Best Boys Pajamas for Different Ages to Buy in 2018


Pajamas are an exceedingly important item in the list of clothing to get your kid. And choosing the right pajamas for your kid is more than dressing them right for bed, it’s very important to their overall wellbeing too. So, as the temperatures drop and the nights get colder, we all know it can only mean one thing – fall is here and winter is coming! And so, to prepare for this, we all, our kids, especially, will be needing new sleepwear. Now, being a responsible parent, you are here searching out the best pajamas around. And being your partners in parenting, we are here with all the details. Today, though, we will be focusing on the best pajamas for boys.

Our article here contains almost every single piece of information you need on the best boys pajamas and how to make the best choice for your little prince.

Perhaps, you might want to quickly check out our comparison table to give you a summary of the main features of each of our pajamas. But for the full review, come with us, it’s about to get cozier in here.

  Age Fabric Color Quantity Features
PajamaGram 6 – 14 100% polyester Red, blue, green, red/green 1 set Long pants and long sleeved top
Carter’s Boys Simple Joys Baby Fleece Racer cars/space/dino 3 sets Footed pajamas
Schmoopy 2 – 7 years 100% cotton Green/red/black 1 sets Short sleeved top and shorts
Lego Star Wars 3 – 10 100% cotton Blue 2 sets Long sleeved top, and long pants with glow-in-the-dark
Lego Batman 4 – 10 years 100% polyester Black 1 set Onesie


Top 5 Boys’ Pajamas for Different Ages on Amazon 2018 Buying Guide

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1. PajamaGram Big Boys’ Flannel Classic Plaid Pajamas

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This boys flannel pajamas is just the perfect pajamas for the Christmas holiday. Don’t let your son go on to wait up for Santa without this pair. They are super cute and totally adorable. If you want, you can even coordinate all your boys to wear the same pajamas. This set comes in many different sizes for each of your sons and different colors to avoid the bickering. And this line of pajamas even comes in enough size options to fit boys from 6 years through to 14 years old.

This pajamas comes as a flared bottom with a long sleeved cotton top. This makes it perfect for the cold winter nights. Your boys will stay warm all night and they’ll look cute at it too. They also do not come with any cuffed joints at the ankles or wrists. There are some kids who do not like pajamas designed like that as they tend to overheat. Or, it just plain irritates their skin.

To the fabric… it is super soft, making for a very cozy children sleepwear. Plus, it is machine washable which is one terrific feature that comes in handy every time. After a long day children wrangling, you don’t need to come back to a new chore. Simply toss these into a washing machine and the fun begins!


  • Soft, comfy fabric.
  • Great for boys between 6 and 14 years.
  • Machine washable for convenient washing.
  • Not rough or scratchy, great for boys with sensitive skins.


  • Apparently, the pajamas tend to run a bit small sometimes. So, you might want to order a side up.

2. Carter’s Boys’ Simple Joys Footed Pajamas

[amazon box=”B01MZ2WZP0″ template=”vertical”]

These boys footed pajamas are just totally rocking. Plus, they are made of fleece which makes them really cozy and warm. They are actually quite thick in a way but their thickness is very appropriate. It’s neither too thick nor too thin. So, while your baby is protected from the cold, he’s also not overheating either. This tends to happen a lot when parents layer up their kids at night to keep them warm while they sleep only to find out that their child is overheating or something.

And what about the designs? They are so beautiful and there’s also a plethora of them – many different ways for your boy to shine in these comfy pjs. To keep your boy totally comfy, the pajamas are made from really soft fabric. The fabric isn’t itchy or uncomfortable and your boy can wear it for as long as he wants.

Again, this is a footed boys fleece pajamas, so you can rest assured that your kids are insulated from the cold. You know cold begins from your toes and travels to the other parts off your body? It’s actually a scientific fact. Thanks to these pajamas now, there is no reason to fear the cold any more.

If you’re bothered about your baby slipping off with his footed pajamas, you don’t have to. These pjs come with enough traction to ensure that your baby has a firm grip on the ground. This keeps him totally safe as he runs around in his completely adorable pajamas.

These pajamas are so cute, your son won’t ever want to take it off ever!


