6 Best Kids Guitars that Your Child Will Surely Love


There are few things in the world as magical as music, and this is known to everybody. Music has awesome effect on people, especially children, and a child who is exposed to music will surely be better emotionally, socially, and mentally than those who aren’t exposed to music. However, being a music list

ener is one thing, and being a music creator or player is another. When it comes to music playing, there is almost nothing as easy to learn and versatile as playing the guitar. As a result of this, we are proud to share our picks for the best kids’ guitar with you in this article.

If your child has expressed an interest in learning how to play guitar, you need to support and encourage him/her, and one of the best ways you can do that is by buying him a guitar.  However, while learning how to play the guitar can be a really exciting time in the life of your kid, it can equally be a very testing period, making it very important to pick a perfect guitar for him. Full-size guitars can be extremely large and heavy for the little hands of children, which can be very frustrating and can even kill off your child’s interest.

To help boost the interest of your kid in playing the guitar, we have put together a rundown of six guitars that we deem as the best kids’ guitars on the market. Regardless of whether you want an electric or acoustic guitar, this list contains every type. Just remember that you’ll have to purchase an amp separately if you are opting for an electric model. In no particular order, the following are the best guitars for children that you can find on the market.

Ultimate Reviews of the Best 6 Kids’ Guitars

If you have a child that is interested in music, particularly guitars, you shouldn’t hesitate to buy the best kids’ guitar for such child. Based on reviews and other factors, we have compiled the best guitar for kids below.

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1. Strum and Jam Kidi Musical Guitar Band

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On the chance that you are in the market for a guitar suitable for toddlers and one that incorporates 2 other musical instruments, then you can’t go wrong with the Strum and Jam Kidi Musical Guitar Band from VTech. The Strum and Jam has an electric guitar design alongside a neck embellished with vivid designs. Folding the neck stock and the neck will give your kid the best band in his/her life. Also, a cymbal is appended to the neck stock and a bongo drum is incorporated beautifully into the soundboard.

Just underneath the pretend strings are keys that are certain to increase or boost the imagination level of your kid. Now, your kid knows how to play the guitar, hit piano keys, and give the perfect rhythm for his perfect work of art with the drums. The Strum and Jam guitar allows for a great pretend play where your small kid can put on a show to perform hip hop tunes, rock music, or even soulful jazz and classical. Also, if at any time he or she becomes tired of the incorporated melodies and tunes, there is a freestyle feature that can raise the creativity level of your child.

Other keys on the sophisticated body of this excellent kids’ instrument produces various sonic experiences that children will fall in love with definitely. In general, this Strum and Jam Kidi Musical Guitar Band.


  • Effects include twelve distinct popular children songs.
  • Shows a lot of versatility by turning into 3 instruments when required
  • Has automatic shut-off and volume control
  • Can boost a child’s interest in music
  • Freestyle mode enables children to be creative


  • Flimsy batter cover allows battery to easily fall out of its compartment.
  • Songs are average and not really educational.

2. Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Package

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In the event that it is an acoustic kids’ guitar that you are looking for, then the 38-inch Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Package is the perfect option for you. The set already comes with the grandly built chordophone finish with a guitar pick, a gig bag, and extra guitar strings, and a pitch pipe even for adjusting the string instrument.  Your little aspiring guitarist is sure to love this instrument.

Although the tuning system of the guitar isn’t digital, but we discovered that most parents find the tuning pipe to be especially handy as it can help your kid get used with the right tune of the various strings of the chordophone. Of course, in the event that you would love to have a digital tuner on the instrument, you can easily download applications from your Android or iOS store.

Nevertheless, the manual tuner is ideal for urging kids to learn playing guitar in the way it was done in the good ‘ol days of keeping the instrument in order. This excellent guitar has a design that is similar to those usually found on adult guitars. In that capacity, this guitar should be an ideal instrument to enable your kid get stated in the realm of music. The neck and the soundboard are made with durable construction and they have a very glossy and smooth finish, providing it with that great feel of a genuine chordophone.


  • Durable top with sleek shiny curves for convenience
  • Strong wood build creates rich reverberating tone.
  • Highly affordable beginners guitar
  • Can be worn conveniently like a backpack


  • Strings are low quality and can easily snap
  • Tuning dials will not maintain the pitch

3. FG127 Acoustic Guitar by First Act

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For parents who are looking for their kids to learn playing the guitar and eventually create a music masterwork in the future, the FG127 Acoustic Guitar from First Act is their best option, and the reason isn’t difficult to see. The FG127 Acoustic Guitar is a chordophone that is sure to initiate little kids to strum, press, pluck, and pull the strings in a level of enthusiasm similar to that of a professional string player.

In addition, the kids’ acoustic guitar comes with an array of Learn-A-Chord cards which your child will find ridiculously easy. The guitar is very easy to play that you won’t probably find any easier or simpler guitar on the market. Give your children a chance to ace the basic chords and before a long while, they will be strumming such strings as Stairway to Heaven and Hotel California.

