Top 4 Double Umbrella Strollers Reviews 2018


Many parents who have, or have had multiple children can attest to the challenges that they remember. Errands, play dates, and activities are exhausting to keep track of on their own, without having to worry about transportation and the actual logistics of traveling with multiple children.

Horror stories are sometimes heard coming from mothers who naively took their children into a grocery or clothing store, only to have their children embarrassingly run around the store, hiding, and possibly damaging expensive products. Parents of twins face even more challenges, as they cannot even count on age differences for added maturity in public.

Enter the double stroller – the mother’s way of rounding her children up, in her sight, and away from possible embarrassing situations.

Reviews of Best 4 Double Umbrella Strollers

1. Joovy Strollers

Joovy is a relatively new company that manufactures single, double, and triple strollers, as well as child’s toys, playards, and feeding accessories. Joovy strollers have a modern look that parents love, and durability and quality are always guaranteed. Favorite Joovy double stroller models include the Caboose Stand And Ride and the Scooter X2.

2. Maclaren StrollersYoung parents pushing a baby stroller

More than fifty years ago, Maclaren introduced their first Baby Buggy for sale. It was the size of an umbrella and folded with little effort for travel. Even at that time Maclaren’s strollers only weighed about ten pounds.

Today Maclaren maintains its popularity, introducing new designs for parents and grandparents regularly. Over the years, Maclaren has partnered with famous design labels such as Burberry, Kate Spade, Juicy Couture, and LaCoste.

Maclaren applies the basic ideas behind aeronautics to create revolutionary designs that set the industry standard for quality. Popular Maclaren double stroller models include their Twin Triumph and the Twin Techno. Both models offer plenty of storage and can fit easily through standard doorways.

3. Britax Strollers

For over seventy years Britax has been a leader in safety and innovation, gaining popularity in Europe before entering the North American market in the mid-nineties. Safety is the main concern at Britax, and their products undergo vigorous testing procedures at various facilities before being sent to retailers.

The company also works with the manufacturers of vehicles to ensure compliance with car seat regulations. They also provide excellent customer service to customers, always available for advice in regards to the safety features and installation of their products.

Their current double stroller model, the B-AGILE Double, offers many features, including a lightweight frame with height adjustable handle and easy fold system, a narrow width, to accommodate standard size doorways, a large under seat storage area as well as two additional storage pockets behind the seats, and all wheel suspension that ensures maximum maneuverability.

This stroller will accommodate Britax Click & Go infant car seats, and come with the necessary equipment to fasten them securely.

4. Chicco StrollersYoung beautiful woman in a park with a double jogging stroller with two kids, her identical twin daughters

Chicco is the most popular brand of stroller manufacturer in Europe and has been for more than fifty years. Chicco, pronounced ‘kee-ko’, not only produces baby products, but also needles and thermometers, as part of their mission towards personal wellness.

Now, Chicco brand strollers are available in more than one hundred and twenty countries, worldwide.

The Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller allows buyers to customize their travel system, as it accommodates up to two matching Chicco car seats. The rear seat reclines fully on this inline model stroller, allowing for a car seat or bassinet, while the front seat folds forward for the second infant carrier.

This model boasts a one handed fold system and secure storage latch, as well as plenty of storage, however, the seats are only recommended to accommodate children up to forty pounds.

What Is a Double Umbrella Stroller?

A double stroller is an excellent method of walking transportation for parents and grandparents of twins, or multiple children. There are currently many designs and models to choose from, but the ultimate purchase decision should be based on individual needs and the needs of the child.

Any good quality stroller will provide two comfortable seats for passengers, but not all of them recline, come with storage, or accessories.

Made from a metal or aluminum skeleton, double strollers can have three sets of wheels on jogging designs, and four on umbrella style strollers. The leading wheel or wheels are often fastened to be able to swivel, but can also be locked for added security.

Seats should recline ideally and should be a good distance from the floor for the child’s height. Good strollers also usually come equipped with a safety harness, to help overly squirmy kids or those who cannot yet support themselves, from falling out.

Double strollers are commonly found in households with multiple children, as their added convenience easily outweighs any disadvantages. Being able to set the baby down while chasing a toddler, or allowing the children to nap while out of the house, allows mothers to accomplish many daily tasks that could otherwise be taken for granted.

