Top 6 Best Portable Potty in 2018 with an Ultimate Buying Guide


Parenthood is a tough job and training of children in some matters can be quite cumbersome. Like many other pieces of training, potty training is not an easy task for any parent. And, this becomes even more difficult when you are out and about. This is no easy feat to potty train your kid as you travel.

However, there are some portable potties available which can help you a lot. If you are worried about your toddlers’ potty routine while traveling, then don’t anymore.

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We have compiled a list of some portable potty seats for your kids along with some buying tips to let you have an idea beforehand.

Portable Potty Reviews:

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1. Kalencom Potette Plus Portable Potty-Toilet Training Seat

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Bringing convenience for the kid and the parents at the same time, this travel potty by OXO is all you would need to make the traveling a lot easier.

This package lets your kid ease without causing any trouble. Also, it has maintained its portability by legs lock open technology. So, this can be placed back compactly.

Now, you won’t need to rush for toilets or look for cleanliness as this potty set can be placed in public bathrooms which can be used by adults up to lbs. It has three disposable bags with the absorbent pads and refills are also available.

It has just the perfect size for your kid and a shield which prevents splatter. Easy to place compactly in the car, you can take it with you for a long trip.


  • Convenient and portable for taking with you.
  • Disposable bags so create no mess.
  • It is lower to the ground so it helps the child in a comfortable position.
  • You can use it as a seat or stand alone on the floor.
  • It does not move when your kid is on it and has a thicker rim


  • It tilts if a child leans a little forward.

2. Cool gear travel potty:

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Another convenient item for you and your kid, this is a portable travel potty seat. This is a helpful item when you have no restroom in your sight. This seat is made of a sturdy material of high-quality plastic which will last long.

With a very lightweight, it is easy to take with you on the trip. Coming with two storage compartments, you can store to be disposed contents in it and throw away later.

It gets folded into a compact shape for an easy storage and becomes to a size of a small briefcase. For usage, you just need to recess the grips open and set the sides to fix it in a place.

There is a storage bag which comes with it so you can lift the seat and insert this resealable gallon-sized bag over the lid. You can throw it after your child is done.


  • The potty is made of hard plastic and looks sturdy.
  • It is much compact and takes little space.
  • This is a stable seat even when a child is on it.
  • Side storage containers are a plus to hold different things on the go.
  • The bag helps to clean up very easily.


  • The child may mess it up due to storage compartments on the side.

3. Iserlohn folding travel potty:

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A perfect choice for your baby potty training and an ideal thing for the smart family, Iserlohn presents its foldable potty. It has an adorable design with a sturdy quality plastic material.

On its rim, it has 2 non-slipping rubber pads which keep it stable. With an anti-slip lock and foldable joints, it is surely a compact and stable potty set for your kid.

This item can fit on most public toilets and makes you potty training even easier. Having a light weight of about 9.2 oz. and foldability, it can be placed conveniently in a small place.

Coming with a waterproof plastic bag with a zip seal, you can throw away the contents later. It is made of a polypropylene material which is safe for babies’ sensitive skin and eco-friendly. With enchanting color, it will make potty training much easy.


  • The bottom of the seat also has the clips.
  • The seat comes in a thick plastic pouch that has a slider top.
  • It is easily foldable.
  • This potty seat is very stable in every way.


  • It gets folded sometimes without warning.
  • The zipper may break off after some usage.

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4. Grace twisting travel potty:

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Bring convenience for your child and yourself. Grace travel potty is portably constructed from the material which will remain sturdy for long. It is easy to use and a great item to take with you on trips when it is hard to find any restroom.

With an easy to lift the lid, it is much easier to dispose of the throwaway contents. It is of circular shape and after removing the top lid, you can place the disposable bag in it to make it ready to use.

This item is made of a polypropylene material which is odorless and is durable. Its quality is good enough so it remains stable on the flat surface.

With a minimal design, it can be placed compactly in your car as you go. Furthermore, you can wash it easily in warm water for the next use.


  • It remains stable on the child’s weight due to its sturdy material.
  • The seat design is such so that the plastic bag is not in contact with the skin.
  • This is a compact potty which can easily be placed anywhere.
  • The cleaning and disposal are a lot easier.


  • It is larger than some other portable travel potty.
  • There is no stop mechanism when untwisting it.

