6 Best Breast Milk Storage Bags for Pumping (2018)


Being a nursing Mother can be tough and you might need to breastfeed your baby about 10 times a day. It gets harder if as a Mum you won’t be with your kid for a significant period of the day because of Job-related reasons and other occurrences that might take your time. You not being available to breastfeed your baby might mean you have to pump the breast milk in a proper storage. There is a popular saying that goes “don’t cry over spilled milk” the individual that coined this saying obviously haven’t pumped a whole bag of breast milk and realized it spilled at the time she wants to feed it to her crying baby.

Using a breast milk storage bag is a fascinating way to keep this nutrient-filled baby milk. Unlike other methods of storage, these storage bags are specially designed for the preservation of the breast milk. Moreover, storage bags come Pre-sterilized and you can rest assured that apart from holding milk, it also ensures that the kids are healthy at all times.

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In a market where there are infinite products to choose from, getting the right breast milk storage bag can be a challenging task and if you are not careful, you can purchase a storage bag that does the exact thing it is not supposed to do like; failing to preserve the breast milk for the minimum time expected. Our Team has gone through a lot of products available for sale and we have reviewed the best milk storage bags available for you.

Best Milk Storage Bags

To help you eliminate the risk of you buying the wrong Breast milk storage bags, we have reviewed some of the best you can find in the market in the subsequent paragraphs below.

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1. Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags

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When speaking of breast milk storage bags with quality, then the Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags cannot be left out. These bags are very strong and with its super strong seal, having to worry about leakage or spilling of your precious breast milk will become a thing of the past. Furthermore, this breast milk storage bag is very handy and it can be laid flat in no time which makes piling them up together very easy. The Lansinoh Breastmilk storage bag also has a waterproof and puncture resistant feature that makes it stand out among some other Breast milk storage bags.


As breast milk is essential for the growth of the baby, this storage bags ensures that they are well stored; making it available anytime the baby wants it. The Lansinoh breast milk storage bag can also take a large volume of breast milk which means the mother can pump as much milk as she likes for storing.


  • Consumers can become more economical with this bag because they are quite big
  • This milk storage bag uses two strong seals that ensure they don’t leak.
  • The bag has a spout that  makes pouring milk out of it easy
  • It consumes less space because it can lay flat.
  • They come Pre-sterilized making it safer for your kids
  • It has a write on Tab that above the milk filled area that allows you to record the contents of the bag.


  • The bag can’t stand well on their own
  • The bags leak sometimes when they are frozen.
  • The Plastic of this storage bag feels a little bit too thin.

What We Like About It

The Lansinoh Storage bag has a pour spout which reduces the risk of losing a substantial amount of the milk when they are being poured out of the bags.

2. Medela Pump And Save Breast Milk Bags

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It is no news that babies need breast milk to aid their growth and for you to have a reserve of this nutritious milk, you need to have a storage bag with quality. The Medela Pump & save bag is a fantastic option for you as it has a double walled bag and a strong zip that ensures that the milk can be stored for a very long time. Furthermore, this milk storage bag has an air and moisture tight feature which allows the milk to preserve all its nutrients. The bag also has an area where you can record your breast milk stock. In addition, for the safety of your kids, Medela pump and save bags are manufactured from food grade, Bisphenol A (BPA) free material.


With the strong self-adhesive strap of this bag, you can pump your breast milk straight into the storage bag which helps you save time and ensures that the chances of you losing your milk through pouring are reduced.


  • Made from BPA free materials
  • Allows you pump directly into the bag
  • Allows long time storage of milk without losing their nutritional benefits.
  • It is very handy
  • It allows recording or marking of the milk stored for future reference.
  • They can stand on their own.


  • The bags are not big enough for bigger babies because they can only contain 5 oz of milk.
  • The bags don’t seal easily.
  • The bags don’t expand

What We Like About It

It has air and moisture barriers that help preserve nutrients for a long time. It is also made with the safety of kids in mind because it is made from BPA free materials.

3. NUK Seal N Go Storage Bags

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NUK Seal n Go is another breast milk storage bag that gives breastfeeding moms 100 percent assurance that their storage bag is spill-free. This is only true if your methods of storing the breast milk are right. Notwithstanding, this storage bags have a fantastic dual zipper seal that gives you a certain level of assurance. The bag is made from high quality, long lasting materials that are also BPA free. In addition, they have an airtight feature that ensures the milk does not only stay fresh but also preserve its nutrients for a long time. Furthermore, each of these bags can stand on their own, giving you the assurance that they won’t fall over when you arrange them in the fridge. With the NUK Seal n go, you can rest assured that the safety of your kids are considered because each of these bags come pre-sterilized and you do not have to bother washing them before use. Finally, each NUK breast milk storage bags have easy to read lines which allow you store your milk to the level you desire.