Nowadays, options are not as limited as they once were, with varying styles and designs, features such as adjustable and individual canopies, underneath storage, leg rests, and reclining seats. For those looking to purchase a double stroller for their own convenience, there are many factors to consider.

Size and style are often important factors that women consider when choosing a new stroller. Many double strollers are large in size, but there are currently many lightweight, smaller, or combination designs available to choose from as well.

Parents and grandparents can choose to purchase a side by side model, or an incline, or back to front model. Every model and manufacturer provide varying features, so consumers should also be very familiar with how they will be using their stroller, and where.

Types of Double Strollers

Double strollers can come in one of two designs, generally, although combination strollers may be considered another category as they gain popularity. Side by side strollers looks like they sound, and have the two children sitting on each other’s side.

On an inline stroller, the seats are positioned one in front of the other. Combination strollers can be changed to suit up to twenty different seating preferences on some models.

All three styles come in varying designs. Cheap no frills models are available as well as full travel systems with all of the accessories.Different types of baby strollers

Side-by-side double stroller models are the most commonly found in the marketplace, with more designs and styles to choose from than other types. They offer a consistent ride for both passengers, and easy maneuverability.

Many models have two canopies, though some only have one, so buyers should look at this feature before buying, and consider their needs. Some customers do not like that side-by-side stroller models do not allow for individual adjustment for passengers in many models.

Others find this style to be too wide, hard to navigate through narrow openings and doorways. Others claim that side-by-side models are heavy to lift, and store, however, this is a common complaint about every type of double stroller.

Inline models also come in a variety of styles and designs and may be considered to be more attractive than side-by-side models. The two seats on inline models can be level, or one can be raised above the other. The narrower width of these models allows them to fit in some spaces that a side-by-side would not, however, some customers find that the longer style makes for less maneuverability.

There is also rare consistency for passengers, with most models offering added features for only one of the two seats. These designs seem to assume that use is for two children of different ages, and does not seem to consider twins, children close in age, or very competitive or jealous children that want the same features as their siblings.

Combination and sit-and-stand models of double strollers are also available, and although these models are not usually sought after by parents of twins, parents of multiple children that are different ages often return very favorable reviews.

Additional Features of Double Umbrella Strollers

Although a side by side stroller is nice for passengers to have the same experiences and features, sometimes they are not feasible, or just not the style or design that is wanted. When looking to purchase a new stroller, however, it is important to also consider factors aside from seating position.

Many current double stroller designs have dual front wheels, equaling four total wheels in the front of the stroller. These strollers are called umbrella strollers, and they can often be found in lightweight models that fold and store easily.

Double jogger strollers are also available, but can be extremely heavy, and often do not have much storage. That said, jogger strollers are often thought to be easier to maneuver despite their weight.Group of young moms walk in the park with their infants on strollers

Parents and grandparents buying a stroller for twins should also look into models that can accommodate two infant carriers, as not every double stroller can. Many people want to purchase an all in one travel system, regardless of how many children they have and their ages.

It may be more suitable, however, for some families to purchase two less expensive strollers that will serve different purposes in the following years. Other families may want to consider giving up some features for an overall better model of stroller.

Being able to accommodate two car seats means nothing if the user can’t steer the stroller, or has zero storage. Versatility should be considered for anyone who plans to use their stroller in various activities, rather than just walking. Some double stroller models can be used not only for jogging, but for hiking, biking, and even skiing.

In order to find a double stroller that suits specific individual needs, consumer should consider the ages and stages of the children that will be using the stroller. Parents of twins often require that their stroller is able to accommodate two infant car seats or carriers, but parents of multiple children of different ages can choose from many options.

If the older child does not need to recline or is happy standing, then a combination stroller may work. If both children will need to recline fully, then a side-by-side stroller may be the best choice. If only one car seat is needed, an inline stroller may be preferred simply on the basis of style.

Parents of children who are close in age or competitive, however, should watch that both children receive the same experiences and features to avoid jealousy or hurt feelings.Consumers should also consider how long they plan to travel for, and how frequently.

