5 Best Nursing Pillows for Ultimate Comfort in 2018


Your baby is here now, and your next move from now on is raising the little bundle of joy. Among the items you will purchase, did you think about a breastfeeding pillow? Also known as a nursing pillow, it is the one thing that will give you full rewards of investment. With less than $60 or so, you have the best breastfeeding pillow that you can use every day until your baby lands on his or her feet.

Most mothers do without it, so the question is, why do you need a nursing pillow? Well for starters, it will save all the backaches that come with cuddling your young one, help you relax as the baby does, keeps the milk flowing, and it is made to be comfortable. Does that sound convincing?

If it does, this guide will show you the following:

  • What is a breastfeeding pillow?
  • Breastfeeding pillow comparison table
  • Best breastfeeding pillow product reviews
  • Breastfeeding pillows buying guide

What Is A Breastfeeding Pillow?

To give you a vivid description, a nursing pillow is not what you are used to. Household pillows, especially on the bed, are so soft to use under your baby while the throw counterparts do not rhyme well with the baby’s skin. Another thing worth mentioning, the ordinary pillows are either rounded or squared for the shape. So they are not made to nurse the baby.

What we will be reviewing is rounded with the aim of giving you a cozy time and the baby firm and well positioned for nursing purposes.

Reviews of Best Breastfeeding Pillow Product 

Before we look at the buying guide, here are some nursing pillow reviews to help you make a better decision depending on what you are searching.

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1. Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner

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Summary benefits

Finding the most comfortable position when breastfeeding and cuddling your little one can be hard. While most mothers overcome the problematic task without additional support, the boppy nursing pillow proves to be much better when you need something that will be easy for you and the baby too.

What we like about it

Apart from being an award winning breastfeeding pillow, the sales are also very promising placing it at number one on our list. If you know friends who have already purchased a nursing pillow before, one or two will have the boppy breastfeeding pillow choice.

Its C-shape surface is made comfortable for you and the baby by first creating a cute naked pillow made of soft cotton. The next layer of a water-resistant protective cover is added to the cotton stuffing before an adorable outer casing for the baby.

Another points-giving feature is the removable cottony cute slipcover which you can customize by having additional slipcovers. You can buy later after acquiring the pillow. It is always better to have a cover for easy machine wash and not having to mess the pillow. Inside, it is well stuffed so that you may both (mother and child) enjoy the pillow feeling.

When you compare other nursing pillows vs boppy, they can all be stretched using available methods, but the latter can be easily pulled at the center if you want to adjust the waist size and get comfortable. This feature makes it perfect for baby propping, sitting with the aim of boosting upper body muscles, bottle feeding and tummy time among other child necessities that need holding.

Well, with all that, you can bet this to be the most convenient choice any parent without a nursing pillow idea would go for to keep the baby comfortable.

What parents say

“Now, all the family members want to use this pillow when holding the baby. That makes it a must-have for all expecting parents or those with newborns already. Despite it being pricey, using it when propping or tummy time makes it worth what you spend on it.”


  • It is easy to use
  • Adjustable
  • Variety of cover designs to choose from
  • Award-winning nursing pillow
  • Covers are machine washable


  • It has no belt

Alternative: If you are looking for a nursing pillow that is not all rounded in shape and has a belt, My Brest Friend Original Nursing Pillow comes in as a rowdy competitor. It deserves a review when you look at all the smart points it has to make your baby comfortable. When you compare boppy vs brest friend regarding price, you will save about $5 if you purchase it instead of the boppy model. The latter also comes with a small pocket to hold the baby bottle and your phone too.

2. The Twin Z Pillow- Green

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Summary benefits

What else could you opt for if you already have a chance to nurse two babies with one pillow? Apart from killing two birds with one stone, there are modifications enabled to make it safe, secure and comfy for everyone using it. It is a must-have for parents with more than one baby.

What we like about it

If you are having twins, the Twin Z Pillow will surpass other nursing pillows’ ability to hold two babies. Other nursing pillows can fit two newborn babies, but it is a matter of time before the babies grow and start squeezing. Now the Twin Z comes in with a different view of handling two babies – an idea that once found its way to Shark Tank.

Think about a double boppy when describing the structure of this fantastic pillow. It is large enough with two spaces to fit two babies and still flexible to position it in different ways so that you can either feed them both or one at a time. If an opening seems large for them, use the strap in front to make it smaller.

The manufacturer, however, warns not to leave the babies unattended while on the pillow and don’t bring any toys when the baby is on it.

