10 Best Breast Pump Bras for Breastfeeding Moms (2019)


You thought you were busy before you had your baby. Now that you are tending to your little one, busy is an understatement. You’re taking multi-tasking to levels beyond the imagination!

If you’re a stay at home mom, you have a ton of other things to tend to as well, even if you have some help. Besides the baby, you might have to feed the family. There’s laundry to do – more now than you did before. The house needs cleaning. This could represent just a fraction of your life right now.

For that reason, expressing milk hands-free becomes a real necessity. This is where a hands free breast pump bra comes to the rescue.

So for your benefit, and because we know how hard you work, we’ve worked hard to assemble a list of the best ten breast pump bras. We hope you find it very helpful in your search.

Reviews of Best 10 Best Breast Pumps

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1. Simple Wishes Signature Hands Free Breast Pump Bra, Black, XS-Large

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Our winning pick is the Simple Wishes breast pump bra. The “Signature” is designed with freedom in mind, for the mom who needs both hands, even while pumping milk.

We like that it’s adjustable, so any mom from size XS to Large can wear and use this bra. This would also be handy if mom’s weight alters one way or another. The Signature is actually “guaranteed” to give mom a perfect fit.

They’ve also asserted that it can be used with “all electric pumps” and opens the way for double breast pumping.

Even as phenomenal as this bra seems to be, we have to check out the pros and cons. Here they are.


  • Completely hands free
  • Comfortable
  • Completely adjustable
  • Accommodates many different pumps


  • Not a bra for all day wear

To Buy Or Not To Buy

We were undecided on the price. After all, this is not your everyday bra. In fact, that was the only con we found, and a minor one at that. Most moms do not wear a pumping bra all day. Once they’re done pumping, they change to another bra.

Otherwise, there’s nothing but pluses here with the Signature. Whether you think it’s a good price or not, there’s no doubt that it’s a real good bra!

2. Dairy Fairy Rose Hands-Free Pumping Bra

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At our #2 position we introduce the “Rose” by Dairy Fairy. Also adjustable, this bra is designed to accommodate sizes ranging from small to double extra-large. So while it is not a plus size breast pump bra per se, it certainly can accommodate some plus sizes.

What we like about it is the price. It costs just a tiny bit less than our winner. It just could not inch beyond our winner, but it still beat eight others.

So how did our runner up do in the way of pros and cons? Let’s find out.


  • Hands free pumping


  • Elastic too firm, can cause constriction
  • Straps don’t stay in place
  • Material doesn’t breathe

To Buy Or Not To Buy

In our testing, our subjects did find some comfort issues. The elastic appears to be too firm, potentially causing some constriction. With some, the straps had a tendency to move down the shoulders. And for mothers who sweat more than others, the material was reported to not breathe very well.

So it wasn’t a blockbuster of a bra. But it still did what it was supposed to – provide hands free pumping. And for the price, you might find the minuses relatively minor.

3. Rosie Pope Pump and Nurse Underwire Pumping Bra

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Here is our first nursing and pumping bra on the list at #3, the Rosie Pope. This bra is designed to allow you to expose just the nipple for pumping, or full exposure for nursing. We like this idea, and we’re sure many moms do too.

The Rosie Pope also looks very attractive, and seems to be made well. The underwire adds good support to the mix, although we wondered if it could interfere with comfort.

Let’s see how it did in our pros and cons.


  • Feels like regular bra
  • Attractive
  • Holds pumps in place


  • Underwire uncomfortable for some
  • Price

To Buy Or Not To Buy

As a nursing pumping bra, it did okay. With our subjects, the pumps held on and for the most part, comfort was not an issue.

However, a woman’s shape is as unique as a fingerprint, which may have been a target for the underwire. It seemed to cause some undue pressure, leading to some discomfort and some suspect constriction.

This bra was a bit higher in price than our first two. Considering the obvious comfort issues may not justify the price for some, but in our view the price wasn’t terrible, considering it serves two functions: Nursing and pumping.