With the NUK seal n go storage bags, you can rest assured that the nutrients of your breast milk remain preserved for a very long time. This fantastic storage bag also allows you fill it up easily because it can stand on its own.


  • This storage bag is very strong
  • It is made from BPA free plastics
  • Can preserve up to 6 o.z of milk
  • Air barrier feature ensures the breast milk does not only stay stored for a long time but also preserve its nutrients.
  • If the bags are stored in the right way, they won’t leak.
  • They come pre-sterilized.


  • They take up a lot of space when stored upright.
  • It is susceptible to spillage when pouring out the milk.

What We Like About It

They have a double zipper seal on each of the bags which gives you almost 100 percent guarantee they won’t spill. In addition, these bags can hold 6 ounces of breast milk which is more than most of the storage bags available for sale.

4. Dr Brown’s Breast Milk Storage Bags

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Dr Brown’s breast milk storage bags are made specifically to avoid leakage of breast milk.  The bags have been equipped with double zippers which ensure the bags do not leak and it stays airtight. Dr Brown’s company produced this storage bag with the safety of the users in mind by making sure that they are manufactured from food grade high-quality materials. In addition, the bags are pre-sterilized which ensures that your kids are free from any illness-causing germs that come with breast milk storage bags. Another feature of Dr Brown’s storage bags is that they can stay upright on their own which makes pouring out the milk without spills easy. Finally, these bags have measurement marks on its exterior which lets you know the quantity of milk you have pumped in or the quantity you have left.


The measurement marks on the outside of the storage bags can help you keep track of the average quantity of milk your baby consumes from time to time. This helps you prepare better and lets you store the right amount of milk your baby needs. In addition, the bags can lay flat which makes stacking them up in the freezer easy because by doing so, they take up less space.


  • Made from BPA free plastic
  • Their measurement lines are accurate
  • The Storage bags are very thick
  • They can stay upright on their own


  • It leaves behind a chemical odor.

What We Like About It

The bags are very strong and they assure that there will be no leaking of milk due to its double zipper feature.

5. Philips Avent Breast Milk Storage Bags

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Looking for a secured breast milk storage bag? Then look no further because the Philips Avent Breast milk storage bag assures you that. This is made possible because of its strong double layer bag and zippers. Just like some other bags available in the market, the bags also come pre-sterilized which mean you do not have to waste time sterilizing the bags before use. Furthermore, the bags have the self-standing and wide opening characteristic which makes filling the bags with milk and pouring out easy. The bags can hold up to 6 Oz of milk and each pack of these storage bags contain 50 bags. The bags are also made with BPA free plastic which guarantees your kids are protected from dangerous chemicals. Phillips Avent bags can also lay flat which allows them to be stored easily.


The bags allow you to preserve your milk and with its sturdy design, you can rest assured that when filling the bags they stand upright hereby reducing the risk of spilling.


  • It has accurate measurement marks on it.
  • It is made from BPA free plastic
  • It has a sturdy design
  • The bags have a strong leak-proof dual zipper seal.
  • Can store up to 6 Oz of milk.


  • It gets freezer burnt if the milk is put in the freezer for too long
  • It isn’t easy to reopen it.

What We Like About It

We love the fact that the bags are very strong and they have a dual zipper seal which reduces leaking to the barest minimum. These bags can also hold a large amount of milk- 6 Oz which means you can store a lot per bag.

6. Ameda Store N Pour Breast Milk Storage Bags

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The Ameda Store N Pour Breast milk storage bags are designed specifically to prevent spilling and this is made possible because of its pouring spout. It also allows pumping directly in the bag with the flange adapters which is a feature most breast milk storage bags don’t have. Furthermore, the bags are very strong and with its multi-ply design, you can rest assured they won’t crack or split when freezing. In addition, it also has a gusseted bottom which allows it to sit on its own. Finally, the Ameda Store N Pour Storage bags have been produced from BPA and DEHP free plastic making sure babies are protected from harmful chemicals.


With this storage bag, you do not have any use for sticky tapes or twist ties because they have special flange adapters that can be connected to breast pumps, which allow you to pump directly into the breast milk storage bags hereby eliminating the possibility of spilling through filling.


