Best 10 Child Proof Outlet Cover for Baby Safety in 2018


Are you worrying and looking for ways to protect your child from the risk of electrocution? What steps have you taken to make sure that your baby moves around your home safely and comfortably? One of the most straightforward methods of ensuring that your baby stays and plays carefully around the house is by providing a child proof outlet cover for every electrical socket in the building because you cannot tie down the child to a stake and prevent him or her from moving.  Of course, the toddler needs to always walk around the house as a way of exercising and strengthening the bones to enhance agility and mobility.

Anyway, one of the most significant challenges you will face is how to find the best child proof outlet covers ideal for covering the surfaces of those electrical outlets in your home. This comprehensive manual will guide you in finding the most suitable pieces of electrical plug covers using their specific features.

Best 10 Child Proof Outlet Cover Reviews

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1.LectraLock – Baby Safety Electrical Outlet Cover – Duplex Style (single screw type) – Deep Cover   

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LectraLock – Baby Safety Electrical Outlet Cover – Duplex Style (single screw type) – Deep Cover is made to cover exposed electrical outlets and plugs, notwithstanding if the socket is in use or not in use. It is approved by the UL and very easy to install. This product is made in the United States of America.  Purchasing the cover entitles you to a lifetime guarantee service, especially for those using it in their homes. Additionally, it prevents plugs from falling and crashing on the ground. Besides, it is available in other types and designs.

Benefits of Using LetraLock Outlet Cover:

  • It is an ultra-modern design.
  • LetraLock can be installed quickly.
  • The product offers you a lifetime guarantee.
  • Protects plugs from falling

What we like about this product is the warranty service lasting a lifetime, and especially, it is straightforward to install.


  • LetraLock has a superior design and available in various colors.
  • Listed and approved by UL.
  • Resistant to tampering and damages.
  • It is made of plastic materials


  • Works perfectly if your cords emerge from their bases plugged into the outlets.
  • Condensation or moisture gathers inside the outlet cover in humid temperatures.

LetraLock is useful for parents with young ones moving around the home to get acquainted with the surroundings. The product is of the highest quality, durable, and user-friendly as it helps to keep the kids safe from electrocution.  Purchase one today and get experience, it is worth buying.

2.Electrical Outlet Child-Proof Safety Covers

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This product is made of plastic and contains eighteen safety packs in one place. Electrical Outlet Child-Proof Safety Covers can fit standard outlets and suitable for providing maximum safety for the child from interfering with power sockets.


  • Suitable for standard outlets.
  • Electrical Outlet Child-Proof Safety Covers protects the child from electrocution and other electrical hazards.

What we like about this outlet cover is that it can fit standard outlets, thereby providing maximum protection for the kids.


  • Prevents the baby from interfering with electrical sockets and plugs.
  • It is made of plastic materials.
  • Baby fingers cannot penetrate the holes.


  • This cover can quickly pull off from the socket.
  • The plastic made to go into the power outlets is thin and fragile.

Electrical Outlet Safety Covers are made for parents with younger children to help in safeguarding their babies from the risks of electrocution because these kids are eager to navigate and explore every part of the home with their little fingers. A high-quality product that is user-friendly, ideal for every home, and worth buying because it prevents you.

3. Jambini Self-Closing Outlet Covers

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Jambini Self-Closing Outlet Covers are made to reduce electrical hazards as much as possible with their typical outlet plugs ideal for maximizing safety as your baby goes around in the house. Installation is straightforward and simple because the screws are already attached to the device. Moreover, they have automatic closing features that enable them to close quickly if a plug is removed from the socket.


  • Jambini can be used as permanent covers for standard and décor designs outlets.
  • Automatically closes the outlet whenever a plug is pulled out.
  • The Protects children from dangerous electrical outlets.
  • Guarantees peace of mind at home.

The ability of this outlet cover to close automatically whenever a plug is removed from the socket is what we like about the product.  With this feature, you can rest assured that your child is safe always.


  • The product is available in three packs.
  • Jambini Outlet Covers are made to protect children from choking hazards.


  • The painted screw does not tighten easily.
  • It is difficult for the socket to close automatically due to screw issues.
  • The plug pulls out of the socket occasionally.

These are high-quality devices, which are user-friendly due to their self-closing features.  They are made exclusively for moms and dads with toddlers keen to explore every part of the home. However, with Jambini Outlet Covers, the children can stay and play safely at every corner of the house, it is worth buying.

