Best Diaper Pails at the Best Price on the Market


Everyone around a baby will try to hold them, tickle a bit and play around and then all over a sudden, they hand the baby over to you with a disliking face. Your little one has a smelling diaper that’s shouting for change. Now, multiply what you just smelled 30 times and what do you get? A stinking smell that only a trash bag can handle. That is where you need the best diaper pail to keep all the gross smell and dirty diaper appearances away.

It is a trash can dedicated to keeping the diaper smell at bay. Diaper pails achieve this by having a proper seal, absorbing the awful scent and a trapdoor so that the baby will not come around searching and also to keep the intense smell out of the kiddo’s room.

As a parent, you will find this very useful since mixing dirty diapers with kitchen waste will escalate the breathing matters. The problem is, there are dozens of brands you will meet out there, and they will all claim to serve you right. So, what is the best diaper pail to meet your needs? Do you need it for disposable diapers or cloth substitutes? Well, you cannot mix both as we will see. That is why we went ahead and searched for the five best baby diaper pails that will contain the odor and guarantee fresh air in the house.

Diaper Pails Comparison Table

Product Name Operation Refills Type Amazon Rating
Ubbi Single-hand with a foot pedal No special refills 4.2/5.0
Dekor-Plus Free-hand with a foot pedal Dekor-plus scented refills 4.1/5.0
Munchkin-Step Free-hand with a foot pedal Munchkin-step refills together with a baking soda puck 41./5.0
Safety 1st- Easy Saver One-hand with a foot pedal No special refills 3.9/5.0
Playtex Diaper Genie Free-hand with a foot pedal Diaper Genie refills 3.5/5.0


5 Best Odor Control Diaper Pails You Need To Check

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The primary objective of a diaper pail is to give a space to throw in dirty diapers and keep the awful smell away. So, apart from all the other features that make a suitable diaper trash can, a simple diaper pail should achieve the ability to keep the air clean and prevent you from breathing via your mouth every time you approach the child’s nursery area or room.

Here are the best baby diaper pails for your cloth or disposable diapers.

1. Ubbi

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Summary benefits

Keeping the odor away is the most critical factor to consider in any diaper pail. However, there are other things that you can look for example, how simple it is to use the specialized trash can and if there are other costs incurred. Ubbi portrays a great money saving image by being compatible with a versatile range of bags which excludes you from searching for the right kit for your pail.

What we love about it

Here is the best rated diaper pail that we came across and there is a reason behind Ubbi’s win. While it is made to keep the foul diaper smell away, you don’t need any unique bag, a particular refill or any insertion to help it achieve that. That is a money saving feature from the manufacturer, Kuddos!

Having won several awards, it implies that parents and those who run nurseries have their trust in an Ubbi money saving diaper pail after prolonged use. Credit goes to the solid steel construction that guarantees an odor-free environment, unlike plastic substitutes which are still vulnerable to releasing some of the ‘fumes.’

Any trash can should come ready for the job. This one provides a simple opening mechanism that portrays simplicity though single-hand opening ability. On the inside top part, the lid has a sturdy rubber sealing that tightly fits the hollow space leading to the body. The opening and closing tasks are in slow motion to prevent accidents on your child’s fingers as they try to tamper with it. Once it’s closed, the childproof lock helps in giving your child a hard time trying to open. Also, the locking mechanism prevents the lid from accidentally opening if it falls while the child is playing with it.

Broad color range

Ubbi’s decorator did all the work for you so that you can land on your favorite color before receiving the diaper pail. Finding one that matches the nursery is hitting the bull’s eye which is an advantage for the parents looking for baby nursery items and decorations in advance.

What parents say

“It fits well in the baby’s room, and the child lock feature saves the day when our sons decide to check what’s in there. The only stinking that comes out is when you open to throw another diaper or clean it. It fits the regular kitchen trash bags, but you can consider scented ones which are much better. Good for disposable or cloth diapers. Whatever the reason you bought it for, it will serve the purpose.”


  • An award-winning diaper pail.
  • No need for special bags or refills (Ubbi sells their recommended bags too).
  • Easy to recycle once your baby grows up due to its metallic design.


