift ideas that will catch him off-guard, let us see what fathers anticipated to get on 2017’s Father’s Day, according to a study carried out by Statista (the Statistics Portal for Market Data, Market Research and Business Intelligence Portal). Their statistics show that although a significant number is open to any gift, the highest percentage would have liked to receive electronics or computer-related accessories.

Traditional Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Our first category is gifts that are associated with long-standing customs of Father’s Day and ones that have remained unchanged over time.

1. The traditional daddy necktie

Officially, the tie is the commonest gift handed over on Father’s Day just like flowers are for Valentine’s and Mother’s Days. No matter how old your dad is- whether young or old, a tie travels through the ages and will definitely make him smile when he wears it to work or for dinner with your mom. You may be tempted to think that your dad may get bored with the same gift year in year out but you are so wrong- neckties are extremely impressive and their position on Father’s Day remains unchallenged.

The tradition of wearing neckties began as part of military uniforms but has now endured as a must-have piece for non-uniformed professionals. This practice traces back to the reign of Louis  13 of France a time when wide-brimmed hats were on fashion.

Several types of ties are gifted, but silk ties are the most preferred. They have their style of statement, exude luxury and can accessorize any business suit. If you are still not convinced that you need to give yet another tie this year, why not consider personalized craft tie ideas, cake shaped into a shirt and tie, a bow tie or a necktie card?

2. Breakfast in bed

  • In most families, Father’s Day starts with a ritual of a surprise breakfast served in bed. The dads appreciate a genuine break with a real lie-free in bed far away from disturbance and early morning chores. It is even more fun when the kids take charge of the process of selecting the ingredients, preparing the food and serving. It teaches the kids to be organized and realize how much work goes into making someone feel special.
  • The rules of a good breakfast in bed is that it has to be special, creative, easy to make and enjoyable to eat. Remember that it is not just about the food but also, the gesture matters. Here are some top 3 delicious suggestions that you can use to make a memorable breakfast treat.
  • Smothered fluffy pancakes- you will need one cup plain flour and milk, 3 eggs (separated) and one tablespoon baking powder. Mix the flour and baking powder in a medium bowl then stir in milk and the egg yolks until you achieve a smooth consistency. Lightly oil a pan, heat it over medium heat, scoop the mixture and spread it on the pan. Cook until golden brown on both sides. Generously apply a coat of maple syrup, peanut butter, chocolate sauce or flavored cream cheese then serve when hot.
  • A classic French Toast-for a yummy outcome, use thick bread, flour (to make the batter extra fluffy), whole milk, 2 eggs, sugar, salt, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. Add all the ingredients (except bread) in a blender, smoothen and pour in a bowl. Preheat skillet to 3500 and grease well with butter. Dip slices of bread into the mixture and place on the heated skillet. Cook until golden brown on both sides then transfer to a plate. Top up with fresh fruits, powdered sugar, whipped cream or Nutella, and then serve.

3. Salted coconut granola- needs agave nectar, melted virgin coconut oil, oats, coconut       flakes, coarsely chopped pecans, crisped rice cereal, sesame seeds, ground cinnamon         and one large egg white. Preheat the oven to 3000 Whisk the nectar in a large bowl,           add oats, coconut flakes, pecans rice cereal, salt, and cinnamon then whisk until                 combined. In another bowl, whisk the egg white and one tablespoon of water and add         to the oat mixture. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes or until golden brown.

4. Greetings card

greeting card for dads

The tradition of sending greeting cards is not only common to Father’s day but also to most other celebrations. The custom dates back to the ancient Chinese who sent messages of goodwill for a new year and the early Egyptians who conveyed their messages on papyrus scrolls. In these modern days, the practice has evolved to paper and e-cards. In the shops, you will be spoilt for choice. The cards can also be personalized, handmade or customized using online printable templates.

5. Flowers

Historically speaking, red and white roses are the flowers to pick on Father’s Day. It may look odd to some people, but then men are humans, they appreciate nature and respond to beauty. Giving flowers is thus an enormous compliment to show your dad that he is worthy of receiving such a beautiful gift. The flowers that you pick should reflect his personality and communicate honor and respect. Other than roses, one can also pick orchids, daisies or tulips. Exotic plants for the office are another thoughtful alternative to roses. Furthermore, plants will last beyond Father’s Day.