Obviously, children aren’t expected to ace everything in a single sitting. However, the system set up by First Act is designed to help kids accomplish such incredible level of performance. Besides, the manufacturer also kept the safety of kids in mind when making this guitar, and with the patented caps covering the string posts, your kids are sure to be prevented from getting injured from the steel strings sharp edges.


  • Easy-to-learn overview to the fundamentals of music
  • Come with real strings instead of plastic
  • Made of sturdy plastic that can withstand rough use
  • Amazing sound and strings stay in tune.
  • Boosts children’s musical enthusiasm.


  • Strings make energetic sound
  • Looks like a toy

4. DY285 Disney Dory Mini Guitar Ukulele

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Children love animated or cartoon characters, which is why if you are looking for the best toddler guitar that is as iconic as Mickey mouse or as intriguing as Finding Dory, look no further than the First Act’s DY285 Mini Guitar Ukelele as it is themed after those iconic cartoon characters. Like the FG127 we reviewed above, First Act products are known for their incredibleness and there is no exception with the DY285 Mini Guitar. This guitar is the ideal device for very little kids to get acquainted with the awesome realm of guitar-playing.

Rather than the classic six, this exceptional mini guitar comes with a set of 4 strings, making it easy for little kids with littler hands to strum the guitar like a professional string player. The DY285 comes with a soundboard that is superbly adorned with vivid graphis from kids’ popular characters such as Frozen, Dory, Cars, Monsters High, Hello Kitty, and Barbie and also a variety of other wonderful characters.

Furthermore, the strings of this guitar are made of nylon, which means there is no threat being posed to your child’s fingers’ integrity compared to some other guitars. In any case, this excellent guitar makes for a more enjoyable and fun ukulele playing. It also comes with genuine gears that make it easy to tune the ukulele.


  • Disney theme makes it engaging
  • Has a soft muted sound
  • Highly playable with time and effort
  • Flawlessly sized and it is easy to handle
  • Great sound with no “tinny” or buzz sound


  • Plastic strings become slack easily
  • Tuning gears won’t tighten easily

5. Early Melodies Ukulele Wooden Instrument

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May be you probably love the First Act Ukulele, then you will definitely love the Early Melodies Ukulele Wooden Instrument equally, or even more. This yellow and green ukulele kids’ guitar has nearly the same functions as the DY285 Ukulele from First Act. Perhaps, the design is the only difference between these products as the Hape product has a design that is more elusive and more apt for the entertaining act of strumming and playing the ukulele.

In addition, the Early Melodies Ukulele Instrument has a small body which means it can be hugged easily by your kid so that he/she will enjoy strumming the ukulele. Furthermore, the neck of the Early Melodies is fairly wide, but adequately thin to wrapping their hands around and pressing the nylon strings easy for kids. You definitely will not find many kid’s guitars that are easier to play than the Early Melodies Ukulele Instrument.

Furthermore, the tuning gears of the instrument are made to be smoother so that handling can be easier. This excellent instrument is just the right size for motivating your kid to discover his/her musicality. Also, learning how to strum and pluck can help little kid’s need for command of hand-eye coordination.


  • Can motivate very little kids with tone variances
  • Aids your child’s ability to imagine
  • The naturalistic designs and bright colors keep kids engaged
  • Sparks children’s musical interest
  • Constructed of sensibly sourced wood


  • Its removable screws make it inconvenient for little kids
  • Can be extremely fragile and hard to remain in tune

6. HAG250P ½ Sized Classical Guitar by Hohner

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Need an extremely perfect acoustic kids’ guitar? Then, we highly recommend the HAG250P 1/2 Sized Classical Guitar for its awesomeness and exceptional attributes. This musical instrument is Hohner designed, and it comes with all the classic features including a wonderfully styled body, a shiny wooden soundboard, a truss and neck that is finished with the model frets, and a neck stock that looks very similar to the ones found on the sort of guitars adults play. The only different, however, is that it is smaller than the regular adult guitar, as its name already implies.

This is an awesome instrument to introduce kids to the rudiments of guitar tuning, acing the basics of chords, playing fundamental beats, and performing techniques of strumming. This excellent guitar will teach your kid how to create his/her own music in a very short while. The strings on the guitar are nylon strings, so it should be gentle and soft on your kid’s fingers, which makes it easier for him or her to pluck and strum.  Your kid can always change the nylon strings to steel by the time he or she reaches a particular age to create a different tune.


  • Built to teach the rudiments of music
  • Specifically treated Agathis wood that delivers a better tone
  • Reasonably priced for such high-quality instrument
  • Strings stay in tune as soon as the correct pitch is reached
  • The instrument is superbly made with durably construction


  • Manufacturing procedure can leave surplus glue in different places
  • The fretboard quickly warps.

How to Choose the Right Guitar for Your Kids?

The benefits of picking the right kids’ guitar for your kid can last forever. Due to the discoveries in neuroscience, everybody now knows that learning how to play a musical instrument can help a kid become better-rounded in emotional, social, and cognitive development and in synchronization of gross motor skills.

