Working Moms: 5 Best Breast Pumps for You


During pregnancy and child birth, you will sometimes be lucky enough to be given leave at work, and sometimes you won’t be that lucky. However, no matter how lengthy your leave is, you will have to go back to work eventually after child birth to resume your normal duties. However, some works barely give you enough time to even cater for yourself not to talk of giving you adequate time to breastfeed your baby, so how will your new baby be fed? Well, this is where a breast pump comes in, and with the best breast pump for working moms at your disposal, your problem is half-solved.

If you are a working mom, a good breast pump can make life much easier for you. However, while these machines are extremely useful, shopping for the right one can be a really overwhelming experience. Firstly, there are so many brands churning new models out each year which can be really confusing. To worsen the situation, you can end up buying a breast pump that isn’t right for your needs if you don’t know the exact things to check before going ahead to make the purchase. The perfect breast pump for one mom can be a disaster for another mom.

Choosing the right pump for your needs is never an easy task. Even after researching on the internet for several hours, a lot of moms still wind up being confused than they initially were. However, we are here to put an end to your problem once and for all. In this guide, we will discuss comprehensively about everything you’re required to know before buying a pump. Also, we will take a look at a couple of the best breast pumps for working moms available out there. So, shall we proceed to finding the best and most reliable breast pump for your needs?

What is the Best Breast Pump for Working Moms

You shouldn’t just purchase a breast pump just because a particular brand or model was recommended to you by someone. Different people require different things in breast pumps. Choose your favorite from our top picks for the best breast pumps for working moms below.

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1. Medela Pump in Style Advanced

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The Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump is an all-inclusive package that comes with a built-in cooler which ensures your mil remains cold till you get to a freezer or refrigerator. In truth, this particular pump is one of the best breast pumps on the market for a lot of reasons. It features 5 breast shields for varieties of sizes, it is lightweight enough for easy carrying and it has fantastic let-down feature. Besides, this model has a very quiet operation with no malfunctions or issues.

However, this pump doesn’t come without a couple of drawbacks of its own. Firstly, the machine is secure in the bag, which may initially sound like a good thing until you are about to clean the pump. Removing the parts can be hugely frustrating and you may not like this pump for this. Also, you need to have the bag near you while pumping as everything is appended through the tubes. Milk can also find a way to get into the tubes which can be frustrating to clean.

In general, this breast pump from Medela is an excellent pump with a big value for money considering everything included. In the package, you will find the pump, five different shields, ice packs, and other things required to get you started instantly. You can’t go wrong with this machine.


  • Cold storage.
  • 5 breast shields.
  • Fit for long usage.
  • The pump is easy to use
  • Portable construction
  • Expresses a significant amount of milk in a matter of minutes.


  • Manual pump is more comfortable.
  • The bag needs to be held close while pumping.

2. Spectra Baby S2 Double/Single Pump

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The Spectra Baby S2 Double/Single Pump is probably the best electric breast pump for working moms. It comes with a very powerful motor, which makes expressing milk really comfortable and quick. This is the perfect option for working moms because of its easy to reach buttons for controlling both the suction power and speed. As soon as you turn the pump on, it will start working in simulation mode to help activate the let-down feature and start expression. And by pushing another button, you can easily change to expression mode.

The strength of the pump is vital to keeping up the milk supply. If you’re a regular user, your routine needs to also guarantee the future milk production at an appropriate level, apart from satisfying your baby’s demands. An excessive milk production will cause your breasts to be tender which may result in a painful experience next time you try pumping milk. If you are finding it hard to produce sufficient milk for your baby, you will have to do the pumping more frequently to allow your body get used to producing more milk. The Spectra Baby S2 Single/Double Breast Pump has very simple adjustable settings and maximum vacuum strength of 320 mmHg, which simulates the actions of your baby and kindles your body to produce more milk.


  • Lightweight construction.
  • Super quiet operation.
  • Hospital grade pump.
  • Affordable price.
  • Very powerful motor.


  • Doesn’t come with a bag.
  • Comes with low-quality bottles.

