10 Best Artificial Christmas Tree for Your Home


‘Tis the season! Christmas is upon us. But finding the right tree to fit your budget and needs isn’t always a holly jolly task. Real, artificial, flocked or not … the choices are vast and can be overwhelming. But if you’re going for simplicity, considering a pre-lit Christmas tree becomes a no-brainer. Artificial trees of the days past were definitely ho-hum. But nowadays, customers can get almost any type of faux tree under the sun. Want one that looks like it’s been sitting in a snowy field? There’s a flocked fir waiting for you. Want one to take the pain out of stringing lights around and around while the kids pull at your legs? There’s a pre-lit tree with your name on it.

When considering an artificial tree, what do you need to know? What are the best pre-lit Christmas trees on the market? We’ve rounded up the best pre-lit Christmas tree reviews to help you make your choice.

What Is the Best Artificial Christmas Tree?

1. Best Flocked Tree Option – Fine Expectations Flocked Bavarian Pine Artificial Pre-lit Christmas Tree

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It could begin to look a lot like Christmas in your home with this premier flocked Christmas tree. It rocks a slim, classic Bavarian Pine tree shape with durable PVC branches, and its wintery white flocking adds a touch of elegance to your home. Look closely at the branches and see how realistic the detailed flocking appears – it’s as if you’re looking at real snow (except without the inevitable mess).

Adorned with vibrant white lights, the Fine Expectations Flocked Bavarian Pine Artificial Pre-lit Christmas Tree features an advanced, patented Stay Lit® technology that will allow the lights to stay lit even if a single bulb is broken, missing, or burnt out. Whether you have a large house or a smaller apartment, you can enjoy the spirit of Christmas with this sleek, sophisticated tree.

2. A Classic Tree with Multi-Colored and Clear Lights for When You’re Feeling Indecisive – Goplus 7-foot Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

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You want white lights, your family wants colored ones. Why fight that battle? With the 7-foot Goplus Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas tree, you can have both lights. With 500 pre-lit, LED lights and dense PVC needles, you’ll be thinking of what fun it is to put up your Christmas tree when it’s this easy. The lights are energy-efficient and low-voltage LEDs, so don’t fret over your electric bill if you leave your tree on for a little longer than usual when cozying up on the sofa.

Set up is a snap with the Goplus Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas tree. It comes with 11 flash modes so you can cycle between multi-color and warm white options, and the tree comes with a durable metal stand for longevity through multiple holiday seasons. Don’t forget to fluff up the branches for the fullest look, and store the spare bulbs and fuses somewhere easy to remember! Even though these feature LED lights, which are long-lasting, in the event you have a bulb blow out, replacing the blown bulb or fuse is as easy as snap and go.

3. A Classic Tree – Balsam Hill Classic Blue Spruce Narrow Artificial Christmas Tree

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Available in sizes from 4.5 feet to 9 feet and with the option to upgrade the clear lights to LEDs (or go for simplicity and get an unlit tree), you can’t go wrong with this classic Blue Spruce from Balsam Hill. The tree was designed to be a replica of Colorado’s state tree. If you love a full-bodied tree (it’s 60 inches in diameter) to really say “Christmastime is here,” this is the tree to get.

The Balsam Hill Classic Blue Spruce features 100% PVC classic needles, and the 7-foot tree has 2,156 branch tips and 650 pre-installed clear UL® approved lights. When you purchase this tree, it comes with a tree stand, storage bags, cotton gloves, replacement bulbs and fuses, and an on/off pedal for ease of access on those late nights.

4. For a Twist On The Classic Tree – Balsam Hill Berkshire Mountain Fir Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

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Like its cousin, the Blue Spruce tree by Balsam Hill, this Berkshire Mountain Fir has a slightly narrower design. This tree has an “in and out” branch style for a fuller appearance. The Classic Needles are made from high-quality PVC and have light and grass-green tapered tips. To accent the look of the soft, flat needles, light brown stems add more depth to the tree. Making this tree different from the Blue Spruce is the multi-color light option.

While you can still choose an unlit tree, or the classic clear or LED clear lights, you can get even more festive this holiday season with a variety of colors to show off your tree with the multicolored lights. The tree has almost 3,000 branch tips and 900 multi-color UL® approved lights (on the 9-foot tree). Choose from sizes as small as 4.5 feet and as high as 9 feet to fit the size of your room and budget. Tree includes a tree stand, storage bags, cotton gloves, replacement bulbs and fuses, and an on/off pedal for easy access.

5. Best Deluxe Option for a Pre-Lit Christmas Tree – Balsam Hill BH Balsam Fir Premium Pre-Lit Artificial Tree

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If you’re searching for a deluxe option for your pre-lit Christmas tree, look no further than the Balsam Hill BH Balsam Fir Premium Pre-Lit Artificial Tree. It has a full shape and measures 9-feet high (and 68-inches in diameter) when assembled with the stand. It features PE True Needle™ tips for the most realistic appearance and PVC Classic Needles for added fullness.