 What parents say

“If you are having twins, know that your sanity when raising them depends on how comfortable you can make them feel while at home. This pillow is easy to use when dealing with a double case allowing for holding them both when breastfeeding. They can also relax there when you need a break.”


  • Specially made for twins
  • Allows for different positions handling
  • The soft outer cover is machine washable


  • Using the buckled strap may strain the fabric to tear if used often

Related: Apart from the green cover, you can also separately buy blue or cream Twin Z covers which render a soft surface and are easy to wash.

3. Leachco Cuddle-U Basic Nursing Pillow

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Summary benefits

Comfort to you and the baby is what every nursing pillow manufacturer must achieve. Going an extra mile to protect the baby from wobbling backwards or remain safe after kicking so hard makes mothers less worried about the baby’s position. Having an adjustable belt provides a precise lock-point that will be good for the baby and give the right nurturing nature.

What we like about it

When you look at the price and see what this nursing pillow does, it becomes compelling to purchase the Leachco Cuddle-U Basic Nursing Pillow. The appealing feature of this model is the seat wrap that you can use to hold a wriggling baby who is maybe trying to stand up but not yet there. More to the C-shaped nursing pillow is the reclined position that you baby finally stays in after placement which helps him or her digest food and reduce reflux.

The all-around comfort guaranteed by this pillow is maximized by the self-adjusting specification that provides better arms and overall height support. You can let the kid relax on the cushion and then breastfeed him while still there when the time comes.

Some of us might see it as too big, but it is light enough to carry around. However, it takes a considerable amount of space which excludes it from the to-pack-list in case you want to travel. Another notable issue is that the cover is not removable for washing which will give you some difficult task to clean it. Some reviewers advise coving the pillow with a blanket before using or placing it in the washer. The effect after may, however, distort the stuffing.

What parents say

“Children in their 1st to 2nd year kick harder and may slide down from their position. The Leachco keeps them intact, thanks to the strong Velcro strap. The sad thing is that the cover is not removable. Using the washing machine, however, renders it clean. ”


  • Provides all-around comfort
  • Supports wriggling babies
  • Adjustable strap
  • Multipurpose – provides a nursing point while holding the baby



  • No removable cover
  • Washing can be difficult when compared to other models




Related: Since the pillow may pose a washing challenge, you can also buy the Leachco Cuddle-U Nursing Pillow Replacement Cover separately which you can always use to cover the pillow and wash it when dirty. It is easier that way.

4. Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow

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Summary benefits

Fetching a nursing pillow means that you are looking for softness and giving support to the baby. You need a nursing pillow that helps you balance both qualities and have a shape that can accommodate your size. Luna Lullaby gives you that and so much more whether you are breastfeeding or just lounged on a seat.

What we like about it

Not many would agree to have this one if they already fell for more sophisticated choices. The Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow, on the other hand, proves to be a worthy investment due to its soft nature that defines the plush cover and a shape that can accommodate little to a lot.

The 100% polyester nursing pillow came out as another favorite whose large L-shape offers more generosity when it comes to accommodating almost all women sizes. This also means it has multiple positioning options to try out when nursing – a feature that gives it a competitive edge against the U- or C-shaped breastfeeding pillows.

We can arguably say that this is a versatile pillow that achieves its competency by having the more of a V-shape. Since you find it better to support the shoulders and elbows as you hold your child, you become a relaxed parent with all the strength to keep it going.  The soft nature combined with the spring effect is an ideal problem solver for new moms struggling to cuddle and hold the baby in different positions that will go easy on your muscles.

Expecting mothers also use it when sleeping not to mention the recommendation that lactation consultants give through the repeated use of this pillows in hospitals. If you are asking if you can wash it, yes, it is machine washable.

What parents say

“If you had a nursing pillow that shrunk after a few months use, you will lose hope on buying any breastfeeding support pillow until your eyes land on Luna Lullaby. This one will give you long-term service without compromising the shape. Moms and dads who have already tried this option will find it comfier than the usual U- or C-shape.”


  • More comfortable L-shape
  • Fit for mothers who had C-section
  • Can be used for nursing babies of different sizes
  • Easily removable covers
  • Can be used by other family members to relax


  • Its large size does not allow using it a regular size wooden frame glider
  • Not travel-friendly

Alternative: If you are looking for a smaller size, one that you can use at home and also as a travel breastfeeding pillow, Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pilloe is a smaller version of the reviewed pillow. Despite the smallness, it is still accommodating and great for twins too.

5. Dr Brown’s Gia Nursing Pillow

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Summary benefits

You might need a nursing pillow that offers versatility in shape and serves its duty when breastfeeding. The crescent shape helps keep the child in an upright position to avoid reflux, and the cotton make is good for comfort. A pillow that is also machine washable without distorting the shape gives it an attractive feature if you do not have the covers yet.

