5 Best Electronic Dart Boards in 2018


Of course you want your very own dartboard hanging from a peg in your own house. You won’t always feel like going down to the bar just because you want to hit some targets. And that’s why you’re here hunting for the best home electronic dartboard there is. The best digital dart board can be difficult to spot. After all, each manufacturer claims that their own is the best and tries to convince us all, which only ends up confusing everybody.

Because we also care about you getting your own personal electronic dart board at home, we went researching. And today, we have successfully rounded up in one place; 5 of the best rated electronic dart boards around. We’re pretty sure one of them will knock your socks off. But first things first, let’s check out what these electronic dart boards are and what they have to offer.

Review of Top 5 Best Electronic Dart Boards in 2018

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Dimensions Games/Variations Number of Players Power source
Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 30 x 22 x 3 inches 39/179 8 AC
Fat Cat Electronic Dart board 20.2 x 1.5 x 24.8 inches 38/167 8 AC
Gran Board 2 23.8 x 23.5 x 2.6 inches 16/ 4 Battery-operated
Viper 800 Soft Tip 20.1 x 1.5 x 24.8 inches 57/307 16 AC
Viper Bluetooth 18 x 16.5 x 1.3 inches 16/ 4 Battery-operated


  1. Arachnid Cricket Po 800 Electronic Dart Board 

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This isn’t just a great dart board; it also steals our prize for best electronic dart board for cricket. The dartboard allows about 8 people to play at a time, and with it you get up to 39 games and 179 variations right at your finger tips. We can assure you that this board is a worthy investment because it is highly durable. This means that the money spent acquiring this nice piece pays itself out eventually with the amount of value it delivers. Plus, it easily sets up so you can begin to explore your box once it is out of the box.

Can you use this for competitions? Of course! The board is tournament-standard with a 15.5 inch target area. So, yes it is fantastic for competitions. Your next event can never be complete without this hot number hanging proudly on your wall. And it’s not just darts, virtually any game that is kinda related to darts can also be played on the dart board. And because it’s so attractive, it naturally draws and holds attention, and so in no time flat, you can get everyone hooked to this thing without even trying so much.

The board is great for all ages, and all kinds of people with all kinds of interests. It comes with about 39 games and about 179 variations, so there’s enough excitement to go round. It’s also very suitable for children, since it was designed for ages 12 years up.

We really like the fact that this board is super durable. It comes with tough nylon segments which ensure that the board stays through long years of abuse. Don’t expect to change out your dart board in a short time. This one is here to stay.

Finally, we completely love the fact that this board supports multiple players. What better way to engage everyone at a party. There is a 4 player jumbo X/O LED score display which makes it suitable for 8 players to play very conveniently. In fact, its multiplayer system totally changes the game, and in a good way, we must add. Check it out!


  • Features about 39 different games.
  • The chances of a bounce out are really reduced because of the micro-thin segments around the dart board.
  • It’s great for multiple players.
  • Suitable for 12 years and above.


  • It’s not suitable for kids under 12 years.
  • It could have come with more games.
  1. Fat Cat Electrox Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

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So, here’s our winner for best value electronic dart board soft tip: this dart board from Fat Cat. Check it out, most of our entertainment these days are now digital. We have long passed the analog era. As such, dart boards are evolving as well. Look at this one for instance; it comes with a cyber play feature which involves 5 skill levels. Now, players can get highly engaged in the game as they try to push themselves to get to the top. Add all these to 38 games offered by the board plus 167 variations and you’ll get an impressive board that’s ready to wow the market.

The board comes with a very legible LCD display. This way, everyone and anyone can conveniently check his/her score without straining the eyes (great call for players with poor vision). So, there will be no cheating on this board, and everyone can keep tabs on each player’s performance in a fair and transparent way. This will go a long way to avoid unnecessary arguments. You never know when that will come in handy.

And to the issue of bounce outs… if you’ve been playing darts for any length of time, you’d agree with us that bounce outs are just plain annoying. The manufacturers took note of this complain and decided to create a board with concave segment holes as well ultra-thin spider. These two factors contribute to reduce the chances of bounce outs. So, there’s no longer any excuse for underperformance, people; because this board is engineered to give everyone the best shot at performing great. Like we said, this is a soft tip dart board, so you’re completely welcome to use darts with soft tips on this board.

This board is pretty inexpensive and comes with everything you need to begin playing right out of the pack.

And finally, it comes with a one year warranty! Warranties are always welcome pluses for any item, of course, so thanks to Fat Cat for this one.


  • It can be played by up to 8 individuals.
  • It comes with a manual.
  • The board is specially designed to prevent any bounce out.
  • It’s one of the best electronic dart boards with cabinet. Super sturdy.


