10 Best Burp Clothes to Buy in 2018


Lets face it, your baby cab burb like a trucker. It is going to be messy and you will not like what you see. In fact, at some point you may feel that milk bottle she just took has been regurgitated right on your lap, chest or shoulder. So what do you need? A burp cloth of course.

When shopping for your baby, the large items like dresses and cribs get the most attention. We tend to forget that the small ones are equally vital. A baby burp cloth is one of the most significant items that should be included in your list of purchases for your kid.

A burb, cloth, is no doubt a must-have for any mother conscious enough about her hygiene and that of the baby. It is used on a daily basis, hence its options need careful consideration. They all have different burp cloth patterns and also differ in size. To help you in making the right decision, we have reviewed some of the best baby burp cloths right from the uniquely designed unicorn burp cloth to the organic cotton muslin burp cloth.

Best Burp Cloth Main Aspects Comparison Table.

product Dimensions


material Weight


Luvable friends with fiber filling 17.5 × 6.75 Cotton & polyester 0.41
Aden + Anais organic burp cloth 27 × 14 Organic cotton 0.2
Hudson baby flannel burp cloth 20 × 14 Organic cotton 0.5
Little unicorn burp cloth 13.4 × 8.4 cotton 0.2
Gerber baby flannel 20 × 14 Organic cotton 0.6
Gerber Prefold diaper 11.5× 16 80% cotton, 20% polyester 1.05
Green sprouts muslin 11 × 22 Organic cotton 0.2
Brooklyn bamboo 11.2 × 23.6 cotton 0.35
Copper pearl baby burp cloth 21 × 10 cotton 0.25
Kiddy star 21 × 9.5 cotton 1


Top 10 Burp Clothes Buying Guide

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1.Luvable Friends With Fiber Filling

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Luvable friend’s clothes diaper contains three large burp cloths. It is made of polyester, cotton and a machine washable fiber filling that is not only absorbent but also soft enough. It offers maximum protection on the baby against spills and drools.


  • Made up of a recyclable, quick drying and comfortable 100 % fabric.
  • The edges are finished to prevent fraying
  • Can also be used as a cleaning cloth, crafting and waxing


  • It’s may not be the best if you are looking for a stylish cloth diaper but does the job nonetheless.

2.Aden + Anais Organic Burp Cloth

[amazon box=”B002SW3CAS” template=”vertical”]

The Aden + Anais Organic Burp Cloth combines both soft muslin fabric and signature patterns to give you an ultimate diaper cloth. It has a no-slip design that perfectly fits the child’s shoulders. We like the fact that Aden + Anais has a contoured kidney shape that offers maximum coverage on the child’s shoulders.


  • Contains four layers of muslin that make it breathable, absorbent, and soft and machine washable
  • Can be used as bib- it has three snap closures at the front
  • It’s simple to adjust and fasten the snaps


  • Slight shrinking notable after laundering
  • May become winkled when it dries up

3.Hudson Baby Flannel Burp Cloth

[amazon box=”B01N32FH0H” template=”vertical”]

This is the burb cloth for the classy mother. A single solid Hudson baby flannel burp cloth contains four diapers with three patterns that provide fantastic matching. With a 2- ply fabric on the outer area and 3- ply fabric in the center, Hudson Baby Flannel Burp Cloth provides the best protection against disordered eating, burping, drools and snuggling spills.


  • Made of a soft, durable and machine washable cotton fabric thus is gentle on the baby
  • Has finished edges, hence does not fray


  • Cannot hold large amounts of spills
  • A little pricy compared to standard versions

4.Little Unicorn Burp Cloth

[amazon box=”B01GOBURN8″ template=”vertical”]

Little Unicorn is shaped and designed with four squinted cotton layers. It is big enough to cover the shoulders, thus offering your baby with maximum protection. Apart from its diaper use, it can also be used for cleaning purposes.