4. Bravado Designs Clip and Pump Hands-Free Nursing Bra Accessory

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Here is our #4 entry, the “Clip and Pump.” Note: this is not a bra, but an accessory for a breast pump bra. To use this, you need to have a breast pump holder bra, with clips to hold the accessory in place.

We liked that you can pump and nurse at the same time. Like the name suggests, it’s designed to clip it on and pump your milk.

Take a look at the pros and cons we encountered to consider with this product.


  • Great design
  • Snaps on to about any pumping bra


  • Priced close to bra
  • Quality issues

To Buy Or Not To Buy

The concept behind the Clip and Pump was brilliant, and it was adaptable to any nursing bra we tested. It worked well in “double duty,” allowing a mom to nurse on one side, and pump on the other.

The price is high for an accessory – almost as much as our top two bras! Plus, if you don’t have a nursing bra with clips, you have to buy one in order to use it.

In conclusion, if you don’t have the right bra, don’t buy this. Otherwise, this will do a good job for a while.

5. Desirelove Nursing and Pumping Bra

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Coming in at #5 is another nursing and pumping bra, the Desirelove. Aside from the double duty, it’s designed for comfort. It has no underwire, so you cannot see it through your top, and it won’t affect your comfortable pumping.

We liked the material, which is mostly nylon and part Spandex, making it a very comfortable bra. And the nursing clips make peeling the cup back really easy, making nursing easy as well.

So would you like to see the pros and cons for this product? Check them out.


  • Easy pumping and nursing
  • Comfortable
  • Seamless, no see through
  • Price


  • Not designed to last
  • Sizing problems

To Buy Or Not To Buy

This bra had a good start. The price is super low, and was reported to be comfortable, and performed double duty very well.

There were some comfort issues. Either the cup was too big or too small with certain women. Overall, it did fairly well.

However, a short time later the material started wearing out, despite how carefully it was cleaned.

It’s too bad, too. It was comfortable and could be worn all day. If you decide to buy this bra, just hope that you get one that lasts longer.

6. Medela Easy Expression Pumping Bustier

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As the name implies, this is a Medela breast pump bra, the Easy Expression at #6. Designed as a hands free pump bustier to accommodate all the electric double breast pumps that Medela makes.

Being that we’ve encountered comfort issues with straps on other bras, we like the bustier design. Plus the “Adaptive Stretch” technology seems like a great idea, helping it to conform to a woman’s body naturally without squeezing too tight.

Here are the pros and cons for the Easy Expression.


  • Hands free pumping


  • Sizing issues
  • Difficult to put on
  • Price

To Buy Or Not To Buy

We had hope things would turn out better with this one. The idea was great, but the execution didn’t come through all the way.

It did pump hands free, and did it well. The problems came – once again – with sizing problems. These problems were especially true with larger cup-sized women. However, those with smaller sizes encounter confusion getting the right fit for them as well.

The price didn’t help much here either. Ideally, if everything were working as the description, the price would have been quite fair.

With a price in the middle, and sizing issues, you would be better off looking at another product.

7. Dairy Fairy Arden Naked All-in-One Nursing and Hands-Free Pumping Bra

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Dairy Fairy enters another pumping bra at #7 with the Arden All-in-one. This is a nursing and hands-free pumping bra designed for a working mom  so they can wear it all day. And it also offers dual duty so you can nurse on one breast while pumping on the other.

What we liked about it is that it allowed hands free pumping and nursing. The material for this bra seemed to be of high quality, something missing from other products.

To be sure, though, along with a couple pros, it had some cons as well. Here they are.


  • High quality material
  • Easy pumping and nursing


  • Price high, but possibly justifiable.
  • Sizing issues

To Buy Or Not To Buy

All in all, it’s a good pumping and nursing bra. We did think it was priced high. However, being that it was made of high quality material that might make it worth the price. It’s a judgment call.

