3 Best Changing Pads for Easy Diaper Changes (2018 Reviews)


A diaper changing pad is an essential item for your baby because it provides your child with a comfortable surface when changing diapers. We know it is difficult to make decisions about which changing pad to choose, because there are many features to consider. The days are long gone when you had to only consider going for a soft flat pad, when changing a baby’s diaper. Your baby requires something more stable and safer. You also need a diaper pad that cleans easily and is durable. That is why we made this guide to help you choose the best diaper changing pad.

Reviews of Top 3 Diaper Changing Pads for Baby’s Need 

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1. Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad

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Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad is no-nonsense, inexpensive changing pad. This diaper changing pad deserves a first place on our list as it has everything we need from one changing pad: contoured walls, a safety strap, soft material, and easy to clean. In order to make it stay put on the dresser or table you set it on, the bottom surface is sticky, and there is also a security strap you can use to attach it firmly.

We proved ourselves; this thing for sure is not going anywhere. It is so lightweight and very easy to move. The Peanut Changing Pad has many advantages. First of all, no table or cover is needed with this molded model. With its shape, as its name says, it provides your baby with a snug spot for diaper changes and can be used on top of a dresser or changing table, or on the floor. It is also simply wipe it down to clean it as it is made from a solid, but cushy material, you can. One more great thing about this diaper is that it comes with a five year warranty.

What you should consider when choosing this diaper changing pad is that it may get a little chilly during cooler months. Besides that, if your baby runs taller, he may quickly outgrow the changing pad which measures the standard 32 inches long.

2. Duluxe Flannel Change Pad

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Duluxe Flannel Change Pad, Kushies’ brand is the best travel diaper changing pad. There is a problem on the market because there is majority of small portable diaper changing pad types. The manufacturers are wrong thinking that mothers want an itty bitty changing pad when out on the road. They could not be more wrong.

Duluxe Flannel Change Pad is gigantic. This diaper changing pad will easily protect your chosen changing area from a poop river. Regardless of its size, it folds down nice as small, making it suitable for throwing in the bottom of your diaper bag. Your little one will feel very comfortable laying on the soft flannel surface of this changing pad.

The pads ability to soak up quickly, any wet accidents is almost towel like. If a diaper leaks onto this pad while you are out on the road simply fold it up and toss it into the washing machine when you get home. In addition, there will not be a risk of shrinkage if you throw it through a gentle dryer cycle. This diaper changing pad is available in over 15 different colors and patterns available. It is generously sized, soft, machine washable and folds up small.

3. Arm and Hammer Disposable Changing Pad

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Arm and Hammer Disposable Changing Pad is Munckin’s product and is the best value changing pad on the market. It has inbuilt odor protection, it is absorbent, leak proof and lightweight. Yes, diaper bags are very convenient as you can carry almost everything you need for your baby. On the other hand, because of this diaper bags can get very heavy. In order to lighten up the load you can use disposable diaper. These disposable diaper changing pads from Munchkin do not have just the ability to absorb effectively spillage, but also have a plastic lined back to prevent it from soaking through and messing the surface beneath.

One more, great thing about these disposable diaper pads is that they have in built odor protection. The Munckin’s pad provides neutralization of the smell of diaper spillage. Another advantage is if you are not near a trash can and have to return the soiled diaper changing pad to your diaper bag until later.

Different Types of Changing Pads

On the market, you can find four different types of diaper changing pads. Let us take a look at the main characteristics, for each of them.

Standard Diaper Pad

This is a small changing pad designed solely for diaper changing time. This type of diaper changing pad can be slotted into a baby changing table or used on its own on any surface around the home, such as a dresser. When buying any type of diaper pad you will also need a changing pad cover to protect it from diaper leaks. It is like a bed sheet, when it gets dirty; simply replace the changing pad cover.

Diaper Changing Kit

Best Diaper Changing Pad Kit

Besides having a changing pad, a diaper changing kit also includes a space for everything else that you would need, while out on a day trip. There is space for all the essentials; such as diapers, baby wipes and storage pockets for your keys or phone. The advantage of having a diaper changing kit is that it is super portable. It folds up into its own carrying bag. Thanks to this feature, you can go on short trips with your baby without the need to lug around a heavy diaper bag.

Travel Diaper Changing Pad

The Travel Diaper Changing Pad is a lightweight and reusable option, convenient while you are changing your baby away from your home. A standard diaper changing pad is just too chunky to take with you when you travel. This type of diaper changing pad easily folds up and takes up minimal room, making them a great portable alternative, to a standard changing pad.

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Functions of Diaper Changing Pads

A diaper changing pad has two basic functions.