6. Socks

A pair of socks is another gift that fathers have been receiving over the years. The good thing about socks is that a new pair is always a unique item in the wardrobe. Moreover, a new and fine pair of socks is like a big hug for the feet and is ever cozy and warm. However, do not fall for gimmicks with poorly patterned “dad prints” that are only meant for the season. Stick to sophisticated designs that will complement his attire. Navy, red, and royal blue are some of the best colors to choose.

Easy Father’s Day Craft Gift Ideas

  1. There is nothing that beats a handmade gift from a loved one- the idea that someone took their time to create something unique simply melts the heart. Moreover, craft gifts are usually exclusive- no two creations will ever be the same. Another good thing about crafts is that they are fun to make and you can involve the kids in each step.
  2. Have some fun creating any of the pieces below:
  • Rock Art

All that it takes for this little piece is to paint a rock then write “Dad Rocks.” It is enjoyable to make and uses very few supplies. That means fewer expenses. Let the kids pick the colors that they prefer, and if old enough, they can also do the painting.

Alternatively, you can also use rocks to spruce up a photo holder that you would like to gift him. For this craft, send the kids to look for stones that are smooth and thin. The ideal place to find such is along a riverbed or the beach. If not possible you can source from the garden or by the roadside, but pick ones with fewer bumps or lumps. On the sides of the photo frame, apply super glue, then place the small rocks and wait for it to dry. If you like, you can also paint the rocks using different colors, to make the outcome more appealing.

3. Cup craft

For this gift, you will need a white mug, acrylic paint, paint brushes, acrylic varnish and painter’s tape. Wash and dry the mug before you begin, to remove any residue. Tear the painter’s tape into thin strips and place them on the cup, using your preferred design or spell the letters that you want to come out. It can be a simple word such as “DAD.” Ensure that you rub out bubbles as you apply the tape. Next, paint in between the stripes with a variety of colors and leave it to dry. Then carefully pull out all the strips and finish off by sealing the outer surface of the mug using acrylic varnish. It will add a gorgeous sheen, make the colors pop and protect the paint from peeling off.

Instead of using words, you can also paint your baby’s hand or foot on the mug. Use washable paint then bake the cup to set in the color. The mug can be gifted as it is or filled with other treats such as gift certificates.

4. I love Daddy Key Rings

The first thing to think about is to get a key clip, ring, mixed letter beads, and charms. You will also need a pair of scissors and any type of string. They are fairly inexpensive and readily available. Begin by cutting the string to the desired length then fold it in half, put both of the string ends through the ring and make a tight loop. Next, pass the beads through the string and tie a double knot at the end, to secure the beads.


If the dad is an avid reader, then a bookmark is another easy and fantastic gift idea. You will need to select a heavy cardstock-like paper to act as the base and support for the marker. Cut the cardstock into the size that you want, but not wider than three inches or longer than six inches. Go ahead to make decorative images, write a message or stick a preselected cut-out. To protect the bookmark from getting frayed or damaged, add a protective covering or laminate it.

6. Dad’s Desk Organizer

This gift is meant to help dad get organized. You will need three cans, paint, paint brushes, colored rubber bands, crayons and binder clips. Begin by painting each can with your favorite colors. A different color for each can will be the most appealing. Once the paint is dry, stretch the rubber bands around the body of each can. For the tags, write the letters D-A-D on each tag- a single letter on each. Then stick them on the cans, as shown below.

Father’s Day Gift Card Ideas

Father's Day Gift Card Ideas

Greeting cards are sent in almost all celebrations, and Father’s Day is no exception. There are countless options for cards from stores, and of course, you can also create one together with the kids, to add an individualized touch. All you need is card stock, a pair of scissors, glue, colorful designed papers, ribbons, and watercolors. The cardstock should be thick and should be able to stand on its own when folded.

Here are some ideas to put on the cardstock:

  • Shape it into a wallet, add some stitches and insert a photo of you and him
  • If he loves fishing, make or stick an image of a fishing hook and fish
  • Baby’s hand and footprints are also a heart-melting option
  • To show some love, cut out and heart shapes with different colors
  • The fifth option is to insert baby’s photo on the top side of the card and add a handwritten quote on the inside.

First Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Becoming a dad for the first time is amazing. It may have its highs and lows since nothing is black and white, but it is a life-changing experience. To make this first-time dad thing memorable and more comfortable for him, we highly recommend arranging for an outstanding first Father’s Day experience.

Check out some of these ideas to give him a new-dad chest pride.

