5 Best Cold Press Juicer to Buy for 2018


In this age and time, when weight loss and healthy living is the thing, juicing is so important. If you are keen on getting the best out of your fruits and vegetables, then making them into a juice is your best bet. In liquid form, they tend to offer more of their valuables than when you just eat them.

Health experts and fitness gurus would always advice that you take freshly squeezed juices, those done by you. People thrive on it because they have realized that it is key to living healthy, having the best form and even for those who are recovering from illnesses. But how do you sit every day and squeeze juice out of your fruits or vegetables? That is a job of its own and who really has time for that every day?

This is where a cold pressed juicer comes in. if you are new to the world of fresh juices, then you need to pay attention. This guide is aimed at pointing you to factors and specifications that make for the best cold pressed juice machine. Seeing as your body needs a high dose of nutrients that can only come from fruits, you can see the importance. Besides, it is sometimes, much better to just drink your nutrients than eat them.

The importance of fresh juice cannot be overemphasized. Apart from the refreshing feel it gives you, it does much more than you could ever know internally. Your digestive system functions better when well fed with nutrients. Blood circulation is improved, organs function better and a general sense of wellbeing comes over you.

Given the amount of fruits and vegetables that your body would require to get to this point, most people just do not bother. It is indeed a chore to have to eat your oranges and watermelons every day, just to get the nutrients you need. You may keep it up for a few weeks but eventually, life happens and you grow slack.

However, when they are turned into juice, it becomes much easier to get them down. You could drink six oranges as a juice without batting an eyelid. That is how easy it can get. And you can only get the juice if you have a suitable cold press juicer.

Before going into more details, here’s a quick comparison table of the products we are reviewing in this article…

  Dimensions Juice Yield Masticator
Breville BJE430SIL Juice Fountain 14.5 x 10.5 x 17.6 High Yes
Omega J8006 Nutrition Centre Slow Speed Juicer 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 High Yes
Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar Elite Cold Juice Presser 18.6 x 6.8 x 12.4 High Yes
SKG Wide Chute Anti-Oxidation Juicer 13.8 x 10.3 x 22 High Yes
Argus Le High Nutrient Cold Juice Presser 7.9 x 8.2 x 16.2 High Yes


Top 5 Cold Press Juicers on Amazon 2018 Reviews

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1. Breville BJE430SIL Cold Juice Fountain

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This pressed juice machine comes with a 3-inch mouth to accommodate large fruits and vegetables without cutting them. This feature is especially good because it saves you time and provides opportunity for higher juice yield. You probably did not know that putting in bigger chunks would serve you better, did you? There you go.

The heat from a machine such as this can reduce the nutrients from fruits. However, the BJE430SIL juice fountain is designed in such a way that the heat produced is very little. It is made with Cold Spin technology, which keeps the extracted juice as cold as 1.8 °F. No heat is transferred and your juice remains healthy.

This same technology pushes up the extracted juice through a filter and transfers it into the juice jug. What you get is clear and cold juice, without having to open the machine and pour out the juice yourself. It cuts the process down by one level. Depending on the amount of fruit or vegetable you put in, you could get up to 70 oz. of fresh juice.

In the event the cover on the feed chute isn’t properly placed, there is a locking arm that ensures safety by keeping the machine from working. However, once the cover is placed correctly, it would operate smoothly. This is to keep the contents from splashing everywhere or to prevent any unforeseen damage.

The two-speed control gives you the option of switching from pressing soft fruits and vegetables to masticating harder ones. Not to worry, this juicer would give you all you need in the juicing department in one fell swoop. The best commercial cold press juicer has got nothing on it.


  • 3-inch wide chute.
  • Suppresses machine heat from damaging juice.
  • Filters juice and transfers to juice jug.
  • Safety lock arm keeps you and machine safe.
  • Two-speed control option for soft or hard fruits and vegetables.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Does not give dry pulp.

2. Omega J8006 Nutrition Centre Slow Speed Juicer

[amazon box=”B001L7OIVI” template=”vertical”]

Oh, this is probably the juicer of juicers and would make you appreciate the art of juicing. It turns even the hardest nuts and vegetables into butter, leaving no lumps. Amazing! We could call it the best cold press masticating juicer. With it, you can prepare your very own peanut butter. Imagine that.

It comes with a nutrition center that is multi-purpose. It can masticate nuts and coffee beans, it can give you desserts which can be frozen and grind vegetables. See, this juicer does not only extract juice from your oranges, watermelons and carrots, it can also give you fat-free delights in form of popsicles or sundae.

The juice yield from it is high because of its strong masticator. When vegetables or fruits are thoroughly ground or pressed, they provide a higher amount of fluid. Not all juicers can do this but you can trust the Omega J8006 to give maximum satisfaction in juicing. If you get this, what else could you want?

The slow juicing system ensures that there is little or no oxidation. Oxidation in fruit juices makes them degrade easily but with this juicer, the enzymes are protected. This makes the juice you have to last for as long as three days when refrigerated. It is a great slow press juicer.


  • Thoroughly masticates nuts, beans and tough vegetables.
  • Gives a high juice yield.
  • Operates quietly.
  • Ensures that there is no oxidation.
  • Frozen desserts can also be made in it.
  • 15 years warranty.


  • Small chute.
  • Hard to clean.
  • Jug is a bit too small.

3. Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar Elite Cold Juice Presser

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The Greenstar Elite cold press juicer gives you room to manually adjust the amount of pressure on the fruit or vegetable. This means that you control the pulp eject mechanism to suit the produce you are juicing without clogging the machine. Some people like pulp while others do not. So whatever is your preference, it gives you room to have it.

