5 Best Clean Hands Changing Pads for Your Baby in 2018


Becoming a parent is an exciting experience. Your newborn is the most adorable addition to your family. Providing him with a healthy and safe environment is your top priority.

Having your little bundle of joy in your house brings a lot of changes. Parents spend most of their time preparing for the comfort of the baby, after the baby arrives, much of their attention involves taking care of the baby.

Most of the time of new parents is usually spent on changing the newborn baby’s diapers. Your little bundle of joy may need to change 10 or more diapers a day. Changing diapers can be a daunting task for new parents, but with proper tools and little practice, you will find that it is easy to keep your baby clean and dry.

Changing pads make the diaper changing experience easier and comfortable. Without much of a hassle, you will be able to change your baby’s diaper in no time

In this article, we have reviewed 5 best clean hands changing pads for your baby.

So let’s get started.

Reviews of Best Clean Hands Changing Pads 

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1. LA Baby Waterproof 4 Sided Cocoon Style Changing Pad

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Changing pad from LA Baby makes it easy for you to change the diaper of your little bundle of joy. It has 4 sides which keep your baby safe from falling down.

It stays still on hard surfaces and does not slide away while you are changing the messy diaper of your baby. The changing pad is very easy to clean. You can wipe off the stains and blemishes with a damp cloth or wash it with mild soap and water.

The changing pad also has a security strap which makes it convenient for you to hold it on the table or a dresser.


  • The changing pad is perfect for small areas.
  • It can easily be washed and cleaned.
  • It is portable and you can use it wherever you want.
  • The changing pad is durable and long-lasting. You can use it regularly.
  • It can easily be stored even in small places.


  • You cannot remove the straps of the changing pad if you want to clean them properly.
  • The plastic has a crunchy sound which is annoying.


Being a parent is a challenging job. Parenthood brings with it a lot of responsibilities. Changing diapers is the most important and crucial responsibility of both parents. LA baby changing pad makes the experience a lot easier for you. It is waterproof and has a perfect design which goes well with your nursery.

2. Snoofybee Portable Clean Hands Changing Pad

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Snoofybee portable clean hands changing pad is one of a kind. It has all the great features an ideal changing pad should have. You are able to change your baby’s diaper without much hassle.

While getting their diapers changed, babies wobble a lot. They don’t stay still. They even mess around with their hands and make the diaper changing task messier. This changing pad has a barrier so you can hang toys and keep your baby distracted while changing his diaper.

Changing the diaper of your little bundle of joy becomes less stressful if you use Snoofybee changing pad. The changing pad is water-resistant, even If there are spills and drips off your babies pee, you can clean them easily.


  • You can easily keep your baby’s curious little hands away for the diaper by hanging toys with the barrier.
  • The changing pad is portable and can be easily carried from one place to another.
  • The changing pad is waterproof and easy to wash.
  • Size of the changing pad is small enough to store it wherever you want.


  • It gets slippery on hard surfaces because it is water resistant on both sides.
  • The changing pad is too small for your baby. It gets hard to control his swirling and wobbling.


Snoofybee is a portable changing pad which is a must-have essential for new parents. The changing pad gives you a peace of mind and makes the job of pamper changing less dreadful.

3. Poopoose Wiggle Changing Pad

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This changing pad is perfect for parents who are looking for the safety of their little bundle of joy while changing their diapers. Diaper changing can be a battle for some parents. Babies are uncontrollable when it comes to changing their diapers. They twist and swirl endlessly.

They make it very stressful for parents to do the simple task of diaper changing. This changing pad solves all the problems of parents struggling to change their baby’s diaper.

The changing pad has a thick adjustable strap which keeps your baby safe. You can adjust the strap with any size you want for your baby.

The changing pad is made of soft foam which makes your baby feel comfortable and the diaper changing time happier for him.


  • The changing pad has a removable strap which is adjustable
  • The changing pad is easy to clean
  • It is portable and can be taken wherever you want.
  • The changing pad has ideal cushioning which makes the baby comfortable and secure
  • The changing pad prevents the baby to swirl and wobble while getting his diaper changed.


  • The removable strap is very easy to open and even your toddler can open it himself which is very dangerous for his safety


Poopoose wiggle free diaper changing pad is a baby essential which every concerning parent should have. It is easy to use, easy to clean and easy to carry wherever you want. It gives the comfort and stables your baby needs.

4. Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad

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Hatch baby changing pad is for parents who find the process of changing their baby’s diaper a tedious task. Diaper changing can be a messy job, babies wobble and move around a lot which getting their diaper changed.

Hatch baby changing pad make it easy for you to change the diaper of your little bundle of joy with creating any mess.

Hatch baby changing pad is an ideal changing pad for worrisome parents, you can even measure your baby’s weight on it. This changing pad is innovatively designed helps your baby’s growth by allowing you to check his weight.

This changing pad makes life easier for new parents by providing them the facility of not only changing their baby’s diaper easily on a soft surface, but also allows them to monitor their little bundle of joy’s growth. You can record his sleeping pattern, nursing sessions and diaper changing routine.


  • It is very soft and comfortable and easy to use for new parents.
  • This changing pad also allows you to keep a track of milk your baby consumes.
  • This changing pad is designed with smart technology and has a built-in wireless scale for monitoring your baby’s growth.


  • Setting the scale up could be confusing.


Hatch baby changing pad is an important baby essential for worrisome parents who find it dreadful to change their baby’s diaper. It gives comfort to the baby and makes the life of the parents easier.