  • The pouring spout allows milk to be easily poured out of it without spilling
  • It is very durable
  • It can stand on its own
  • It is made with the safety of babies in mind.
  • The strong multi-ply feature ensures it does not spit or crack.


  • It is very bulky which makes it almost impossible to lay them flat when storing.
  • The storage bags can only take 5 Oz of milk or less.

What We Like About It

The special flange adapters which allow you to pump breast milk directly into the storage bags is a very fantastic feature. In addition, the bags can be closed easily and re-sealed even after use which makes it possible for your milk to stay fresh even after pouring out a portion of the breast milk.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Breast Milk Storage Bag

Forget the fact that breast milk storage bags do the same thing- storing milk. Some bags are better than some. So to avoid you making the wrong purchase decision, make sure they tick most or all of the following factors we will be explaining subsequently.

choose A Breast Milk Storage Bag


It is important you go for bags that are pre-sterilized because you want to put the health of your kids first. Apart from that, when the bags are pre-sterilized, you save yourself a lot of time and stress having to wash them before use.

Compatible With A Pump

For you to minimize spillage of milk while pumping, you should make sure the bags you purchase are the right fit for your breast pump. It does not make sense for the bags to have all the right qualities and it still spills because you failed to get the right storage bag for your existing breast pump.

Measurement Lines

Most mothers want to keep track of the milk they are pumping, storing, or pouring out and the only way to keep accurate records of these is when you get a storage bag with measurement lines. This will help you prepare more for the milk consumption of your baby and it can also help you know if a certain bag leaks. Finally, some babies at different ages require a certain amount of milk and you can only get the correct measurement if the bags have measurement lines.

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Stand Up Feature

Some bags cannot stand on their own which means mothers cannot leave the bags to handle other things without them falling over and spilling everywhere. When they can stand upright alone, it also ensures they can be stored easily in the fridge.

Strong  Seal

It can be frustrating finding your precious breast milk spilled from no fault of yours. For you to avoid this, make sure you buy a breast milk storage bag that has a strong seal. We know it can be a little bit hard to determine if they have a strong seal or not, you can ask questions or choose a bag with high ratings due to the fact it doesn’t spill.


Baby consumption varies and if you have a baby that consumes a lot, it is essential you get a bag big enough for you to pump the milk your baby needs.


It is essential you purchase a breast milk storage bag that meets all the safety requirements needed. It might be hard to tell yourself if the bags are BPA free for instance, that is why we advise you buy breast milk storage bags manufactured by reputable companies.


One of the most important factors to consider before purchasing any breast milk storage bag is its price. There are lots of storage bags available and even though their prices vary, some of them have the same features. Ensure you compare different products with their features and make sure you do not pay more for a product when there is a cheaper one that does the same thing it does.

Pro Tips In Storing Breast Milk

Since we have reviewed some of the best breast milk storage bags, we will be giving you some tips you might find helpful in storing your breast milk.

how to store breast milk

Stay Clean

For the health of your kids, it is important you wash your hands properly with anti-bacterial soap or even use hand sanitizers. This will ensure that illness-causing germs or bacteria don’t get into the milk.

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Do not Over Pump and Store

There are a lot of mums that go on a pumping spree. They pump and store ridiculous amounts of breast milk which lead to them not using up the milk. To prevent wastage of your breast milk, make sure you pump only what is needed by the baby for a particular time.

Know When To Bin Your Stored Milk

It is important you know when to get the stored milk out and dispose of them. Breast milk stored at room temperature can only last about four hours before they start to lose their taste or nutrients while milk kept in the fridge can only last up to four days. It is best for you not to think about the milk going to waste but rather dispose of them off immediately they pass these times.

Always Keep your Milk Cold

Always put your milk in the fridge immediately after pumping into the storage bags because, the more time it spends at room temperature, the more it loses its freshness.

Know When To Freeze

The only time it is necessary for you to freeze breast milk is when you know you are not going to use them under 24 hours.

Our Top Pick

After reviewing a host of fantastic breast milk storage bags, our team reached a consensus that the NUK Seal n Go breast milk storage bags trump the others we reviewed. This is not because the others are of low quality but because this bag is just better when you compare all their characteristics together. For instance, the NUK Seal n Go bag is exceptionally strong; it assures mums that they won’t spill because of its dual zipper seal, its airtight feature that makes milk to be stored for a long time while also keeping their nutrients and other fantastic features make it a better option compared to others.


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