What we like about it

This is the last breastfeeding support pillow that we are going to review which is still recommendable due to its shape. The thick-to-thin feature that defines Dr Brown’s Gia Nursing pillow structure is suitable for babies experiencing reflux since the patented positions help them stay upright.

Made from 100% cotton, the surface and fuzzy feeling are easy on the baby’s body and skin, and it is also machine washable. On the other hand, washing can be made easier if you opt to buy separate covers for it. The pillow offers the best position for breastfeeding, so you can support your back but holding the baby can be a challenge.

After breastfeeding, some moms struggle to position the baby well when nursing and switching sides mean you have to flip the baby over. Another thing suggested by reviewers is that it would be great if it had a clip to fit the pillow around the waist. For plus-size women, this might not be a suggestion they would consider since they would find it okay without.

Overall, it is a great pillow to use regardless of whether you had a natural birth or C-section.

What parents say

“The thick and thin shape makes it easier to find the best position for your baby which can also be a hassle for the tiny ones. The opening is bigger for different sized moms to fit in and it has helped reduce the back pains when resting on the couch or bed.”


  • The crescent shape offers more positioning options
  • Can be used as a back pillow
  • Quite affordable
  • Machine washable


  • Would be better if it came with a cover
  • At times, finding a suitable position for your baby is hard

Related: If you need a cover for the pillow, which some parents find it hard to get, Dr Brown also has the Gia pillow cover which perfectly fits the shape, and it will save you the washing hassle.

Breastfeeding Pillows Buying Guide

Now, after going through the reviews, you may probably have an idea of what to go for or ask how we came up with the analysis and what else you need to know before buying. That is why we prepared a breastfeeding or nursing pillow guide to help make a better choice.

How we came up with the reviews

Here are the following aspects that we looked at when picking the pillows:


It is the main reason you are choosing a breastfeeding pillow. We looked at how comfortable a mom is when feeding and holding the baby. How your arms and back position also contributed to overall comfortability. How flexible it was based on the make and purpose was one of the leading ruling points.

Ease of usebest Breastfeeding Pillows

It applies to the daily use of the pillow. Size and shape are essential factors when fitting in varying waist sizes. For those with a belt, it becomes a plus since the size is adjustable for the baby or keeps them strapped. Moving it was another vital issue especially if you often go out of the home.


This was based on the materials used. Some pillows were soft and offered flexibility while others constituted of a firm nature. Both cases relied on the intended support that the nursing pillow provides. We look at the covering and whether it was easy to clean after spills. Having a removable cover made it easy for the selected pillows to be kept clean. More cautious customers may opt for natural fiber if they are looking for an organic nursing pillow. Some pillows are machine washable where some retain their shape while others start to shrink.


Feeding the baby comes with spills now and then. Cleaning the pillow, therefore, becomes another aspect of scrutiny. Pillows that were easier to spot clean or have a removable cover won the favor over those that didn’t share the same qualities.

What are the benefits of owning a breastfeeding pillow?

  • Pain prevention:After birth, it is best if you recover without other burdens on your body. You will be feeding the baby after every four hours or so, and it takes time. Having something that will ease your back pain and reduce fatigue will help you nurse yourself better in bed.
  • The correct position for the baby:You don’t want sore nipples every time after breastfeeding. The pillows are inflated to provide a higher position for the baby to enjoy the breast without any friction.
  • Keep the muscles in shape:After a short while, the baby will want to sit or move, but they cannot do so without falling back. As they do so, the pillow is there to protect them and help in building the needed muscles to sit well after.
  • Provided the floor:The baby also needs tummy time. The pillow acts as a cushioned floor which is recommended by health specialists since it prevents the baby’s head from developing into a flat one due to lying down. As they grow, they will be able to turn over.
  • Best for feeding time:If someone wants to help you feed the baby, he or she can use the pillow to do so by raising the baby to a position similar to the one you use when breastfeeding. A newborn will also be able to stay on the pillow on their own but be around when they are alone on it.
  • Provides quality bonding time:Being poorly attached to your baby can make breastfeeding difficult. A nursing pillow will, however, assist you in positioning the baby correctly. This will increase the milk supply and let the baby know you better in comfort.
  • Can be used during pregnancy:During the third trimester, your body is changing to accommodate the fetus weight, and sleeping can be tricky. Trying the best sleeping position with the help of a nursing pillow can help you get the necessary support. It is also advisable to use it when the fetus is switching to the birth position.