  • A cabinet design does not appeal to everyone.
  1. Gran Board 2 Bluetooth Electronic Dartboar

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This dartboard is one we can easily point out as a real professional electronic dart board. It’s beautiful, and savvy dart players will only need one look at this to fall in love with it totally. It’s battery-operated (2 AA batteries) and runs a very smooth and quiet operation so that you can enjoy your game without any distraction. Like we said, it looks really good with its stylish design but at the same time, it is still very affordable.

If you’re looking for the best soft tip dart board, here’s another one we can recommend in addition to the last one we just saw. Both of them are great, but this one is even quieter. Most of the electronic dart boards we find around these days can’t keep quiet and this can get annoying and distracting. But this board isn’t like that.

That said. You know, you won’t always have constant electricity supply. For instance, you might be traveling out of the country, or you could just be going camping. Either way, something can happen to your access to electricity. No need to get all bothered because this is battery-operated. With 2 AA batteries on hand, your dartboard will always be up and rearing to go.

Now, we particularly love that this dartboard is compatible with almost any kind of device, whether it’s your android device, your iPhone, or your Smart TV. And no, you don’t have to be a techie to get it hooked up either. The instructions to get your board connected to your device are properly spelt out and even a noob can follow the step-by-step instructions and figure out what exactly they ought to do. Great!

Let’s go back to the sound for a bit. Sometimes, what you need is an ultra quiet operation so you get through a game without disturbing everyone else. And that’s why there are foam pieces also inside the package. When you insert these pieces, you can be sure that the sound will be reduced to a very bearable minimum.


  • It’s battery-operated so it can run in the absence of electricity.
  • It’s got attractive aesthetics.
  • Sound is controllable.
  • It’s compatible with Android and iOS devices. Plus, it comes with an app.
  • It has Bluetooth.


  • You’ll need to always have batteries on hand to replace old ones.
  • Not everyone likes soft tips darts.
  1. Viper 800 Electronic Dartboard

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We’re very excited about this dartboard that has made it to our number four spot for a host of reasons. Come and check it out…

This electronic dartboard looks really grand and beautiful. The surface is fantastic; we’re talking tournament-standard. It’s got thermal resin segments and also comes with 15.5 inch regulation sized target face. All these make the game very enjoyable to engage in. Plus, the surface is very durable so you won’t need to spend extra money running around for a new dart board any time soon. This one will stick around long enough. We also love that the quality of the dart board makes it very easy for every player to play at their absolute best standards.

Of course, bounce outs have been reduced a great deal on this board also to enhance every player’s chance at a great performance. Plus, this board comes with 2 sets of darts which you will find kept in the built-in storage that comes with the board. The spider design is also ultra thin, so you have just the right edge to enjoy your game to the max. Bounce outs are a total game killer and you’ll be happy to be rid of them with this wonderful board.

And on to the LCD display… it’s bold, bright, and very clear. It makes it very easy to take note of scores so no one gets cheated.

Now, there’s this unique feature added to this board that we just can’t keep quiet about. Plus, it’s something we didn’t see anywhere else during our search. It’s the laser beam feature. This terrific laser beam keeps your throw/toe line very accurate while you throw. This takes your game to a whole new level, guys! And it also enhances your performance by a lot! If you’re dart savvy, then you’d appreciate this feature even more as it can be deciding factor between whether you win or you win overwhelmingly.

So far, we’ve seen boards that can only take a maximum of a dozen players. Not so with this one. It can take up to 16 players. Yes, you heard right. The board also offers up to 57 games and about 307 variations (highest so far).

Lastly, we can’t overlook the fact that the manufacturers were so thoughtful as to include a dart catch ring. What is a dart catch ring? It is a ring that surrounds the actual dart board in order to catch missed darts. This way, your wall stays protected and you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars getting your walls fixed after each game of darts.


  • LCD display is neat, legible, and clear.
  • Spider design is ultra thin to help to prevent bounce outs.
  • The playing surface itself is super durable.
  • It comes with 57 games and 307 variations.
  • Its laser beam feature helps you make your best throw/toe line.


  • This dart board cannot be used when weather conditions are less than clement.
  1. Viper VTooth Electronic Dart Board

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To round off our reviews rather nicely, we decided to take things up a notch by going in search of the best electronic dart board under $100, and look what we found. Tada! It’s the Viper VTooth Electronic Dart Board. And in spite of the fact that it also doubles as our best cheap electronic dart board, we must say that we are thoroughly impressed by the state of the art technology put into the engineering of this board.

