5 Best Coffee Makers You Will Like in 2018


Java! You can never have too much coffee, darling! In a world that’s so fast-paced only the ones awake survive; you’d better not be caught sleeping. So, do you think you’re up to the challenge of making some super-tasting cuppa in your own home? Or would you rather pay “coffee tax” to Starbucks every day with your hard-earned cash? Yeah, we thought so too. And that’s why, in today’s reviews, we unveil the best of the best coffee makers totally rocking it right now. One quick secret about these guys before you go. If you decide to get one of these, you won’t believe the hundreds of dollars you’d have saved, monthly, from making your own coffee. We won’t tell you what you can do with all that money. We’d just let your imagination do its work as it’s known to do.

But before we get to the real fun part, here’s a table that summarizes everything for those in a hurry…

Different Coffee Makers Brands Side-by-side Comparison

Cuisinart Coffee Maker Black+Decker Brew ‘n Go Personal Coffee Maker Chemex Pour-Over Coffee Maker Secura Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker
Type Programmable coffee maker Single serve coffee maker Pour over coffee maker French press coffee maker Drip coffee maker
Capacity 14 cups 1 cup (15 ounces) 10 cups 34 ounces 12 cups
Features Programmable clock, brew strength control feature, LCD backlight, Auto shut off, auto clean Complementary travel mug included, Auto shut off, compact design Safety handle for pouring, borosilicate glass does not absorb odors and chemical residues, 3-layered filter structure retains grounds, touch handle and knob for easy pouring, double walls retain heat. Internal brewing system keeps coffee fresh and hot, can brew iced coffee, removable brew basket and internal water tank.


Our Picks for Best Rated Coffee Makers for Home

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1.Cuisinart Stainless Steel Programmable 14-Cup Coffee Maker:

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You cannot, in all sincerity, call your kitchen modern if it’s not sporting a Cuisinart coffee maker. That is, except you don’t fancy a cuppa. But who does not? A Cuisinart coffee maker or even a Cuisinart anything is simply always an intelligent choice. And that you can take to the bank. Check out this product for instance. The flavor and quality of coffee made by this unit is simply off the hook. This is because the manufacturers have so engineered this coffee maker with a state-of-the-art technology that’s hard to find elsewhere. It’s how your coffee miraculously always remains hot and tasty at the same time. Even magicians find it difficult to pull this trick!

Now, not all java lovers are the same. Everyone has their unique preferences and here’s one coffee maker that cares about that. With its brew strength control feature, you can choose to make your coffee bold and strong for that extra boost. Or you can just pipe down a bit and go for a regular cuppa. You think that’s all? Think again. The features get better. Fully automatic, this machine is one dude that looks out for itself. It can self-clean and shut itself off when necessary. Convenient and safe! So, no added chore and no electrical risk posed. Do you know that you can even program your next brew up to 24 hours ahead? Yup, you can. Once you do that, you can wake up after snoozing your alarm several times and still meet hot coffee waiting for you. Now that’s one deal you can’t say no to.


  • Keeps coffee hot yet tasty.
  • 14 cup capacity that’s simply amazing.
  • LED lights make controls easy to read.
  • Comes with a relatively short brew time.


  • This is more a 12 cup coffee maker than the 14 cup advertised.

2.Black+Decker Brew’n Go Personal Coffee Maker:

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Need something on the go for your very active lifestyle? Here’s a great choice. This Black+Decker personal coffee maker, as the name implies, is fantastic for travel. And you know the manufacturers even thought to throw in a complementary travel mug as well? How sweet… it’s a single cup coffee maker, easily one of the best single serve coffee makers we found during our research. Especially if you’re one to demand zero interruptions in your busy mornings, this is one of the smartest purchases you’d make this year. Because the coffee maker brews directly into your mug, you can simply grab your cup and begin your day. So while your machine brews your coffee hot, your mug keeps it hot.

There’s a filter with this item so you can save big on those paper filters you buy. The one on this unit is actually metal. And it rinses off pretty easily too. It’s not selective either. So, however way you want your coffee, soft pods or grounds, the filter works. And that’s not all. In a busy morning where you’re thinking of changing the world, the last thing on your mind is whether or not you left the coffee maker on. Well, except you have an OCD. Thankfully, this thing shuts off automatically once it’s done brewing. Your focus, which is one of your biggest assets, can now be solely directed to weightier matters.

And finally, we can’t get over its compact design. It comes with such a small footprint, it can practically stay anywhere in your kitchen without being a bother. Same goes for the complementary mug too. It’s super convenient and you’d get used to it pretty fast. It just effortlessly fits into your hand, your car and your lifestyle. You won’t even realize when it becomes such a huge part of your life! But the biggest plus for this guy is that it’s affordable. Come on, we all love quality but if we were asked to pick between pricey quality and affordable quality… we all know we’d go for affordable quality.


  • Fantastic for travel.
  • Comes with a 15-ounce complementary travel mug.
  • Compact design.
  • Automatic shut-off.
  • Fast brew time.


  • Hardly accommodates other travel mugs aside the one included.

