Best Dehumidifiers 2018: Best Damp and Mould for a Healthy Home


A home without good ventilation is not a good idea. Not only because of its health implications but also because you will soon start sharing your space with bugs and molds. Now that circles us back to the health issue.

If you happen to live in a home (or some part of it) with poor air circulation, dehumidifiers are a great way to get rid of the excess moisture in the air. If you jump online right now in search of a top rated dehumidifier, you might not like what you would see.

What you would see is a bombardment of different brands, designs, and types that will overwhelm you. Nowadays, it is not so easy choosing a product that is best for you especially with all the dehumidifier reviews out there. But since you have come to us, we will gladly help out.

We have sifted through all that bombardment and have come up with 5 different types that will surely make it easier for you to choose. Whatever your particular need or budget is, you will find the best home dehumidifier for you on our list.

Keep reading to find the ideal dehumidifier to optimize the atmosphere in your space. Now you can go back to breathing deeply and easily again.

Top 5 Dehumidifiers on Amazon Buying Guides

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Top Dehumidifier Brands Comparison Table

Coverage Dimension Weight Water Tank Extra
Ivation Energy Star Dehumidifier 2000 sq ft 14 x 9.9 x 20.1 inches 31 lbs 0.8 gallon Washable air filter
TOSOT Dehumidifier 1500 sq ft 13.4 x 9.8 x 19.5 inches 33.8 lbs N/A Spill-resistant tank
hOmeLabs Small Dehumidifier 150 sq ft 6.5 x 5.3 x 8.5 inches 2.6 lbs 0.125 gallons Auto shut off
Pure Enrichment Premium 700 sq ft 10.5 x 7.6 x 6.9 inches 3.5 lbs 0.21 gallons One-touch button control
Eva-Dry 48 sq ft 2.8 x 9 x 8.3 inches 1.2 lbs N/A Does not use electricity

1. Ivation Energy Star Dehumidifier

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You really don’t need to buy more than one dehumidifier if you need to cover your entire home. This one is enough if your home is up to 2,000 sq ft. This compact 31-pound workaholic will remove the excess moisture in your home leaving the air fresh and pleasant to breathe.

Another cool thing about this dehumidifier is that you can easily change its location. We know, 31 lbs. isn’t what everyone wants to carry around often. The manufacturer thought so too, so it fitted it with premium caster wheels so you can glide it around.

The evaporation and filtration system on this dehumidifier will optimize the atmosphere in your home. If there are occupants that are allergic or asthmatic, they can now breathe deeply and easily without fear or worry.

With this dehumidifier, you can remove as much as 30 pints of moisture from your home every day. The system automatically shuts off indicating that the reservoir is full and needs to be emptied. If you don’t want to get involved in this process every now and then, you can just hook up a hose to the machine for continuous draining.

You can also program this dehumidifier to your taste by adjusting the fan speeds, setting the levels you want, etc. You can also set the 24-hour timer for it to operate at preset times. You will also get notifications on the filter and reservoir status.

Talking about the filter, when you get an alert concerning it, you can just easily remove it and wash. Once you plug it back in, it ready to start working just like new. This will save you a lot of money on buying replacement filters every now and then.

It is also energy star certified. This means it is designed to be highly efficient with the usage of energy. It will work hard to keep the air in your home clean while going easy with the energy consumption. This is another way this product can help you save money. So, in the long run, it can actually pay for itself with the extra savings it has helped you achieve.

All that said; if you have been impressed with this brand but you need something with a higher capacity, you’re in luck. The Ivation 70-Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier is right for you. It has all the great features of this featured product and more.


  • It has a long 3-pin electric plug which means you won’t be needing an extension.
  • It has an LED indicator that lets you see the operating settings.
  • It has a 2-speed setting that lets you go from regular to turbo fan for optimal comfort.
  • This humidifier is smart enough to save your settings when it auto restarts in case of a power outage.
  • It has a sensor that defrosts automatically to avoid energy waste and protects the evaporator coils.