  • Quite expensive – you get one for $70-$80 depending on the color.
  • You may need scented bags. Some customers have complained of some smell if you use the regular kitchen bags.

2. Dekor Plus Hands-Free Diaper Pail

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Summary benefits

This Dekor Plus diaper pail is too much easy. Just step on the foot lock, the jar opens up, throw in the diaper in and go. The addition of powder-scented refills does the rest of the job – to keep the odor away, and that’s it.

What we love about it

It wins the second place on our review. The major reason is that you can hold your baby in one hand, a diaper in the other and still trash the diaper. The foot pedal brings all the favor as stepping on it opens up the lid and what remains is obvious, drop and leave it to close.

Now, when it comes to controlling the odor, the Dekor Plus has the triple odor control feature that prohibits the fumes cooking in the pail from getting out. The construction is also a sturdy one – ABS plastic which is designed to be leak-proof. Well, you cannot compare it to the metal on Ubbi, but it does the ‘guarding’ job and will only be smelly after a very long period of use.

What do you need it for? It is suited to handle cloth diapers and disposable ones too. However, we would recommend you to go with other options if you don’t find the recommended refills for cloth diapers that Dekor Plus recommends.

Another feature that genuinely eases the job is the sideways opening door that allows you to empty the contents once the diaper pail is filled up. Since the bag will weigh down when heavy, all that’s left is for you to remove tie up another.

Make sure you replace correctly

We understand that many consumers have a problem with changing the bags. Make sure you read the product description carefully to achieve a fully secured bag. Look for a video if you need to but make sure you get it right.

What parents say

“Whether you need it for cloth diapers or disposable ones and that includes the adult types, Dekor Plus will do what’s required of it. The opening at the top is large to accommodate all throws (even our pets’ waste). Sometimes it can be hard to get the right refills so consider 2pk refills if you land on one and the fabreze plugins will also do the trick. Otherwise, it’s a great diaper pail, and the best part comes to the removing method. The opening is large enough to pull out the trash bag and fix another.”


  • Hands-free operation
  • Sturdy ABS plastic construction
  • Accommodates different types of diapers


  • At times, the right refills are hard to find.

Alternative: You can also check the Dekor Classic Diaper Pail which also operates the same way as the Dekor Plus.

3. Munchkin Step Diaper Pail Powered by Arm & Hammer

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Summary benefits

If you love fresh air all around you and the baby, Munchkin Step Diaper Pail goes a greater length to make that possible. The baking soda puck releases better-scented powder every time you make a deposit. Another notable benefit is that it works with a variety of trash bags, so you have a range of choices here.

What we love about it

It is a one-step diaper pail which means it allows you to deposit without having to touch it or have one hand assist. After the deposits, you don’t need to worry about the stench since the lavender baking soda puck gives renders a sweet breath in the trash after you throw in a diaper. This makes it a suitable diaper pail to own in a nursery.

The lid has a self-sealing mechanism which makes sure that nothing leaks and the unauthorized child cannot open it. Now here is the best part – the dual-refill compatibility. That means you can use either both rings or snap, seal and toss trash bags. That gives you a variety of options to go for depending on what is available.

When emptying the diaper pail, Munchkin’s step pedal gives an ample room for that, so it is all easy when switching a heavy load. When receiving the package, you get the diaper pail, the baking soda puck, a refill ring and both types of refills. That’s a good start to show how everything works before you make other decisions later.

What about the cost

As per the pail liners (or the trash bags) you have an option to go for. For the powder puck, you have to purchase every time one is over so be prepared for that if you want to own a Munchkin.

What parents say

“The sealing mechanism makes it a great option since the bag is twisted which prevents any odor from coming out. It is also neat in the sense that you don’t have to touch it every time you are throwing in a diaper. The powder puck’s scent is mild, but it also contributes to a slowing down of the bad breath. The only thing with Munchkin diaper pail is that you will have to buy the required refills for it to work effectively and the powder puck every time you need to replace.”