3. Spectra Baby S1 Electric Breast Pump

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The Spectra Baby S1 Electric Breast Pump is a revolutionary pump that is designed to operate quietly. Whether you’re taking a walk, cooking dinner, or busy on a project at work, this excellent breast pump allows you to keep pumping, and it is hands-free, which is really impressive. If you are wondering how the breast pump operates, you can tuck it in your bra and it will quietly operate while you go about your business. Besides, this is a smart breast pump and it detects your let-down, then transitions automatically to expression mode depending on the unique timing and milk production of your body.

Furthermore, this pump has an all-inclusive design, making you collect milk in a bag. In addition, it doesn’t come with cords, bottles, and dangling tubes. Therefore, you can pump wherever you are without having to excuse your colleagues at work. Besides, it is very easy and convenient to use as you don’t have to closely monitor it to see if it is full since the volume can be tracked through the mobile application.

Additionally, this excellent breast pump doesn’t come with many part, making it easy to clean. It is also worth mentioning that it is time saving as it doesn’t require any assembly unlike majority of electric breast pumps. Also, you aren’t likely to lose any piece of the pump.


  • Hands-free and mobile.
  • Quiet and discreet.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Intuitive and effective.
  • Doesn’t require you to go to a private place
  • Doesn’t come with tubes, bottles, or cords.


  • Very expensive.

4. Freemie Freedom Pump

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Freemie perfectly understands that pumping leaves mom isolated because they have to step away from their friends, colleagues, and family whenever they are pumping. The company has a slogan, “Pump anytime, anywhere, and around anyone.” Certainly, the company has kept to its words, and the Freemie Freedom Breast Pump has been designed to allow you pump hands-free in the public.

Due to the discreet design of this breast pump, working moms can now easily pump at work while carrying out their regular work duties. With this, pumping is made extremely easy and convenient, which most working moms will greatly appreciate. The Freemie Freedom Breast Pump comes with concealable cups that you only have to put in your bra. There is a tube from the motor with which you will connect the cups. The motor and the tube can also be hidden under your clothes. Therefore, this breast pump allows public pumping, and it is very comfortable unlike conventional breast pumps.

Nevertheless, it is still possible for the folks around you to notice that you’re pumping as there is a pretty large collection pump which you need to place inside your bra. Besides, some people find this breast pump a bit noisy, even though it isn’t anyway as noisy as most breast pumps. While this pump isn’t as comfortable as the Willow Wearable Pump we reviewed above, it is better than pumping with a hands-free bra or nursing cover. This breast pump makes it easy to type on a computer and nurse your baby simultaneously since it doesn’t come with dangling bottles.

For your optimal comfort, the Freemie enables you to tilt back more compare to regular breast shields. Also, it enables more movement, which explains why it’s named “freedom.” You can play, work, or relax whilst pumping. Probably the only major drawback with this pump is how you need to connect some parts before it can work. If anything is done wrongly, the tube may end up in the pump rather than the collection pump.


  • Very discreet.
  • Quite operation
  • Comfortable and easy to use.
  • Pump is reasonably priced.
  • Allows for public pumping.
  • Enables you to recline
  • Enables you to move freely.


  • Requires assembly
  • Large cups

5. Medela Symphony Breast Pump

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The motive behind the manufacturing of this pump from Medela is to help mothers express milk without ruining their schedules. Therefore, Medela manufactured the Medela Symphony Breast Pump that will help moms pump more comfortable without noise or with little noise. Without any doubt, this breast pump is one of the most effective and top rated in the market and it is a hospital-grade pump. The pump features a closed system and it can also be used by multiple moms.

Furthermore, Medela perfectly understands that it fast is always better. Therefore, this breast pump was designed with speed and fast operation in mind. This pump is capable of extracting an average of 29 percent more milk when compared to other brands. However, weighing more than 6 pounds, this breast pump isn’t exactly lightweight or portable, which is a big drawback.

Sadly, not everyone will be able to afford this breast pump is it is just too expensive. While it gives a value for money with the varieties of mouth-watering features it comes with, not many people can afford it. However, if you are a working mom with a pocket deep enough to afford this pump, don’t hesitate to go for it.


  • Very comfortable to use.
  • Expresses milk quicker.
  • Durable construction
  • This is a hospital grade pump.
  • Features a smart app.