  • Protect your baby from dirty surfaces.
  • Protect surfaces from poop explosions and diaper spills.

Do not even look at any baby changing pad that will not adequately fulfill the above two points. Besides, basic functionality, there are also more, important features you should consider when buying a diaper changing pad.

Curved and Flat Diaper Changing Pads

Most babies do not like diaper changing and it can be a very traumatic experience for a baby, so they start to wiggle all over the place. You cannot blame them. Just imagine that someone puts a cold baby wipe on your bottom. You too would be wiggling all over the place as well. In order to keep your baby in one place, most changing pads have a curved top. The curved top keeps your little one in the center of the changing pad, no matter how much he/she fusses.


Diaper Changing Pad Features

You cannot forget the fact that there will be poop and pee; that is inevitable. You would be making a big mistake if you think that you will make it through diaper changes without spillage. The spills fall directly on the changing pad. As this is something you cannot avoid, you should look for a diaper changing pad, which is easy to clean so that it is ready at a moment’s notice for the next diaper change (the next diaper change time will come around super quickly).

There are two different features when it comes to spills protection:

  • Changing pad cover– A changing pad cover, acts for a diaper pad much as a bed sheet. The diaper pad is protected from spills because they are absorbed into the sheet instead. It is very practical because when change time is over, all you have to do is throw the cover through the wash. Our recommendation for you is to have a few diaper pad changing covers on hand to ensure you have a dry/clean cover for the next diaper change.
  • Waterproof surface– A water proof surface does not let any spills to soak into the diaper pad. This will be great solution till it comes to urine that will pool, so it will have to be wiped up.

The Safety Belt

For some parents, diaper changing is a team sport (one person to hold the baby in place, another to change the diaper). If you are one of them, then you should definitely consider a safety belt. This useful thing became quickly a popular feature on diaper pad. You will definitely become a fan of this feature if your baby is super wiggly during changing time. The belt is positioned just over your baby’s torso and keeps it in one place.

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What Should You Consider When Buying A Diaper Pad?

We know that parents often get headaches for finding the answers to question like: ‘what would be better: foam pads or rubber mats?’, ‘Would the more expensive one be better for your baby; or should you settle for something cheaper but not as well made?’ In order to help you make the choice easier, we prepared for you a list of main things you should consider when buying an infant changing pad:


The pad must contain ample space for your baby to rest. It is even better if the pad itself was shaped in a way that would keep the baby from rolling off. Thanks to a strap in the middle helps a great deal to keep your baby safe. It should also be secure. There also must be some kind of non-slip surface at the bottom, so while you are changing your baby it will not slide off the slick surface of the table. On more, great thing that should be useful is if the changing pad had a frame with either straps or screws to hold it in place.


There can be found on the market baby’s changing pads that can last at least a couple of years. This is not negligible because it is better to have the value for your money last because you want to spend more money on other things your baby needs.


consider when buying Diaper Changing Pad features


What makes comfort to you

r baby is softness of the pad, so the baby can to lie down in comfort. There are some changing pads, which are made up of foam or rubber, while others are made from cotton or a cotton blend. It does not matter what it is made from as long as it is soft and will cradle the baby’s head and tailbone while he or she is lying down. You should consider the material only if your baby has very sensitive skin and can only be on specific fabrics.


You can find quality at low price; however, top brands are now putting their diaper changing pads on sale. This means that you can purchase a good one for less than $20. The other solution is to search eBay and other websites for great deals.

Ease of Cleaning

Find something that is easy to clean and disinfect because most of what you would be doing with the diaper changing pad involves human waste. We recommend that you look for changing pads with top layers that are waterproof, like vinyl. This needs to be something that you can clean with a wet cloth or a baby wipe. It will be even better if you could find the changing pad that could be laundered in a washing machine.

Ease of Transport

On the market, you will find changing pads that are not conveniently transported. Those diaper changing pads are meant to be secured on top of a dresser or a table. Regardless of that, you still can find those with straps and handles that you can roll or unfold with ease, like a yoga mat. Some of them come with small compartments where you can store baby wipes, diapers and other paraphernalia.


The lovely design will not help you to finish your job, but it will add to a changing pad’s overall appeal. It would be great if you could find some that will be fun for your baby as well as being functional. If that diaper changing pad does not have a design on it, or you do not like the design it already has, you can find changing pad covers that have characters, animals or designs to match the decor of your baby’s room.

Examine The Underside

Always take into consideration that a baby is soft and fragile; except at changing time when that small creature amazingly possesses the strength of one hundred men. If you have a little wiggler, you may find your changing pad slipping and sliding all over the table. The underside of the changing pad is the main reason for slipping. If the underside is on smooth surface such as wood or a slippery material, then the pad can slide around with each and every wiggle.

