7 Best Exersaucers for Babies in 2018 Reviews


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Reviews of the Best Exersaucers for Baby

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1. Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun, Life in the Amazon

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Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun is, for many parents, the most convenient option because of several fantastic baby activity centers and for its versatility and durability. It is called “triple fun” because it can be used in 3 different stages of your child’s growth: from newborn to 24 months. This feature certainly adds more value to the exersaucer.

Firstly, it includes a playmat for newborns to 4-month old babies. You have the option of hanging colorful and attractive animals that come with the exersaucer for your baby. This will allow him/her to reach up by hands when you lay them down on the padded mat. There are some parent’s that think the playmat is quite simple and may not entertain the baby enough. As an alternative, they use the mat for their tummy time which is perfect.

After 4 months of age, you can put your baby in the exersaucer which is adjustable in 3 height positions. Your baby will fit properly in this exersaucer because it is still small until he or she becomes taller. Another advantage is that babies love the 11 age-appropriate toys and music, which isn’t annoying like that of some other models. Your little one will have fun while developing fine motor skills and object exploration.

One more advantage is that at 12 months old or when your baby starts to walk, it can be converted into an activity table where toddlers are free to move about when they play. The disadvantage to this best exersaucers is that it requires 9 AAA batteries.

2. Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jumper, Jungle Quest

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Thanks to its design, the Evenflo Exersaucer Jump and Learn Jumper can help your baby to develop neck, back and leg muscles and strengthen gross motor skills by rocking, spinning and jumping. This exersaucer also has 3-position height adjustment to fit smaller and bigger babies.

With its soft landing pad at the bounce base, babies have more stability while having fun and exercising their legs. This model offers a lot of age-appropriate toys and various melodies to keep your baby entertained safely, while you are dealing with your errands. The manufacturer guarantees that the toys have been designed in conjunction with the Child Development Institute for the purpose of helping babies achieve important developmental milestones.

Thanks to Take With Me Toys system, your baby can play and learn using the toys separately. A lot of parents agree that is easy to assemble and the height adjustment is very helpful. The swivel seat works better than many other models too. Some of disadvantages that parents notice, is that the large size makes it difficult to move from room to room. It also requires 6 AAA batteries for the electronic parts to work.

3. Bright Starts Exersaucer Sweet Safari

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Bright Starts Exersaucer Sweet Safari is a baby girl exersaucer with pink color and very cute toys. It includes lights and music, so batteries are not needed here. This is the reason why moms prefer this exersaucer. Regardless of its simplicity, this model is attractive and works as well as other models.

It includes one bounce pad, adjustable height positions, 12 plus interactive toys and cute characters. The seat that rotates 360 degree allows your baby girl to reach every toy on the activity center and the movements become easier. A lot of babies enjoy rotating all the way around. Apart from all these features, moms love Bright Starts Exersaucer Sweet Safari because it’s easy to set up (approximately within 10 minutes). It is also easy to wipe clean the frame and toys and easy to machine-wash the seat pad.

Thanks to the bouncing pad under the seat, babies can stand up better than those models without pad as the baby’s feet don’t touch the cold and hard floor. The disadvantage of this exersaucer seems to be the height adjustment that is found in the seat. There are some complaints that it’s not safe for the babies at the highest level because they just don’t seem to sit properly in that position. This makes it possible for the baby to tip over and fall onto the toys by the head.

4. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

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Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo offers babies a safe and comfortable place to sit, play and jump with a plenty of exciting toys with lights, motions and sounds. It’s designed to be used on the floor in any area, so the door flame isn’t needed (as some other jumpers require). Parents who are concerned about possible dangers at the door flame, can feel secure with this baby activity center.

The seat rotates 360 degrees, allowing babies to turn and play from any side. The exersaucer is well-constructed and sturdy enough to stay balanced. This model and all its interactive activities enhance your baby’s gross motor skills and stimulate his or her visual, tactile and auditory senses. The electronic toy at the front has the option to be activated by the baby’s bouncing and hand touch with adjustable volume (for which parents are thankful).

Don’t forget that this model of exersaucer can be used with babies who are able to keep their heads up unassisted and but who cannot climb out without the help of parents or caretakers as yet. As all of the best exersaucers we described above, Fisher-Price Jumperoo has 3 height adjustments for an extended use.

The disadvantage is that some parents have an issue, in that their babies can’t touch the floor with their feet even on the lowest setting position. One more issue that some parents reported, is that the hanging toys are out of their babies’ reach, making them frustrated.

5. Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

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The Luv U Zoo is one more, great version of Fisher-Price Jumperoo. It has the same main characteristics such as 360-degree rotating seat, 3 height adjustments, cheerful zoo-themed toys, interactive activity center with lights, sounds and motions and wide base made with steel construction to ensure your baby’s safety at most. Your baby will have great fun while developing gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

There are positive critics from parents when it comes to quality and security offered by Fisher-Price, often referred to as one of the most reliable brands. The Jumperoo exersaucers come in various versions, which are considered safe alternatives to walkers and some types of doorway jumpers. You have the ability to switch on and off the music and lights and adjust the volume while babies are playing. This exersaucer is easy to assemble and also easy to move and store by simply removing the tubes from the base.

When we compare Rainforest and the Luv U Zoo Fisher-Price Jumperoo-es, some parents who have bought both the Rainforest and the Luv U Zoo noticed that their babies preferred the Rainforest version to the other because the music and toys are more interesting in the Rainforest while babies have more difficulty in reaching the animals in the Luv U Zoo. One more complaint is that the seat of Luv U Zoo Jumperoo is wider and higher even in the lowest position. Smaller babies have a problem because they can’t sit properly nor touch the floor with entire feet.

6. Baby Einstein Activity Jumper

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Baby Einstein Activity Jumper contains baby activity center and jumper all-in-one as same as the Fisher-Price Jumperoo, Bright Starts and Evenflo Jump and Learn in the previous reviews. This exersaucer provides many features and a lot of of activities in different toy stations like the mentioned exersaucers. However, what Baby Einstein jumper has while others don’t is the piano box insert which plays realistic piano notes. It also comes with 3 languages teaching which are English, French and Spanish.

One more, great thing about this jumper is the height adjustment that offers 5 different positions! This adds more value to this best exersaucers as it allows even more extended use. It also provides additional padding for smaller babies to fit in the seat comfortably. This helps those who can’t sit upright on their own yet. Baby Einstein Activity Jumper is ideal for babies from 4 months of age until they are walking and climbing.

 Unfortunately, parents report that the piano insert has short durability and it takes much time for the replacement to arrive. Without the piano section, babies have few toy stations left to enjoy. Many parents also agree that the jumper isn’t bouncing as much as other good jumpers. The spring is so tight that it doesn’t allow babies to bounce on their own.

7.Fisher-Price Little Superstar Jammin’ Band Piano

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Fisher-Price Little Superstar Jammin’ Band Piano is a well-thought musical activity center rather than a stationary one. It works differently from other exersaucers above. Thanks to spinning seat your little one will be able to play with a plenty of funny toys around them. This infant exersaucer is attractive. Why? Because this version of Fisher-Price is the seat that doesn’t only spin but it also able to slide back and forth, allowing babies to walk inside the best exersaucers. It includes walker in an activity center with songs, lights and sound effects.

What it is especially interesting to babies in this activity center are the piano keys under their feet that will activate music and lights with every step they make. The seat is adjustable and moreover, you can remove it when your baby is walking. You will also be able to create a musical playing area for your infant as the piano station can play note by note. Growing babies like playing with freedom to move. Parents confirmed its durability as they have used the same Jammin’ Band Piano with more than one child. The bigger child can still play with the keyboard and toys while the smaller baby sits inside the exersaucer.

Understanding the Basics of Baby’s Exersaucers

Baby's Exersaucers

The best exersaucers can withstand a challenging argument. However, this is when they are used in the right way and at the right age. Exersaucers are controversial. There are many oppossing opinions. Some people (especially pediatric therapists) are tough opponents of their existence, while others (exhausted caregivers) praise their invention. Our recommendation is to take a balanced approach to these sorts of issues. We made this guide for you with all the advantages and disadvantages of having exersaucers, and to help you choose the best exersaucer that suits yours and your baby’s needs.

Advantages Of The Best Exersaucers 

Exersaucers help you as parents and caregiver to take a break. It also makes your baby’s day fun. Thanks to these fun creations, you can put your baby down in a place where they won’t roll away or get into mischief. This allows you to do other activities like washing dishes or taking a shower. The best exersaucers also allow your baby to try out new skills and sensations as they swat at toys, turn plastic pages, push buttons to activate lights and music, and rock or bounce themselves in their stationary play structure.

Disadvantages Of The Best Exersaucers 

Research results showed that the best exersaucers have certainly served as a safe alternative to baby walkers over the past two decades. However, they were also criticized, especially from the pediatric therapy community. These are the reasons:

Poor Sense of Balance Control

It is possible for a baby who spends too much time in an exersaucer, can end up with its center of gravity remaining forward. This will interfere with their development of balance. A sense of our body’s balance is developed through the feedback given to us by receptors in our muscles and joints (called proprioceptors).

When we lose our balance, these receptors send a message to our brain (which goes back to our body), telling us to adjust our position in order to avoid falling. A baby doesn’t receive this message when placed in an exersaucer. Babies will have difficulty getting a sense of balance, while in exersaucers, because they can’t see their feet. This is something they need to be able to do when learning how to stand and walk independently.