Open branch spacing makes it easy to showcase your favorite and most cherished Christmas ornaments. It’s composed of nearly 8,500 branch tips and 1,500 hand-strung clear UL® lights. Includes a tree stand, storage bags, cotton gloves, extra bulbs and fuses and an on/off pedal.

6. Best Tabletop Option for Offices and Small Homes – LampLust 24-Inch Pre-Lit Flocked Christmas Tree

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Big on Christmas cheer but low on space? Don’t fret! Consider the LampLust 24-Inch Pre-Lit Flocked Christmas Tree! It’s pre-lit with warm white LEDs and flocked to add some holiday cheer to the smallest of spaces. With the base wrapped in burlap and crafted from durable PVC to make up the dense branch tips, this tree really comes to life when you turn on the 30 warm white LED lights.

The LampLust 24-Inch Pre-Lit Flocked Christmas Tree has versatile power options — use AA batteries in the round green AA Battery Box or use the flat UL plug to power your tree.

7. The Option for Something a Little Different – Goplus 7-Foot Artificial Pre-Lit Optical Fiber Artificial Christmas Tree

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It’ll be a starry night in your home with this Pre-Lit Optical Fiber Artificial Christmas tree from Goplus! Want a different feel from the traditional LED or classic lights? Consider getting merry and bright by adding some fiber optic lights! Standing 7-feet tall, this Christmas tree has both energy-saving LED lights and fiber optics pre-strung through the tree.

Designed to look like a Christmas pine, this gorgeous tree has dense PVC needles with a metal base. There are 8 flash modes for waves, flash, sequential and other combinations, and the tree features red and blue colors. All the lights are UL®-certified, and the tree is made for easy set up with just a few steps.

8. When You’re Just Wanting a Really Big Tree – National Tree 12-Foot Downswept Douglas Fir Tree  

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If you have classic, subtle tastes, but also desire a grand, full-bodied tree, the National Tree 12-Foot Downswept Douglas Fir may be the tree of your Christmas dreams. Standing an impressive 12-feet tall and 92-inches in diameter, this massive tree is made for large living rooms and dens. It’s a timeless classic that’s meant to be part of your Christmas tradition for years to come.

The full evergreen tree features 1,200 clear incandescent lights to cast a warm glow on your holiday display and is outfitted with almost 6,000 artificial Douglas Fir branch tips. Standard with the Downswept Douglas Fir is a reusable storage carton, spare bulbs, fuses, and a metal tree stand. Hinged branches makes construction and break down easy.

9. Best Budget Fir – National Tree Company Kingswood Fir Pencil Tree

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Wanting a good-looking Christmas tree without breaking the budget and tight on space? Look at the Kingswood Fir Pencil Tree. Available in 3 sizes (4.5 feet to 7.5 feet), this pre-strung tree has 350 UL®-certified clear lights for simplicity and ease of set up. When you choose the 7.5-foot option, the tree measures a respectable 30 inches in diameter and has just over 1,000 branch tips.

Hinged to make it easy for break down and set up, this tree comes in 3 sections and has a metal base. Keep this tree for years and make the most out of your investment — this tree comes with spare bulbs and fuses and has a reusable storage carton to keep your tree safe and in top shape until next year.

10. Best Budget Spruce – National Tree Company North Valley Spruce Tree

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Your Christmas tree shopping goals: don’t break the budget, get a full-bodied tree, and have a simple, classic design. Well, you can check off all three items from your list (and check it twice) with the North Valley Spruce from National Tree Company. Made for easy decorating with your favorite ornaments, this tree is available in sizes ranging from 4.5 feet to 9 feet. It’s all metal-hinged for easy assembly and disassembly and the branches are attached to the center pole sections.

Pre-strung with 550 UL®-certified clear lights and at about 52 inches in diameter, the North Valley Spruce comes in 3 sections to make life easier for you. When you’re ready to declare the Christmas season over, you can rest assured that the tree has spare bulbs, fuses, a metal stand, and a reusable storage carton to keep your tree looking pristine.

What to Look for When Buying an Artificial Christmas Tree? christmas-tree-for-home

Real Christmas trees have their upsides … after all, that natural smell of pine is hard to replicate. However, if you’re tired of picking up needles from your tree through the season, or you want to get rid of the constant worry of not watering your tree enough, maybe it’s time to pick an artificial tree this Christmas season.

You won’t be alone. More and more Americans are choosing an artificial Christmas over real ones. So if you’re wanting to have a more positive impact on the environment or you want to invest in a tree that can last with your family for a number of years, see how an artificial tree can benefit you and your family.

When looking for an artificial tree, there are a few things to consider. Safety is a number one concern. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, between 2011 and 2015, U.S. fire departments responded to around 200 home fires during the Christmas season as a result from Christmas trees. While you may think that an un-watered real Christmas tree may be the culprit, in fact, the lighting on the trees played the biggest role in the fires. Whether real or artificial, paying attention to the type of lights used, the type of plastic the tree is manufactured with, and the proximity of your decorations on your tree are all key to preventing fires in your home. What’s more important: Never leave your tree lit while unattended. Consider an artificial tree with a timer for added security.