Sizing issues once again reared their ugly head. Larger busted women had a hard time reattaching the panel after feeding or pumping.

If you only want a bra that allows you to pump and nurse without problems, then this is your bra. Otherwise, you may want to skip it.

8. Rumina It’s Back! Pumping Bra

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Rumina offers another “all day” pumping bra, with the “It’s Back”, our #8 pick. As you’d expect, it’s designed for pumping and nursing on all pumps. But Rumina focused more on comfort in the design of the bra.

Comfort is getting to be queen in the world of pumping and nursing bras. So we like that it’s made of 90% cotton and 10% Spandex. These will make the material very breathable.

Now we would like to present  the pros and cons of this product.


  • Comfortable, even for all day use
  • Easy access
  • Price


  • Began falling apart after short time
  • Not for larger breasts

To Buy Or Not To Buy

The material was comfortable, access to the breast and nipple was pretty easy, it allowed for effortless pumping and nursing, and the price wasn’t too bad. But that didn’t last long.

Women with larger breasts had a tough time with this one. So there are – again – some sizing issues at the factory to work out.

Desite the comfortable nature of the fabric, it obviously wasn’t made to withstand long term everyday use, even as an all-day bra.

So again, the price did not make up for these deficiencies. Buy something else, especially if your breasts are large.

9. Rumina Pump and Nurse Classic Crossover Pumping Bra

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Rumina took the #8 spot as well as the #9 spot! The Pump and Nurse Crossover is designed for easy pumping and comfort.

We liked the price, which was comparable to our top two winners in this review, making it quite affordable for most moms. The comfort level, due to its 90% cotton and 10% Spandex material, was high, allowing the mom’s skin to breathe underneath.

As you will see from the pros and cons, these are the only two things we liked about it. Take a look at them before you decide to buy it.


  • Price okay
  • Comfortable


  • Not recommended for on the go
  • Support lacking
  • Lack of quality

To Buy Or Not To Buy

In our testing, we found that the removal of the underwire, as well as the soft, breathable material made it comfortable to most moms. However, the bra was lacking in support, which should be one of the highest considerations included in comfort design.

On the quality side, it would be great to see a product that lasts well into the baby’s nursing days, instead of just a few months tops.

If you don’t mind risking those flaws, the price and comfort level may work out for you.

10. Dairy Fairy Tess Nursing & Hands-Free Pumping Chemise

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Dairy Fairy also had our #2 and #7 spots in this review, but their “Tess” model hands free pumping chemise (a pumping bra / slip combination) tanked at #10.

What we liked about it was the idea – a chemise. Presumably, this gave us the perception that a lot of attention was given to comfort in this product.

At first glance, you cannot even tell that it was designed for pumping milk! It looks like any other chemise, and the pumping bra doesn’t take away from the intimate look at all.

As we now take one last look at pros and cons in this review, let’s see what basically made it the loser.


  • Excellent concept
  • Nice looking garment


  • Price
  • Material cheap
  • Wore out quickly

To Buy Or Not To Buy

The price was the highest of all that we tested. Did it make sense for the product’s features?


It was a great idea, and the chemise actually looked sexy, but everything fell apart with the cheap material. It wore out too quickly and was too expensive

This is why the Tess took our #10 spot. However, don’t forget to look at the top 3-5 entries and see if you can find a breast pump bra for you!

Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Breast Pump Bra

Do I Need A Breast Pump Bra?

If you don’t want the hassle of disrobing every time you need to pump milk, then a breast pump bra might be a good investment for you. This is especially true if you have a multitude of things to do besides care for the baby.

Things To Consider When Selecting A Breast Pump Bra

Will you be pumping at home only, or on the go? If your budget is low, you might want to consider a manual pump. If you can stretch your budget, a battery-operated model is portable and can pump faster. How important is comfort to you?