  • Made of pure cotton making it soft and gentle on the baby
  • Creatively designed with pretty prints and colors


  • The colors tend to fade away after repetitive washing

5.Gerber Baby Flannel

[amazon box=”B01N59Y6CH” template=”vertical”]

A single pack of Gerber baby flannel contains four pieces making it ideal for mothers on a  budget. The pieces are made of different patterns, and each has a different theme like flowers or animal prints.


  • Made of durable cotton with well finished edges, hence does’nt fray easily
  • Well designed with cute patterns and themes
  • Cover the whole shoulders and absorb large amounts of spit up


  • The colors fade away after a few washings

6.Gerber Prefold Diapers

[amazon box=”B007VBYVXI” template=”vertical”]

Gerber Prefold burp cloth is one of the most versatile products that you can purchase for your baby. Apart from using it as a burp cloth or a cloth diaper, you can use it on the laps to absorb leaks. When the baby grows, you can still use it as a cleaning cloth. Notably, a single pack contains five burp cloths.


  • Made from heavy, tightly twisted yarns and woven in a way that provides an exceptional durability
  • Multipurpose; can also used as a lap pad, cloth diaper, changing pad and  cleaning cloth.


  • Rough on the baby’s skin if not handled gently
  • The material shrinks after repetitive washing

7.Green Sprouts Muslin

[amazon box=”B00FLYT4WU” template=”vertical”]

Green sprout muslin is made from 100% organic cotton. A single set contains three burp cloths and the length is enough to cover significant portion of the baby’s shoulder. It is the ideal choice if you want to protect the children from pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers exposure.


  • Very soft on the baby’s skin- they get softer after every wash
  • Curves smoothly to fit well on the baby’s shoulders and neck
  • Variety of designs and colors hence you will get your preferred choice
  • Has four layers to absorb large amounts of spit


  • It shrinks every time after washing
  • Some moms have complained that its edges fray

8.Brooklyn Bamboo

[amazon box=”B018WI2ISI” template=”vertical”]

This is a white cloth made from a highly hypoallergenic organic bamboo material. The Brooklyn Bamboo is specially made for the children who have skin problems like eczema. This burb cloth is incredibly soft and comes only in white color hence suitable for both genders. A single package contains three sizeable burp clothes.


  • They don’t contain any chemicals
  • Sizeable enough to protect the child’s clothes
  • Great for the children with eczema or those who are prone to allergic reactions
  • Extremely soft and gentle on the baby’s skin


  • Not the cheapest in the market and thus may not be the choice if you are on a budget
  • Must be thoroughly washed before using

9.Copper Pearl Baby Burp Cloth

[amazon box=”B01MY02V3X” template=”vertical”]

The Copper Pearl Baby Burp Cloth has both the front and backsides made of pure cotton. This ensures that your baby’s delicate and precious face does not get irritated. It has triple layers, making it highly absorbent. A single pack contains three well designed and reversible burp clothes.


  • Big in size- It covers the shoulders well and protects the baby’s clothes
  • Can match any outfit –it is designed with many colors and patterns. The front side contains many colors, and the back side is plain white.
  • Holds up well even after repetitive washing


  • It’s a bit costly compared to standard burp clothes
  • Requires frequent air drying.

10.Kiddy Star Burp Cloth

[amazon box=”B075MB6JMV” template=”vertical”]

Kiddy star is made up of a breathable mesh-absorbent fiber on the back side and cotton on the front. It is available in many designs and patterns and can also be used for wiping your child’s face.


  • Highly absorbent and gentle on the baby’s skin
  • Multipurpose- can also be used for cleaning
  • It is machine washable.


It frays after continuous washing

Criteria for Choosing a Baby Burp Cloth

Admittedly, the only barrier that can stand between your baby those clean clothes you just put on will be the best burp cloth. However, this does not mean that you go for just any burp cloth out there. As such, we have compiled a few factors to take into consideration when buying a burp cloth.