Factors to consider when buying a breastfeeding pillow

Here are some of the features to look at when selecting the most appropriate pillow.

buying a breastfeeding pillow


We reviewed the following shapes:

  • C-shape:This shape offers arms’ support, and it is easy to change the feeding positions. Choose this option if you have a small waist. Pillows in this shape, however, offer no to limited back support.
  • Crescent shape:It provides a better curving around you. It is an excellent option for larger women since it allows for the needed height and arm support.
  • L-shape:It provides a broader area to fit almost every waistline and simple to use. It is mostly recommended to use when pregnant.
  • M-shape:This can also be referred to as double C shape. It is excellent when feeding two babies, especially twins.
  • O-shape:This one goes around your waist, providing arms and back support. They can be adjusted to accommodate varying sizes, but they tend to be bulky and awkward to flex.

Selecting based on age

  • Long-term use:This call for investing in a high-quality option that will get you through from birth until they reach 4-5 years. Such nursing pillows tend to be multifunctional.
  • Short-term use:If you are looking for something to help you feed at the young age, then take a pillow that will get you to the 18th

The degree of ease of use

  • Space occupied:If you are using the pillow on a nursery glider, check to see what size will fit. Large pillows will offer the needed height, but oversize nature may prohibit you from using it while on the glider.
  • Portability:If you want something that you can travel with, then go for lightweight options that are not bulky.
  • Storing the pillow:If you are storing it after use, then consider a nursing pillow that is compact sized and the stuffing allows flexibility.

How does it fit?

  • Length-wise:How long your torso measures determines if the pillow you select will fit around the waist or not. Longer torsos rhyme with longer and well-stuffed pillows. The vice versa is also true for a short torso.
  • Fastener:If it has something to clip after wrapping around your body or baby, you have a better chance of preventing slipping.
  • Adjusting:You need a proper fit so that the baby does not get caught between the pillow and your body. Having a pillow that you can adjust with ease provides a comfortable fitting.

Materials used

  • Quality:A thick collection of fabric that is well-made will go for a longer duration when combined with washing. Cheaper pillows may have poor fabric which will prompt you to replace the cushion after some months due to tearing, staining and length reduction.
  • Protectant:Some nursing pillows have the fire retardant specification to prevent fire accidents. They, however, leave an unpleasant smell for your baby which is why some brands do not recommend it.
  • Eco-friendly:A pillow made from natural substances such as cotton is safe for the baby at any time. Furthermore, the cotton is recyclable and does not overheat when compared to polyester.

Cleaning the pillow

  • Removable covers:It is an issue which we have already addressed in the reviews. Having a cover for your pillow reduces the difficulty associated with cleaning.
  • Machine wash:If you have a pillow that can go into the washing machine with no problems, then well and good but check if the cushion is shrinking after every wash. Such a pillow should also allow for spot cleaning.
  • Stain resistance:Some options will come with fabric that is resistant to stain. This is a great feature that prevents unpleasant marks on the pillow caused by spills.

Comfortabilitychoose the best breastfeeding pillow

  • Support: All pillows are made to offer the needed baby height and provide arm support which prevents aching. If you get backaches when feeding the baby, go for an O or M shape.
  • Flexibility: A firm pillow will get you going if you are standing. However, it does not provide the best fit when feeding. A soft option that is flexible will offer better feeding times, but it will also not give the best support when compared to firm ones.


Nursing pillows have different costs which means one of the brands will provide a choice that is pocket-friendly. On the other hand, if you want a pillow that will offer what you are looking for, then don’t look at the price because every penny spent will be worth it. A good nursing pillow for most mothers will range from $30-$70.

What Do People Say About Breastfeeding Pillows?

Well, most parents did not think about a nursing pillow back in the day since they didn’t see the benefit of using one. Now that they are available and made to increase child comfort and bonding, considering them means putting more towards better parenting and child care. Realizing the benefit of breastfeeding pillows goes to the extent of using one to see how simple it can be when holding the baby. After several hours in a day, you will rest without too much ache which is vital for postpartum recovery period.

Our Top Pick: Final Opinion about Nursing Pillows

After a careful consideration and testing of the reviewed breastfeeding pillows, the Boppy nursing pillow and positioner won our favor. First most parents buy it since has an easy to adjust C circumference and you can use it when breastfeeding, propping and tummy time. It is simple but offers maximum benefits to the baby and your body. Once you have it, everyone will want to hold the baby.

For the twin’s case, the Twin Z nursing pillow wins the race here since it outshines all the other options that moms with more than one baby can go for.

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