7 Best Dry Shampoos to Buy in 2018


Introducing the all new miracle solution to all your hair troubles… Dry shampoos! Does your hair need a Cinderella transformation from meh to va va voom! in the snap of a wand? Then there’s no better bet than a dry shampoo. No lathering. No rinsing. Just rub it in and watch the magic happen.  And if you want your hair to really stand out, you’d need an array of dry shampoos to work with. But hey, don’t panic. This review is a compilation of, not only the best dry shampoos, but also the sweetest deals we could find. Also in this article, you’ll find all kinds of shampoos for all kinds of hairs for all kinds of purposes. With these dry shampoos in your possession, you’ll be barely seconds away from astonishing hair. Talk about instant value!

So, we’re going straight to the reviews now but if you’d prefer, here is a table containing all the dry shampoos on review. Check out their features and see which suits your fancy. Enjoy!

2018 Top Dry Shampoos Detailed Reviews

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1.Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo:

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Let’s assure you first of all. You can be at ease. This shampoo will not leave white residue on your hair. This can of goodness is your nifty quick fix solution, which is why it’s our best drugstore dry shampoo. If you want to always look like you rolled out of bed looking awesome every day, then you want this dry shampoo from Amika. It will absorb all the oil and dirt that have accumulated in your hair. And like we said, it will leave no residue. This is because it does not contain talc. Talc is that whitish substance in most powders. So, what does it use if not talc? It uses natural rice starch instead. Lol. It’s not eww! Rice starch is actually very good for you. It not only absorbs the dirt in your hair residue-free, it also adds some benefits. Two of the chief benefits are: one, it gives your hair more volume and two, it enhances the texture of your hair as well.

This is a 7.2 ounce can of shampoo and if you use it right, it’s going to last you a pretty long time. It’s such a powerful little thing that you don’t need to use so much before seeing the effect. Simply shake the can and spray lightly (emphasis on lightly) all over your hair. Then, of course, massage the product into your hair. That little quantity, sweetheart, is all you need to get your hair all bouncy and shiny in a matter of seconds. It will even keep your hair frizz-free for up to 24 whole hours! Yes, it can really happen. Your hair can be frizz-free even in the highest humidity.

So, we’ll take your questions now. Is it great for all hair types? Yes. Is it okay for color treated hair? Will it work magic for my oily hair too? Yes and yes. And how about my blow out? Yes. So, you see? You can’t go wrong with the Amika dry shampoo.


  • Great for all hair types.
  • Safe for color treated hair.
  • Leaves no residue.
  • Fantastic scent.


  • For the quantity, this shampoo is pretty pricey.

2.Batiste Dry Shampoo – Original Fragrance:

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How would you like a chance at one of the most amazing deals on dry shampoos right now? Then don’t miss out on this product from Batiste. It’s a set of three cans of dry shampoo. And the price for this is so affordable, we feel they are probably setting up a secret giveaway without anyone’s knowledge. Owning this value set means that you save big time on money. And that’s not all. It gives your hair a fresh, clean look and smell. Of course, you’ll still have to wash your hair regularly, but when life happens and you just can’t, don’t panic. Your dry shampoos will always be on hand to transform you into a princess fit for a ball. It not only cleanses the hair, it absorbs all the dirt and grease that cause your hair to look dull as well. And when that is done you come out looking like a sight for sore eyes.

The Batiste dry shampoos aren’t just great ideas for retaining awesome hair in and out of washes. There’s more. You can use your shampoo on your hair to make your hair look fuller and even softer. In fact, if you put this into your hair overnight, you can catch some extra winks or two. You won’t have to wake up so early to attend to a hair emergency. You’ll practically rill out of bed and into your car looking fierce and sexy but ready to own the world. And if it matters to you, this shampoo is vegan friendly too. Pretty awesome, yeah?

This particular product from Batiste comes in different types for different hair types. There’s a little something for dark haired ladies, the brunettes and basically every other person in the spectrum.


  • Vegan-friendly.
  • Leaves no residue.
  • Absorbs oil really well.


  • It gets a little messy and can stain clothes and fingers after getting in contact with the product.

3.Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray:

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Are you a fan of big hair? Then this right here is what you want to get. The Oribe Texturizing spray gives your hair that glamorous volume you’ve always wished for in your hair. Plus, it also gives it that shiny, bouncy texture girls love! Plus, shiny, big hair is pretty sexy if you ask us. In fact, we recommend this product as the best dry shampoo for fine hair. We totally love it. Plus, add all these to the fact that it doesn’t leave any residue on your hair at all. This is a totally great product. And it absorbs oil like crazy! So, it always keeps your hair looking and feeling fresh all day long. We all know how life can get. Sometimes you just can’t wash your hair – not that you’re lazy and all, just life. This product will keep you straight whatever happens. And without an embarrassing whitish residue to boot!

