Top 4 Down Comforters with Best Quaity and Price in 2018


After such a long day at work, the first thing on your mind is to come home and get a good night rest. But you can’t get a good night’s rest if your bed isn’t great. You know what they say about how you make your bed. So, if you’re going to lie well and have a beautiful rest and sweet dreams, you must arm yourself with the best bed accessories to make your sleep experience a beautiful one indeed.

Today, we have come to you with details on one of those must have accessories. We are talking about down comforters, those lush, magical things that feel oh so plush against your skin as you relax in bed. We have 4 of them for you to check out and this article is packed full with detailed information on each of them.

  Down Shell Material Fill Power Fill Weight Thread Count Size Color
Egyptian Bedding Siberian Goose Egyptian Cotton 750 70 ounces 600 King – 106 x 90 inches Solid white
Puredown 75% white duck down, and 25% white feather Cotton 600 36 ounces 233 Queen – 88 x 88 inches White
Pacific Coast HyperClean Pyrenees Egyptian Cotton 650 40.5 ounce 420 King – 108 x 98 inches White
CW Siberian Goose Egyptian Cotton 750 50 ounces 1200 Queen – 90 x 92 inches White


Top Rated Down Comforters on Amazon 2018 Reviews

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1.Egyptian Bedding 600-Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Siberian Goose Down Comforter 

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We begin with this king size down comforter from Egyptian Bedding. It is absolutely amazing with everything you need in a comforter. For one, it is a goose down comforter, so it’s a lot fluffier and much warmer than the average down comforter you find around. Plus, the fill power is optimum at 750. So you can be sure that it contains enough warmth to keep you nice and snuggly at night. We also love the fact that this baby is made with a box construction. This will retain all that nice toastiness and ensure that even in the coldest weathers, you’re kept warm. It’s a king size comforter, so it measures about 106 inches by 90 inches, meaning, it’s royally large! It will cover your bed nicely.

This is a 750 thread count comforter, and even though, there are some with higher thread counts, this is quite breathable. This means it’s still usable in the summer. And to ensure that your baby lasts you till forever and delivers value for your money, the edges are solidly woven. Now, no matter how often this comforter grazes the floor, it will remain in shape.

Now, this one is for those who tend to get easily irritated by certain materials. Thankfully, this comes as a hypoallergenic comforter so it’s great for people with allergies. There’s nothing in it that you could possibly react to. For even higher convenience, this comforter comes machine washable. It remains fluffy even after wash. However, make sure you only wash at a low temperature.

If you worry about down comforters that come with a very heavy chemical smell, then you don’t have to. The good news is that this does not come with any awful smell, so you don’t need to bother about washing before use.

PS: If you’d prefer this as a down comforter queen size, Egyptian Bedding carries that too.


  • Comes with Siberian goose down for extra fluffiness.
  • 750 fill power gives enough warmth.
  • Hypoallergenic shell.
  • 600 thread count shell keeps the comforter breathable.
  • Box construction keeps the heat locked in.
  • Machine washable.
  • Comes as a down comforter king


  • Would need to be groomed regularly.

2.Puredown White Down Comforter 

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Okay, so this one is a queen size duck down comforter that’s designed to be used all year round. So, this is going to be your cuddle body come winter or summer (and autumn and spring). But then again, it’s a lightweight down comforter anyway, so you might want to use it only during light winters or moderate ones at most. Aside that, this is a fantastic comforter with quality construction. The shell is also hypoallergenic just like the last one we reviewed. This makes it a fantastic choice for people with sensitive bodies.

Like we mentioned before, it’s designed to be used all year round and that’s why this is a lightweight down comforter. It’s made this way so that at almost every point in the year, you can always use the comforter without much discomfort. The shell is a 233 thread count so the down remains locked in and the box stitches keep the down from getting clumped up. Also, you’d be happy to know that the edges of this comforter are extra well stitched for durability. Plus, you can secure your duvet in this comforter thanks to the four tabs the manufacturers included at the corners.

When this comforter arrives, it might give a slight chemical smell, but with some adequate airing all the smell goes away. Plus, you’d have to manually fluff it up when it first arrives to make sure that the comforter inflates as it should.