Poor Posturing

In exersaucers, babies have a tendency to shift into a position that tips their head back too far, their shoulders up too high, their shoulder blades pulled too far back, their hips pulled too far apart by a stiff piece of fabric, and their back too arched as their belly sways forward. Try to put yourself in that position and you will see that it is very uncomfortable.

Decreased Interaction

Yes, it is convenient to put a baby in an exersaucer and then go somewhere else to get something done;such as washing dishes, cooking dinner, changing laundry, or working on the computer. However, babies need human interaction more than anything else in the first year of their life.

Poor Standing Position

With the best exersaucers babies can stand by locking out their knees, in order to compensate for weakness, because they’re placed in a standing position before they are ready for it. Another negative impact is that babies have to bear weight on their toes, instead of on their whole foot. This is known to contribute to the over-development of calf muscles; if severe, it can lead to toe walking.

Decreased Exploration of the Environment

If the babies are in the open space they can explore the environment and develop their cognitive and motor skills, especially when trying to obtain objects out of their reach. This encourages rolling, scooting, crawling, and pulling to stand. However, even if best exersaucer include many toys providing sensory stimulation and opportunities for problem solving, all toys are set right in front of them. This deprives them of opportunities to challenge their gross motor development in order to explore their environment.

Risk of Overuse

It is easy to lose track of time while your baby is in exersaucer, so it is important to pay attention.

More Info On The Best Exersaucers

How to Teach Your Child to Use Exersaucer Safely?The Best Exersaucers

Detach the toys

It is recommended that you detach the toys from the best exersaucers and let your baby play with them. They will get individual benefit from the features, before they can jump in the exersaucer. As such, your baby will be able to benefit from what the toys have to offer without impacting them with more than they can handle. You can also make use of the stabilizing legs that come with the best exersaucers. This will limit the amount of rocking that the baby can perform.

Get the timing right

One of the biggest mistakes that parents make when it comes to best exersaucers usage is letting the baby use them when they are too young. Even if the baby is able to sit on their own, it doesn’t mean that they are old enough to play on their own. The recommended time to introduce your baby to an exersaucer, is about 6 months. This is approximately the same time when the baby is able to sit with minimal support.

During this period, the baby can play at the edge of the exersaucer, while you help them, but not in it. Your little one will in this way exercise supported sitting which is more appropriate than being in the exersaucer. We recommend that you wait until the baby is about eight months old. By then they can sit independently.

Tips On The Best Exersaucer

You are free to modify the way you use exersaucers in order to make them safer and better for babies. These are some useful tips:

Limit the use of exersaucer to 15 minutes per day.

This definitely should be a once-a-day activity. We recommend that you pick one 15-minute chore or a few short tasks during the day that will necessitate the use of these best exersaucers. Don’t forget to set a timer because, let me assure you, you will lose track of time, especially if your baby is having a good time in his exersaucer.

If your baby is able to sit with minimal support (typically around 4-6 months), allow them to play with it while seated on the outside edge of the saucer, rather than placing her in it.

In this way, your child will be able to play with the toys and practice supported sitting, which will be more appropriate for her at this age than actually being placed in it.

Put a pillow under your baby’s feet, so that she’s not totally flat-footed or tippie-toed.

We recommend that you keep an eye on baby’s feet to make sure she’s not standing with them in an abnormal position; like ankles rolled over or toes tucked under.

If your little one is learning to stand while holding on to a chest-high surface (generally between 6-10 months), play with him while he’s standing and holding onto the outside of the saucer.

Kind of like using a baby play table. Don’t forget that you must supervise your child closely to ensure that he doesn’t lose his balance and topple over. But this is a great way to still play with the fun toys while practicing a new motor skill, which he can’t do, if he’s actually in the saucer.It is recommended to limit the amount of rocking that your baby performs while in saucer, by using the stabilizing legs provided.

Thanks to the best exersaucers identified above, babies have the opportunity to bounce and rock. This makes them happy and puts a smile on their (and their caregivers’) face. Regardless of that, this rocking can carry over to other contexts where it is unsafe. For example, sitting on the floor and tipping backward, sitting in baby bath and tipping forward, sitting in high chair. So be vigilant.

Interact with your baby while they are in the exersaucer.

Yes, the purpose of using these best exersaucers, is to give you a break from baby responsibilities while you get stuff done. Regardless of that, we don’t recommend that you just put your little one in there and then turn your back. Even if you have a lot of other obligations, you can still talk to your baby about what they do. You can even praise the baby when they figure out how to activate new buttons and dealy-bobs.

Let your baby have a plenty of playtime on the floor or on an exercise ball during the day.

The best way to develop motor skills can be achieved from experience and practice. As such, the best place for babies to get this practice is on the floor.


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