  • Some users have indicated that this unit can be a little bit noisy. However, it does great at its job.

2. TOSOT Dehumidifier

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Seriously speaking, this is one of the best home dehumidifiers you can get. It has a 70-pint capacity which makes it ideal for spaces up to 4500 sq ft. This single unit just might be enough to serve your entire home. Of course, that will depend on how big your home is.

Another nice feature you will notice about this product is how silently it works. A regular conversation with someone in the comfort of your home is rated at about 50 decibels. This dehumidifier at work only creates about 48 decibels of noise. Now you can get an idea of how silent this machine is.

Since this is a high-capacity dehumidifier, you surely will need to empty the bucket regularly. That is why the manufacturer fitted it with a spill-resistant reservoir so that emptying it will not become a messy affair. On another hand, if you don’t want to keep a tab on manually emptying the bucket, you can easily hook the machine up with a hose so it can drain itself.

This dehumidifier weighs in at about 51 pounds. If that sounds heavy, don’t worry; you won’t be carrying it anyway. You can glide it around your house on its caster wheels. This will pass for an ideal kitchen dehumidifier if you so choose to keep it there.

You can also become environmentally responsible just because you bought this appliance. It has the energy star rating which is a widely acclaimed certification for environmental friendliness. Not just that, this labeling also means you can save some money on your utility bills as well as it manages energy more efficiently.

The controls are located in the same position for easy access. There is a little LED display that lets you in on its working status such as the humidity level and desired range. You can also program this dehumidifier to start dehumidifying at certain times and shut off at another. The ease of control is something you will quickly come to love.

The basement is mostly the humid place in homes which is why most people prefer their dehumidifier there. If this is you, you might want to use that hose option to empty the reservoir as you will definitely forget it there. We weren’t kidding about how silently it works. You might want to set the dehumidifier to less than 60% as that is the level allergens and mold will thrive.

It could be that this particular one is too big for what you need it for and you want a smaller one. Well, we’re glad to tell you that TOSOT has one that works just like this. The TOSOT 30-Pint Dehumidifier just might be the one for you. It is ideal for spaces as big as 1500 sq ft.


  • It has programmable controls that let you set it to work like you want when you’re not even there.
  • It manages energy efficiently thereby saving you some money.
  • It works quieter than a regular room conversation. That way, you’re not bothered by the noise.
  • It is easy to use and does not require regular maintenance.


  • There are no real issues with this product. But you will have to empty the reservoir every 5 hours if you don’t use the hose drain option.

3. hOmeLabs Small Dehumidifier

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This is a small room dehumidifier you will love to love just because it looks cute. It is 8.5 inches high and 6.5 inches wide, weighing in at just 2.6 pounds. This makes it one appliance you can carry from one room to another.

This compact dehumidifier can remove excess moisture in spaces up to 150 sq ft. This makes it ideal for your bedroom, office, RV, and even a safe where you keep documents and want to keep moisture out. We can easily call this one of the best dehumidifiers for bathrooms as it is Amazon’s best choice in that category.

This product is fitted with a thermoelectric module that lets it operate at such low noise levels. It is also energy efficient by using minimal electricity and also has an ETL certified adapter that prevents it from overheating. These make it both a money saver and safe to use.

This dehumidifier shuts off automatically and alerts you with an LED when the water reservoir is full. This makes it convenient to use as it removes the guesswork in knowing when to empty the tank. Furthermore, the tank is nicely located at the bottom of the dehumidifier and is quite easy to remove.

Inasmuch as this appliance tries to do its things by itself, there are some things you will have to do for it. Cleaning it up is one of it and it is an easy thing to do. The manufacturer suggests that you should clean it once a week. All you need is a piece of cloth for the surface and a brush for the grills to get out the dust.