  1. Baby’s newborn photo, hand, and footprints frame

newborn photo and footprint

If you have not yet taken baby’s first foot and handprints, then grab this opportunity to do it. The first year after birth flies so fast, and the baby grows so quickly. So, capture the hands and feet when they are still tiny. This gift will be a treasured keepsake not only for the dad but also for you. You can make yours using cardstocks or directly buy one that is already made in a store- all you will need to add are the photos and prints.

Another idea for the photo frame is to treat him to a frame with a collection of photos telling the baby’s story of growth and development right from birth to the first birthday.

  1. Personalized daddy’s tee and baby’s onesie

We are certain that this gift will induce more love for your bundle of joy and he will look forward to rocking it. Ensure that you use words that best express just how much the little one dolls up to the dad. Attire does not give you too much space to write, so choose the words wisely. If you need to say more that can be printed on the tees, just include a customized card or note.

  1. Happy hour

This is not an item but a quality-you-time experience. He may not have had time to go out for a drink of late, and also, due to the hardships of adjusting to being parents you may not have spent some good time together. Once you settle the baby in bed, invite him for a happy hour. Prepare his signature cocktail and hang out just the two of you. Take time to relax and reflect on how it has been since the baby came into your lives.

  1. Daddy’s Diaper toolbelt

A lot of men are uncomfortable around the icky part of changing poop. However, a man who does not change diapers in this day and age will easily be scorned. To make it much more comfortable for him, gift him with a diaper toolbelt, which has practically everything that he needs. You will need a cloth tool belt that you can get from a home improvement store. Fill it with items such as wet wipes, disposable pads, pacifiers, rattle toys, hand sanitizer, baby powder, rash cream, and of course diapers. Finally, using a fabric marker, decorate the toolbelt with adorable Father’s Day phrases.

  1. Fingerprint ring

This one may cost you a lot more, but it is a beautiful sentiment for a first-time dad or a new grandchild. The fingerprints of the baby may be quite delicate, so we suggest that you use your fingerprint and the baby’s footprints.

Non-material Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Gifts that come from the heart do not always have to be material things. Because a physical object lasts longer does not always mean that it makes someone happier for a longer time. One-off experiences like concerts, vacations, and art exhibits take long to diminish from the mind and create better memories, meaning that they are cherished more.

Here are some of those intangible gifts:

  1. Movie night

It’s all about spending time together and inviting your dad to a movie that matches his taste is one great way to do that. To cut on costs and make the time that you spend together more intimate, you can rent a movie that he has been itching to watch and do it at home. Just get some popcorn, his favorite drink, and a blanket for all the family members to snuggle in.

  1. Homemade Meal

The idea of a lovely meal and a proper conversation is one that every dad will appreciate. Take time to make him an exquisite meal which can be breakfast, lunch, or dinner and of course do not forget to accompany it with some good wine and quality time together. The food can be anything from his favorite dish to a new international cuisine that you can make really well. Inviting him to his favorite restaurant to enjoy a delicious meal is an excellent alternative if you aren’t so good with the cutlery and recipes.

  1. Accompany him to his favorite sport

If your dad likes to play sports, then Father’s Day is a good day to accompany him and learn something about his hobby and buddies. If you are already a fan of that specific sport, why not take advantage and play together? Other than spending time together doing what he likes, you will also be helping him stay fit. If you cannot physically be there, get a ticket for him and have it delivered to him. For instance, this year’s Father’s Day coincides with the last day of the United States Open Golf Tournament. So, if you are near Shinnecock Hills in New York and your papa loves golf, a ticket to the tournament will be a pleasant surprise.

  1. Sign him up for something special

If he has been insisting on taking some classes in photography, joining the gym, becoming a member of a particular club, learning some woodwork, then you can put a smile on his face by signing him up. Even better, pay up a year’s membership subscription and keep renewing it every other Father’s Day.

  1. Best dad documentary

Sit down individually with the kids or your siblings and record video interviews of their favorite memories with dad. This will work very well with an elderly dad and do not be surprised to see tears of joy when he watches it. Accompany the video with an album of the best photos of the family.

  1. Scavenger hunt

Set up a scavenger hunt by leaving sweet notes throughout the house for him to find. One note should direct him to the next. At the end of the quest, let him see something else more special, like a gift voucher or lead him to a room with his favorite meal.

Finally, a great father deserves a fantastic gift that will let him know how much he is appreciated. Take time to choose something that resonates with his likes and personality. We hope that you get several ideas from the above suggestions. Happy Father’s Day.

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