But that’s not all this product can do. When you need it to, this spray can actually help give a fine finish to your hair. Completing your style and making it look exquisite. Also, if you need to keep a style for a day or two, this is your go-to spray too. Yup. Just spray through the night. By morning, people would be wondering how you managed to wake up looking like bam! And this spray right here will remain our secret while you go on shining like the star that you are. And yeah, about that big volume hair thing… if you want that extra big volume, try adding some heat to the mix. Then sit back and enjoy all the attention you’ll be getting from your new look.

And in case you’re wondering, this brand carries other fascinating products just like this texturizing spray. If you love this product, you’re going to love the others for sure. Check them out.


  • Great for all hair types.
  • No residues.
  • Adds volume to hair.
  • Helps to finish and hold hairstyles through the night.
  • Requires only a very little quantity to work.


  • This spray is more of a texturizer than a dry shampoo and for this price? It’s a tad too pricey.

4.Moroccanoil Dark Tones Dry Shampoo:

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When it comes to residue-leaving dry shampoos, dark-haired women have the absolute worst end of the deal. Dark-haired women are familiar with this embarrassing narrative. You leave your house, you get outside and suddenly, white residue. Here is the dry shampoo you should get that will change that narrative completely. It’s the best dry shampoo for dark hair primarily because your hair remains dark after use.

The dry shampoo contains rice starch instead of talc. This keeps your hair oil-free, dry and without the residue that talc tends to leave on your hair. And to be doubly sure nothing is left on your hair, this product comes with a special formulation. It contains argan oil. But, what’s the big deal about argan oil? By its very nature, argan oil breaks down very swiftly once applied on hair. So, in mere seconds of application, your hair will transform before your very eyes into a cleaner mass. And, it will still be as black as you’ve always known it to be. Of course, how can we forget to mention that argan oil also gives your hair UV protection? Yes. This shampoo doesn’t just clean, it also protects you from the harmful effects of UV.

So, dark-haired beauties, here is your chance to shine. If you love your hair clean, fragrant, grit-free, and non-itchy this, is the dry shampoo to go for. In fact, it’s our number one contender in the best shampoo for dry itchy scalp category too. Just ensure that you leave it for the dark haired ladies, though.


  • Contains argan oil and rice starch to protect the hair from white residue.
  • UV protection.
  • Specially formulated for dark hair.


  • If you spray this too close to your hair, it will leave white residues. Tip: spray at about 6 inches away from your hair.

5.Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle:

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The best dry shampoo for oily hair from our research is the Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle. Oily hair can be especially stubborn to care for. And even more than other hair owners, maintaining oily hair can be tedious. This is the major reason it’s difficult to maintain a regular washing pattern for hairs like this. Well, thank heavens for dry shampoos. This product presents a quick fix with amazing results. Klorane’s most attractive quality is its dedication to finding natural solutions for its hair and face products. This means that you can rest assured that while using any product from Klorane, this inclusive, you’re safe. This dry shampoo is free from heavy metals, some of them carcinogenic, which can harm you one way or another.

So what have we learned about the Klorane Dry Shampoo? It cleans out your hair in seconds, it leaves no residue. And, its ingredients are completely safe for you. But there’s more… it’s great at extending the life span of your blow outs! So, if yesterday’s blowout was fine, we don’t see any reason today’s own shouldn’t be as amazing. Hence this dry shampoo. It instantly enhances your hair’s volume and texture. And it will work for even the most sensitive scalp in the world. In fact, you don’t have to wait till your hair is dirty. You can use it on clean hair just to texturize and improve its volume.


  • Contains the nettle oil to combat oily hair.
  • Contains natural ingredients which are safe for your health.
  • Great texturizer and volume enhancer.


  • Apparently finishes a little too quickly.

6.It’s a 10 Miracle Dry Shampoo and Conditioner in One:

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Here’s our best shampoo and conditioner for dry hair in the lot. We love the fact that this product offers excellent value. For the price of one, you’ll be getting the value of two lovely products. This spray comes as dry shampoo and a conditioner in one. It works with virtually all hair types to do ten amazing things. Yeah, that’s where the brand got its name from. All its products are formulated and manufactured to do ten specific things. A brand that knows exactly what it’s doing, right? Yep. So what does this do?

It does everything instantly, from cleaning to conditioning your hair. And then adds that irresistibly refreshing fragrance. It’s also fantastic at absorbing all the dirt and oil of yesterday while at the same time adding shine and body to your hair. This gives your hair an amazing texture and volume. Of course, the idea of the dry shampoo is that you don’t need water. So, it’s easy to use and the results are instant. Finally, this product works with or without heat. So, summarily, those are all the 10 things this product is formulated to do. Do you want to check it or yes?