 Ease of use– Why would you a buy a diaper cloth that cannot be used with easeanyway? Try it before buying to be sure that it’s not slippery. The burp cloth should not be extremely thick; this can make the child feel itchy or sweat.

Material and texture– Go for a soft and tender cotton material that won’t hurt the baby when it comes in contact with the skin. Ensure that the prints and paints are absorbent. The texture should not be difficult to clean.

Size– The ideal burp cloth should cover the neck, shoulders and adequately protect the clothes from getting wet. It’s not possible to predict where your kid will split hence a bigger cloth is the best.

Price tag– Always keep the cost in mind. The basic ones are not costly, but there are fanciful ones made with luxury designs and materials. If the burp cloth is multipurpose and suitable for long-term use, the more expensive option can be considered.

Washing– Baby cloth diapers are made to be reusable. Therefore, you are better off with a burp cloth that can withstand a repetitive brisk cleaning. After washing, it should dry easily in all weather conditions.

Durability– You don’t want a cloth that will only serve you for a few days. Go for the thicker and stronger diaper cloth that will remain firm even after repetitive washing. If possible, buy the designs that do not fray.

Design– This depends on your preferences. If you like spending money on your kid’s accessories and clothes, then you will choose the cloth with an inbuilt protection. Some have pockets and pouches to increase comfortability and accumulate more wetness.

Why Should I Have a Baby Burp Cloth?

a Baby Burp Cloth

When your baby drinks a lot of milk or any other fluid, they need to release the build-up of pressure in their digestive system. They do this through a blurb. Unfortunately, in more cases than not, more than just air will come out; they will spit up part of the food, and this can be messy. A Baby burp is,therefore, placed on the neck and shoulder area to cover the baby’s clothes. It prevents the spit from getting the skin of messing up their cloths.

Burp clothes help in avoiding this situation. They also protect the children from getting germs and infections that get stuck on the dress. While the burp clothes primarily save the dress, they reduce the number of stains on the clothes when the child starts feeding themselves. Wet garments make children catch a cold, and this could cause pneumonia and other related diseases. Keeping your child clean and dry extends beyond just fashion. Above all, baby burp clothes keep hygiene on point.

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How Many Burp Clothes Should I Have?

This depends on the re-use frequency and the number of times you feed your child, hence there is no fixed/ particular number.

  • Your child may not always spit after burping and so you can reuse the diaper cloth.
  • If you like washing the burp cloth immediately when the baby spits, you will probably require several clothes for use before the others dry up. Assuming that you feed your baby ten times a day and you wash them immediately, you will need less than ten clothes.
  • If you like washing them only once in a day, then you will require many of them- assuming that you feed your baby ten times in a day, 20 burp cloths will serve you best so that you can use the second set as the first one dries up.

When is the Best Time to Start Using Baby Burp Clothes?

choosing the best baby burp clothes

It’s advisable to have burp diapers before getting out of the hospital with your baby. They may not be used immediately for some children, but others will require them. Many kids spit immediately after breastfeeding hence you should have the cloth on your shoulder always when breastfeeding just in case they spits. It is something that cannot be predicted or planned for.

It’s a great bet to remain vigilant always especially when you are travelling, and you don’t want the child to mess the clothes. Even in cases where the bay does not split, you can use the burp cloth to wipe drool or milk from the mouth corners of your little one. Alternatively, you can use the burp cloth to clear drool when the baby is sleeping on your shoulder.

Our Top Pick

The Gerber Flannel Burp Cloths

We liked this burp cloth, courtesy of its size and design, The Gerber flannel burp cloth is big enough to perfectly protect your clothes, even in abrupt and unexpected situations. It is highly affordable; so your wallet does not feel a potent sting. Gerber flannel is well designed with colorful and cute patterns, and the organic cotton material does not irritate your little one. It is ideal for the children who spit a lot since it absorbs a lot of spit up. In no time, you will be handling your child’s spit up in a better method, and before you get used to that, the baby outgrows that phase.

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