Best Christmas Decorations for Your Home (2018)


Christmas is coming. It is the time of giving. It is the time for a family and friends and those who you love the most. In general, at this time of the year, we mostly think about gifts, wishes we want to become true, as well as the decoration of our home. Both the interior of the house and the external part, including the yard, should be decorated appropriately. For most people, this part can be a real nightmare. No woman wants her home to be uniform, boring, and the same for every holiday. No matter how imaginative you are, after so many years, it may happen to run out of ideas.

My goal here is to give you the basic Christmas decorations ideas you can turn into reality without much effort. Regardless of whether you look for a recommendation about Christmas table decorations or you are not sure how to decorate your Christmas tree, there are some excellent and practical suggestions how to make your home magical, warm, and comfortable for your family during this beautiful, beloved holiday. Of course, don’t stop here. You can upgrade each of these proposals and rework them on the way they suit you and your family most. Let’s start.

Christmas Tree Decorations

I believe that you can’t even imagine a Christmas without a Christmas tree. Me neither. However, sometimes it is really monotonous to decorate it every year in the same way when there are so many incredibly inspiring and lovely options. Why wouldn’t you be extravagant and do something special for your beloved ones by enlivening your home in an entirely different way? The essential thing is that your Christmas tree fit your home and reflects your personality and taste.

1 – Country Road Glass-blown Christmas Ball Ornaments

Teresa’s collection

[amazon box=”B07CLM48MS” template=”vertical”]

If you are a fan of classics and adore glass-blown Christmas ball ornaments, it is OK using your grandma’s ones. If some of them have broken down during years, but you don’t want to replace them with plastic ones, don’t worry. Glass balls are back in fashion, and you can buy them easily.

Depending on your current mood, choose dark green ornaments, or some of the elegant combinations. For this year, I recommend you fancy red and white balls, or an unprecedented combination of red, green, and gold elegance. Mix red berries with green leaves and sprinkle them with gold powder. Add stylish shiny, glitter or matte balls.

2 – Be Original and Unique and Make DIY Christmas Decorations

Sweets – Let your family enjoys old-fashioned decorations with sweets, including candies, gumdrops, cookies, donuts, and ribbon candies. What would be more interesting for the children than the decorations they can eat during the Christmas night?

Sweets, candies

Cone tree – Make a toddler Christmas tree by yourself or just buy a tall cone Felt tree and let your kids have fun. They can decorate the cone tree with ornaments they make of paper, wool, ribbons, colorful fabrics, pearls, pine cones, and pieces of wood. If you want to make a process easier, buy a set with various ornaments including gold star tree topper, Snowman, Santa Clause, elk, reindeer, snowflakes, Christmas hat, glove, and socks, bells, a house, birds, and sleds.

[amazon box=”B07H7XTLXC” template=”vertical”]

Photos – Can you imagine a Christmas tree decorated with family photos? Just choose photographs made during summer vacation and put them on the tree. Enjoy all these pleasant memories of the sun, the sea, and palm trees while snowing outside and the fire crackling in the fireplace.

happy family photos isolated over a white background

Paper ornaments – It is pretty simple to make colorful retro paper ornaments and remember the days when you were a kid. Ask your children to help you and organize a fun family day full of laughter and real Christmas mood.

Handmade origami paper craft Santa Claus, green Christmas trees, reindeer and stocking isolated on white

Snow tree – Make your Christmas tree white, bright, and frosty. Decorate your snow-dusted fir with white ornaments and white ribbons. Put gifts wrapped in white paper under the tree. What a winter idyll!

Beautiful decorated christmas tree with present boxes in a winter landscape with snow

Santa dolls – If your children are still very young, surprise them with vintage Santa doll Christmas tree decorating. Go to the flea market, an antique shop, or a local thrift store, and find vintage ornaments and Santa dolls. Your kiddos will be thrilled!

Santa Figure under Christmas Tree

Nature look – Pick out colorful flowers, pieces of wood, and leaves from your garden or the park and decorate Christmas tree. Keep it simple by choosing only one or two colors or make your fir fun with rainbow array solutions.

palmas and wood carriage with huge wheels near blooming flowers

Be Minimalist this year – Use just silver or golden ribbons to decorate a Christmas tree. The other version is to choose one-color balls. Pick out only fine red, stylish white, cold silver, rich gold or calm blue. For eccentrics, black is the right thing.

Christmas decorations on light background

3 – Make Your Artificial Christmas Tree Magical

If you prefer artificial Christmas trees, there are a bunch of possibilities.