The Different Types of Breast Pump Bras

There are bras that allow the breast to be exposed, some just the nipple, others both. Many bras are compatible with many different brands of pumps. Others are designed purely for one brand of pump only. Check this out when you decide to buy a pump.

When Should I Use A Breast Pump Bra?

If you are serious about pumping breast milk to feed your baby, whether at home, at work or anywhere else, you do well to consider purchasing one. Like the rest of your pumping supplies, it is a good investment, and can make your life easier.

Should I Buy A Breast Pump Bra New or Used?

At the time of this writing we’ve never heard of a woman buying a used pump bra. However, it might be possible. In terms of size differences and sanitary reasons alone, most women we’ve encountered without question prefer a new bra. It’s a personal thing.

Why You Should Pay Attention to A Breast Pump Bra?

Comfort issues are a common problem with breast pump bras. They sometimes originate at the manufacturer’s level. Other times, it doesn’t show up right away, but always at an inopportune time. Take note of any quality changes in the bra that could affect your comfort.

How Do I Use A Breast Pump Bra?

Depending on the model you have, the cup is fitted with a flap that pulls back to fully expose the breast for feeding. Others might just have clips you detach to expose just the nipple, at which point you can hook up your breast pump.

How Do I Clean A Breast Pump Bra?

In the big picture, it’s best to consult the manufacturer’s directions included with the bra. Some might be machine washable, but won’t do well in the dryer. Some may require a more delicate approach by handwashing and hanging to dry. Above all, check the cleaning instructions.

What Breast Pump Bra Accessories Will I Need?

Many of your breast pumping accessories may have come with your pump. However, for the bra alone, and depending on the product, you might need a nursing pad. If there are special cleaning instructions for the bra that require a certain accessory, you may have to purchase it.

Other Breast Pump Bra Tips & Hacks

To keep bottles close without having to reach for them, take two rubber bands, wrap them in a figure eight combination, and you have a stretchy, hanging device. This will allow you to wrap one end over the bottle, and then hang the other on the bra’s clasp.


Do I need a pumping bra? If you are really serious about pumping but want to do it with some measure of comfort, yes.

What material is best for bras? Many believe that cotton material is best, because it breathes better when a mom sweats.

Other People’s Opinions about Breast Pump Bra

There were some interesting twists and turns in our review, and despite some quality control setbacks, and some evident manufacturing flaws, it’s clear that the boundaries for improving the breast pump bra are constantly being pushed.

We found a few good ideas that were intended to solve certain problems with the bras. Other People's Opinions about breast pumpUnfortunately, not all of them were executed  that great. What could have been a winning product turned out to be a flop.

However, our winner, the Simple Wishes Signature, passed through those obstacles with flying colors. Take a look at what a few buyers of this product had to say:

Consumer #1: “Crucial for back to work pumping. I give this five stars!”

Consumer #2: “Lots of options to get a great fit…best pump out there!”

Consumer #3: “Pumping is no longer a pain…thank you!”

So there you have it. Three satisfied customers who had a great experience. Of course, no product is perfect. Here are a couple buyers with different answers:

Consumer #4: “The Velcro on this bra was horrible! I haven’t used it long and it keeps coming off!”

Consumer #5: “Get a different one or make your own!”

So that’s our collection of the opinions of other buyers.

Choose the Best Pumping Bras for Breastfeeding Moms

The Simple Wish Signature was our winner in this review. It came out on top because it’s completely hands free, comfortable, and completely adjustable and accommodates many different pumps. The only issue we had was that it wasn’t designed for all day wear, but it shined everywhere else.

We learned a great deal in testing these ten models. And while we could still see some manufacturing or quality control problems, most companies are making an effort to work those kinks out and keep making improvements to these bras. We sincerely applaud all of the companies who are trying to make a difference.

And on the down side, some are not. But we’re always confident that the consumer will eventually win. That’s why we work so hard in your behalf. And we hope our intensive research and testing proves helpful in your quest to buy the right breast pump bra for you!

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