Always Check If It Fits Your Changing Table

Yes, we know this should be an obvious point when it comes to choosing the changing pad, but you would be amazed just how easily it can be missed while caught up in the excitement of buying baby products. If you have a purpose made change table then you will definitely need a diaper changing pad that fits. What you have to do is measure the inside of your change table and be sure to avoid pads that exceed these dimensions. You do not want to unwrap your new changing pad only to discover that it does not fit!

Online Shopping and Reviews

There are many brands advertising the same features; but how can you be sure that they really have those features? If you do not know someone who has the exact model that you are looking for, we recommend that you find online reviews from other parents who have purchased infant diaper changing pads. They are the best person to tell you what they liked about it, what they thought should be improved on, how they have used it, and so on. Do not forget that it is only their opinion.

There will always be people who criticize harshly and there are those who are a bit more lenient. The best you can do is to get a consensus on the changing pad as a whole and the features that customers preferred or did not like. That might put your mind at ease a bit, and it will help you judge what diaper changing pad is better for you and your baby.

Don’t Forget, That’s Not Just a Mat

Do not look to the diaper changing pad as if it is a glorified plastic mat and do not think that any surface would be convenient to change your baby’s diaper. The changing pad you buy for your child is not just a mat. It is another way to keep your baby safe, healthy and clean.

Changing Table vs. Changing Pad

We want to make one thing clear; you do not absolutely need a changing table. Changing tables are useful and convenient, but they are not a necessity. It is true that they are a good way to stay completely organized; the drawers are good for storing everything you need to change diapers and more.

Here are some great advantages of having changing tables. They include:

Changing tables are great for storage.

  • As they are a drawer unit, you can store not only diapers and diapering supplies, but also clothes, wipes, toys, etc. The double functionality is something that many parents appreciate.

Changing tables definitely save your back and knees from pain, especially for tall parents.

  • You will not have to bend over to change your baby’s diaper because changing tables keep your baby at a high level. Because of the constant need to perform this function, after a while, this can really take a toll on your body. A good changing table really helps.
  • They are convenient and you can move them from room to room.

We saw what are the advantages, but, what about disadvantages? Here are some of them:

  • Changing tables are expensive. We are sure you are not going to get one cheaply.
  • You have to change the diaper where you have the table, unless you get one with wheels
  • You will need to have room to store diaper changing table, in the nursery, because it is of a large size.

In order to make the decision as to whether you need a changing table, we recommend that you weigh the advantages and disadvantages we described. We are sure that not everyone is going to need a diaper changing table. However, changing tables can be helpful, especially if you have a bad back or you are tall.

When Do You Need a Diaper Changing Table or Pad?

It is a fact that the whole diaper changing process happens instantly. Thus, you will need to be ready. You can continue to use a changing table until your child reaches 32 inches in height. That is also the standard length of a changing pad and it will probably happen around the first birthday.

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How to Make a Diaper Changing Pad?

How to Make Diaper Changing Pad


For the end, we prepared a tutorial about how to make a diaper-changing pad at home. One that you can roll, secure and store in your diaper bag.


  • 21″ by 24″ cut of Babyville PUL Fabric (Or any waterproof soft fabric).
  • A 3″ long piece of Turquoise Velcro.
  • 23″ by 26″ cut of batting (you can just cut apiece bigger than both your waterproof fabric and cover fabric, because while quilting, they kind of move a little).
  • At least 20″ long of fabric for binding, we used a brown leftover flannel.

Steps To Make a Changing Pad

Step 1

At the start, you will need to make a “sandwich” with your waterproof fabric, the batting and the cover fabric. Just make sure you have them in this order from top to bottom:

  • Waterproof fabric with the right side facing up
  • Batting for the role of filling pad
  • Cover fabric

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Step 2

When you finish with that, either you need to use straight pins or use safety pins to bast them together so that you can quilt them. You can secure the edges first and the work your way to the inside.

Step 3

Therefore, when layers are all together, it is time to sew. We liked the look of the curvy lines, because they allow mistakes and still look cute. When you have the cover quilted, you can start binding the edges. We used stripes of 5 1/2″ for our binding because we wanted an edge of approx. 2″ wide, but you can make it as wide or thin as you like.

Step 4

The last step to finish your diaper changing pad is adding the Velcro closure. In order to do this you should first make a double-sided piece of (8″x15″ that you will fold in half). 4″ wide by 15″ long, sew leaving one opening to fold inside out, close side and topstitch, finally add the Velcro and attach to the cover like the illustration shows. There you have it, your homemade diaper changing pad!

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