5. Prince LionHeart weepod toilet trainer:

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Another amazing item, Prince Lionheart toilet trainer is portable and ideal for taking with you on your road trips. This toilet trainer is made of a sturdy material which will not break.

This item is EPA approved for its safety to health and its anti-microbial property keeps the germs away from your baby. Making your toilet training much easier, it has sturdy handles for added security and ease of handling.

Not only this, it has a non-slip base which keeps it in the right place and stable. Its TPE ring provides the easy storage and hanging solutions.

Weighing only 1.12 pounds, it is a very lightweight yet durable. Ideally, it gets fit on every type of toilet and is suitable for 18 months plus babies. This is surely a great choice for its portability and price.


  • Handles are a plus for easy handling of it.
  • The seat is stable once the child is on it.
  • The material of the seat is hard plastic and made of high quality.
  • This seat is easy to clean.


  • The rubber ring wears out sooner.
  • It is not suited for oval toilets.

6. Pack’n potty travel potty seat:

[amazon box=”B01M8JL8GE” template=”vertical”]

Another convenient to use a portable potty chair for your toddlers. Pack n potty has all the easy to use features to make potty training easy on the go. It has an attached child super comfy seat for your kid. Made of sturdy material, it is stable as your child sits on it.

Not only this, it can be converted into a lightweight tote bag for an easy placement and compactness.

With an anti-microbial and waterproof sanitary toilet cover, you can take it with you without getting to know anyone that it is a potty seat. It has a built-in wet/dry pockets which can hold wipes, clothes etc.

The cover of the seat can be removed easily for washing and that is machine washable as well. With an easy removal quality by pulling the drawstrings closer, you will not need to touch anything from the toilet surface.

Weighing only 1 pound, it is one of the best travel potty seats for a good price you can take along with you.


  • Because of the cover, your child won’t touch the surface of the toilet.
  • The seat itself is nicely designed and soft.
  • The seat is at a good grip once the child is on it.
  • It gets converted into a bag compactly.


  • The toilet seat is too small for a two years old child.

Useful Tips for The Users:

Best Portable Potty buying guide

Knowing the right tips for buying a product is as important as having the right product. There is whole new variety when it comes to buying a potty seat for your kids. That is why we have collected some buying tips for you to choose the right one and save you from wasting your money.

  1. You need to buy a potty chair when your child is approaching 12 months. Also, they will get familiar with them sooner as their mind is able to capture things in this age.

2. Consider the fit and size. Potty seats come in a range of rim sizes and fittings. So, it is very important to choose the one which fits perfectly for your child without causing any harm to him/her. He/she should not feel uncomfortable about it. The right size will make him/her ease himself/herself more conveniently and will save you from fatigue as well.

3. Look for those having splash guards. This is helpful when you are potty training a boy so you can reduce the afterward clean-up fatigue with this splash guard. Choose the one which is high enough but isn’t too tall that is tricky for him to sit upon.

4. Portable potties should also be lightweight. A lightweight toilet trainer is easy to carry with you. Also, if you travel frequently with your kid, try to choose the one which is foldable so can be placed easily and compactly.

Choosing the rim which is large enough to fit on toilets is also essential. But, they must not be too big for your kids that it is uncomfortable for them.

5. Choose the one which is easy to handle. There comes a variety of potty seats which have handles attached to them. This makes it easier for parents to handle it carefully afterward without any splatter.

6. Consider some extra fun features. Many potty seats come with a variety of fun features which attract your kids. There are lights, sounds and other features which make your potty training easier as your kids go for it happily.

7. Definitely, check for the ease of emptying. You can check the customer reviews and online guides to know how they can be emptied. Also, there are disposable bags and wipes which come with some of the potties. So, it is an advantage to have them as you travel anywhere.

8. Look for their designs. There are many different types of material used in the construction of potty seat. Always choose the one which is made of hard plastic and a sturdy material. Polypropylene is an ideal material for it and it is the odorless and non-toxic material. They should not move from their place as your kids sit on them and should remain stable.

Best Portable Potty for Toddler

 Portable Potty buying guide

Potty training is a time and effort required task for the parents and they go to any extent to keep their child comfortable in every way. Apart from a number of steps to train your child for this, there are many tools to help him get used to these habits day by day.

Finding the right type of potty seat is very important to let him ease himself comfortably. Above mentioned are some of the options you can have for your child.

Some have padded and other fun features to attract him. Look through all the features as well as cost to choose the one that your child will like and is the best.

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