When it comes to scoring, this model comes with a mobile app. See what we said about state of the art technology? With this design alone, this board already conveniently beats most other electronic boards in the market with their conventional scoring systems. So, what happens is that you can select your own custom profile on the scoring app with which you will keep track of your performance and progress as you play. Sure, it can’t take no more than 4 players which is a bit of an issue but, hey, the cost of this dude is practically a give-away, so…

This is a really durable score board and you can tell just by looking at it. The segments are tough and can withstand all kinds of throws, even a continuous stream of really tough throws. It might be smaller than other dart boards we have here, at just 13 inches, but its segment holes more than make up for that. They are all concave, so they prevent bounce outs. Told you they make up for that…

It only requires AA batteries to run, so yes, your options are staggering. You can take this board anywhere at all. Whether you’re travelling or you’re simply camping, or taking a vacation, you’ll find this board a very apt choice for a buddy. Because whatever the power situation, you can rest assured that your dart board is always ready to run with you.


  • It can be operated with batteries.
  • It comes compatible with a scoring app that helps you keep track of your performance.
  • Bounce outs are prevented by the concave segment holes on the dart board.


  • It can only take 4 players at a time.
  • Batteries will require regular replacement.

What Is the Best Electronic Dart Board?

rated electronic dart board

The best electronic dart board is the one that comes with the most important of features necessary in a dart board. But what are those features? Well, you’re just in time, because we are about to examine each of them closely now.

Is it Safe? All boards have their unique features that they bring to the table. But then always bear in mind that electronic dart boards are always much safer than conventional dart boards. Most manufacturers take the time and resources to ensure that electronic dart boards are safe. So, often, electronic dart boards are advised for kids better than the regular steel dart boards. If you’re going for something for the family, get an electronic dart board.

Entertainment: Electronic dart boards come with preloaded dart games, so they are fun for the family. Some boards can come with as many as 50 games, and these games can have a total of 200 variations such that for days you might not even be able to play them all. It gets even better if your board comes with an app so you can readily update the number of games your board has.

Cricket, for instance, is a common example of a preloaded game in electronic dart      boards. And it could come with loads of varieties like Around the World, Baseball,    Shanghai, Gotcha, High Score, etc. This will give you the power of choice to select from the available variations which you’ like to play.

A good advice, though; you must be sure what number of games you want your electronic device to have. You don’t want too few, but with too many running into hundreds, deciding on one may get very difficult and time-wasting.

Display: Could be LED or LCD but its main function is to keep score. You might know, but it bears repeating, that LEDs are a better display format than LCD. But if your preferred dart board comes with an LCD display, don’t worry; you can still make it work. It’s just that LED are a lot brighter, more modern and can adopt different colors to distinguish players and their game details.

LCDs are usually enough for most but they are a duller option when compared to LEDs.

Power Source: The name already gives it away. Electronic dart boards will need some form of electricity powering them before they can work. You’ll find some electronic boards that will work only with AC power, others rely on batteries alone, and still others can use either. If you intend to keep it fixed in a place, close to a power outlet, then an AC powered board will be great. It will even make your display brighter. Otherwise, if you’d rather it were always on hand for times you have to move, then, of course, a battery-operated board is the better option.

Technology: Interactive boards are now a thing. Many top rated electronic dart boards these days allow you to connect to your device via Bluetooth and even compete with other dart throwers around the world thanks to the technology engineered into them.

Bounce outs: Soft tip dart boards are notorious for bounce outs and this can be very annoying. Ensure that the electronic dart board you settle for comes with a high-grade surface, and also uses micro thin separators. You’d still need to throw a little harder though, and because of the notoriety of soft tip boards, a bounce out will, most times, still be registered as a score.

Even though most people, especially those with small kids, tend to favor electronic dart boards over the traditional one because of the safety of the soft tip darts, steel darts can still be used on electronic boards.

If you wish to blend the charm of old dart throwing with the novelty of electronic dart boards, you’re totally welcome to.

Other People’s Opinions


Beginners tend to favor the Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Board. It doesn’t come with too many confusing features and it’s a very simple unit. It features over 39 different games, and like we said, beginners will love this unit. It’s so easy to learn, a 12 year old can pick it up in a relatively short time.

If you’re looking for something affordable, most will tell you to go for the Viper VTooth Electronic Dart Board. It costs less than $100 but its features are still pretty good. Budgeters love this particular board especially since it still comes with several sophisticated features.

However, large families or people intending to use their dart board with a whole lot of people will naturally go for the Viper 800 Electronic Dartboard. It can accommodate up to 16 players.

Our Favorite

We will give the prize for best rated electronic dart board to the Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard. If you’re serious about your darts, then this is the board you should get. The surface is tournament-quality. The segment dividers are really thin and the surface is made of tough nylon in order to prevent bounce outs. It’s great for people of all skills, the beginner and pro alike. It comes with an LED display and operates by AC power. This is simply the best electronic dart board for the money and we hope you don’t miss out on it.



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