  • Proper solid construction
  • One hand operation
  • Keeps the stink away with the help of a powder pack


  • Finding the right refills has an added cost

Related: You can still get the Munchkin Puck Baking Soda Cartridge, and the associated diaper refill rings sold separately. The best part about the refill rings is that they are compatible with the Diaper Genie series – a diaper pail we are going to review later.

4. Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail

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Summary benefits

We can spend much money on expensive diaper pails, but there are cheaper ways to contain the dirty diaper problem. Here is one diaper pail that does not come with hard-to-find accessories and will still do its job. It has also proven to be the best diaper pail for cloth diapers.

What we love about it

Here is the best simple diaper pail that you can land on. First, the Safety 1st Easy Saver is simple to operate by hand and inside, it’s a one-step diaper pail, and almost any other trash bag is usable. That gives it an economic value if you are a parent on a budget. Now, when you use the regular trash bags, what is going to keep the odor away?

The lid does not need any twists and turns when closing so locking is one of the ways to get rid of the stench. Next, they also come with a deodorizer disc which according to the product instructions, you can get it separately. Since a deodorizer is not what you might wish for in a diaper pail, substituting it with a baking soda will also do you a favor.

Are there more than one kid to take care of in the house? This diaper pail will fit up to 50 diapers. If you roll the diapers tight, the number will fit without taking too much space in a room. This also implies that you can consider it as the best diaper pail for twins. Also, if you want to control the odor further, look for scented refills since they have also proven to lock out a bad breathe case.

What parents say

“This is not so fancy, but it still gets the job done. It is not expensive like those used in nurseries, and it accommodates a variety of refills. You will use it for months and still get no problems. We chose it for our cloth diapers and everything is just great.”


  • Simple but still holds a lot
  • Cheap
  • You can also include an air freshener on the inside part of the lid


  • Some moms complain about a weak cover that will stop closing properly after breaking.

5. Playtex Diaper Genie with Odor Lock Technology

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Summary benefits

It does not have a high rating but those who have used love the features it uses to lock away the odor. This diaper pail has an odor-lock technology that does not permit any stench out of it whether open or closed. The only time for gas escape is when changing the refills. The only thing with the Diaper Genie model is that you need frequent changing to guarantee long time use.

What we love about it

The last one in the reviews goes to Playtex Diaper Genie which comes as a fully installed unit that is ready to hold up to 270 diapers. What makes it different from the regular kitchen trash can is that it has a filtering unit that allows you to keep the diaper pail clean and also easy emptying when full. It has a locking mechanism that ensures the main compartment stays closed even after opening the top lid.

After pushing the foot pedal open, the inner lock stays put to trap the bad odor inside. What’s required of you is to drop in the diaper, release the lever and go. What happens is that the lid will close and the trap door inside open up so that the dirty diaper can roll into the compartment. This ensures that the odor stays in the diaper pail and nothing leaks out.

While that sounds like a great way to contain odor, how you use it will determine how well the diaper pail can hold the smell. Frequently changing the can will make the trapper odor to go away more times and this is good for the inner space to breathe. The inner lining is made of plastic, and it absorbs odor after an extended period of use. When this happens, what’s left to protect the good air in the room is the vulnerable outer layer. At that point, the diaper pail becomes suitable for the trash too.


  • Best trapping odor mechanism
  • Fits in many diapers – good for twins too


  • Needs frequent changing to remain relevant

Related: Diaper Genies has a variety of refills, but the Playtex Diaper Genie Refill Gift Set is the way to go. It will work with your diaper pail to hold the odor of up to 270 newborn diapers.

Mom’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Diaper Pail

Why do you need to look for a diaper pail?

choose the best diaper pails

When you become a mom, one of the things you will note is the number of times you have to change your baby. Diaper changes will demand your attention after every three hours at most especially for the newborns. So, with such frequent changing per day, you will have thousands of diapers disposed of by the end of the year. That is why you need a diaper pail to hold them as you progress and empty later when the schedule permits.

There is something wrong with using the regular kitchen solution. Unless you are on a diet aid or it’s merely out of the house, you will always feel unwelcome in your own home due to the stench as you approach the garbage can. If you thought that getting a diaper pail is becoming extravagant, wait until the nursery room becomes the next place you don’t want to step into.