3.Chemex Pour-Over Coffee Maker:

[amazon box=”B002VK3ND8″ template=”vertical”]

Are you a pour-over coffee person? Then you’re definitely in the market for a nice pour-over coffee maker. And guess what? We’ve got something with your name on it. It’s this wonderful coffee maker from Chemex. If you desire that pure coffee flavor, then look no further than this machine. It’s a clean coffee maker made of borosilicate glass. In simple English, it preserves the integrity of your coffee since it does not absorb odors or chemical residues. We can’t help but say that this machine will make you probably one of the best coffees you’ve had in a very long while. Now, for those who aren’t very familiar with a pour over coffee maker, here’s the general idea. You boil some water, and then pour over your coffee so it brews in the pour over coffee maker. Every other thing you’ll learn as you brew but it’s pretty simple and straightforward, though.

If for any reason you need your cup of coffee kept for a later time, that’s fine too. With this model, you can cover your coffee, refrigerate it and reheat. But that’s not even the best part. Any ole pour-over coffee maker can do that. This does it without losing that essential coffee flavor that makes coffee coffee.

We are also particularly impressed by the fact that this device is so easy to use. Its design is elegant and timeless. You’ll never be out of fad with this item in your kitchen. Plus, being all-glass, there’s the understandable fear that this is a very fragile venture. But you’ll be glad to know that you might be wrong. So, though it looks a bit fragile, it’s actually a lot more secure than it looks. Furthermore, this particular model on review comes with a handle. This makes pouring from the unit a lot easier and safer for all involved.

So, bottom line? Say goodbye to chunky coffee and hello to rich-tasting, non-bitter coffee with this machine. You’ll be glad you did!


  • 10-cup capacity.
  • Handle makes for a more secure feel.
  • Elegant design.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Those who aren’t used to using pour over coffee makersmight find this challenging to use at first.

4.Secura Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker:

[amazon box=”B00JE36GLQ” template=”vertical”]

When we stumbled on this particular coffee maker, we were astounded. Close to 3500 reviews and this machine still managed to earn a 4.8 star review from customers! How on earth? We knew there was no way we couldn’t let you know about this. So, here it is on our reviews today. But what exactly makes this model so loved by java people? You’re about to find out.

This is a top quality device made of stainless steel. You know how modern kitchens are getting more chrome color themed, this dude would fit into your modern kitchen just fine. And aside that, it’s super durable. No point having a beautiful machine that you have to replace every other month. And if what customers are saying is anything to go by, this coffee maker over delivers. It also comes with a touch handle and a knob that makes it really easy to use. Pouring from this unit will not only be comfortable, it will be completely safe.

Now to the taste! You’re looking for a French press coffee maker for a reason. There’s a certain taste you crave and demand. And we are more than happy to tell you that you’ve come to the right place. The 3-layered filter structure of this model makes it such that even the tiniest coffee grounds are trapped. So, bye bye chunky coffee but no one’s going to miss you. In fact, if you want an even more refined taste, then try stacking the bonus metal screens included in the package. You’ll fall in love with your coffee maker all over again.

And what’s coffee when it’s cold? Fit for the sink is what. This device keeps your coffee hot hot thanks to its super thermal retention ability. With a double-wall construction, your coffee maker is built to retain all the heat so you can enjoy your coffee as you should – hot!

And with all these features you’d think this machine would cost a fortune. But you won’t believe what it actually costs. You should check it out yourself, we don’t want to ruin a perfectly good surprise.


  • Excellent thermal retention ability.
  • 3-layered filter structure keeps coffee grounds trapped.
  • With comfortable and safe touch handle and knob for pouring.


  • Doesn’t come with water level markings.

5.Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker:

[amazon box=”B001R4LK1Q” template=”vertical”]

If you’re looking for a Hamilton Beach coffee maker, then you must be a savvy coffee person. You do know your coffee… and its maker… Well, since this is a brand that needs no introduction, let’s get straight to what this product is about. It comes with an enclosed brewing system and an internal heater. And all this is to say that it keeps your coffee hot and fresh for as long as four hours. So that means that however busy your morning gets, you won’t have to brew a fresh cup till break time. You can now go on to have a more productive day with laser-sharp concentration and one less distraction. And what’s even better is that that pure, fresh, coffee flavor is retained. It might seem impossible to still have great-tasting coffee hours after the first brew, but this machine proves that theory wrong.

As for capacity, it’s your standard 12 cups, pretty much like any other regular drip coffee maker would do. And, in fact, if your goal is to get the best drip coffee maker, then you’re at the right place. It does not need a carafe to work. So, no fear of breaking any fragile machine parts that’s costly to replace.  And it retains your coffee in its internal tank till you’re ready for it (this is the secret to how it keeps your coffee hot and fresh for hours). Once you’re set, no need to pour and risk an accident. All you need do is push a small button and your coffee will make its way into your cup.

To make cleaning very easy and simple, the internal water tank, as well as the brew basket, is removable. And this doesn’t just make clean up easy, it also makes fill up smooth too. One luxury you know yourself that so few coffee makers come with.