  • A footed boys pajamas that insulates your baby’s feet in the cold.
  • Made with fleece to insulate your baby from the cold winter nights.
  • Enough traction on the foot part to keep the pajamas from slipping.
  • Soft fabric to keep your baby comfy while he wears it.


  • It seems like the legs of these pajamas are a little tighter than the body.

3. Schmoopy Boys Dinosaur Pajamas

[amazon box=”B07BDDJF3W” template=”vertical”]

What better way to deck your prince for bed on a winter night than in boys cotton pajamas? And we have just the thing for you. The Schmoopy Boys Dinosaur Pajamas makes a fantastic choice. This fantastic pajamas set comes with a pair of shorts and short sleeved top, each made of cotton fabric. All these features added together will ensure that your baby does not overheat even as he keeps warm while sleeping at night. And, then again, we all know cotton as a very comfy fabric so you can be sure it won’t get scratchy and uncomfortable for your boy. He’ll totally love it. Even more because there’s a dinosaur design on the shirt, and who does not love dinosaurs?!

We love how these pajamas fit snugly on kids. It’s just like a warm hug at night! We are totally in love these cute jammies for all the right reasons. And we’re so confident your son will love you for getting them.

PS: These pajamas are designed for kid boys between the ages of 2 and 7.


  • Adorable dinosaur design.
  • Made of cotton which is comfy and non-itchy.
  • Snug fit.
  • Does not contain flame retardant.


  • Might not be an ideal choice for a winter night.

4. Lego Little Boys’ Star Wars Pajamas 

[amazon box=”B072C3KK6G” template=”vertical”]

We know who’s ready for intergalactic dreams and that’s why we made sure to include this boys star wars pajamas. Because really what’s a boys pajamas review without a set of star wars jammies in the mix? It’s not even legal! Any who, these are really cute pjs. They come in a very boyish blue color with a Darth Vader design. Your son will fall completely in love with these pjs and with you too for reading his mind and making his dreams come true. You know that every boy has dreamed of owning a pair of star wars pajamas at some point in his life, don’t you?

These are 100% cotton pajamas and we have all learned to count on cotton for so many reasons. Cotton is very easy to maintain. It washes very easily whether you’re hand washing or machine washing. And just so we’re clear on that, these are machine washable pajamas which means less work and more convenience for you.

These babies give a very snug fit and they are perfect for kids. Lego carries them in different sizes for boys between the ages of 3 and 10. So do you want to become their favorite aunt, uncle, or grandparent? Then consider gifting them these amazing Star Wars pajamas.


  • Lovely Star Wars design.
  • Made with 100% cotton which is comfy and non-itchy.
  • Machine washable.


  • The waist might run a little larger than some 3 year olds’.

5. Lego Batman Boys’ Onesie Pajamas All-In-One Set 

[amazon box=”B072LVR3BX” template=”vertical”]

We round off this review with these cute boys batman pajamas we saw. These pajamas are made of polyester and the fabric is actually really comfy and nice. Although it does come with ankle and wrist cuffs, the cuffs are actually pretty comfy. If your boy isn’t comfortable with cuffs, you need not worry, he’ll hardly even notice they are there. They are that sweet.

And to make things even more adorable, this onesie comes with a cape! Your prince will be looking like your hero when you dress him up in this – complete with the cape! In fact, this is his one way ticket to Gotham city in his dreams where he will fight all the bad guys like every boy dreams about.

Alright to other more technical details… This is a onesie which means that it will cover your baby from neck to ankle. The included closure is a front zip, so, your son can dress himself without your help whatever his age. Of course, it is also machine washable. This gives you time to fight crime with your boy while the machine does its job. You’re getting two of these aren’t you? Or even more! These are so affordable.

There are all sizes for boys within the ages of 4 and 10 years old.


  • Cute batman design.
  • Comes with a cape as well.
  • Made of 100% polyester.


  • It might be a little too warm for some climes.

5 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make While Shopping For Kids Pajamas

 a boy is wearing Kids Pajamas

 Kids Pajamas Kids Pajamas

As you begin your shopping for kids’ pajamas, you’ll encounter a vast array of choices and if you’re not a savvy shopper, you could make a lot of mistakes. These mistakes might appear insignificant at first blush, but you know what they say – it’s the little things that count. So, to keep you from making these mistakes, we have decided to round up the top five mistakes you shouldn’t make when shopping for pjs for your kids. If you avoid these mistakes, you’ll land the best pjs for your kids every time.