  • Comes as a dry shampoo and conditioner in one.
  • Absorbs oils and dirt effectively.
  • Gives body and shine to hair.
  • Works with and without heat.
  • Quite affordable.


  • Might leave a residue on some hair types. Therefore, check if it does that to your hair type.

7.Bumble and Bumble Pret A Powder Dry Shampoo:

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If your hair is dry and getting damaged, then it needs urgent care. It needs a touch from the best shampoo for dry hair you can possibly find. You know that there’s nothing attractive about dry, damaged hair. So, it’s important that you treat the matter as urgent. Why don’t we present to you our best dry shampoo for dry damaged hair – the Bubmle and Bumble Dry Shampoo? It has worked wonders for many happy customers in times past. And there’s no doubt that you’d be a happy camper once you get this product. It is invisible after spraying on and comes with a 2-in-1 style extender. What this style extender does is to cleanse your hair from the roots all the way to the tips. This leaves your hair nourished and ultimately affects the health and look of your hair. We are also happy that this product comes with UV protection to keep your hair from the harsh effects of the sun. Plus, it’s super easy to use, and doesn’t feel too powdery or too thick on the hair. So, no residue!

PS: If you’re in the market for the best shampoo for dry scalp, then this also works. Essentially, it’s a fantastic product for handling all kinds of dry hair situations.


  • Adds volume to the hair.
  • Great smell.
  • Best dry scalp shampoo.
  • Also works great with damaged hair.


Might leave a white residue if you spray too close to your hair.

How to Choose the Best Dry Shampoo

Best Dry Shampoo

A dry shampoo can be a life saver for any girl. With our busy lives and the mentality that girls really can do it all (which they can but sometimes get very exhausted while doing), some things get left out. And one of such routines to suffer is that of hair washing. Now you see why dry shampoos are the best thing after sliced bread. Be that as it may, it’s still important that you know one or two things about dry shampoos before you decide on getting one. We’ve rounded off our most important features to consider. Go though them, weigh them, and then make your decision.

Fragrance: It’s expected that a shampoo product come with a scent, or a fragrance, if you may. But then again, individual reactions to different smells differ. The fact that a dry shampoo does as advertised doesn’t mean that you’d love the smell. And if you hate the smell, buyers’ remorse isn’t far off. So, avoid buyers’ remorse and be sure of the scent of your chosen shampoo.

Powder or Spray: Aerosols are more convenient but powders are better, especially for thin hair. Plus, if you’ve got a sensitive nose, or you’re particular about aerosol particles in the air… powder shampoos are better.

Read: Nope not a large textbook or something. Read the label on your shampoo. Be sure about what is contained in a shampoo before you get it. Some people do not like any hint of chemical in their hair and beauty care products. If you’re that kind of person, naturally, you should care what your preferred product contains. If you don’t mind chemicals, there are still bad chemicals to look out for, though. Some of these harsh chemicals include: butane, propane, isobutene, phthalates, parabens, etc. Thankfully, there are tons of safe dry shampoo products that contain purely natural ingredients. And they are also quite affordable too.

Price: You must have heard this before but it’s worth repeating – price isn’t always synonymous to value. So, know what you can afford to spend, make your budget, and try to stay within that budget. These days, dry shampoos even go for as cheap as $5. So, trust us, price won’t be the reason you don’t get a dry shampoo.

Ask questions/Watch tutorials: Most of the bad reviews you see on certain products come from ignorant customers. Kindly permit us to say that, please. So, it’s always best to ask your hairstylist or watch a Youtube tutorial about how a certain shampoo is used before trying to use it yourself. This is so you can get the absolute best result. Here are some general rules of thumb that could help, though. You don’t spray on wet hair. But you know that already, right? Also, don’t spray too close to the scalp. Keep your hand at about 6 inches from your hair so there’s no residue left after you’ve used the product on your hair.

Hair Type: Always choose your dry shampoo according to your hair needs. Have an excessively oily hair, or a colored hair, or even dreadlocks? There are many different types of dry shampoo products specifically made to address individual hair situations such as those mentioned. Especially for those with colored hair, you’ll need a dry shampoo that won’t ruin your perfectly colored hair. Dry hair, damaged hair and other hair conditions can also be treated using dry shampoos.

What Others are Saying about the Dry Shampoo

choose the best dry shampoo

The dry shampoos from Amika, Batiste, and Oribe were, obviously, the biggest names we found while researching. Klorane is another great product but then there’s a small issue. Many believe that nettle is not as great at absorbing oil as oatmilk. But then, the thundering voice of the majority overruled and this product ended up with so many positive reviews.

Our Favorite Dry Shampoo

We will go for the Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo. It’s real absorbent, very affordable, and keeps your hair feeling great and looking fresh all day long. It’s safe for all kinds of hair, doesn’t leave any residue, and works for all hair types.


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