Pre-lit spruce hinged tree with led lights and pine cones – Choose a tree re-installed with 460 LED warm white lights. Enjoy a tree which is easy to use and energy-saving lamps.

[amazon box=”B07K9HH75G” template=”vertical”]

Tree decorated by cute Santa’s suits – This set includes a Christmas tree, 122 pieces of ornaments, and two USB mini string lights which is more than enough to bring a real Christmas spirit into your home. Combine blue and white or rose gold and champagne Santa’s suit. For traditionalists, customary red and white is always a winning combination. Go for it!

[amazon box=”B07GVFP6F4″ template=”vertical”]

Classy decorated tree – Enjoy this set which includes elegant tree, two USB mini LED string lights, and 146 pieces of rose gold and champagne ornaments including star treetop, flower picks, leaf picks, silk ribbons, and rose gold balls.

[amazon box=”B07GVF338H” template=”vertical”]

White Christmas tree – Yes, I know; green is the one and only color of the fir tree. However, I prefer snow and really believe that tree is more sophisticated when it is WHITE! Take advantage of an artificial fir and experience something different. This tree, made of eco-friendly material, looks fuller and more real. The excellent part is that it is the ornament by itself. You need just a few colorful balls to make it perfect.

[amazon box=”B01M8I0LWS” template=”vertical”]

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

1 – Light LED Nativity Scene

Home accents holiday light LED giant Nativity scene

[amazon box=”B07636DF3G” template=”vertical”]

Imagine how powerful is having a large 440-Light LED Nativity scene in your backyard. Nowadays, you can order one, choose the best place in front of your home, and set the scene. It would be nice to put it in front of the big window of the living room and enjoy a view while your family has Christmas dinner.

2 – Window Curtain String Lights

Milemont window curtain string lights

[amazon box=”B01LY8NLNS” template=”vertical”]

It is definitely my favorite decoration! For your terrace door, pick window curtain string lights available in different colors. Let your home glitter in gold, silver, white, or red, depending on what you like and what is the color of your furniture. Choose between eight possible modes of lighting including steady on, waves, slow fade, slow-glow, sequential, chasing, and twinkle. WOW!

3 – Outdoor Laser Christmas Lights

IP65 waterproof star projector light

[amazon box=”B07FCPCW7J” template=”vertical”]

Children simply adore lasers! Put this practical Christmas star projector light with RF remote next to the front door and light up your garden in all colors of the rainbow. They are made in sixteen different lights patterns including Santa Claus and a jingle bell. Place the light on a round base, and your children will have an opportunity to enjoy an exciting festival atmosphere.

4 – Snowman or Santa Claus with Flashing Lights

Dreamone inflatable Snowman and Santa Claus

[amazon box=”B07FCPCW7J” template=”vertical”]

Santa Claus and Snowman are unavoidable among Christmas decorations. Select inflatable, 8.5 ft tall versions with flashing lights for Christmas decorations this year. Both figures, made of waterproof material, have super bright LED lights placed inside which will light up your yard and become the most adorable attraction in your neighbors.

5 – Christmas Mailbox Swag

National Tree mailbox cover

[amazon box=”B00NEE72F0″ template=”vertical”]

Yes, your mailbox swag can become magical with minimal effort. Buy this fantastic Crestwood spruce mailbox tasseled with red berries, pine cones, silver bristle, and adequate white LED lights. Keep in mind that the battery operating mode includes six hours on and eighteen hours off.

6 – Fir Wreath

Vickerman Douglas fir wreath with LED lights

[amazon box=”B00FEVA4MY” template=”vertical”]

I have always loved fir wreaths. You can make one by yourself and decorate it on your own using ribbons, flowers, red berries, jingle bells, and small Santa Close dolls. However, there is a wide range of wreaths you can buy in your local shop or online. This one contains 200 warm LED lights in various colors. I highly recommend the white or green combination. Enjoy every time you come home during a holiday season, and your cheerful wreath will wait for you on the top of the front door.

7 – Timer Candles

Decorative candles with timer

[amazon box=”B073FZ7VSM” template=”vertical”]

All of us like candles, but they can be impractical in the long run. These timer candles are a perfect solution for your Christmas enjoyment in front of your house. A set contains twelve pieces of decorative warm or cold white candles with a timer. Once you turn your romantic candles on, they will light up for six hours. After eighteen hours, they will automatically turn on again in regular 24 hours cycle.

Christmas Table Decorations

All of us desire to decorate Christmas dinner table on the unique and innovative way. There are so many ideas, and sometimes it seems that you have never found the combination that fits you most appropriately. Let’s see.

