Best Brain Powering Apps For Your Little Ones


Kids are quick learners, and digital devices such as phones and tablets; armed with the Internet, are fast making inroads in their lives. It is, thus, natural, as parents, to worry about the scary information available online reaching your kids. We understand that. But you don’t need to worry anymore.

Listed here are seven apps that will not only divert your kids’ attention from the worst of the internet, but will also help them immensely regarding their cognitive developmental needs. Let’s take a look.

Best Brain Training Apps to Keep Your Children’s  Mind Sharp


Designed with interactive yet straightforward animation, this app will surely grab your kid’s attention. Gone are the times when ‘A’ used to be for apples. For a kid using Metamorphabet, the A will now grow ‘antlers’ on its head. The antlered A will then turn into an ‘arch’ and start taking a stroll, an ‘Amble’ of sorts. This will be similar for B and then C and so on.

Not only will it impart valuable information, but will also involve kids in little stories playing around the alphabets. They will anticipate what the animation turns into next. The animation, too, will help them guess the actions on screen.

Moreover, there is an element of game in each animation. For example, the strings of Letter G’s guitar all play different sounds. Then there will be ‘I’s’ ‘Igloo’ resident changing the color of clothes every time you open it for an ‘inside’ look.

The app is compatible with iOS and Android both, available for $3.99 and $3.69, respectively.

Little DigitsLittle Digits

Little Digits will be an excellent tool for your kids to learn digits and even elementary mathematics. Every number is a cute little monster and will pop up on screen all smiling just as you click it. Not only that, your kids can now learn counting in multiple languages.

Moreover, making use of the kids’ habit of smashing their hands on the screen, the app will teach the little ones to count. If two fingers are touching screen, the app will count 2, and ten if the kid places all his fingers on the device.

In-app games will also teach your kids basic sum and subtraction and grow in difficulty with your kid’s understanding of the numbers. One can also record their viceovers in place of the in-app one for counting, equation reading, and more.

The app, however, is only available for iOS users for a price of $3.99. Recommended age is 3-7.

The Magic School Bus: OceansThe Magic School Bus Oceans

Is your kid a water animal when he is in shower or pool? Some kids are, and this game is just meant for them. Even if your kid isn’t a big water fan, this app will keep him hooked with its fantastic ocean facts and the interactive way of storytelling. If that doesn’t work, there is another game in the same series on dinosaurs. Maybe that will appeal to your kid more.

Based on the Magic School Bus book series for children, the app features most elements of the book, including the main book character Mr. Frizzle, and more, such as games, videos, science facts, etc.

The app previously had bugs and a couple of spelling issues, but it has undergone a recent update that promises a fix on all those things.

Just like Little Digits, however, the game is only iOS compatible for now, for a price of $3.99.


Want your kid to be a true global village citizen? Well, he would have to learn a couple of languages for that. But worry not, Duolingo will cater all your kid’s needs to achieve that status. Suitable for kids aged four years and above, Duolingo targets your child’s brain early in its stage of development so that they can absorb more when young.

From Chinese and German to even Ukrainian and English, you can trust Duolingo to teach your kid all. Not only kids, if you have a desire to move beyond your mother tongue, this is the app you need.

Highly rated and available on both, iOS and Android stores, you can get the app for free and start your language journey or that of your kid right away.


Bee-Bot is an app that will help your kids improve directional language. From left to right, and center to 90 degree turns, the app will teach your kid all. No more a confused child when you ask them to put the right shoe on the right foot and the left on the left.

The app comes with an engaging garden scenario and has multiple levels that encourage progression. Available only on iOS platforms, Bee-Bot is recommended for kids aged above four and is downloadable for free.

The Sight World AdventureThe Sight World Adventure

Your kid loves peek-a-boo or hide-and-seek, right? Tapping into just that, the Sight World Adventure will enable your kid to recognize, read, and write more than 300 words. Not only that, but the app will also enhance your kid’s cognitive skills concerning attention, recognition, and visual memorization.

Developed for kids aged 3-8, this app is a great tool to make them aware of words that frequent in any given text. Moreover, the parents or teachers can even customize the app with words of their own choice and make their formal learning fun.

The app, for now, is only compatible with iOS platforms and can be downloaded for a price of $2.99.

Winky Think Logic PuzzlesWinky Think Logic Puzzles

Looking for an app to develop a sense of pattern and logic in your kid, this app is your solution. With over 180 logic puzzles in game format, this app will inculcate in your kid the ability to solve mazes, puzzles, and even something as simple as matching obstacles.

Moreover, with its approach of progression and friendly design, the entire family can participate and be a part of the collective learning process.

Recommended for kids aged above 4, Winky Think logic can be downloaded from the Apple’s App Store for $3.99.

So choose the app that suits your kid’s age and needs best, or get all, and let their learning journey begin.

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