4. ZizHome Universal Electric Outlet Cover – Self-Closing Baby Proofing Kit – Tamper Proof Child Safety Wall Socket

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Do you know that your children may insert objects into the power socket even when it is not in use? These outlet covers are durable and very useful in protecting your little ones from dangers posed by exposed electrical outlets. ZizHome Universal Electric Outlet Cover is a self-closing baby proofing kit, which is regarded as tamper-proof wall socket essentially prepared for your child’s safety.


  • This product has an energy-saving thermoseal gasket closing immediately you remove a plug from the socket.
  • ZizHome is very compatible with semi-circle outlets, square outlets, and all standard outlets.
  • Stops your baby from inserting objects into the electrical outlet due to its self-closing design.

What we like about ZizHome Universal Electric Outlet Cover is its multipurpose structure and coloration that readily fit the pattern of your home’s interior.


  • This outlet protects the child from electrical hazards including electrocution.
  • It is screwed tightly and securely preventing these little ones from tampering with it.
  • Made with plastic materials to ensure enhanced insulation in case of electrocution.


  • Your baby can pull it out of the socket and endanger himself.
  • It easily unplugs frequently making it uninteresting.

This Outlet Cover is ideal for parents to use and childproof their homes to give the kids the ambiance of moving into the nooks and crannies of the house without restriction. It is safe, user-friendly, and worth buying for home use.

5. Safety 1st Outlet Cover With Cord Shortener

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Safety 1st Outlet Cover is easy to install the device with the capacity of accommodating standard duplex outlets and has a design that forestalls electrical hazards. There is also a built-in cord shortener, and most importantly, it is approved by the UL.


  • It is ideal for accommodating standard duplex outlets.
  • The safety outlet helps in keeping the children safe at home.
  • The product is approved by UL.`
  • Installation is straightforward.
  • Outlet covers offer you a child-resistant dual press release.

The built-in cord shortener made to prevent entanglement, and child-resistant dual press design is what we like about these outlet covers.


  • Safety 1st outlet cover is a smart design with automatic functions.
  • These outlet covers are suitable for outlets in use.
  • A child-resistant dual press design.
  • The material used in making this product is lead-free.


  • Your outlets must be compatible with this device before it can work well.
  • It is not suitable for more great plugs and thick cords.

Parents who want to secure maximum protection for their children at home prefer to use Safety 1st Outlet Cover design. It is user-friendly and worth buying.

6. Baby Mate 24 PCS White Child Safety Electrical Outlet Plugs – Child Proof Safety Plugs for Outlets Child Safety

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The manufacturer of Baby Mate 24 PCS Safety Outlet Plug has been in business since 1995. The trademark originated and was filed in the United States of America.  It is better to be fixed or placed on sockets indoors. The type of material used in making this Electrical Safety Outlet Plug is PP, which is free from BPA, Phthalate, Latex, and Lead.


  • Baby Mate is useful for baby safety electrical outlet plug covers.
  • It is better to fix or place them on indoors sockets and outlet covers.

What we like about this product is that it is free of Latex, Lead, Phthalate, and BPA.


  • The product has no of Lead, Latex, BPA, and Phthalate.
  • It is ideal for the protection and safety of both boy and girls.


  • The child can remove it, and this can lead to dangers of choking.

This product is made of high-quality materials, which are free from Phthalates, Latex, Lead, and BPA. Baby Mate Safety Outlet Plug is user-friendly and worth buying.

7. 50 Count Premium Quality Childproof Outlet Covers – Value Packed – New & Improved Baby Safety Plug Covers

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50 Count Premium Quality Childproof Outlet Cover is a newly improved design of baby safety plug covers by Wappa Baby available for you in an amazing-pack-of-50-offer.  Most times, each pack contains 24 pieces or 36 pieces of electrical plug covers.  These covers are superior quality and correctly fabricated to meet your standards.  We also offer you a 90-day money back guarantee.


  • A unique and superior quality designed to ensure the safety of your children.
  • You will also enjoy a 90-day money back guarantee.
  • It can be used as beautiful gift packages for your family and friends.
  • The opportunity to have 50 covers at the same price of 24 or 36 pieces of Outlet covers.

What we like so much about this product is that you can buy fifty new covers at the same price of 24 pieces or 36 pieces as the case may be.