Key Elements of Your Artificial Christmas Tree: Size, Plastics, and Other Décor


Before you do any shopping, think about size. Do you have the attitude that bigger is better? Or are you really limited on space? Artificial Christmas trees can come in virtually any shape and size (you can even hang them from the ceiling now) so it’s important to evaluate your living space to see what’s the best fit. If you’re planning to put a tree topper on your Christmas tree, make sure to keep around 2 feet of space between the tree and the ceiling. Most trees come in three widths — full, slim, or pencil—and can come in sizes (usually in half-foot increments) ranging from tabletop size to up to 12 feet.

Another thing to consider are the type of needles the tree is made of. Needles come in different sized, long, short, and medium.  Most are made from some type of PVC or PE plastic, but for the most true-to-life experience, you’ll want to get an artificial tree that has “true” or “real feel” needles. The trees with the softer, more velvety needles that are closer to that of the real trees they are imitating will oftentimes last longer. Another tip: the density or tip count will tell you how full you can expect the tree to look. The higher the count, the fuller the tree can appear (after appropriate fluffing out of the package).

Another choice you’ll have to make is whether you want hooked or hinged branches. Both have their pros and cons. If you really want to customize and tailor your tree, a hooked tree may be your best bet. If you’re wanting to save on time and simply want a tree that’s easy to set up and break down, hinged branches may be the best option for you. Along with making your decision on hooked or hinged, you’ll also want to consider the base of your tree. Metal bases are the best, but if you’re looking for an upgrade, consider a base with rubber feet or a wider stance for extra stability.

To flock or not to flock? That is the question. (Or maybe your real question is: What in the world is “flocking?”) If you want to turn your home into a wintery paradise, maybe the look of snow on your tree of choice is what you should go for. Whether you like a fir, spruce, or pine, or you want a pencil tree over a full tree, picking a tree company that takes time to properly flock their trees will help aid in the real feel of your tree for years to come. Flocking doesn’t just mean faux snow, though. Additions like berries, pinecones, or other adornments also add extra flair to your Christmas style.

Picking the Right Lighting for your Christmas Treechristmas-tree-family

If detangling a big ball of Christmas lights doesn’t sound like your idea of fun, a pre-lit Christmas tree may be a great way of minimizing trauma and saving your holiday sanity. There are a few key things to keep in mind when purchasing a pre-lit tree. Choose one that is labelled “continuous on” or “with burn-out protection.” In the event that a single blub on the strand burns out, the rest of the lights will continue to burn bright (if you pick a tree with this capability).

Speaking of lights, there’s another decision you’ll have to make. LED, incandescent, or fiber optics. What’s the difference and what are the benefits and downsides of each? LED lighting is popular for a few reasons. It’s considered more energy efficient than incandescent lights. On average, LED bulbs use around 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs, which can mean big cost savings for your household energy bill. Also, incandescent lights use heat to cause the inner filament to glow, whereas LED lights can create light without heat. While your artificial pre-lit tree is usually made of flame-resistant plastic, any additional ornaments and decoration may be flammable.

For an alternative look, artificial Christmas tree designers are choosing to add fiber optics to their trees. Fiber optic lights operate out of a single light that is then attached to numerous small fibers. Where LED or incandescent lights are usually hand-strung, fiber optic lights are built into the structure of the pre-lit tree. While it’s established that LED lights are cost- and energy-efficient, fiber optic lights require more energy than the average light, and oftentimes are a pain (or are nearly impossible) to replace if they burn out.

You don’t have to stop at an artificial tree this Christmas season. Artificial pre-lit wreaths and garland can add additional Christmas spirit to your décor without the fuss. Choose from LED or incandescent lights just like with your pre-lit tree, but get the added benefit of battery-operated décor. Available in a variety of sizes and lengths, turn your front door, hearth, or staircase into a winter wonderland with life-life garland and wreaths (with the twinkle of pre-strung lights throughout).best-christmas-tree-family

Regardless if you’re a firm believer in limiting Christmas to the time between Thanksgiving and December 26th, or you’re the type of person who hops into the holiday spirit somewhere around Halloween time, most can agree that finding and decorating a Christmas tree can be one of the most stressful things you’ll take on this holiday season. However, if you’re also wanting to take the headache out of Christmas tree shopping, pick a pre-lit tree. By choosing a flame-resistant tree with proper lights, you can have more comfort this holiday season.

By choosing a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree, you can make an investment into your holiday décor for a number of years. Most artificial Christmas trees are built to last up to a decade with proper care and storage between uses. With that in mind, picking a high-quality, versatile tree that can be tailored to fit your changing style and needs is an important first step in insuring the longevity of your artificial tree.


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