  • Comes with 75% duck down.
  • Fill power of 600.
  • Cotton shell comes with 233 thread count.
  • Box stitching to keep down evenly distributed and not clumped up.
  • Comes with loops to insert duvet covers.
  • Lightweight down comforterusable all year round.


  • Duck down is not as plush as goose down.

3.Pacific Coast King Luxury Comforter

[amazon box=”B004SCFEYS” template=”vertical”]

Okay, so why do we love this comforter? Well, it’s a luxurious comforter for one but even at that, it’s still lightweight enough to be used for all seasons. Plus, it’s really low maintenance, so it’s a luxury comforter with a low cost maintenance. Does it get any better than that? Hardly!

This is a 650 fill power down comforter. And it’s a HyperClean Pyrenees down which means that the down forms larger and fluffier clusters. But then the baffle box construction keeps the down evenly distributed so it doesn’t pile up. Talking about size, this is a king size down comforter in case you’re asking. So it’s the perfect fit for your king size bed.

The cotton shell comes with a 420 thread count. This makes the comforter warm yet breathable enough for you. Remember this is an all-season comforter so it needs to be a bit breathable. Alright, now down to maintenance… According to manufacturers’ instructions, this comforter is very easy to maintain. An occasional dry cleaning once in every 3 to 5 years is enough to keep it going good. However, we would advise you to throw on a down comforter cover, it will keep your comforter clean and hygienic since you’ll only be washing it once in a very long while.

Aside that, there’s no foul chemical smell to contend with but you would have to give this comforter a few days for it to inflate to its full potential.


  • Comes with Pyrenees down.
  • Fill power of 650.
  • Cotton shell comes with a 420 thread count.
  • Baffle box construction to keep down evenly distributed.
  • Low maintenance as comforter only needs to be dry cleaned once in every 3 to 5 years.


  • This comes advertised as a medium warmth but then it gets really warm on less cold nights. So, maybe it isn’t ideal for all seasons after all.

4.C&W Luxurious Full/Queen Size Siberian Goose Down Comforter 

[amazon box=”B06XK4JCTN” template=”vertical”]

For something so moderately priced, this is one down comforter that does a fabulous job keeping you warm. It’s really fluffy, feels very high end and appears quite durable. The fill in this comforter is 100% goose down so it’s pretty plush. And guess what? The fill power is 750, and even better, it also comes in a baffle box construction design. So, you can see that no air is going through anywhere. This comforter will keep you warm throughout the night.

Thanks to the baffle box design, you can be sure that the down will be evenly distributed across the comforter. No clumping or piling, so every direction you turn is equally and well warmed up. This particular comforter is also a queen size white down comforter and it also contains about 50 ounces of fill weight.

Also, for the sensitive folks, you might be interested to hear that this is a hypoallergenic comforter and it has a 1200 thread count! With this thread count you can be sure that the down is going nowhere, everything is kept on a lock down. And this is big news especially for those with severe allergies to down. If you’re one of those this is the down comforter for you!

We also quite love the quality of this comforter’s cover. It’s shiny, so, if you have a pet that loves to cuddle up on your bed, it’s easy to shed off his hair. There are loops for a duvet cover at the corners of the comforter. But just before you run off, you must note a few things. For instance, you cannot machine wash this thing. It can only be dry cleaned. Also, after you open the package for the first time, you might need to give the comforter some time to get fluffy. And then you also have to air it adequately too to get the chemical odor out.


  • Comes with 100% Siberian goose down.
  • Fill power of 150.
  • Shiny shell is made of cotton and comes with a thread count of 1200.
  • Baffle box construction keeps the down evenly spread.


  • Quite stressful to maintain since you can only dry clean. No machine wash.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Down Comforter

There are certain factors that help to determine if a down comforter is worth spending your money on or not. As you probably already know, down comforters don’t exactly come cheap and if you make a wrong choice, it could make you very upset. So, to avoid that, we have prepared top five factors to consider when choosing the best down comforter.

  1. Warmth: You need to check for the amount of fill in your down comforter as well as the fill power. This will determine how warm your down comforter will be. So, this is how it works. The fill power determines just how much air an ounce of fill will trap. So, if that value is higher, one ounce of air will trap more air, and then the comforter will fell warmer. Get it? So, on the average, your comforter should have a fill power of, at least, 450 to 550. A comforter with a fill power above 550 but below 600 is just above average. But if your comforter comes with a fill power value of 700, then it comes with excellent warming abilities.