In the beginning, choose the color which you will use as dominant. Define patterns of the tablecloth you want this year, the shape and type of centerpieces, the color of candles, and suitable tableware. Plus, decide if you wish ornaments, confetti or glass pebbles on the table.

When you have a general picture in your mind, you can start with realization, add or combine different pieces, and spend time playing while finishing a serious job. Let’s try to give our best.

Christmas Tablecloths

1 – Christmas tablecloth with ribbons

Benson Mills Christmas printed tablecloth

[amazon box=”B003WE987M” template=”vertical”]

Depending on dimensions of your table, order this fantastic 55% cotton/ 45% polyester tablecloth in an adequate size. Enjoy an elegance engineered print of Christmas ribbons which fits a dinner table of up to fourteen chairs.

2 – Ivory tablecloth

Lenox Holiday tablecloth

[amazon box=”B0000DHYZN” template=”vertical”]

It is a modern, rectangle or round tablecloth which evokes good old times with that nice gold ribbon, flowing tartan bands, and all these lively holly leaves. This 54% cotton and 46% polyester ivory jacquard damask is a top choice. A set includes tablecloths in a few available sizes, placemats, runners, and napkins.

3 – Christmas embroidered table runners

OurWarm Christmas tablecloth with poinsettia holly leaves

[amazon box=”B076DX487V” template=”vertical”]

For a top-grade decoration for your Christmas dining table, you need an elegant, chic, and beautiful table runner. No matter if you put it on the table directly or over the simple white tablecloth, this runner with attractive poinsettia holly leaves will add a fresh touch to your dining room.

Christmas Chairs

1 – Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus Christmas chair covers

WINZIK Christmas chair covers

[amazon box=”B018CALYMW” template=”vertical”]

You simply must have this adorable set of Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus chair covers if you have kids. These cute designed ‘caps’ for chairs are made of high-quality non-woven fabric and represent a top-notch Christmas decoration. They will ideally cover the backs of every side chairs and designs festival atmosphere during your favorite holiday.

2 – Fun Santa Claus hat chair covers

ANFIMU set of six Santa red hat chair covers

[amazon box=”B0190CFDVE” template=”vertical”]

In one word, your children will love these Santa red hats on their dining chairs. They are suitable for almost every chair and unavoidable Christmas decoration in any home. Bring child’s smile, happiness, and warmth to your Christmas dinner table and enjoy.

3 – Santa Claus suit Christmas chair covers

D-FantiX chair covers with belt buckle

[amazon box=”B011B6UE1G” template=”vertical”]

Picking out these adorable set with four Christmas chair covers with belt buckles will definitely make your children thrilled and cheerful. Bring the joy and happiness of Christmas to your home with this unique Christmas decoration made of soft, smooth, and good quality fabric.

Christmas Centerpieces

1 – Holly Christmas centerpiece with candle holders

Collections Etc centerpiece

[amazon box=”B075W5ZB4G” template=”vertical”]

Make your Christmas table unique and entirely fantastic with this beautifully arranged centerpiece. Candle holders surrounded with catchy red berries, sparkling glittered leaves, and pinecones will leave your guests breathtaking. Added red bow makes the whole piece romantic and festive. Put three LED votive candles into glass holders and spend the holiday enjoying the unique atmosphere.

2 – A traditional centerpiece with red poinsettia flowers, cones, and ball ornaments

National Tree Company decorative centerpiece

[amazon box=”B0089O26XS” template=”vertical”]

It is said that the traditional is the best. If you agree, this romantic trimmed centerpiece with red poinsettia flowers, ball ornaments, and pine cones is created for you. Put it on your Christmas table and let your family enjoy.

3 – LED lighted Christmas trees

BANBERRY DESIGNS trees for a Christmas table

[amazon box=”B017J3AI5M” template=”vertical”]

I bet that you have never thought that your Christmas table can become a place from a fairytale. This set contains six color-changing LED lighted acrylic Christmas trees. Pick the appropriate size of them for your table and feel a Christmas spirit all around your home.

4 – Christmas village floral centerpiece

Thomas Kinkade lights music centerpiece

[amazon box=”B01M1LQYAQ” template=”vertical”]

This handcrafted masterpiece is a miniature Christmas village. Thomas Kinkade’s beloved holiday art inspires this arrangement. The cite village and a train are surrounded by hand-painted floral ornament consisted of holly leaves, poinsettias, pine cones, and greenery. It lights up while classic carols are playing and the train is circling on rails. Incredible!