But let’s go a step further and blow your mind. Do you know that the Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker allows you make iced coffee? Yup! This device comes with brewing options with which you can make regular coffee, bold coffee, or even iced coffee. Yes, you’re absolutely right. This can also be your cold brew coffee maker. Need we say more? This should have been in your kitchen like yesterday.


  • Several brewing options including cold brew.
  • Internal brewing system keeps coffee hot and fresh.
  • Excellent drip coffee maker. Push button to serve coffee.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • 12 cup capacity.
  • Short brew time.


  • Hard to tell how much coffee is left in the decanter.

5 Reasons You Should Get a Coffee Maker

Coffee lovers who do not have their own coffee makers are throwing away lots of useful money. And that’s a fact. You’re also suffering needlessly too. So, today, we came with facts – our top 5 reasons you should own your own coffee maker. When you see all that you stand to gain owning a coffee maker, you’ll wonder how you’ve been surviving all this while without it.

Convenience: Coffee brewing has never been more convenient than it is right now. Almost everything you can think of is customizable. From the kind of coffee you’d prefer to the number of cups. A few controls on a coffee maker can easily get you that. You can cut down your coffee brewing time by a lot. Plus, most of these guys come with a tiny footprint so they can fit in practically anywhere.

Get exactly what you need: The need for coffee varies from individual to individual. So, while some might need something that brews coffee for a groupie or a family, another might just need a single serve. With the options available, thanks to coffee maker manufacturers, you can now get just what you need. Whether it’s a 12-cup coffee maker or a single cup coffee maker.

Take advantage of technology: Thanks to technology, you can brew superior tasting coffee right in the comfort of your home. Why not take advantage of that? Manufacturers pride themselves in their ability to engineer first class coffee makers. These devices with their state-of-the-art technology, brew great-tasting coffee and even keep them fresh and hot for extended periods. And guess who’s the winner in all of this – you!

You could even make some extra bucks: Even if you earn a 6-figure salary, extra income is always a welcome idea. Loads of people in America and all over the world are crazy about coffee. Why not cash in on that? Coffee makers come in very affordable these days. And with a single coffee maker, you could run a small café where you serve some great-tasting coffee for a fee. People are drinking, you are earning… legally, of course. It’s a win win! By the way, if you’re considering this, think French press coffee maker. Those things brew a mean coffee!

5 Things to Consider When Getting a Coffee Maker

So, now you’ve been successfully convinced and you want to get a coffee maker. However, there are still a couple of things you must know if you want to get the best model for you. We’ve listed our top 5 here.

  • Type: There are all kinds of coffee makers in the market. So, you must know which you prefer. Of course these types are different from one another. The drip coffee makers are different than the regular brewing machines which are different from the percolators. So, know what you want. This is also important because different coffee makers give different kinds of coffee. So, make sure you’re getting something that would make you a cup that you like.
  • Capacity: You should know how many cups your coffee maker can fill. Thankfully, manufacturers add that to their description so it’s not hard to tell. Most machines make 12 cups or single cups. But there are also some that make ten or fewer as well.
  • Ease of use: These days, many manufacturers are building their coffee making machines with world-class technology. While this is a good thing, it is practically useless if it makes the machine too difficult to use. Any coffee maker you settle for must be very easy and intuitive to use. It should be easy to fill, easy and safe to pour, and easy to clean as well. It must also be able to keep your coffee hot and fresh for a minimum period of time.
  • Filters: Now, here’s the thing about filters. There are three kinds that exist which are the metal filter, the paper filter, and the water filter. The most popular two, though, are the paper and the metal filters. The difference? Well, as for the paper, they’ve been reported to have health benefits since they remove cholesterol. However, you can only use them once which makes them expensive in the long run. Metal, on the other hand, has no reported health benefit (or side effects). They can be easily washed and replaced. However, they are more preferable if a dark, hard brew is desired. For calmer, gentler brews, go for paper filters.
  • Technological features: When choosing a coffee maker, some features take priority over others. For example, here are some important features you should look out for.
  • A programmable clock so you can set up your preferred daily start time.
  • An auto clean feature is also great for those who can’t always spare the time to clean.

Lastly, an auto shut off function is important for convenience and to reduce the risk of an electrical fire.

What Other People Think about Coffee Maker

Judging by customer reviews, the Secura Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker was, by far, our most loved coffee maker. Reviews were over the top and even finding a flaw in the machine was a bit difficult.

For other customers, the most endearing thing about the Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker is the fact that it can brew iced coffee. It was the one feature customers couldn’t shut up about. Plus, the device does everything within its power to keep coffee piping hot too. Of course, java lovers love this machine.

Our Favorite Coffee Maker

So, here’s our final decision on the best coffee maker for today. Although we would have loved to give this to the French press coffee maker, we won’t. Instead we will give it to the Cuisinart Stainless Steel Programmable 14-Cup Coffee Maker for the sake of universality. This is a coffee maker that would appeal to an average coffee drinker. Anyone would find this device quite easy to use. Plus, it’s quite affordable and also offers the user options to personalize their cuppa!

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