20+ Best Family Games for Reunions or Gatherings in 2018


You might be thinking of sprucing up your next family reunion, game night or simply your family time. Well, a little laughter and fun with family is a memory to treasure. Engaging games are also an excellent way to bond with even the most distant relatives and break the ice whenever there is tension.

You know we may not get along with some of our family members, but the best family games unleash the child in us leaving us wanting more. Such games enhance relationships as some may involve teamwork.

Therefore, go no further as we have compiled a list for you of fun family games that you don’t want to miss out.

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Reviews of 5 Best Family Board Games

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1. Hasbro connect 4 game

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Price: $8.77

Connect 4 game is a fun family game that family members from the age 6 and above can play. You are provided with a connect 4 grid and some gold and red discs. It’s a two player game.

What to do: The goal is to beat your opponent by stacking up four red discs diagonally, vertically or horizontally as long as they are in a row. If you get four discs in a row, you win. The trick is to stay ahead of the game and block any attempts of your opponent achieving four discs in a row before you.

2. Codenames

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Price: $14.79

Codenames is a word game that can have 2-8+ players best for 14-year-olds and above. The game requires two spymasters, at least one guesser, and 25 random words. The spymasters are aware of the 25 agents’ secret identities.

What to do: Divide yourselves into two teams each with its spymaster. The work of the spymaster is to dish out one-word clues that link one or more words on the table. The guessers should then find out the random words related to their team.

The spymaster wishes that the team players will pick the words correctly affiliated to them, not those from the enemy team, any neutral words or the spy word which terminates the game. The team that identifies all their words first wins.

3. Ticket to ride

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Price: $35.30

It is a board game that involves a cross-country adventure by train. You are provided with a board map of train routes of North America, 225 colorful Train Cars, 144 cards, a rules booklet, and 5 Scoring Markers made of wood.

What to do: Participants should collect and play with train cards that match so that they can use railway routes that connect different cities throughout North America. The trick is to claim longer routes as they will gain you more points.

Other points are awarded to players who manage to connect the longest, continuous railway and for those who fulfill their destination tickets which connect two cities that are far apart.

4. Let’s go fishin’

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Price: $6.67

Let’s go fishin’ is one timeless game that has moved from generation to generation. You are provided with a game board, 4 fishing poles, and 21 fish.

What to do: The challenge is to catch as many fish as possible while the game board is spinning. Do this by using the fishing poles to catch the fish as they open and close their mouths.

Let’s go fishin’ can lure the kids to go at it non-stop. Also, it is beneficial as it enhances their hand and eye coordination.

5. Monopoly classic game

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Price: $14.79

Monopoly classic game is a game that involves trading of property by buying, selling and finding ways to earn riches.

What to do: Roll the dice and buy many properties as possible from all locations and make deals to acquire color sets. It can be thrilling to speculate bankrupting an opponent, but the roll of dice can turn the tables. One goal is to earn increased rent as you continue acquiring property.

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6 Fun Family Games for Kids

For thrilling and engaging games, field games take home the trophy. So get ready to flex your muscles a bit because these activities will tickle your fancy!

1. Tug-o-war

The old’ classic tug-o-war is a timeless game you should participate.

Things you need: A strong rope, and some muscle

What to do: Divide yourselves into teams of 5-6 people each then let two teams go against each other at a time. The two teams should hold the rope on both ends and pull it as hard as they can. The winning team is the one that overpowers the other team by pulling harder hence even pulling the other team to their side.

2. Sack race

Remember the sack race that was a favorite when we were young. Well, it is a fun game you should try.

Things you need: potato sacks and resiliencefunny family games

What to do: Jump inside a potato sack, and let the others do the same. Then try running with the sack until you reach the finish line. You may notice that your feet may become a little wobbly. Therefore, try as much as possible to maintain balance. It is best if 5-6 family members participate at a go. The one who gets to the finish line fast wins!

3. Wheelbarrow race

The wheelbarrow race is a hilarious game that needs teamwork and involves 5 or more competitors.

Things you need: a wheelbarrow, sturdy hands and a partner

What to do: For this game, you mimic a wheelbarrow through your body posture. Go on all your fours then let your partner hold your legs then move forward with the help of your hands. The faster you are with your hands, the better because you and your partner will clinch the first position

4. Egg and spoon race

Nothing beats an egg and spoon race that targets one’s balancing and coordination skills. This game is a race involving at least five family members.