5. Colgate Changing Pad

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This changing pad is manufactured by Colgate, which is a well-established and recognized crib mattress company. Colgate is a household name for over half a century.

Colgate changing pad is designed specifically for parents who have adorable babies to make their diaper changing job an easy task.

This changing pad is a 2-sided baby changing pad which enables you to make any surface your changing station.

No matter where you are, you can make a changing station for your baby with this baby changing pad and do the job without much hassle.

This changing pad comes with a waterproof quilted cover which is white in color. It is easy to clean the changing pad with a damp cloth. This changing pad is also washable.

This baby changing pad has a unique feature of being certified by GREENGUARD and produces no harmful air emissions.


  • This changing pad is portable. If you are one of those parents who travel a lot, you can build a changing station anywhere you want with this changing pad.
  • The pad is GREENGUARD tested.
  • Pad is soft and comfortable and keeps your baby stable in place while changing his diaper.


  • This changing pad is too thick.


Colgate changing pad is an exceptional changing pad which makes your nappy changing duty of your little bundle of joy easier to handle.

Points to Remember about the Changing Pads for Your Baby

points in buying best changing pad

The day you come home from the hospital with your little junior, you are immediately tied up with a number of responsibilities. Being a parent is exciting but it brings with it a lot of challenges to face. In order to take care of the baby and make him feel comfortable, there are so many baby essentials a mom needs to buy.

  • Newborn babies are incredible and they deserve your unconditional love. However, changing their diapers can be a very daunting task for their mothers. Some mothers worry about their infants who cry a lot while getting their diapers changed.
  • Babies scream and shout while getting their diapers changed. They become very fussy. It gets impossible for you to do the simple task.
  • A diaper changing pad would be very useful for you to make the task easier for you. Changing pad is an important item which you cannot choose to ignore.  Your little bundle of joy will need to have a lot of diapers to change. Moms want their babies to be comfy and at ease while diaper changing activity.
  • Babies find it very hard to sit still while getting their diapers changed. Changing pads keep your baby in place and makes it easy for you to change his diaper. When babies are at ease and comfort, they don’t fuss much, and you are able to change their diaper quickly.
  • There is a variety of changing pads available on the market. Changing pads protects your babies from germs and filth of dirty surfaces. They also let the baby feel comfortable with its soft surface and the diaper changing experience become better for the baby.
  • Changing pads provide your babies with more stable and soft surface to get the diapers changed. You will have to change your baby’s diaper a million times. You don’t only need to have a flat surface to do the job. Your baby’s ease and comfort is your priority. Changing pads make diaper cleaning easy for you and the baby.
  • No matter where you are, you can use changing pads to change your baby’s diaper. You can even put it in your car and use it in public washrooms. While using the changing pad in public washrooms, you don’t have to worry about the germs on the dirty surface.

5 FAQS about Baby Changing Pads

 What are baby changing pads?

best baby changing pad

Changing your baby’s diaper can sometimes be a battle. It is not an easy thing for a mother to do. The baby moves and crawls and makes things really messy. Baby changing pads are soft pads with rubber straps to keep your baby still. They help you make your baby stay in place while you are changing his diaper.

The straps keep your baby safe and provide stability to your baby. Changing pads help reduce the twisting and turning of your little bundle of joy, while you are trying to change his diaper.

◎ Why do I need a baby changing pad?

If you are a new mom and you have your newborn baby in the house, you cannot ignore to buy changing pads for diaper duty. You will have to change your baby’s diaper a lot of times during the day. Babies love to swirl and move, it is very hard to keep them still, especially when you are trying to perform the diaper duty.

Changing pads makes the experience easy for you and comfortable for the bay. Baby changing pad provides a cushion on a hard surface. They give your little ones a soft and cozy surface to get changed

◎ Are baby changing pads portable?

You cannot solely change your baby’s diaper at home. Wherever you go, your changing pad goes with you. You can easily move changing pads from one place to another.

No matter where you are, you can make your changing station which is comfortable enough for your baby to get his diaper changed. They are portable and lightweight.

You can take them where ever you want. If you are traveling or you are going out for shopping, you can put the changing pad in your bag or your baby’s diaper bag and use it whenever you want.

Carrying it with you wherever you go is a good idea, you never know how dirty the surfaces of public washrooms are. You don’t want your baby to catch the germs and filth of public surfaces. Changing pads are important for your baby’s hygiene.

◎ How do you clean your changing pads?

best changing pads

Spillage on changing pads is totally unavoidable.  While changing your baby’s diaper, you might spill the liquid on the surface. Changing pads are made of washable material so it is easy for you to clean them when they get dirty.

You can even clean them with a damp cloth. You don’t have to worry about the poop blowouts, all stains are can be washed easily.

◎ Can I use the baby changing pads without a changing table?

While deciding to buy things for your newborn baby, if you don’t have enough space in your house, you don’t have to buy a changing table. You don’t need to have a changing table for a changing pad.

You can use the changing pad anywhere you want, on the floor or in the crib or any other flat surface. Because of the size of the changing pad, you can put it anywhere you want. It fits perfectly even under the crib.

Choosing the Best Diaper Changing Pad

Changing the diaper of the little bundle of joy is a job which most parents dread. The process can be made very simple and easy with an ideal changing pad. The changing pad will hold your baby in place and you will be able to change his diaper with a peace of mind.

While choosing to buy a changing pad for your baby, make sure that you avoid the risk of choosing the one which is bad quality. The safety and comfort of your baby come first. You cannot trust changing pads which are not safe enough for your baby.


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