  • The product is sturdy, durable, and cannot compromise its standards.
  • It is a newly improved device, necessary to enhance the safety and security of your children accordingly.


  • These plugs are tight and painful to insert.
  • They are also good and fit tightly into the power socket.

New parents are usually inquisitive and careful about their young babies. Therefore, they will do everything in their powers to protect them from hazards. These covers are made for them to give their babies proper protection from electrical exposed outlets. However, these outlet covers are worth buying and user-friendly.

8. Twin Door Outlet Box

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Twin Door Outlet Box is made to fit your standard and decora outlets, as it functions using two-button release making it difficult for children to open it and manhandle the electrical units and circuits.  This simple device hides AC adapters and other electrical components from the child.


  • You will enjoy some percentage discounts depending on the number of outlet covers you bought.
  • Conceals electrical sockets and other power circuits and prevent them from being tampered.

The fact that Twin Door Outlet Box can function efficiently using a two-button release, which makes it very difficult for toddlers to tamper with it is what we like about this device.


  • It functions using a two-button release, which is difficult for children to open.
  • Twin Door Outlet Box is ideal for decora and standard outlets.
  • It works for square shaped and standard plugs.


  • It does not match any item with a large plug.
  • Sometimes, the bottom does not close properly.

This outlet box is made for parents with young children at home and desire to provide adequate protection for them against risks of electrical shock. The box is worth buying because it is user-friendly.

9. Universal Self-Closing Electrical Outlet Covers, Extra Safe Retardant Child Safety Guards Socket Plugs

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These outlet plates are designed to ensure that your little ones do not go close to power sockets and tamper with them.  The device is easy to install with the right size and can fit most power outlets in the house. There is a safe sliding structure, which you can use to open the panel and plug in your systems safely. On the other hand, it can close automatically, after you pull it out from the socket.


  • It protects your children.
  • This outlet cover is easy to install.
  • You will enjoy 100 % satisfaction guarantee.
  • Self-closes after pulling out the plug from the unit.

What we like about this product is the self-sliding mechanism, which helps to protect the plate from the children that may want to insert objects into it and possibly to lead to electrocution and other issues.


  • It has a self-sliding mechanism to enhance an automatic closing effect.
  • Universal self-closing outlet comes in various smart designs.
  • Has a unique neutral color that can match the interior designs of your house.
  • It is made of solid plastic materials.
  • The outlet seals tightly and securely preventing the children from gaining access.


  • The cover is not resistant to oil, outlet water, dust, etc.
  • The plate is too thick; it is supposed to be thinner or slimmer to enable the device function well.

This outlet cover is aimed at parents whose babies are touring around in the home. It will help them to put the children under checks and ensure they are safe and secured in every nook and cranny of the house.

10. Dreambaby Outlet Plugs, 12 Count

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Experts have proved that electrical sockets pose great risks at homes, mostly to younger children. Therefore, proper measures should be adopted, and different strategies are chosen to ensure the kids are not harmed. Dreambaby Outlet Plugs close tightly making it difficult for children to access it. It is durable and made from sustainable materials.


  • This outlet plug helps to keep your babies safe from electrocution.
  • To prevent them from inserting objects into the power sockets.
  • Depending on your needs, you can purchase the pack size that meets your budget accordingly.

What we like about this outlet cover is that it helps in keeping your babies from electrocution and other electrical hazards.


  • It has a transparent surface, which your child may not see easily.
  • You can use adjoining plugs or outlets conveniently.


  • The baby might put unused plugs into his mouth.

Dreambaby Outlet Plugs are ideal for parents looking for means of childproofing their home against electrical risks. These outlet plugs are user-friendly and worth buying.

Child Proof Outlet Cover Buying Guide

Do you know that selecting the best child Proof Outlet Cover to buy is very simple and easy, but most persons find it difficult picking a high-quality one? The best way to choose a good one is by using the features of the product. Now, in the case of outlet covers, the features you can use to determine it include:

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Suitability and Compatibility

While looking for the best Child Proof Outlet Cover to buy, you should consider the fittingness of the device to your socket. The reason why this approach is critical is that some of these outlet covers are produced to match a variety of electric plugs making it difficult for them to pull out quickly. These plugs are standard outlet covers, décor outlet covers, and light switch safety covers. Therefore, it is ideal to check the specifications such as weight and types of material used in making the products before purchasing the outlet covers to enhance compatibility with your sockets. However, in some cases, you need to re-adjust and modify the device to make it compatible with the socket before fixing it.