If this brand excites you and you would want to check out more options from it, we can help you with that. If you want some of the best portable dehumidifiers, you can go for the hOmeLabs 3 in 1 Ionic Air Purifier. It has a HEPA filter which makes it certified to get of allergens and contaminants in the air.


  • It is silent which makes it great for the bedroom as the noise will not disturb you.
  • It does not vent out hot air as with some other brands.
  • It is compact and lightweight, making it easy to move around and won’t take up much space.
  • It is highly efficient and safe to use.


  • This is a good product but it only works great for small spaces.

4. Pure Enrichment Premium Dehumidifier

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If you purchase this dehumidifier, you might as well not bother buying another tabletop décor. This one will play that part too perfectly. No kidding, this product is that beautiful. Its simple curvy chassis will look wonderful wherever you choose to put it.

This tabletop dehumidifier is small enough to be used anywhere in your home. You can put it in your closet to prevent mold build up. You can place it on a bookshelf in the living room to pull out excess moisture and keep the books safe. Any room in your home that you need to regulate moisture, this product will do just that for you.

If a dehumidifier continues to work when the reservoir is full, it can damage the unit. You wouldn’t have to bother with such a thing here as it automatically shuts off when the tank is full. It won’t even get to that as it has a transparent water tank that lets you know when it’s time to empty it. This makes its operation a lot more convenient.

One problem a lot of users have with dehumidifiers is their noise level. This one is something you can call a smooth operator as you will almost not hear it work. It was designed with a technology that lets it cause only a whisper noise level. Now you can relax close to a dehumidifier and have some peace and quiet.

This product is rated to absorb an approximate 10 ounces of water per day depending on the room temperature and relative humidity. With this dehumidifier in your home, you can comfortably breathe deeply and easily. However, if you have a larger space and you want something bigger, the Pure Enrichment PureDry Deluxe Dehumidifier is right for you.


  • It has a single button control which makes it so easy to operate. You can even do it in the dark.
  • It is ETL certified for efficient energy usage.
  • It automatically shuts off to prevent damage when the tank is full and in the case of a power surge.
  • Its compact design makes it readily usable in different spaces.


  • You can hardly find fault with this product but you might need something bigger if your space is not small enough.

5. Eva-Dry Renewable Mini Dehumidifier

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When it comes to mini dehumidifiers, you won’t be wrong hailing this product as the king. It is Amazon’s Choice which makes it one of the best small dehumidifiers. One of the best things about this product is that it does not use electricity or batteries. We already know you’d ask, so we’ll just tell you.

This dehumidifier uses renewable silica gel technology to do its thing. The fact that it does not use batteries or electricity makes it child and pet safe and non-toxic. You also don’t have a problem with spilling water or checking if the tank is full. This one works more like a silica gel to absorb moisture.

It is ideal for spaces of about 48 sq ft. That could be a closet, bathroom, RV, etc. Anywhere you choose to use this product, you can rest assured the excess moisture will be gone. It uses an indicator system that uses crystals that change colors. So, you might want to check in on this once in a while. When the indicator becomes green, which will take about 2 to 4 weeks, you know it is time to charge it.

The charging requires you plugging it into an electric socket. It will take about 8 to 10 hours for the crystals to turn back to green and the cycle starts again. The charging time may seem long but considering you won’t be charging again for up to a month, that’s fair enough.

This product is truly renewable as you can use it for up to 10 years! It saves money too as you don’t need to buy any replaceable parts. It also does not run on electricity so your utility bill won’t bite when it comes. Another really cool feature of this dehumidifier is that you almost don’t need to do anything concerning maintenance.

All that said; if you would like a different type of small dehumidifier, you can check out the Hysure Dehumidifier. Check it out to find out why it is labeled a best seller.


  • It does not use power which is great when it comes to utility bills.
  • It is safe for kids and pets as there are no batteries, electricity, or any toxic materials involved.
  • It is easy to use and requires no maintenance.
  • It is compact so it does not need much space.


