Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids of All Ages


Most people love Christmas, and probably all the kids adore this holiday because of gifts. However, we can say two things for sure. The first fact is that all of us like getting Christmas presents. The second fact is that every single child is ready to convince Santa Claus how good and obedient she has been during the year and to whisper to his ear what she would like to receive as a prize. Now, you should decide what unique Christmas gift ideas for kids that suit your child best are. I assure you, it is not an easy job at all. Though, you already know this, right?

Every year brings the same story and the same dilemma. What is the gift that will be the most interesting for your little one this year? What will she be looking forward to? The correct answers to these questions will make a difference between a happy and disappointed child. The fact is that choosing a Christmas gift for a child may require a long-term and tiring process of planning for you as a parent. Harmonizing the child’s wishes and your budget is necessary, but it seems that the most important thing is that the gift is in line with the child’s age. Therefore, let think seriously about the task and discuss best Christmas gift ideas for kids.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers and Younger Kids

At first glance, it seems easy to choose a gift for a little child. The problem is that your goal shouldn’t be just to entertain your kiddo but to pick out the toy which has an educational character. Therefore, try to choose carefully.

1. Puzzle box Money Maze puzzle box

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If you are looking for unique Christmas gift ideas, you should think about this fun gift for your little one made by Trekbest. You can’t make a mistake with a puzzle box if your kid is one of those who loves brain teasers. Make a challenge for her and be sure that this toy won’t become boring for a long time. These boxes are available in blue, green, pink, and orange color. If you prefer two packs, you can choose between blue, green, pink, and yellow options.

2. Toddler musical instruments Educational musical toys set for preschoolers

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What fantastic toy for your toddler! These 15 types (22 pieces) of wooden percussion instruments will be a real challenge for your little one regardless of whether you have a girl or a boy. Plus, your kid will learn to be responsible, by packing all instruments into a reliable storage backpack after playing. All the instruments are made of non-toxic and top-quality material which makes them safe for young children. Let your child feels the beat and discovers her own potential in music.

3. Adventure kids Outdoor explorer kit

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Can you imagine your little boy as a researcher and adventurer? I bet he can imagine himself very quickly in such a role. This fantastic educational set contains kid’s toy binoculars, compass, butterfly net, flashlight, and magnifying glass. All toys are packed in a practical Backpack. Organize an exciting family event or go camping and hiking. Every day spent outdoor will be an opportunity for your child to use this practical Christmas gift. Let your son learn about nature through a game. Encourage him to discover all the beauty of scientific exploration.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenagers

Every parent knows that teenagers are stubborn, moody and that they change their interests just like that. All this makes the search for an adequate gift for your teenager almost a ‘mission impossible’. Let’s see what we can do about it.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Girl

1. Initial letters pendant necklace – FUNRUN stainless steel pendant necklace

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Choose this beautiful, hypoallergenic, and high-quality stainless steel pendant for your teenage girl. The sturdy chain is made of stainless steel without nickel. Choose a stylized pendant with your girl’s initial letter she has always wanted to have. Moreover, the special gift deserves a special packaging. Your daughter will be able to keep the necklace safe in an elegant black velvet gift bag while doesn’t wear it around the neck.

2. Flashing LED gloves – Atopdream LED gloves

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These adorable flashing LED gloves can be the top-notch gift for your teenage daughter. If your kid likes something different, sparkling, and colorful, pick out this light up gloves and make her the most innovative child at the party. Gloves are comfortable and cute. Plus, being made of breathable thin cotton and polyester blend makes them absolutely safe to use.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Boy

1. Emergency survival kit – ACEIken survival kit

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Every teenager will be thrilled when gets a thing such an outdoor survival gear tool! The set contains a small flashlight, practical military knife, survival bracelet, a luminous compass of military grade, the tactical pen, compass, and even emergency blanket whistles. This portable tool case is shockproof and waterproof, and extremely easy to carry in backpacks. It is a perfect multi-tool-kit for a teenage boy interested in adventure including hiking and camping. Plus, this is reliable equipment for every Boy Scout.

2. Break open four geodes kit – Discover crystals inside!

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Thanks to National Geographic, there is this excellent gift for any a little bit older child. If your ten-year-old boy likes rocks, this is a unique gift for him. Let him explore crystals and discover what colors he can get. This box keeps two secrets: a fantastic gift and an astonishing surprise at the same time! Your kid just needs to break open the rock and find out which beautiful minerals are there, hiding inside geodes.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids Who Have Everything

It is not easy to choose a gift for a child who practically has everything. If you notice that your kiddo plays with a new toy for just a few minutes and almost immediately discards it as boring and uninteresting, be aware that she is simply overloaded. As well as many other kids in the modern world, your child is probably overwhelmed by a bunch of toys that no longer pose a challenge. Change something and make your child happy by giving her something different.

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

1. Fingerprint Christmas lights photo frame

As always when you want to make something unique for your child, the best choice is to create something on your own. There is no child, especially younger, who doesn’t want a mom gives her something made with mom’s own hands. Your beloved ones will be honored to get something special dedicated only for her and no one else in the whole world. You won’t make a mistake if you choose to make fingerprint Christmas lights photo frame for your child. If you have a toddler, you can use her fingers and design a memorable present for a lifetime. Put your shared photos in the frame and enjoy together.