  • The pump is too expensive.
  • Heavy construction
  • Not portable.

Why Working Moms Need a Breast Pump?

 Working Moms Need a Breast Pump

Besides work days, it is always great to have ready-to-go bottles on outings, day out with daddy and other circumstances that will surely come up. It isn’t in anyway easy to be prepared for any event, and having a stand-by breast milk definitely has been a great life-saver for breastfeeding moms. As a result of this, finding a reliable breast pump is very important.

Therefore, are you looking for the best all-round pump, the most popular breast pump, or perhaps the best budget breast pump? If you’re confused about what you need exactly, our buying guide should go a long way in helping you have a clearer mind.

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Breast Pumps Types for Working Moms

There are basically three types of pumps that you have to choose from. Each one of those breast pumps are functional and they come in different price ranges also. Below is an analysis of the three types of breast pumps available and which one might be perfect for you as a working mom.


The most affordable breast pumps are the manual types. However, using them takes a lot of effort and time. You will have to manually operate the breast pump and this might be a wrong choice for a working mom looking to save time at work.


Battery powered breast pumps are very portable and functional as well. If you are looking for a perfect choice for pumping milk on the go, a battery powered pump is the way up. They need batteries to work and they will be very functional, especially for working moms. It is worth mentioning that battery powered breast pumps work almost like the electric models.


The electric types are the last and most efficient breast pumps available. Using these machines is hassle-free and they allow you to pump efficiently with no issues. This is highly recommended for working mothers looking for a time-saving pump.

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Choose the Best Breast Pump for Working Moms 2018

Best Breast Pump for working moms

You shouldn’t just purchase a breast pump just because a particular brand or model was recommended to you by someone. You need to understand that the requirements of different people in breast pumps greatly vary and you might have to make your own research.

Before making a decision on a certain model, you need to carefully look at some essential features that you would need. If you are a working mom, below are some factors you need to take into consideration before buying a particular breast pump.

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Power Sources

There are basically two categories of breast pumps on the market; manual and electric. Although a manual type doesn’t need a power source or batteries to work, expressing breast milk with it can be very slow. However, since it doesn’t require any kind of external power for operation, it is somewhat more reliable. If there is a power outage or if you are out of batteries, you will always be able to use a manual pump.

Battery-powered pumps, on the other hand, fast, are easy to carry, and using them is very effortless. However, the cost of operating them can be high since you will need to often recharge the batteries or even replace them completely.

If you’re a working mom, you will have better performance and more flexibility with a battery-powered pump. Having said that, you are advised to have a manual pump nearby in the event of some unexpected circumstance.

Portability of the Pump

For working moms, portability is always a key factor to look at before buying a breast pump. Since you can easily carry a portable breast pump to work and express milk easily during breaks, it is easy to see why working moms always prefer portable options. While the portability may not really be a problem to stay at home moms, it can make all the difference for working moms. You don’t want to buy a huge breast pump that can’t be easily carried around as it will be totally pointless.

Hand-free feature

While at work, you might be too busy to be using your hands to pump at all times. A breast pump that has a hand-free feature will keep on working without you having to make touch it constantly. This allows you to save a lot of time.


Adjustability is another important feature that working moms need to consider before buying a breast pump. The suction that is ideal for a mom might not be ideal for you. Therefore, it is very vital to buy a breast pump whose suction capacity can be adjusted, many high-quality breast pumps have adjustable suction that can be easily controlled for the best results.


Having the proper accessories make your life much easier. It is important to look at accessories such as a pump-to-feed system, additional pumping parts, a good pump bag, a quality cooler, and more. These are ways of making sure you can carrying your breast pump easily and save a whole lot of time.

Our Top Pick of Breast Pump for Working Moms

While nursing a baby is already a very difficult task, it is even made more difficult when you have to juggle that responsibility with work duties. However, the above listed breast pumps were made to make things a lot easy for nursing moms finding it hard to find enough time to breastfeed their babies.

While all our picks earned their spots on this list because of how incredible and functional they are, the most functional and efficient breast pump on our list is the Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump. It’s a battery-powered pump which allows you to pump anywhere you are, and with its plethora of features, this pump is set to improve your life.

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