Considering the Color of the Outlet Covers

Before purchasing an electrical outlet cover, you should consider the color of the interior décor of your home. This process will help you know if there is a matching between both of them; because there are some pleasantly colored outlet covers that appear beautiful in your interior décor. You will also find others having bright colors and blending naturally and perfectly with your interior décor. In most cases, the toddlers do not observe them easily.

Furthermore, there are other outlet covers with contrasting colors from that of your home. Choosing to buy such products can make the house to have color disparity.

Simple and Effortless Installation

Installing outlet covers should not take you the whole day. It should be effortless and simple. If you purchase an outlet cover and you are finding it difficult installing it, you have already made a wrong buying decision. Most of the times, fixing a Child Proof Outlet Cover can take about thirty seconds only.

You should ask the dealer on how to fix and fit the electrical cover onto the socket easily. Another way is by researching and learning how to do it yourself on the internet.

Considering the Durability

Is the electrical outlet cover durable? The durability of your cover depends on the type of material used in making it like plastic materials, lead-free, and PP materials.  Then, check for the quality of materials used in fabricating these outlet covers to determine if it can last for a longer time or not.

Check and See if it has a Waterproof Cover

Some electric outlet covers usually have waterproof covers to protect them from humidity. Depending on the area where you reside and the weather condition over a period. You may need to install waterproof protection to shield you and your kids from electrocution.

Does it hold the Socket Tightly?

You should ask this question before committing your money to buying any outlet cover for your home.  If it does not hold or stick tightly to the socket, you should stay away because it may drop or fall off from the wall while you are not at home; thereby, exposing your little ones to the hazards of electricity.

Can you remove it quickly?

Your ability to remove the cover quickly if you want is another great feature to consider while making a buying decision. If you can remove it immediately, you can decide to buy the cover. Meanwhile, you should fix it in a way that your baby cannot remove it quickly.

Does it have Cord-Shortening Features?

Check to see if the outlet cover has cord-shortening features, as this will help you to fold and tuck-in the cords inside easily. You do not need to be struggling with how you can hide the cables away from the reach of the baby since this feature can help you achieve this purpose easily.

Using Nearby Sockets

Can you use other nearby sockets efficiently after fitting your electrical covers to the outlets? This depends on the size of the caps because if they do not provide on the particular device you intended, it means they are oversized and will block other nearby electric power outlets.  Before picking your favorite outlet cover, check if the size can prevent different adjacent sockets from being used.

Child Proof Outlet Cover FAQs

What are the Features of Baby Proof Outlet Covers Ideal for Helping You in detaching them from the Socket?

If you want to detach baby proof outlet covers from the socket smoothly, you need to consider their various features using the shapes and structures such as gliding outlet covers, box outlet covers, and electrical outlet covers. These features are necessary for knowing if they fit into the size of your socket and how to remove them.

Gliding Outlet Covers

There is a screw at the central point on the cover and detaching it from the socket, you need to unscrew and glide it carefully.

Box Outlet Covers

Detaching this outlet cover requires you unplugging it from the socket.

Electrical Caps

If you want to remove these outlet covers, you need to pull them out of the holders.

What are the Features of Kid Proof Outlet Covers Necessary for Easy Installation?

The designs of kid proof outlet cover available on the market are box outlet covers, electrical outlet caps, and sliding outlet covers. These designs are necessary to help you with easy installation.

Box Outlet Covers

You can easily install box outlet covers by plugging them into the adapters depending on the size of the plugs, which may be small or large. With this device, your child will not be able to have access to the electrical socket.

Electrical Outlet Caps

This one is another flat outlet cover designed to keep your child away from electrical hazards because it is made of plastic materials, thereby giving you one hundred percent protection.

Gliding Outlet Covers

Outlet covers with automatic closing features usually glide to open or close whenever a plug is inserted, although you need to hold the cover plate with a screw.  You can easily install this device by just removing and replacing it with a gliding outlet cover.

Why not Childproof Your Home Now and Enjoy Peace of Mind

Amongst the ten best Child-Proof Outlet Covers, our top pick is LectraLock – Baby Safety Electrical Outlet Cover – Duplex Style (single screw type) – Deep Cover, because the material used for making it is not readily combustible, and you can install it very quickly. Why not childproof your home now and enjoy peace of mind.


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