Being successful in learning an instrument can result in all round success in every aspect of life. Choosing the right musical instrument helps open a floodgate of opportunities for your child, and below are some of the things you must consider if you want to pick the right guitar.

Electric, Acoustic, or Classical?

Choose whether to purchase an electric, acoustic, or classic guitar. The classical guitar is the most common guitar for a kid’s first. These guitars are acoustic guitars, but with nylon strings. Although acoustic guitars that have metal strings are more popular in the music business, classical guitars are more suitable for children as they have nylon strings which are easier and softer for kids to push down and play. This is particularly vital for little kids playing the guitar for the first time, since metal strings can be painful and eventually kill their interest in learning to play guitar.

Although they aren’t as common as acoustic guitars, but electric options are a worthy option as well, particularly for kids who are more energetic and lively. However, they have a tendency of being costlier than acoustic guitars, which is why most parents decide to overlook them in favor of acoustic options, except they are confident about the dedication and continued interest of their child in learning the guitar.

Also, think about asking your kid for their inclination. If your kid has his/her heart fixated on a certain kind of guitar, getting something else may cause your kid to lose interest in learning how to play the guitar.

Determine the Right Size

Another important consideration you should make is the size of the guitar. The size of the guitar you pick for your kid is, maybe, the most vital factor influencing the ability of your child to truly play the guitar. An excessively large guitar will be difficult to play, while a guitar that is excessively large will make your kid play wrongly, which makes it hard for him/her to switch to a guitar of regular size upon reaching adulthood.

The Brand

Brand is also very important when choosing the right guitar for your child as it influences the quality and price of the guitar. A guitar of higher quality such as a Fender Squier guitar will remain in tune superbly well, but will be expensive as well. However, you can also ask for some other recommendations from the dealer or store depending on quality that won’t really affect your budget. If you aren’t sure about whether your child will be dedicated to guitar lessons or not, you can as well buy a cheap beginner guitar from a reputable beginner brand such as Excel or J. Reynolds.

Color and Design

Children are easily attracted to print and attractive colors, when they are young. Fortunately, guitars that are highly decorated aren’t significantly costlier than simple, plain guitars. At least, you should try to buy a guitar that is in your kid’s favorite color. Also, you can buy a pattern or print that is appealing to your kid.  Kids’ guitars that have Hello Kitty or some other characters are usually very popular, and also guitars with skulls and flames. Guitars with make play rhinestones are also popular.


Know the amount of money you are willing to spend. No matter the design or brand, the costliest guitars will have higher durability and better tone, as a rule of thumb. Very high-quality guitars can cost as much a thousand dollars, but you can buy a guitar of average quality for a kid for something between $120 and $300. The tone distinction between a guitar costing $120 and the one that costs $500 or above won’t be really detectable in kids’ guitar, particularly if the kid is only just beginning.

Furthermore, it is likely that your kid will outgrow the kids’ guitar in a couple of years, so the best thing is to opt for a less costly one initially and put some money aside for a guitar of high quality as soon as he/she is of age to own a full size guitar.

AccessoriesChoose the Right Guitar for Your Kid

Ensure you buy the right and appropriate accessories for the guitar. At least, you will have to purchase spare strings. It is very likely that your child will use a number of strings as he learns playing, and the best thing is to have spare strings nearby so you would be able to replace them as they break. Also, you should have spare picks as well, since kids have a tendency of losing many picks as well.

If you are buying an electric guitar for your kid, you will need to buy a guitar cable and an amplifier as well. These don’t have to be particularly fancy, but a basic 10-watt amp will be required so as to make the guitar very audible.

A guitar strap, guitar tuner, and guitar bag are excellent accessories to get as well. They are useful accessories, since they will help your kid maintain and play the guitar. Besides, they will give your child a more enthusiastic feeling about learning how to play, since they add a sense of genuineness to the general experience.

New Guitar Vs. Used Guitar

We are opting for new. Needlessly to say, most budget-friendly or used guitars you will find in the market have a tendency of damaging quickly. Thus, to be on the safer side and avoid any potential loss, we advise you to go for a new instrument as it will be a lot more reliable. Starting the learning process of a guitar can have a damaging effect on the musical adventure of your child, and we advise you to avoid it.

However, that doesn’t in anyway mean you cannot get a decent option in the second hand department. While there are definitely bargains out there, they come with equal risks as well. Thus, if you are taking a plunge into the world of used guitars, ensure that you either have a comprehensive knowledge about guitars or go with someone who has. Besides that, we wish you the best of luck.

Top Pick for the Best Guitar for Kids

If your kid is showing some interest in learning to play the guitar, you need to celebrate and be proud. But while it is already difficult to convince a child to learn how to play the guitar, probably the most difficult part is choosing the right guitar for him or her. We have reviewed some of the best kids’ guitar on the market in this article and we think every product reviewed is superb. However, the VTech Strum and Jam Kidi Musical Guitar Band stands head and shoulders above the rest, and we highly recommend it. Despite it being one of the most affordable options on this list, it is has many attributes that make it a perfect choice for your little aspiring guitarist.

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