Now, to the amount of fill… this is equally as important as the fill power. If the amount of fill isn’t high enough, the down comforter won’t be as cozy. Now, here are our recommendations. For a queen size comforter, you need at least 32 ounces of fill. Twin size needs at least 16 ounces, double 24 ounces, and for king size, 48 ounces.

  1. Feel: You need to look out for comforters that are really comfy for obvious reasons. Do we even need to convince you concerning this? Of course you already know that.  Moving on… To determine how plush a comforter will feel, you need to look out for the filling a comforter contains. Now, there are different kinds of fillings a down comforter could come with.

So, first, there’s duck down. Duck down is not so expensive so duck down comforters are usually reasonably priced when compared with goose down comforters.

Then there’s goose down. You find more goose down comforters in Europe actually. But generally though, goose down is fluffier than duck down. But here’s the small twist. Goose down and duck down actually have the same insulation capabilities. Well, sometimes, the insulation capability of goose down might be slightly higher, though. But then, goose down comforters are usually the pricier versions when compared with duck down comforters.

Then, believe it or not, some down comforters aren’t actually made of down. There are such things as down alternatives used to make down comforters. Down alternatives are generally the most affordable of the different kinds of fills.

  1. Shell: You need to be sure about the quality of the shell of the comforter. Look out for the feel, how breathable it is, and of course the look of the shell as well. Most times, shells are made of cotton and they come with a thread count. The thread count of a shell is a very important factor to look out for when checking out the shells of down comforters. Look for something that is, at least 180. At a thread count of 180, you can be sure that shell will keep the down tightly woven inside so the comforter doesn’t lose its fill. Plus, for those with allergies, a thread count of, at least, 180 will keep people with allergies from developing severe allergies. Now, if you can get a down comforter with a 250 thread count or above, then that would be just perfect.
  2. Construction: If a down comforter isn’t properly constructed, the down filling in it could get lumped up together in different parts of the comforter. Now, that’s what construction does for you. It’s a process by which down is trapped in different pockets of the comforter. And there are several ways to do that:
  • Sewn-through: This type of comforter locks in the down by sewing the shells into pockets. The cross-stitch created forms the space into which the down is trapped. But then again, the stitch lines will remain cold because they don’t contain any down. Sewn-through comforters are the most affordable kinds.
  • Baffle Box: In this type of construction, the manufacturers stitch the fabric at a right angle to the comforter. This stitch pushes the down into cuboids. Generally, baffle box down comforters are fluffier than sewn-through. Plus, unlike sewn-through, the borders of the pockets are warmer to the feel. Of course, baffle box construction is pricier.
  • Karo step construction: in this type of construction, you can always move the down around in the comforter. So, if you need a particular side of your body warmer, you can just gather up the down and move it to that side.
  1. Price: You must know and work with your budget. If you can’t afford to spend so much at this point, you can go for a down alternative. Duck down comforters are slightly more expensive but are still pretty affordable too. But if you can afford to let go of a few more bucks, you can get reasonably priced goose down comforters.

Other People’s Opinion about Choosing the Best Down Comforters

Best Down Comforters

There’s a lot of positive feedback for the Egyptian Bedding 600-Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Siberian Goose Down Comforter. For one, lots of customers seem to be giving the company a big kudos for fantastic customer service. Also, people say they have a most phenomenal sleep whenever they use this comforter.

The Costco down comforter, i.e. the Pacific Coast King Luxury Comforter, gets more of a mixed bag when it comes to feedback from people. But here, we’ll focus only on the positives. On the one hand, tons of people love the fact that it is lightweight yet super warm. Plus, someone even says it smells of down and seemed to love it. Is that good or bad? We’ll leave you to decide.

Our Best Down Comforter

Our winning down comforter today is the Egyptian Bedding 600-Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Siberian Goose Down Comforter. With a 750 fill power, 70 ounce fill weight, and 600 thread count, this comforter comes prepared to warm you up. Plus, it’s easy maintenance too since you can easily wash this in a machine. And it doesn’t even cost that much. It’s simply great value for money if you ask us!

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