2. Beaded bracelet for a mom and a daughter

Use colorful pearls and make two bracelets, one for your little princess and one for you. These easy craft idea will make your daughter so proud because she will share something special with her mom. Just thread the glass beads in various colors onto the thin, flexible wire and create beautiful accessories for both of you. Let these bracelets symbolize your connection and the secret which only mom and daughter share.

Christmas Craft Gift Ideas for Kids

1. Adjustable desk box easel – Art alternatives’ desk box easel

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If you are a masterpiece lover and would like to see your child becomes a painter, give her a chance. Perhaps your little one is a new extraordinary painter whose artistic skills need to be discovered and nurtured. This portable miniature desk is a perfect gift for a talented child. The great thing is that you can turn this cute desk into a painting easel in one move and adjusts it to different positions. The set also includes compartments for brushes and other art gear.

2. Deluxe Art Set – Darice 120-piece art set

[amazon box=”B002PNV6YE” template=”vertical”]

There is no better gift for a talented child interested in drawing than this great art supplies for drawing and painting. This 120-piece set, packed in a portable plastic case, is practical and useful wherever inspiration lies. It consists of all necessary art supplies for both painting and drawing including palette, markers, color pencils, crayons, watercolor cakes, white watercolor tube, oil pastels, clips, drawing pencil, paintbrush, sharpener, sponge, eraser, scissors, and a ruler.

Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for Kids

1. Disney’s basket – Mickey Mouse book basket

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Christmas is the best time to pick out the most crucial holiday gift for your newborn baby – the first one! Choose this marvelous basket full of the most beautiful books about the most favorite mouse in the whole globe. Let your baby begin her life surrounded by lovely creatures from Disney’s magical world. It is also a cute present for your toddler. Read her these beautiful books while sitting next to the Christmas tree.

2. Jewelry & cosmetics basket – Disney Princess’ basket

[amazon box=”B004RQV9O4″ template=”vertical”]

Don’t hesitate and buy a Disney princess’ basket to your princess. Impress your 3-8-year-old-beloved girl with ten jewelry and cosmetics items every little girl should have. Be sure that she will get enough accessories for beautifying her pretty little face, hair, and nails to remember this Christmas for a long, long time. Don’t forget to include a personal gift note which will make this present unique.

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

1. Christmas tree set with ornaments – Aytai DIY Christmas tree

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If you are an artistic type and have basic skills and tool for processing plywood panels, you can make a Christmas tree by yourself. Otherwise, experts from Aytai provide three feet tall, durable felt tree for your kid’s pleasure. Organize decorating the Christmas tree and give your child an incredible pleasure to develop her imagination and decorate a fir tree as she wishes. Use the hook-and-loop and ornaments from the set box or reserve a day to make your own decorations with your little one. What fun!

2. Hookey ring – Elite hookey ring game

[amazon box=”B01I7UZFOK” template=”vertical”]

This game is safer than Darts, which makes it suitable for kids of all ages. Hang a board on a wall and make a family competition either indoor or outdoor. Your goal should be to wake the child’s competitive spirit and capture his attention for a long time. That is also an excellent opportunity to teach younger children to add numbers. They won’t even notice that they actually have the math lesson while playing. The best of all is that you can make a board and rings by yourself. Let your kid help you and turn the game into your personal relationship.

Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

1. L.O.L. Surprise! Glam glitter series doll

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Organize a real L.O.L. surprise for your little girl for a budget-friendly price. She will be astonished by this Glam glitter doll and enjoy to discover all seven additional surprises including water bottle, doll’s shoes, fashion accessory, and outfit, as well as collectible stickers and a secret message sticker. Let your princess discover that her doll can be happy or to cry and even change its color. Such a fantastic and extraordinary experience!

2. Card game Exploding card game

[amazon box=”B010TQY7A8″ template=”vertical”]

This cute card game is a perfect choice for boys who like kittens and enjoy laser beams and explosions. Play this unique card game with your child or include more players (up to nine players with two decks) including his peers or other family members. The set consists of a well-designed box, 56 cards, and all necessary instructions. Buy this game once and spend many casual evenings with your little one.

Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas for Kids

There is one more exciting idea you should propose your child older than three years. Organize Christmas gift exchange in your home. Encourage your kid to invite her friends to make presents one after the other. The idea is to play a game called ‘A secret Santa Claus’.

Well, you need to write down the names of all children on different pieces of paper and put them into a hat. Each child should take one paper and make a secret gift for a child which name they have pulled out of the hat. Older children can buy presents of their choice, but they need to agree about the average price for each gift before starting a game.

Christmas is the time for a family, a lot of smiles and good wishes. Of course, this holiday can’t be complete without Christmas gifts. When children are concerned, you should know that they don’t value gifts by how much they are big or expensive. It is important for them to realize that you have thought of them and appreciate that they have been nice children throughout the year.

If your child has a big New Year’s wish, make sure to buy or make something she genuinely desires if it is possible. If this is not the case, make sure that the gift you choose for your beloved child is something interesting for her, especially when it comes to a teenager.

 Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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