Often, a less expensive stroller is appropriate for occasional trips to the grocery store or mall, but a lengthy day trip to the zoo or a vacation to another country may demand more features from the stroller. Long trips often also require that the child is able to lie down comfortably, has access to snacks or a drink, as well as storage space for toys and extra clothing.

Of course, budget is always a concern when planning to purchase anything new. Some double stroller models can be extremely expensive, so buyers should be sure that their purchase includes all the features that they love.

Alternately, many less expensive models offer good handling and storage, which may be all that is needed. Buyers should ensure that their choice in stroller is durable enough, however, to last at least a few years., and remember that they may not be able to resell a less expensive model.

The Most Lightweight Double Stroller

Zoe may have made the best travel stroller in existence with the XL2 Deluxe Double Lightweight Twin Umbrella Stroller System.

The entire stroller weighs only about sixteen pounds but has ample storage, separate four-panel canopies with peek-a-boo windows, seat comfort pads, and a secure harness strap system. The frame is made of aluminum, which allows for extended durability while keeping the weight to an absolute minimum.

There is an easy to use folding system, and the entire stroller folds up to be extremely compact. Each child has a cup holder on this model, and the two children share a snack tray. There is also a parent cup holder and a belly bar for added security.

Real customer reviews love the lightweight design and the ease of use in folding. They also love its easy steering and maneuverability, while still providing plenty of storage.

The Cheapest Double StrollerWoman pushing a double stroller for twin boy and girl

Aside from the obvious, very inexpensive, and flimsy options, there are many double stroller models that are both durable and less expensive. This model made by Delta Children comes highly rated by real customers. It has individual canopies, foot rests, and a parent cup holder.

There is also storage for some small items on the back of each seat. This model is not as wide as some other double stroller models, making is less awkward to maneuver in public places. In fact, at only 29 inches wide, this may be the smallest and most compact double stroller available. Users love the reasonable price, too.

The Best Sit to Stand Double Stroller

The Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Stroller maintains a very reasonable price, considering its many features. Children can choose to sit in the front and rear seats or one child can stand on the rear platform, which is a handy feature for parents with much older children who only sometimes tire of walking.

This stroller design offers a one-handed fold system, a removable tray with cup holder for the children, and a covered parent tray with two cup holders, in addition to plenty of storage. This model also accepts two infant car seats which may make this model the ideal choice for expectant mothers of twins.

Final Thoughts: Choosing the Best Double Umbrella Strollers

Although these products may seem to be very similar, they have individual features that separate one model from the rest. Those who wish to purchase a double stroller model, whether out of convenience or necessity, need to decide what they will be using the stroller for, where they will be going and for how long.Young mother with baby in stroller cartoon

They should take into account the number of children they have, and their ages and sizes as well. Some big, tall or older children have a hard time in strollers due to feet dragging, or lack of leg room.

Some models and manufacturers keep this in mind, however, and stroller designs are available that accommodate even the oldest and tallest children.

Prospective customers should take the time to look at several models of double stroller that they feel look good, and then compare the features that they hold important.

  • Handlebar Height
  • Ease of Steering
  • Folding System
  • Cup Holders
  • Snack Trays
  • Storage
  • Product Dimensions
  • Product Weight
  • Weight Restrictions for Each Seat

Consumers should also consider the weight restrictions for each of the stroller’s individual seats, especially if they have big, tall, or older children. Parents of twins may want a stroller that can accommodate two car seats, while other parents may want their children to have the option to sit or stand.

Most of the choices that customers have in terms of double strollers available today are affordable, considering that this is a product that will be used possibly for many years into the future. Additionally, some of the more expensive models offer accessories or features that may not be needed.

Weight may not be a factor to consider if the stroller will only be used for short and infrequent day trips, however, would be a very important factor for anyone who travels often.

The best advice when looking to buy a double stroller applies to any other purchase. Real customer reviews are often the best source of information that may not be available from sellers or the manufacturer.

Real reviews outline product flaws and unnecessary features, while highlighting the best and most useful features. Every double stroller highlighted in this article comes highly recommended from real users, so buyers can rest assured that the best choices in each category are those of the majority and not one individual person.

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