Diaper fumes are not the best thing to inhale in the morning or evening after a tiring day at work. You love the baby’s nursery so it is best when you keep it clean by using a specialized trash can for all the bombs that your child will be dropping as they grow up.

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What We Considered when Choosing the Best Baby Diaper Pails

For most of the diaper pail seekers out there, here are the features that we collected from them. They constitute what a good diaper pail should do.

  • Locking the odor out: With everything else on hold, any diaper pail you buy should be able to contain the smell. Otherwise, we can all go for the regular substitutes.
  • Operation: Most of the choices we got are either a one-hand operation or free-hand operation. Either way, diaper pails should involve minimal contact when required. Most mothers opted for a free-hands operation since it was super easy to use.
  • Variety of use: When we talk about range, we are referring to the ability of a diaper pail to be used a cloth diaper pail and for the disposable ones too. Most users go for a diaper pail for the disposable diapers but having one that can go both ways is an added advantage.
  • Changing the refills: The liners in the diaper pail should be not only able to hold the refills but also be easy on the change. If you care about having unpleasant moments when changing the trash bag, then look for a diaper pail that will be comfortable for you.
  • Capacity: While a diaper pail should not occupy an ample space in the nursery or any other place you see fit, it should also be large enough to accommodate many diapers before considering a change.
  • Lockout the child: The lock on the lid has everything to do with providing a leak-proof unit and also keeping a curious child out. A self-locking mechanism makes sure that there is no unauthorized entry into the diaper pail.
  • Prices: A suitable diaper pail should involve fewer costs of maintenance after purchase. After researching, it is evident to us that the pricier diaper pails also have a lot to consider when it comes to the refills and other accessories needed to keep the odor away.
  • Appearance and long-term use: Some parents will look for something adorable apart from the primary functions in a diaper pail. Some diaper pails are not that good looking, but the main consideration is how long you are going to use before replacement or when you no longer need it.

The Difference Between a Regular Trash Can and A Diaper Pail

You can always use the regular kitchen trash to make the diaper deposits. However, why buy a dedicated unit? All diaper pails are made to control the odor and offer the best locking and replacing mechanisms.

In the reviews above, the diaper pails boast of having a locking mechanism that keeps the troubled child away or give him or her a hard time figuring it out. While locking prohibits leakage, other measures such as a scented refill or a baking soda solution are also incorporated to make sure the air around you and the baby is clean. Others such as the Safety 1st – Easy Saver will recommend a deodorizer disc to keep things fresh despite the composition in the diaper pail.

When it comes to refilling, some of the diaper pails will not be easy on you when replacing the trash bags, but the method deployed on each of the reviews renders a better approach than what you can do while using the regular substitutes. You can have one with a side door or opening at the top where the hollow space is large enough to pave the way for large diaper luggage.

With everything that we have highlighted above, you now have a reason to go for a diaper pail and not anything else short of that.

When Do You Need to Start Using a diaper pail?

Best Baby Diaper Pails

The moment you bring your child home after giving birth, start looking for a diaper pail. If you already know what you will be facing after the newborn comes, have an earlier search which gives you time to get the best diaper pail for your needs.

At times, you might disregard it when the baby is still young, but later, after feeding them some formula-based food items, the poop starts to stink more than what you encountered before. At that point, you have another chance to go hunting for the best diaper pail to contain the odor.

What Parents Say About Diaper Pails

You may think that a regular trash can will serve as a diaper container but no! Diaper pails are dedicated to holding dirt from your child and still keep the room fresh for breathing. There are expensive and cheap options out there but what you choose should perform as expected. Diaper pails came to save the day, and they have proven to be useful. One thing though, always select a product that you can work with. Otherwise, the added costs of maintenance are not what many parents on a budget would want after purchasing the diaper can.

Our Favorite Pick for the Best Diaper Pail

After looking at all the reviewed diaper pails in the review section, Ubbi wins the day when it comes to diaper storage, odor containment, and refills. It has a sturdy construction that does not permit any leakage not forgetting that you can use any refill that you can land on as long as it’s compatible. Those are two critical issues that a diaper pail must address. Its price is also okay considering that you will be using it for years before replacement or disposal.

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