  1. Avoid synthetic fabric as much as possible: When it comes to pajamas, cotton is your best friend. It is breathable and will keep your kids cool and comfy at night. Plus, your baby’s skin will be able to breathe which is key to good health.

Again, most synthetic materials like rayon and modacrylic are usually treated with fire retardants. Fire retardants aren’t great for you, worse off for babies. It’s best to avoid them as they have severe adverse effects on your kids’ health.

  1. Avoid pajamas that come with the light blue hang tang: You might not have noticed but some pajamas come with a light blue hang tag. In case, you’ve never bothered with them because you thought they were unimportant, well, they are. We know because we have read them and we will just paraphrase what they say right here for you…

Well, it says that the fabric has been treated with fire retardant. As much as this sounds like a good idea, we’ve already explained why it isn’t. It’s just best to avoid pajamas with such a tag and keep your baby healthy. Beware because both 100% cotton and synthetic material can be treated with fire retardant.

  1. Avoid Pajamas that won’t give your baby enough warmth: Especially for little babies, this can be a very major deal. If your baby still has to sleep in a crib, then you know you shouldn’t have pillows, or blankets in there while they sleep. The American Academy of Pediatrics actually recommends that to avoid cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Now, if this is so, then your baby can’t be wearing the same pjs as you. You can afford to snuggle up in a nice, warm, down comforter, they can’t. Therefore, they’ll need something that’s extra warm to keep them warm throughout the night. It doesn’t matter if you set the thermostat high enough, your baby could get cold with thin pjs. And you know they’ll wake up at night if they get cold.
  2. Avoid buying quantity over quality: We know you’ve probably been programmed to buy in bulk or “value purchases” as marketers. We grew up all our lives to understand that this is a more economical move. However, sometimes, just sometimes, this might not be the best idea. And this is one of those times. Try the minimalistic approach instead and get fewer pajamas of a high quality than many low quality ones.

To really get the best, invest in pjs that are made of wool, cotton or other natural organic fabrics. They are of high quality, and are very comfy and warming for your baby. And this takes us to the last point…

  1. Avoid buying above your budget: We all love cartoon themed pajamas, they are pretty and kids won’t stop gushing about them. However, there are two things we need to remember when getting cartoon pjs. One, these pjs are specifically made to create a want and cartoon themed pjs aren’t even a need. They are just that – wants. Two, they are more expensive, even though they don’t have any inherent advantages over classic pjs.

In all, we are not saying you shouldn’t get cartoon pjs, they are cute. But if they are above your budget, then you don’t compulsorily have to get them. Your kids are still adorable with or without cartoon jammies. Plus, there are more important features to think about other than whether they are DC pajamas or not. However, if you can easily afford them now, no stress, then of course, feel free!

Like we said, these might look insignificant, but in the grand scheme of things they could count for a whole lot.        

Other People’s Opinions about Choosing the Best Boys’ PajamaBest Boys' Pajama

The PajamaGram Big Boys’ Flannel Classic Plaid Pajamas appears to be the favorite Christmas pajamas present idea for most customers. Tons of customers love the pajamas and some customers comment that it does not come with cuffs which sounds like a good idea to them.

Parents who were bothered about getting footed boys pajamas for their kids turned out to like the Carter’s Boys’ Simple Joys Footed Pajamas. The feet of the pajamas provide enough traction so kids don’t slip and fall. A huge point of relief for many parents.

Our Top Pick of the Best Pajamas for Your BoySchmoopy Boys Dinosaur Pajamas

So, which boys’ pajamas makes it as our favorite for today? Truth is that making this decision was very difficult because these are really adorable jammies and we wish you could get them all.

But, if we were to make one decision, it would be the Schmoopy Boys Dinosaur Pajamas. Now, the only reason we are going for these jammies is because they are the most affordable jammies on our reviews. So, if you prefer any of the other pajamas on our review, then go for them, it’s just for an extra couple of dollars anyway.

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