  • This product takes quite a while to recharge but that’s no problem since you won’t do that again in weeks.

Choosing the Best Dehumidifier for YouBest Dehumidifier

The last way you want to choose is by looking at dehumidifier ratings. Everyone has specific needs so if you go for the highest rated dehumidifier, what if it does not serve your particular purpose? It is one thing for a dehumidifier to be good, it is another thing for it to be good for what you need it for.

In this section, we will guide you on how to choose the best dehumidifier for your needs. Whatever your particular need, this area will help you know what to look out for. That way, you’ll find it easier to choose a product that satisfies those needs without boring a hole in your pocket.


There are two main types of dehumidifier you can choose from. They both perform the same function of removing excess moisture from a space. As a consumer, you don’t necessarily concern yourself too much on which to go for, but it is worth it to know what they are.

The Refrigerant Dehumidifier or Compressor

Some people claim that these types of dehumidifiers work best in areas with high temperature and high humidity. It works by absorbing air through its filters which it then runs over cold coils. This condenses the air into water that is collected by the water tank.

The Desiccant Dehumidifier

This is said to be better suited to lower temperatures. This type works by using an absorbent material to pull water from the air. This material is then heated for the moisture to flow into the condenser unit.

Due to the heat this type of dehumidifier uses, it is considered to use up more energy than the refrigerant dehumidifiers.

As we said earlier, this might not do much to affect your choice but you’re better off knowing it.


The size of the dehumidifier you will go for has everything to do with the space you need it for. That’s not all, the condition of the space will also affect the size of the dehumidifier you will need.

For instance, a dehumidifier that will work well for a 1500 sq ft space that is slightly damp will not do great in the same space that is very damp. When it comes to choosing a family dehumidifier, you can decide to go for a single unit that will work for the whole house or just focus on particular rooms with specific needs. This is why we mixed up the choices on our list.

The capacity of a dehumidifier is often measured in pints. The higher the pint value, the more powerful the dehumidifier. Another way you can gauge the size of a dehumidifier is the amount of space it can cover. So if you have 4500 sq ft home, a 70-pint dehumidifier might be ideal for you.

Do not mistake the dehumidifier capacity with the water tank capacity. The latter is the size of the reservoir. If you will be using the dehumidifier a lot, you might want to go for one with a large water tank so you won’t need to empty it so often. Another approach you can use is to plug a hose in it and lead it into a drain. That way, the dehumidifier will constantly drain itself.


There are some features that make one dehumidifier stand out from others. Since most of them work well and basically do the same thing, these are the things that truly differentiate them.


This is a tech that is common among most dehumidifier. If you want the humidity level in your space to be constant, you will have to turn the dehumidifier on and off to achieve that. The humidistat allows you indicate the humidity level you want and automatically turns the dehumidifier on and off to maintain it.


Some dehumidifiers are programmable such that you can preset times you want it to come on and go off. For instance, if you won’t be home throughout the day, you can set it to turn off when you leave home and come back on an hour before you return. That way the humidity in your home will be just the way you want it by the time you get back home.

This will help you save on power bills and it makes everything quite convenient.


Still on comfort, there might be times you need to move your dehumidifier around. Depending on how big it is, it might not be convenient to carry. If you foresee such a situation, you will be better off choosing a dehumidifier with wheels. That way, you can effortlessly glide it across the floor to where you need it.


Dehumidifiers come with different price tags, as expected. As we know, many different factors will affect how much a dehumidifier costs. It is important not to assume that price affects quality. That does not always turn out to be true.

The best way is to stick to the features you need. With that, you will notice that a lot of the available choices will be in the same price range. Then you can simply let your preference take sway.

That’s it. Now you have the information you need to confidently decide which dehumidifier best suits your family needs. All that is left to do is to make your choice and pay its price. Now you can breathe deeply and freely once again.

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