Things you need: eggs and spoons

What to do: Place the egg on a spoon and place the spoon in your mouth. The goal is to balance the egg on the spoon with your mouth while racing without dropping it. If the egg falls, you get disqualified from the race. The winner is the one who reaches the finish line first with the egg still intact.

5. Water Relay

Water relay is an excellent game, especially for the kids. It challenges their speed in accomplishing tasks.

Things you need: a bucket full of water and spongesbest funny family games

What to do: Let the participants have a sponge. Place the cups to be filled with water and the bucket full of water at a distance. The competitors should dip their sponges in the bucket and drench it thoroughly with water then run to the cups and fill them with water. Whoever fills their cup first wins the competition.

Either way, every player must have a cup with poked holes. At the start line, a bucket full of water should be where they draw water, and a few feet away is a target that needs to be filled. Players should race back and forth fetching and filling water. The winner is the one whose target is filled first.

6. Hula hoop contest

Things you need: a bunch of hula hoops

What to do: Divide yourselves into equal groups then each one gets a hula hoop. Everyone should try balancing the hula hoop around their waists without dropping it. The first round should go for 10 seconds, whoever makes it through goes to the second round. Each round has an increment of 10 seconds. The finalist is the one who gets through all the rounds without dropping the hula hoop.

8 Engaging Family Reunion Games

Whether you hate or love family reunions, we’ve got you because we understand that they can spark mixed reactions. If you do not like conversations that border on the judgmental side or if you just don’t know how to act in family gatherings; these games can be a perfect distraction. Also, if you are always looking forward to your next family reunion, we have fantastic activities for you.

1. Broken telephone

It does not hurt to play the traditional telephone game during those family gatherings

Things you need: Excellent listening skills, nothing else Engaging Family Reunion Games

What to do: Form a circle with your family members. You can either be seating or standing. Then the first person should whisper something to the next person’s ears. Let’s say “I watched Gilmore Girls.” Everyone should pass on the message until it reaches the last person. Then the last person should say what they heard. You may find yourself uncontrollably laughing when you find out how a message can be twisted.

2. Once upon a time

How beautiful to tap into everyone’s creativity through storytelling

Things you need: Storytelling ability

What to do: The first person should start with something like “once upon a time…there lived a girl”. The next one should continue the story. For instance by saying “the girl lived downtown with her mother.” All the other participants should follow suit and make a continuation of the story while focusing on the flow. It is an enjoyable game for an enthusiastic family gathering.

3. Frog jump race

Frog jump race is an outdoor activity to help everyone burn some fat while having a good time.

Things you need: Resilience Engaging Family Reunion Games

What to do: This game requires you to crouch and leap like a frog towards the finish line. Family members should remain in the crouched position while moving forward. It can be tiring, but it is thrilling at the same time. The first one to make it to the finish line will be a winner.

4. One truth one person

It is a fun game especially when you know your family members well

Things you need: Pens and papers

What to do: For this game, everyone gets to write one of their truths on a paper. Once written fold the papers well and put them together then shuffle them. The next step is for everyone to pick a single paper each. One by one open the folded paper, read aloud the writing and try to guess whose truth it might be. Do this for more than one round and get to know each other better. This way your relationships with your relatives improves.

5. Never have I ever

Things you need: Candies

What to do: Share the candies so that each person gets ten each. Next, let one of you start by saying what he/ she has never done. Let’s say “Never have I ever taken a bus to work” then if anyone shares the same fact they place candy in the middle. This game goes on until the person with no sweets remaining takes all the candies home.

6. Sprinting contest

Buckle up because it is going to get sweaty.

Things you need: A good pair of sneakers

What to do: Just like the Olympics, the participants form a single file line. Then when the whistle blows, everyone needs to be up on their feet running like it’s their last time. Whoever gets to the finish line first is the winner!

7. Fact bingo

Things you need: Pens and blank bingo cardsinteresting Family Reunion Games

What to do: For this game, each one of you gets five minutes to fill in their bingo cards with five facts about themselves. Once everyone is done, each one should look around for people with similar points to theirs. The one who gets five people who share the same descriptions gets to shout “fact bingo!” and becomes the winner.

8. Biscuit and face

Sounds strange but wait till you hear. Also, the kids will not have enough of this game.

Things you need: Medium-sized biscuits

What to do: Contestants should place their cookies on their foreheads while leaning their heads slightly backward. Then each one should try to move the biscuits from their foreheads to their mouth by moving their facial muscles. No one should bend their heads forward because it will be cheating. Whoever gets to move the biscuit to their mouth without it dropping or them cheating is the winner.