5 – Small Christmas trees on a wood stand

VGIA Christmas trees

[amazon box=”B0754KZLJK” template=”vertical”]

If you are a nature lover, these cute, snowed firs on the wooden base are an ideal choice for you. You won’t regret choosing this adorable decoration tabletop centerpiece arranged for your best Christmas ever.

Christmas Plates and Cutlery

1 – Christmas tree 12-piece set for four

Spode 12-piece dinnerware set

[amazon box=”B000B4WST6″ template=”vertical”]

Choose the best for your family. They deserve solid, best-quality dinnerware set such as this one with sweet Christmas trees on them. With twelve pieces, it will fit an average family of four members. You can expect a milk-white porcelain earthenware dinner plate and salad plate as well as a mug for each member.

2 – Christmas multicolor 16-piece dinnerware set

Gibson Home dinnerware set

[amazon box=”B018F6KID4″ template=”vertical”]

Discover a real village idyll on the plate. An incredible return to the fairy-tale world of rustic and untouched nature will make your Christmas dinner so romantic. Let your family enjoys this 16-piece porcelain service for four. It is perfect either for Christmas dinner or for any additional occasion which will remind you on this special day.

3 – Christmas disposable dinnerware for forty guests

Party Bargains 280 pieces set

[amazon box=”B018F6KID4″ template=”vertical”]

If you expect a bunch of guests on Christmas dinner, this disposable 280-piece set for forty guests is an ideal solution. It consists of thick and rigid paper dinner and salad plates and cups, plastic knives and forks, and napkins. The red color of the plates and discreet Christmas application make this dinnerware both practical and beautiful choice.

4 – Merry Christmas supplies

Juvale set for 24

[amazon box=”B074P2L16P” template=”vertical”]

This 24-piece Merry Christmas dinnerware includes paper plates and cups, plastic knives, forks, and spoons, plus the same style napkins. The white and gold combination will remind you of the joy of Christmas which make it welcome in every festive table.

5 – Christmas disposable dinnerware set

Galashield supplies for twenty guests

[amazon box=”B076MCKC8H” template=”vertical”]

Printed snowflakes, which reminiscent of winter and the joy of Christmas, are an excellent choice for festive dinner the whole your family will enjoy. This 20-piece set includes Tablecloths, paper plates, and cups, as well as napkins. Go to enjoy.

Accessories for a Christmas Table

1 – Silver flatware holder pockets

WOVTE 8Pcs Christmas decorations

[amazon box=”B01M7RQHYI” template=”vertical”]

Made by non-woven fabric, these Snowman flatware holder pockets are an excellent choice to make your Christmas decorated table more attractive. These charming Snowmen pockets hold a spoon, fork, and knife. Surprise your family and watch how your children enjoy these little knick-knacks. If you have plenty of colorful material, scissors, and lots of good will, you can make these adorable pieces yourself. Invite your children to join you. Be sure they will absolutely enjoy the process.

2 – Snowglobe lantern

Eldnacele Nativity musical snow globe lantern

[amazon box=”B079NDT2Y9″ template=”vertical”]

Pick out one of a few options of this modern musical snow globe lantern. They can contain a scene of Baptism or Nativity as well as a figure of Jehovah or Virgin Mary. Put this Christmas decorative LED lamp on the table, and this will create a real festival atmosphere with Christmas music ‘Silent Night’ and snow. After switching to timer mode, the music plays and the lantern lights on for six hours.

3 – Santa Claus wine bottle cover bags

Aobiny 11 PCS wine bottle cover bags

[amazon box=”B07JVD4GG2″ template=”vertical”]

What an idea! Pick out one of those wonderful Santa Claus wine bottle cover bags made of cloth and velvet and make your festive table unique. Inspire your guests, bring a smile to your family, and build the holiday atmosphere even more cheerful.

4 – Christmas snowflake cup insulation mat heat pad

Allrise 2Pcs cup insulation mat heat pad

[amazon box=”B075JDMZFQ” template=”vertical”]

I love coasters for cups because they are both beautiful details on the holiday table and very useful accessories. Choose red, green, or white snowflakes to embellish and protect the surface of your table at the same time.

Regardless of whether you are an experienced housewife who has decorated her home for Christmas many times so far or a young woman who needs to prepare a new home for Christmas for the first time, it is not a bad idea to look for basic guidelines.

Sometimes even an overwhelming choice of beautiful Christmas decorations ideas can be a problem. I believe that it is not easy for you to decide which style will suit your home best. Therefore, consider offered options, take what you like, and then add your own personal touch to get the final secret combination. Believe me; if you listen to your intuition, you can’t go wrong.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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