You get up to 72hours of fresh juice when you use this juicer. It is designed to hold in the enzymes needed for anti-oxidation. Consequently, the juice retains enough to avoid being degraded. Even if you let it sit, nothing settles; water is properly mixed and in right amounts.

Its masticating system is top of the chart. It completely grinds and presses every fruit or vegetable you place in it. Hard vegetables like carrots do not stand a chance with it. And the common problem of stains that come with hard produces is eliminated. This is because from start, the grinder chomps down harder on the produce than most other masticators. This leaves little or no room for splashes which cause stains.


  • Versatile – can give you juice as well as frozen desserts.
  • Masticates effectively.
  • Superior and high-yield juice extraction.
  • Easy assemblage.
  • Slowly juices to prevent oxidation.


  • Takes too long to clean.

4. SKG Wide Chute Anti-Oxidation Juicer

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This juicer is specifically made to prevent oxidation. It operates at a reduced speed so that nutrients are retained and anti-oxidants work fully. The result is that your juice tastes fresh, is refreshing and lasts for days. It also nourishes your body better because the nutrients are not lost during grinding.

It squeezes almost every drop of juice from any produce you feed into it. For some, it takes as much as 90% of juices. This is more than can be said about so many other juicers out there. You do not waste anything when you employ it for your juicing needs.

The feed chute is wide enough – about 3-inches – to take in large chunks of produce. You see, some juicers come with little chutes which make it difficult to feed in the fruits. Then, you would have to cut them into tiny pieces, taking up too much of your time. However, this makes that process easier for you. And the large chunks do not mean it won’t grind them well. Everything would come out right and juicy, the way you like it. This is definitely a candidate for the best home cold press juicer.


  • Wide feed chute.
  • Maximally squeezes juice out of produces.
  • Supports anti-oxidation.
  • Can be used to make a variety of foods.
  • Resists clogging.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Does not separate pulp from juice.

5. Argus Le High Nutrient Cold Juice Presser

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The Argus Le juice presser is versatile. It is as if you get two products for the price of one. It gives you juice and prepares smoothies or desserts for you. All you need to do is feed in the right produce and amount into the chute and voila, you have what you want.

Unlike many other juicers, this brings out your juice in cold form. The heat from the machine does not affect the temperature of the juice as to make it warm or even tepid. Straight from the juicer, you can pour into a glass and drink without chilling it. This is made possible by its low operating speed.

This same low speed ensures that it properly and thoroughly grinds whatever produce you feed into it. High-speed juicers do not offer this luxury, even though they would give you juice in a shorter time. But if you want quality and less lumps, this is one of the best to go for. Call it the best affordable cold press juicer and you would not be wrong.


  • Effective masticator.
  • Prepares a variety of drinks and desserts.
  • Gives out juice in cold form.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Affordable.


  • It is heavy.
  • Infuser is difficult to fit into its seat.

How Do You Determine the Best Cold Juice Presser? Best Cold Juice Presser

There are different factors that add up to make a cold press juicer. Now, you have to know the difference between that and a simple juice extractor. A juice extractor simply draws out the juice in any fruit you put in it. It does not chew down on it to maximize its output.

But a cold press juicer goes the whole nine yards. It chops the produce in it into small pieces. When this is done, it presses the pieces between two plates to completely squeeze out the juice. So, depending on what you want, you should know this difference when buying.

Now, look at some of the factors to consider when picking out the best cold juicer. Know your preferences first so that you do not waste too much time. You should know that there are many inviting varieties in the market. But if you keep these factors in mind, you won’t waste time and money.

  • What Is Your Budget?

Cold press juicers can be priced steeply sometimes. And if you add extras to the features you want, your choice may be even pricier. Therefore, have a budget before you step out and keep your purchase within it. This all depends on the importance you place on it. The best cold press juicer review would tell you the same thing.

If you decide to go cheap, you may have to make do with not having some of the important features like wide chutes. And cheap may mean inferior parts which may be harmful to you. This does not mean you won’t find great juicers at affordable prices. This is just a heads-up for you; the really cool ones can be expensive.

  • What Can It Do?

These days, most juicers give you more than juice. You can use them to make desserts like frozen popsicles and sorbets. You can even find some that can grind your coffee beans and masticate nuts to give you peanut butter.

Versatility is important when you are choosing. This would ensure you do not have to spend more, saves you money and space from buying other machines. This is where the speed option comes in. It would give you the option of either grinding soft fruits and vegetables or shredding hard produce. Keep this in mind when you are choosing.

  • What Is the Weight?

Supposing you are not there to lift it and your child has to do it; or even your aged parent, who wants a glass of juice? Would they be able to lift it? This feature may seem insignificant but when push comes to shove, it is important to note. Again, if you are gifting it to someone else, this should come into consideration.

  • What Is the Size of the Feed Chute?

Some cold press juicers come with very narrow chutes, which mean that you have to manually cut the produce into pieces. On the other hand, some come with wide chutes, where you can put in big chunks of produce. Decide if you have the time and patience to constantly cut into tiny pieces, especially if you have to do it twice a day. Besides, a wide chute offers you less room to clog.

  • What Is Its Capability in Juicing?

Inexpensive juicers may overheat if you like juicing often. They may not be able to handle the constant operation. Making juices or any other drink with a juicer twice a day, for example, may mean spending a little more on one. The more work it has to do, the more sophisticated the parts would be. And the more sophisticated they are, the more expensive the juicer would be.

Our Top Pick of Cold Press Juicer

The Breville BJE430SIL Cold Juice Fountain is our pick. It has a wide enough feed chute, masticates effectively and is easy to clean. It also offers a lock arm that ensures safety when not properly covered and transfers juice into jug. There is everything to love about this juicer so if you’re thinking of buying one today, pick this one. You would be glad you did. Step out today armed with this information and make the most of your juicing experience.


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