10 Family Christmas Games You Must Try

Everyone in a Christmas party or gathering will not mind a little naughty or interesting game. Christmas should be the best time of the year and family Christmas games go hand in hand. Therefore, here is a collection of Christmas game ideas that you will love.

1. Guess the ornaments

For this game, you will have your guests try to figure out the number of ornaments in your Christmas tree. It is the best game for a Christmas party. Whoever gets pretty close to the ornaments number or one who gets the exact number is the winner. You can reward them in any way possible.

2. Name that Carol

Make a printed list of lyrics and their song titles. You can then have everyone write down the lyrics and guess the song title. Or, you can divide yourselves into teams and have people write down the words. Whoever gets the closest answer to the song title of the lyrics described wins.

3. Build a Christmas treeFamily Christmas Games

For this game, you will need a bunch of plastic cups. You can borrow them in advance or purchase them. The next thing is for you to challenge your family members to build a Christmas tree out of the cups. To make it fun, divide yourselves into teams to increase tension and enthusiasm. The team that produces an almost real Christmas tree with the cups the fastest wins!

4. Christmas charades

The first thing to do is to print a list of terms associated with Christmas that people can act out. Then have everyone divided into teams and pick out an actor from each team. Just like regular charades, the actors cannot talk or make any symbols about any letters. Groups should then guess the correct charade the actor is trying to showcase and get the point each. The team that makes its 20 points first are the winners.

For example, if you are 20, you split yourselves into groups of five. In your team, one actor chooses a charade of Santa Claus. The team members should guess until one gets its right then they are awarded a point. The game goes on until the team with the most points wins.

5. Christmas trivia

Christmas trivia is an enjoyable game whereby you divide yourselves into teams and ask each other about Christmas movies by using a printed quiz. See how knowledgeable you are about the Christmas movies. If one team gets 20 out of 30 answers correct and another gets 15 out of 30 responses right, the former team wins!

6. Candy canes

The challenge to overcome is to get 4 similar cards let’s say, 4 queens or 4 kings. Once you get same such cards, you quickly take a candy cane. Your opponents will now be racing to get the most candy canes. Whoever does not get a candy cane gets eliminated in the following round. The game continues until one person is standing.Family Christmas Games

For example, if you are a group of six, have someone become a dealer. The remaining five become the players. The dealer is responsible for giving out cards, and he starts by giving each player four cards. Then have 4 candy canes placed in the middle. The dealer should continuously hand out cards until one player gets four of a kind. Therefore the player takes a candy. Now the game becomes competitive as players get eliminated one by one until there is only one remaining.

7. Bible replay

Bible replay is a kind of action that involves taking up a scene in the Bible, organizing a skit for 15 minutes and playing it the best way possible. It is a favorite game especially if you have family members who are enthusiastic making it the best game idea for gatherings.

Get yourselves into teams and take up a scene, prepare yourselves for 15 minutes and have a 4 judge panel to decide who performed best. The judges make the final decision hence declaring the winner.

8. Christmas memory games

Make drawings of everyday Christmas items such as elves, Santa Claus, snowman, etc. Create their duplicates so that they are 16 in total. The next step is to spread out the cards on the table in stacks of 4 each. Now the players can start picking the cards. If one gets a match to the card they have, they get awarded a point. The game goes on until a player gets to 20 points first hence becoming the winner.

You can also change the scoreboards depending on the number of players.

For an example, if a player gets a snowman card and gets an equal match for the next pick, that is one point earned. The player is allowed to pick again. If the next player picks and does not find a match, the next player picks. The cycle continues until one gets the most points.

9. Stocking fill-up game

This game borrows the concept of the traditional egg and spoon race. The first thing to do is divide the kids into equal teams let’s say four each depending on the number of those in the gathering. Provide each team with a stocking they should fill up and place it at a distant place in the room.

Each team member takes a turn in running to the stocking with a spoonful of candy and filling it up then returning to their area. The game becomes competitive as the next team players follow suit. The team that fills their stocking first become the winners.

To make it less competitive, you can opt to reward the first, second and third runners-up.

10. Two truths and a lie (Christmas gift edition)

In this game provide your guests with pens and writing papers. Let them write three gifts they have ever received for Christmas. One of the gifts should be a lie, and two of the gifts should be true. Each one gets five minutes to scribble down the gifts. The next step is for each one saying aloud the gifts written then another player tries to guess the gift the player did not receive.


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